How To Join Rayo Vallecano Fc Academy

We shall study “How to join Rayo Vallecano Fc Academy”. Also, study the entering requirement into Rayo Vallecano fc Academy, Rayo Vallecano Fc, Rayo Vallecano Fc Stadium, etc. How To Join

Now, let’s see how to join Rayo Vallecano Fc Academy.

About Rayo Vallecano B

When we talk about Rayo Vallecano de Madrid B, we are talking about the second team of Rayo Vallecano. It is a professional football club that plays in Spain. Meanwhile, they founded the club in 1956 and competes in Tercera División RFEF – Group 7. However, its home ground is the Ciudad Deportiva Rayo Vallecano.

How to take part in Rayo Vallecano Football Academy

There are certain steps one must take to be in the club’s academy. But, it is important to note that, the Club holds open trials. Meanwhile, we will give a run down on how to join Rato Vallecano Fc Academy. Note that, you can obtain Football Academy Scholarships in Europe. Also, only young people within 8 years are qualified to join the camp.

So, to join, you can access the Academy website: www.rayovallecano.com/en/academy/rayovallecano-academy.

This is a way how to join Rayo Vallecano Fc Academy.

What It Takes To Apply For Rayo Vallecano Football Academy

The club’s academy scouts play a major role here. When they conduct open trials, they discover the talents they need. International students can apply through the website. The basic requirements are:

  • Present a credible account of yourself. This account must contain your contact and previous clubs if you had any.
  • Then, your guardian’s approval, especially for those under 18 years.
  • Lastly, make sure you present a video clip of yourself, especially for international students.
  • This is another angle on how to join Rayo Vallecano Fc Academy.

The Female Section Of Rayo Vallecano

Interestingly, the Rayo Vallecano club has a female section. They popularly know it asRayo Vallecano Femenino. Also, they compete in the Spanish top female’s league. Consequently, they have major trophies like the national championship and a national cup.

Background Of Rayo Vallecano Femenino

The female section of the Rayo Vallecano club is still young. It has its establishment year as 2000. From 2003 – 2006, they have improved in performance. Above all, the 2008 season remains the peak of their best season.

They began winning trophies after the national cup even till 2011. Also, they took part in the UEFA Women’s Champions League. Consequently, they have faced down times between the 2011 and 2012 seasons. The club had to make decisions that will remedy their bad situation. Since 2005, they haven’t performed as badly as they did in 2011 when they took sixth in the table.

The Training Ground Of Rayo Vallecano

The training ground of Rayo Vallecano B is called Ciudad Deportiva Fundación Rayo Vallecano. Certainly, it is based in Madrid.

Structures In The Stadium

  • The club ensured that the stadium is made conducive enough. Also, the seating capacity is about 2000. Other additional structures are
  • 4 man-made pitches.
  • 1 mini grass pitch.
  • A network or service center with a gymnasium.

Overview Of Rayo Vallecano

Rayo Vallecano de Madrid, is shortformed to Rato. It is an elite football club in Spain, competing in the La Liga. The founders discovered it on 29 May 1924. Its home ground is the Campo de Fútbol de Vallecas stadium, with over 14,000 seating capacity. It is worthy to note that, UEFA Cup is the only European competition Rayo has played in. That was in the 2000-01 season.

On the other hand, it stands with the likes of elite Madrid clubs like Real Madrid and Atlético Madrid. On the club jersey is a red diagonal stripe. Above all, the club has achieved quite a several laurels.

It is important to know about the club as it aids you to know how to join Rayo Vallecano Fc Academy.

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The Unstable Period Of The Club

Rayo experienced a lot of inconsistency during the 1980s and 1990s. This revolved around the La Liga and Segunda División. Meanwhile, the club performed poorly in the 1983-84 season. There, they faced relegation to Segunda División B.

Late Laurie Cunningham won an F. A Cup and have affiliation with real Madrid.

The club’s difficult moment between the 2003–11 season

Consequently, they faced relegation in the 2003-04 season. Míchel took over as the manager in the subsequent season. As a result, they managed to finish in second place in the Segunda División B. After a while, they got back to division two winning Benidorm and Zamora.

Impressively, the club performed well in division two until they got promoted to the top-flight division. However, this took quite a while.

The Back And Forth In The La Liga And Segunda División

The club obtained a sponsorship deal with Huawei in March 2014. It was for a two-league match though. Subsequently, the club purchased more grounds in the Oklahoma City FC. During this period, it partnered with Qbao to increase the club’s profile abroad. On the ground, Rayo OKC couldn’t continue to function. This is because of relegation and other internal issues.

The club saw its five-year streak in La Liga being shattered in May 2016 due to relegation. Consequently, they faced problems upon problems. Meanwhile, different managers kept coming to salvage the club from its shortcomings. This continued until Míchel came to their rescue. Also, David Cobeño came to the board of directors.

Above all, they won the Segunda División and secured their promotion. But, this didn’t last long, as they relegated on 4 May 2019. This was under the manager, Paco Jémez. Andoni Iraola also took charge of the club. After they got back to the La Liga, they also qualified for the Copa del Rey semi-finals.

On the aspect of the Rayo fans, people generally know them as Bukaneros. They are always expressive and can get volatile, especially in cases of football commercialization. In short, they protest any abnormality in society with chants and symbols. Most times, they face restrictions from the government.

It’s no news that the club and its players engage in charity works. Also, they join in communal demonstrations, agitating for the rights of the people. Most times, they offer direct assistance to people facing oppression.

About The Club Manager

The name of the manager is Andoni Iraola Sagarna. He hails from Usurbil, Gipuzkoa. He was once a Spanish footballer. Most of his playing career was in Athletic Bilbao.

His Football Career

Iraola spent most of his football career in Athletic Bilbao. 2003-04 was his debut season. At the same, they found Favour in the eyes of the manager. He helped the team qualify for the UEFA Cup in 2003. Meanwhile, he was very prolific, scoring goals just like former club icon, Aitor Larrazábal.

In 2009, he played his first cup final against Barcelona which they lost. However, he didn’t relent as he helped them finish as runners-up in the domestic cup and the Europa League. Consequently, he had a goal drought in the 2012-13 season. Iraola continued to stay in the club till 30 June 2015. His last match was the Copa del Rey final which they lost. However, he was the captain of the team then.

He competed on an international level for Spain under coach Vicente del Bosque. They won against the likes of Denmark, Uruguay, and Lithuania.

He moved to Major League Soccer MLS on 16 June 2015. His first match was against Toronto FC. However, he officially retired on 17 November 2016.

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His Managerial Career

The first club Iraola managed was Cypriot club AEK Larnaca FC. From the day of his appointment till two months later, his winning rate was very poor. As a result, the club sacked him. After that, he coached the CD Mirandés side. Notably, he had an impressive season there, leading them to the semifinals of the Spanish Cup. He left after his contract expired.

Then, in August 2020, he took over from Paco Jémez at Rayo Vallecano. He also had an impressive season.

The Football Ground Of Rayo Vallecano

Campo de Fútbol de Vallecas

Campo de fútbol de Vallecas is the football ground of Primera Division club Rayo Vallecano. They officially commissioned it on 10 May 1976 as it holds a capacity of 14,708. Its other name is Estadio Puente de Vallecas meaning (The Bridge of Vallecas Stadium). As of 27 August 2018, the Community Of Madrid saw the closing of the stadium due to its endangering state.

The 1940 Copa del Generalísimo Final held at the stadium. Racing de Madrid and Altético Madrid used the stadium to play some matches. In addition, the chess federation of Madrid and the British rock band Queen all used the stadium in one way or the other.

Overview Of The Rayo Vallecano Foundation

Its year of establishment is April 6, 2001. It is a registered body that is non-profit oriented. Meanwhile, the foundation aims to render help to Rayo Vallecano of Madrid. In the same vein, to promote the practice of sports, especially football. This will cut across all ages and open to both genders.

In light of training them, they also ensure their individual growth and development. As a result, the foundation pulls its resources to achieve this. They put in order soccer campuses, technical practices, meetings, tournaments, etc. Above all, the foundation works hand-in-hand with other foundations to achieve this. These other foundations are also nonprofit-oriented. They work hand-in-hand to ensure that people that are disabled have the opportunity to participate in football. They call it the “La Liga Genuine”.

Finally, the Rayo Vallecano Foundation develops a sports volunteering program for the trainers of its football schools. This program is supervised by the Spanish Volunteering Platform and the LaLiga Foundation. However, they do all this in the Vallecas neighborhood. So, everyone holds foundations that take care of disabled people in high esteem. This is because they ensure that, they can still play football or sports while on disability.

What The Foundation Hopes To Achieve

Rayo Vallecano Foundation hopes to achieve the following:

  • Taking football and sports in general, to a higher level across all ages and groups.
  • Making sports dominant in society.
  • To endeavor that the youths take part in sporting activities
  • Make sure that, sports are predominant in the formation of the youths.

Upholding the social status of the society like a defense of Human Rights, assistance and social inclusion, promotion of social action, attention to people at risk of exclusion, promotion of tolerance, etc.

Soccer Schools

The Rayo Vallecano football institution

It is over 10 years since they established it. Generally, we have over 140 teams both men and women combined. Meanwhile, their ages are between 5-18 years. Subsequently, they engage in football competitions annually. Fundación Rayo Vallecano Sports City and the Alberto García Municipal Sports Center are where the practice holds. In the same vein, the school employs experienced workers to carry out this work.

For more information, access this address:


Municipal Combined Institution

Here, there must be a consensus on the establishment of this football school. The consensus is between Rayo Vallecano Foundation and the Madrid City Council. This school accepts over 200 low-income boys and girls from the areas of Villa de Vallecas.

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The Holy Week 2018 At FRV Campus

Around the middle of February 2018, the Rayo Vallecano Foundation Campus observed the Holy Week at the Ciudad Deportiva. Boys and Girls between the age of 6 and 17 are eligible to partake. The days it was held were on March 26, 27, and 28. On the other hand, they designed their programs to ensure adequate training and interaction.

During this period, the likes of Armenteros, Raúl de Tomás, and other top players visited the students. Also, they interacted with them. Vanessa Niño was in charge of supervising the training sessions. Before more practice, they must have breakfast. Then, in the afternoon, lunch. Most importantly, the school employs an experienced nutritionist to handle the feeding of the students. Those with food intolerance were also considered.

The closing event was set for March 28. So, prestigious ex club players and staff like Miguel Ángel Quejigo and Rubén Reyes came. Guardians, Parents, and friends were all in attendance. The school gave out awards and diplomas. In addition, they gave out signed jerseys and footballs by the club’s first-team players. After group photographs, the celebration came to an end.

Statistics Of The Campus

Dates: March 26, 27, and 28, 2018

Number of players: 30

Players aged: 6 to 17 years old

Number of coaches: 3

The Municipal Football Summer Campus -2018

This special occasion was held between June 26 and July 5 in our Sports City. It was the result of the consensus between the foundation and the Madrid City Council. Similarly to the holy week campus event, over 300 males and females came. The program was a fun-filled one. Subsequently, the players had fun practicing in the Sports city. This was because the coaches taught them happiness and focus.

The atmosphere was a healthy one, as there was good communication and interaction. Above all, this celebration calls to mind, how far the foundation has gone and the success it has achieved. That is why their number keeps increasing.

Statistics Of The Campus

Dates: June 26 to July 5, 2018

8 days of activity

Number of players: 300

Players aged: 5 to 12 years old

Number of coaches: 12

What The Foundation Stands For

The foundation has a unique goal, which is to propagate participation in sports among the youth. This is especially for the young people within Puente and Villa de Vallecas. In the same vein, to inculcate the sports culture and good interrelationship. People get it wrong when they think the foundation is all about sports. It cuts across academics too.

Above all, in a society where there is gender inequality and marginalization, the Rayo Vallecano Foundation helps to combat it. To this, the foundation propagates female football and the involvement of ladies in sports. Not to forget the disabled, the foundation also looks out for them. It ensures that they are well represented in sports by providing sports training and opportunities for them.

The Foundation’s Practice Room

The foundation ensures that they employ the best and most experienced workers. That includes the tactical advisors, the trainers, and most especially, the coaches. Also, the foundation adopts advanced technological instruments, to facilitate training. Subsequently, they can invite training centers and other institutions, to train the players.


I hope you understood how to join Rayo Vallecano Fc Academy. You can still do more research, to get more information.

Apply here; http://www.fundacionrayovallecano.es/

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