How to Join HB Chelghoum Laid FC Academy Trials

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The Grooming Camp of HB Chelghoum Laid FC

What is the purpose of knowing how to join HB Chelghoum Laid FC Academy? Or, what is the purpose of the academy itself?. Its major focus is to groom young players to be elite footballers of the academy. So, to achieve this, the club stakes its finance and recourses. It employs experienced staff and workers to carry out this assignment.

The academy adopts a method to build the players confidence in football. Consequently, they engage in preparatory matches to develop their skills. Also, they under psychological trainings to get their mind fit for touch games and situations.

Meanwhile, there are people searching for Football Academy Scholarships in Algeria. Such people can approach the club although there are prerequisites. Most importantly, the academy maps out different schemes for different ages and groups. This will promote an effective development.

Due to the club runs as an open-door policy, there is high number of applicants. So, if you are within the age of 8 years, hurry and visit the academy’s website to apply. This is also a way on how to join HB Chelghoum Laid Academy.

The Steps To Take While Registering In HB Chelghoum Laid Academy

The HB Chelghoum Laid Academy Scouts are incharge of identifying prospective players. So, when they observe you, they invite you to the development camp. On the other hand, international students can apply through the academy website. However, the steps to register are:

  • Present a credible account of yourself. This includes contact and previous clubs if any.
  • The approval of the guardian or parents. Meanwhile, this applies majorly to players under 18 years.
  • Make sure you submit a video of yourself. Also, this applies majorly to international youngsters.

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Overview Of HB Chelghoum Laïd

People popularly know it as HB Chelghoum Laïd or just HBCL. They discovered it in 1945. It bases in Chelghoum Laïd, Mila Province in Algeria. Most importantly, its football ground has a capacity of 10,000 with its kit being white and green. In addition, the Algerian Ligue Professionnelle 1 is where the club competes. But, before this, the club played in the Algerian Ligue 2 in August 5, 2020.

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The Second Division Of The Algerian Football League: Algerian Ligue 2

Previously, people knew it as Ligue Professionnelle 2 and Championnat National 2. It is the second division of the Algerian football league. However, it got its professional status in 2010.


The Independence of Algeria, in 1962 saw to the formation of the league. Previously, it answered Algerian Ligue Professionnelle 2. In 2011, the Ligue de Football Professionnel penalized six clubs in the league. Consequently, they were not permitted to sign players. The sanctioned clubs are: US Biskra, RC Kouba, MO Bejaia, CA Bordj Bou Arréridj, USM Annaba and MO Constantine. Furthermore, they were to be punished more with point deduction if they didn’t resolve their issues.

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The league stabilized around 2020-21 season. Also, they structured it to have 36 teams in three groups of 12 teams. After the playoffs, those that emerged as winners and runners-up progress to the Ligue Professionnelle 1. While the last four, faces relegation. Subsequently, this reversed. Now, it is 32 team into 16 groups. Other formats for promotion and relegation remains the same.

About The Algerian Super Cup

The organizers of this contest, made it in such a way that, the current winners of the Algerian League face the holders of the Algerian Cup. It initially started in 1981 till 1995, where they removed it. After its return and removal in 2006, it solidified its stand in 2013. CR Belouizdad is the incumbent holders of the cup. While, MC Alger have the most trophies.


It hasn’t been long since the Algerian Super Cup competition solidified its stand in Algerian Football. Consequently, the meeting of the Algerian Cup and Algerian Ligue Professionnelle 1 hold in the Stade 5 Juillet 1962. Statistically, RC Kouba was the first winner of the trophy defeating the USM Alger side. At the initial stage, many circumstances affected it, which led to the scrapping out of the competition.

The competition withnessed the intervention of a well-to-do sponsor, ‘Ring”. Most importantly, the idea is to bring back the competition. In terms of the clubs that are dominant in the contest, it’s mostly MC Algiers and JS Kabylie. There were so many back and forth, as regards to the competition, especially in 2008. Even ES Sétif and CR Belouizdad were supposed to compete in 2009. But, it didn’t occur due to the indisposed nature of FTF.

The turning point of the competition came in 2013. Here, the merging of the Federation and league professional football to organize it, makes it more efficient.

About The Algerian Cup Or Republic Cup

Apparently, they established this competition between few months after Algeria’s independence. That is in October 1962. However, it operates in a way that, teams in a particular region compete against themselves. Significantly, this competition occurs annually. But, didn’t take place in 1990 and 1993. Clubs like USM Alger, CR Belouizdad, ES Setif and MC Alger, are dominant in this contest. Above all, CR Belouizdad are the incumbent winners of the trophy.


The French colonial masters played a significant role in building up football in Algeria, before independence. To make it more interesting, various forms of competitions’ cutting So were born.

The Colonial Era

A similar competition called “Algeria Cup Football” was already operating in the late fifties. Algerian settlers formed clubs that participated in the contest. Most importantly, many circumstances affected the qualification of the context. It ranges from sports, political and historical circumstances.

At the early era of football in North Africa, it was still new and underdeveloped. Also, little number of people came together to hold local context. This was happening around 1904. So, everything was unofficial, till the emergence of football regulatory bodies. Subsequently, French football bodies came together to organize the competition. The structured the North African clubs into five compartments. So, each has their unique league.

The five different leagues were : Morocco Football League Association or LMFA for Morocco; the League of Oran Football Association or LOFA for Oran ut; the League Algiers Football Association or LAFA for Algiers ois; the Constantine Ligue de Football Association or LCFA for Constantine; and Tunisian Football League Association or LTFA for Tunisia. It was no doubt that the highest honor, Division (DH), was evident in the contest.

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In 1921, the North African Championship came into play with Union of North African football leagues, leading the contest. For every winner, they are decorated with “Champion Of North Africa”. By holding the title, you don’t need to compete for qualification in the next season.

The Regional Colonial Trophy

The League Of Oran Football Association set up the Oran Cup competition.

The Forconi Cup Competition From (1946-1957)

The League Algiers Football Association set up the Forconi Cup. Algiers as a department, had affiliation with French. However, they established the competition in 1946 and it took effect in 1957.

This was helpful to the football system in North Africa. In memory of Edmond Forconi, the organizers named the cup “Forconi Cup”. All the teams with a link to the Algiers league were affected by the departmental cut. The winner of the contest stand a chance to defend the title, next season. This way, the winner has the honour of being the North African Cup champion. As a result, won’t be bothered about qualifying for the Forconi Cup.

With time, the competition will dissolve. This will be as a result of Morocco and Tunisia’s independence. Also, the dissolution of the North African Cup.

Post Independence Era

After the Algerian Independence, the football contest by ‘settlers’ ended. The Algerian football took a new phase and the North African football generally.

The Formation Of The Algerian Cup

The Algerian independence led to many celebrations across the country. Some used football tournaments to celebrate it. So, in line with this, they created the country’s first football championship, called ‘Criterium’. Consequently, they rebranded all other regional leagues. They structured it in a way that, each league will hold a playoff. Then, the winners will compete for the cup.

Interestingly, another competition was getting set to be established by the chairman of the young Algerian Football Federation. He drew inspiration from the events happening in Europe.

List of clubs that are Algerian Cup winners and finalists

Only four clubs have won the competition eight times. The clubs with this record are: USM Alger, CR Belouizdad, MC Alger and ES Sétif. On the other hand, some clubs have won the cup back-to-back. They are: ES Sétif (1963, 1964 and 1967, 1968), CR Belouizdad (1969, 1970), MC Oran (1984, 1985), JS Kabylie (1992, 1994), USM Alger (2003, 2004), MC Alger (2006, 2007). Based on individual award, Mahieddine Meftah has seven Algerian Cup winner’s medals. Certainly, that is the most of any player.

While, that of the manager with more winner medal is Abdelkader Amrani.

Knowing What Coupe de France Is All About

It can also be called Coupe Charles Simon. It originally existed in 1917 and runs an open policy trial for beginners and professional footballers. Apparently, it is set up by the French Football Federation as the premier elimination cup competition in French football. It got its name, in memory of late Charles Simon, the man that discovered the French Interfederal Committee.

Stade de France is the football ground for the finals. Also, the winners obtain benefits like, automatic qualification for the UEFA Europa League and Trophée des Champions. Women also compete in an affiliate women’s tournament. The dynamics of the competition majorly favours the amateur teams than the professional. But, in all, just few amateur clubs reach the final since 1932. They are: Calais RUFC in 2000, US Quevilly in 2012 and Les Herbiers VF in 2018. On the other hand, only Le Havre and Guingamp are the Ligue 1 clubs that have won the competition. Finally, Nantes are the incumbent holders of the cup.

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The French Interfederal Committee (CFI) set up this competition. Henri Delaunay, the secretary of the federation, propagated the idea. At the time it was made professional, it was declared open to all clubs. But, top French clubs objected to the development. Certainly, many clubs applied at the initial stage and the contest recorded a total of 48 clubs. Subsequently, the number kept increasing to over 7,000 clubs.

To accommodate the number, the federation set up screening/preliminary rounds. Statistically, Olympique de Pantin are the pioneer winners of the competition. Other subsequent winners are CASG Paris and Nantes. The stadium used for this contest includes : Stade de la Légion Saint-Michel, Parc des Princes, Stade Pershing, Stade Olympique Yves-du-Manoir and Stade de Paris. This competition records a high number of attendance. Sometimes, over 10,000 spectators.

Due to the high number of middle class football clubs in the competition, the federation awards the most outstanding clubs with Petit Poucet Plaque. On the other hand, the victory of Algerian club SCU El Biar over Stade de Reims, didn’t really go well with fans, as they expected the top players to make an impact. Note that, the amateur clubs in the competition perform well, although only few have won it.

There were too many controversies as regards to the competition favoring the amateur clubs. With the way the fixtures are scheduled, hosting rights favor them more than professional clubs. Also, the elite clubs complained of the poor state of the amateur club’s football ground. Due to this reasons, the clubs represented by the Ligue de Football Professionnel, created their own cup competition, called Coupe de la Ligue. With time, this amateur clubs began to step up in terms of finance and stadium maintenance.

Foot Note

After a period of a year, the winner of the Coupe de France trophy returns it to the French Football Federation. A tragic moment, was in the 1980s, when thieves stole the trophy. But, the authorities found it, and replaced it. Most importantly, the President Of France always come to watch the final. Also, he has the privilege to present the trophy to the captain of the winning team. Historically, the pioneer French President to grace the cup final is Gaston Doumergue.

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