PSG Scholarship and Registration Requirements

In this post “How To Join PSG Fc League Academy”, you’ll learn about the entry requirement into PSG Academy, PSG Academy Scholarship, PSG FC Academy tryout, and Application Process into PSG-pro Academy.

PSG Football Academy

The PSG Academy, or Paris Saint-Germain Academy, is the youth system of both Paris Saint-Germain (men’s squad) and Paris Saint-Germain Féminine (women’s team).

The Association Paris Saint-Germain manages the academy, which was founded in 1970. The first ever youth training center, the Camp des Loges at Saint-Germain-en-Laye, Île-de-France, launched in 1975. The institution presently maintains centers in a number of places throughout the globe. In 2012, the club opened the women’s part of the academy in Bougival, Île-de-France, at the Centre Sports et Loisirs de la Banque de France de Bougival (CSLBF de Bougival).

PSG’s youth system has delivered a number of well-known athletes, including JeanMarc Pilorget, Luis Fernandez, Nicolas Anelka, Mamadou Sakho, Kingsley Coman, Adrien Rabiot, Alphonse Areola, Presnel Kimpembe, Marie-Antoinette Katoto, Grace Geyoro, Perle Morroni, and Sandy Baltimore, since its commencement. Numerous additional alumni have moved on to join PSG or other clubs as professional players.

The PSG Academy has been crowned Best Youth Club by the French Football Federation four times. Hence making it one of the nation’s best. The men’s under-19 squad has earned a remarkable four Championnat National U19 titles, one Coupe Gambardella, and one Tournoi Carisport locally.

Three Championnat National U17 titles and one Championnat National des Cadets have been won by the men’s under-17 team. 3 times the women’s under-19 team has won the Championnat National Féminin U19 [fr].

The men’s U19 team has won one Tournoi Européen des Centres U21 [fr] and made the UEFA Youth League final in the 2015–16 season. Three Alkass International Cups and one Montaigu Tournament have been won by the men’s U17 team. The now-defunct men’s backup team also won three Coupe de Paris titles. In the Championnat National, the club’s amateur reserve team participates.

The Paris Saint-Germain Academy provides a once-in-a-lifetime experience for all football and handball enthusiasts. So as to enjoy the ideals of a major European club known for its expertise and high-quality coaching.

Yearly, the Paris Saint-Germain Academy receives an increasing number of children from all over the world to its myriad soccer and handball institutions. (France, the United States, Brazil, the Antilles, Morocco, Egypt, Turkey, Qatar, Germany, England, Portugal, Russia, Switzerland, Thailand, Senegal, Rwanda). Every season, we are glad to host over 20,000 participants within our facilities.

  • 22,500 CHILDREN
  • 130 SCHOOLS
  • 400 COACHES
  • The Paris Saint-Germain Academy provides supporters worldwide with the chance to join the Rouge et Bleu family. Millions of students have the opportunity to learn about our principles and profit from the expertise of Paris Saint-Germain.

The permanent Paris Saint-Germain Academy and vacation camps with quality infrastructure are hosted by the UrbanSoccer five-a-side centres in France.

Groups from PSG’s Academy

Athletes hiring by the club at a young age and progress through the Paris Saint-Germain Academy. Then to the best teams in the youth system prior to actually cracking into the men’s and women’s professional teams. Men’s teams must advance through the U17 and U19 levels before moving to the 1st team. Whereas female participants must advance through the U19 level. The Championnat National U19, the Coupe Gambardella, the UEFA Youth League, and the Premier League International Cup are the 4 tournaments in which the men’s U19 participate. The men’s U17 team competes in the Championnat National U17 and the Al Kass International Cup, as well. Ultimately, the women’s U19 compete in the National Feminin U19 Championnat [fr].

There was previously a men’s reserve team that contested in the Championnat National 2.

It was disbanded following the 2018–19 season. The club’s 2nd backup team elevated to Championnat National 3 in 2019. The squad, though, is not affiliated with either the professional or youth teams. It entirely consist of intermediate level footballers. Notwithstanding this, the squad has fielded a number of young athletes.


The Paris Saint-Germain Academy hosts around 5,500 youngsters of all ages to one of its 19 Football Schools across France once or two a week.

The Paris Saint-Germain Academy is France’s biggest football school, with almost 8,500 kids enrolled. Welcomed to the UrbanSoccer centers. The aim is to strengthen children’s football skills while imparting the ideals that are the club’s foundation.

As a result, the Paris Saint-Germain Academy engages kids of all ages to practice per week. In center of your choosing, on the day and also the duration that you choose.

In accordance to the club’s international expansion mission, the Paris Saint-Germain Academy started broadening its structure in 2005. The academy’s formal representative is Pauleta, a club legend and striker from 2003 to 2008. Year-round, PSG Academy centers in 15 countries host boys and girls from France, the United States, Brazil, and other nations.

Morocco, Egypt, Turkey, Qatar, Germany, the United Kingdom, Portugal, Russia, Switzerland, Thailand, Senegal, and Rwanda are among the countries represented. The Centre de Formation d’Apprentis Omnisports Ile-de-France assures these children a tailored and comprehensive intellectual education.

(Source: CFA Omnisports)

The Football Academy’s Benefits


Fabricated indoor and outdoor courts for increased intensity, repetition, and advancement

  • Evenings on Wednesday, Saturday, or weekdays
  • Once or more times per week
Tournaments for the most Enthusiastic
  • Additional tournaments or unique activities might be registered for.
  • Sweater, t-shirt, shorts, and socks
  • To provide the most comfortable environment for parents.


  • PSG created 32 training sessions that were tailored to the children’s ability and age.
  • Paris Saint-Germain-trained educators
  • Children’s surveillance on an individual basis
  • Participation in the Paris Saint-Germain Academy Leagues
  • Association with the Paris Saint-Germain football club
  • Interior and exterior soccer fields at UrbanSoccer centers 5

Children as young as three years old can begin to experience the delights of football with the BabySoccer. They will be able to strengthen their muscle strength, attentiveness, and understand the initial principles of a team game during one-hour classes with a limit of eight youngsters.


Participation in the Paris Saint-Germain Academy League is an option.

The top players in each center, from U9 to U15, are chosen. The top twenty players will get an invitation to the Paris Saint-Germain Training Experience. This will happen at the camp des lodges with the greatest Paris Saint-Germain youth teams’ trainers.

The PSG WORLD CUP will include 11 U13 players and 11 U11 players from various Academies across the globe (paid participation in this event)

The two top U15 and U14 players will practice with the two greatest players from various Academies throughout the world (participation paid by the Academy)


  • Interior and exterior artificial courts of the most recent generation
  • A welcoming clubhouse for parents
  • Intensity, repetition, and progression are the five football pitches.

Number and type of coaching slots are both flexible (day and time)


The Paris Saint-Germain Academy serves as the club’s foundation, developing future players and advocates from a young age. The major goal is to help the kids develop while having a great time in a safe environment with the following maxims: respect, pleasure, and fair play.

The Academy program emphasizes kid’s and mom and dad’ regard and attitudes so that all can have delight and thrive. The coaches and administration will take special effort to ensure that the students have the appropriate attitude toward themselves, their environment, and peers.

Enrolling your kid in football school

To begin enrollment and learn more, go to

Attend the Paris-Saint-Germain Academy and travel around France to visit our institutions. You may now enroll your kid online through MyUrban, the UrbanSoccer customer area.

You can:

  • Select the nearest venue to you
  • Add items
  • Pay safely with Payzen, our affiliate (possibility to pay in 3 installments free of charge)
  • with only a few clicks.

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PSG Youth Academy Information

The Paris Saint-Germain Youth Academy was founded in 1974. However with the goal of relaying information, sporting ideals, and expertise to future footballers.

Several of the athletes that went through the Training Centre have gone on to play professionally for Paris Saint-Germain and other important teams in France and Europe, demonstrating the efficiency and viability of Parisian instructional strategies.

Ethics and background

The Parisian educators operate in ideal settings to assist kids to study and be a member of the Paris Saint-Germain world, near to the pro athletes, thanks to high-quality facilities.

The Paris SaintGermain Youth Academy has been categorized in the Prestige and Class A categories for the last few seasons. aving been ranked the best Youth Academy by the French Football Federation in 2019 and 2020. It is a remarkable center of expertise that precisely fits the National Technical Directorate’s demands and consequently represents the accomplishment of Parisian education.

The Youth Academy’s goal is to develop outstanding players while also equipping them with an appropriate academic program. It frequently invites young talented footballers. A count of talented kids, starting at the age of 13, take part the club’s Pre-Training Centre with the goal of participating the Youth Academy at the age of 15. This is made possible by the club’s collaboration with the Paris Ile-de-France League and its good connection with Ile-de-France clubs. They will be able to integrate the performance of their sport of choice with their education in this manner.

Preparation for Youth Academy

The Paris Saint-Germain Pre-Training Centre helps kids under the age of 15 gain all of the necessary skills to end up joining the club’s Youth Academy.

Student athletes between the ages of 13 and 15 receive excellent educational and athletic assistance. Excellent training is determined by the teaching and training circumstances, as well as great oversight.

The elite division of Paris Saint-Germain (given the DTN label) satisfies all of the requirements of talented youngsters who would become tomorrow’s outstanding players with high-quality games and instructional amenities.

The student athletes can tailor their timetables and lessons thanks to a relationship with the Jean Zay secondary school in Verneuil-sur-Seine (78,480), the reference institution for this premium athletics department.

Sites for Youth Training

Paris Saint-Germain has made its intention known by allocating roughly 13,000 m2 of room and cutting-edge infrastructure to the Club’s football division’s junior academy: to provide both feminine and male abilities the highest likelihood to develop, advance, and triumph.


The Paris Saint-Germain Training Center will provide top-notch educational and sports assistance to promising young players aged 13 to 19. Joining one of the world’s most successful academies will provide them with a once-in-a-lifetime option to profit from an optimum knowledge and training setting, exceptional assistance and oversight, and the experience of playing alongside a professional sports team – a motivator and observation.

Residential and Work Space

The youth academy plateau will have three major aspects and structures where highly talented players will reside and carrying out their everyday tasks: the 1st will concentrate on the athletic edge (exercise space and relief spaces, a specialized health space, office space and conference halls); the the next will concentrate on the educational edge (lecture halls, a computer labs, a lab, a paperwork and resource center, an employees space, housing zones, nursing stations). The younger academy participants will be able to attend collèges in nearby cities for their education; the third structure will house the residential amenities.

Facilities at the Top Class

The Youth Academy is provided with nine football fields, comprising 2 additional heated grounds using hybrid engines. They also have 500-seat stands to accommodate crowds on occurrence.

Scholarship from PSG Academy

The Paris Saint-Germain U.S. Development Academy Residency, situated in South Florida, allows elite football players to practice and develop like just a pro Paris Saint-Germain player at the Paris Saint-Germain Academy USA Campus, which is meant to mimic the infrastructure of professional European teams.

The Residency at the Paris Saint-Germain United States Development Academy is for exceptional, high-potential, and seasoned U11-U19 players. This Development Academy, which is available to male students and girls born between 2003 and 2011, goes from mid-August to early June and allows participants to attain their full potential based on age-specific performance goals.

Criteria for entry

  • Interrogation (Video Meeting)
  • Qualification is determined by a comprehensive evaluation (questionnaire, interview, and “video” on-field assessments).
  • Scholarships and financial aid
  • Grant of a 10% reduction

The Paris Saint-Germain Academy Pro, situated in South Florida, allows gifted football players to practice and develop like a professional Paris Saint-Germain player at the Paris Saint-Germain Academy USA Campus, which is meant to resemble the infrastructure of elite European teams.

The Pro Academy delivers the European “training center” model’s knowledge and competence to the United States, providing unrivaled pro soccer advancement, all-encompassing instruction, top-of-the-line infrastructure, formal training environments, and premium rivalry. It creates an atmosphere in which each student-athlete can chart their own path to fulfillment, optimal efficiency, and reaching their full goal.

The Paris Saint-Germain Academy Pro takes a comprehensive strategy to developing student-athletes, offering alternatives that fit every player’s goals by allowing them to combine professional soccer training with a distinguished educational program.

Establish your tomorrow without sacrificing anything.

Why should you must choose between professional soccer development and a good education?

The Paris Saint-Germain Pro takes a unique method to developing student-athletes. The Paris Saint-Germain Academy Pro offers a global football preparation system based on the Paris Saint-Germain instructional strategies, as well as the alternative of combining it with a renowned college prep lesson plan at North Broward Preparatory School, one of the top-rated college prep institutions in the United States.

The school and the Paris Saint-Germain Academy Pro technical team have devised a program that allows student-athletes to thrive and achieve their scholastic and football ambitions.

The alternative of full-time lodging at the institution is also obtainable.


The Paris Saint-Germain Academy Pro is for talented and seasoned U12 players.

  • U19 athletes This 10-month program, available to males and girls birthed between 2004 and 2011, spans from August to June and allows athletes to attain their full potential based on age-specific desired outcomes.

Every player develops a market edge to develop a strong legacy on and off the pitch by aiming for greatness and getting the benefit of the Paris Saint-Germain training approach.

Improved soccer player

Paris Saint-world-renowned Germain’s training methods can help you attain your maximum vision.

Student improvement

Have the chance to combine your football growth with a good academic background and program from an institution that has delivered exceptional education to thousands of kids for over 50 years.

A better individual

Acquire the abilities you’ll require to succeed in the long term.


The Paris Saint-Germain Academy Pro offers learners with unprecedented exposure possibilities in the United States and Europe to help them advance to the next stage.

The Pro Technical Team and College Advisors at the Paris Saint-Germain Academy enable each player establish distinctive credentials that schools and professional groups are seeking for.

What opportunities are available to Paris Saint-Germain Academy Pro players?


In America, there is a route to professional prospects.

The Paris Saint-Germain Academy Pro gives student-athletes a stable platform that will assist them flourish in the American professional environment and shine out so that professional teams in the United States notice them (USL and MLS clubs).

Tournament events are deliberately selected to help exceptional young players with professional aspirations speed their progress.

Athletes will be introduced and viewed by coaches at the next stage by participating in ID camps and demonstrations.

The Paris Saint-Germain Academy Pro has an immediate affiliation with USL through its own club, FC Miami City, expanding players’ opportunities to participate at the top level in the American landscape (MLS/NWSL, USL, and UPSL).

The Paris Saint-Germain Academy Pro, as one of a worldwide football system (Strive Football Group), provides student-athletes with the broadest variety of professional prospects, both locally and worldwide, to begin a professional football vocation in the United States, Europe, or elsewhere.

Direct entry into the Group’s professional clubs (such as Thonon Evian Grand Geneve FC and Royal FC Mandel United in Europe).

Trials to combine the Group’s partner clubs’ practice facilities (such as Paris Saint-Germain, Cagliari Calcio, Olympique Lyonnais, and AS Monaco) with the potential to enroll highly-ranked European teams and compete in the world’s greatest leagues.

Our affiliate, The International Center of European Football (The ICEF), provides direct admission to the world’s finest pro football schools and its networks of football clubs, providing the optimal road to exposure to Europe’s highest level of play.

France’s International Center for European Football (ICEF).


Being a member of the Paris Saint-Germain Academy network enables athletes to participate in special club activities in France and the United States, as well as build awareness to the peak point of youth soccer tournament.


Youth soccer tournaments at the top standard with top-level European clubs.

The Paris Saint-Germain Technical Team from the Paris Saint-Germain Headquarters conducts clinics.

Participation at the European tier of play as a professional.

A VIP tour to Parc des Princes and participation at a Paris Saint-Germain match or practice session are inclusive in the Paris Saint-Germain package.

Student-athletes who are members of the exclusive Paris Saint-Germain Academy Pro have easy accessibility to the club and the possibility to fly to Paris. They will learn about European soccer history and get an introduction to the highest possible level of youth soccer practices and games throughout this tour.


Our student-athletes are defined by their achievements on the field, in the classroom, and in life. Student-athletes are taught and given the skills they need to succeed in the college application process and get admission to their top-choice universities.

Getting ready for college

Student athletes who participate in a soccer program that combines professional training with a college prepared education at the famous North Broward Preparatory School (NBPS) develop eye – catching credentials that college recruiters seek.

Student-athletes are academically equipped to attend their first-choice institution or university. uch as Duke, Stanford, or Michigan State, by close collaboration with NBPS, which has a strong legacy of academic achievement dating back to 1957.

Student-athletes receive comprehensive help throughout their college process, including:

Screening and planning of ID Camps and Showcases with assistance from coaching and technical personnel for seminars and talks on the college recruitment procedure.

Coaches and team members assisted in the preparation of a recruitment package (highlight film, reference letters, résumé, and university shortlist).

The Paris Saint-Germain Academy Pro develops student-athletes for life as a professional soccer player in the United States or Europe, or at a top collegiate soccer school.

Student-athletes who choose to continue their studies while competing for their university or college on the field are better prepare themselves for pro chances in the MLS, USL, or other professional leagues throughout the globe.

Online Trial Procedure

You can sign up to enroll the Paris Saint-Germain Academy Pro today through our online audition procedure.

Elite worldwide boys and girls born between 2004 and 2011 are invited to participate in trials. So as to join the Paris Saint-Germain Academy Pro teams’ lineups for the 2022–2023 season.
Athletes will be able to obtain a place on a team roster by completing an online application and visiting the Paris Saint-Germain Academy USA Campus and North Broward Preparatory School at their leisure.
Participate in a comprehensive online evaluation.
All athletes must go through the tryout procedure in quest for enrollment in the Paris Saint-Germain Academy Pro.

The tryout is $229 and is non-refundable.

When you complete the online tryout procedure, you will get the following:

Submit your showcase films to the PSG Academy USA Pro Technical team yourself. The whole video library will be evaluated and vetted.
Customized presentations by Pro Enrollments Advisors from Paris Saint-Germain Academy, presenting features and advantages of the program.
The chance to practically tour North Broward Preparatory School in order to really comprehend and feel the splendor of the school’s lovely campus!
An overview of the school’s unique academic and experiential activities, as well as the recruiting procedures at North Broward Preparatory School.
Personalized attention and step-by-step assistance and assistance during the application process, as well as live sessions with Paris Saint-Germain Academy Pro Enrollment Advisors.


Submit your request and complete the sports questionnaire you’ll receive through email after it’s approval.


The Pro Technical Team of the Paris Saint-Germain Academy will evaluate your registration depending on the info supplied.


Personalized presentations by Pro Enrollment Advisors from Paris Saint-Germain Academy, presenting features and advantages of the course.


Create your highlight clips meticulously and send them to the PSG Academy USA Pro Technical Team.

Football Program, Requirements and
Admittance Choice

The Admission Committee at North Broward Preparatory School will assess all qualified student-athletes’ applications.


Student-athletes can commence their registration procedure to the Paris SaintGermain Academy Pro. This is with the help of Enrollment Advisors after they their acceptance.

Apply here;

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