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F.C Metz have agreed again to give rising soccer players with talent the chance to show case their football brilliance for their youth team in other to give them professional contracts.

FC Metz was established in 1932 by the combination of two non-professional athletic clubs.

After a while FC Metz became a professional club which makes it one of the oldest football club in France.

The football team first played in French second division north from 1933 in which they were made victors in the league in 1935. As a result of winning the league they gained  promotion to the ligue1 for the first time in the club’s history .

The team became a mid- table side in the first division top-tier regional competitions.

IN 2006, FC Metz was faced with a big problem as they couldn’t grantee their stay in the Ligue 1 after  ending their season at the bottom of the league table despite having one of the best promising prospect Miralem.

The football club became popular in France and Europe for its great achievement in youth academy because they  produced football stars like Rigobert song, Robert pires, Papise Cisse, Emmanuel Adebayo and Sadio Mane. The club was a nice place for rising players to begin their football career and to actualize their dreams.

What are the requirements for F.C Metz Tryout :

. People involved must be a male and must be within the age range of 16 -23 years old.

. The tryout will consist of each partaker playing in two 1hour 30minutes With 22 players in total. with  the aim of impressing the scouting staff of F.C Metz

.The enrollment fee for one open trial event is $200

. A part from the enrollment fee of $200 including some expenses related with the journey would be covered by Espnsoccer with the help of F.C Metz which includes the airfare ,feeding and accommodation

.Players that wish to partake must bring the necessary items and must be prepared for what is ahead of them. The players are expected to come with their own boots ,socks ,shorts , hand gloves, shin pad and any other items needed for their positions

.Teams will be chosen aimlessly in accordance with the players preferred positions

. Kickoff times will be made known to them in their emails one week before the start of the open tryout event.

 IF you are coming from out of Europe or the United States and need a visa to partake in the trials the football club would make available a letter of invitation and flight plus accommodation bookings from our international office so one can easily apply .

NOTE: IN other to be enrolled the participants must pay the fee required of them after which an e-mail for confirmation will be sent when the enrollment process is done.

The Youth Development System in FC Metz

FC Metz Academy Training Center

In the early stage of the 70s, the football club worked on the invention of its training center which officially emerged in 1975 and from that date it has disclosed many players who have been made noticeable in the club’s history books

Among them , Michel Ettore, Sylvain Kastendeuch, Philippe Hinschberger, Philippe Gaillot, Thierry Pauk, Marco Morgante, Carmelo micciche , Alian Colombo, Cyril serredszum, Jeff strasser , Sylvain marchal, Stephane borbiconi , Franck signorino , Frank beria , Ludovic obraniak , Papiss Cisse , Rudy gestede , Kalidu koulibaly , Sadio Mane never to forget Robert pires , Manu Adebayo , Miralem pjanic  or Diafra sakho.

After the first phase in Metz , it happened that in the period of the chalet de vaux the training centre was relocated to the current site of the saint-sysmphorien block in 1995 this was achieved by the support of the city of Metz and the General council of moselle.

On September 1, 1995 the new accommodation center was made the starting point for the construction. And also gradual process was taken for the development of the project so as to be mapped out for a place used for training at the heart of the club and for it to remain permanent among the top French clubs in its territory .

Training Centre Rankings of The Football Club

It’s been established by the national technical department that during the annual ranking of top 10 French training centers , F C Metz is most often seen in the top 5 which stipulates that their training ground is one of the best in France.

The classification takes into account five parameters they are as follows;

1 Number  of professional footballer contracts signed by club trained footballers that are under 25 and playing in one of the top 10 countries in the Uefa rankings

2 The amount of matches played by the footballers from the practice arena with the club’s professional team during the past season .

3 The number of participation in official matches of the French national teams by players in practice arena during the past season

4 Number of schools and degree achieved by players in training

5 Qualification and seniority of educators and trainers at the practice arena



. Scheduled schooling

. Cycle 2nde-1ere-terminale

. Take-home assignment help structure

. Personal education monitoring

.Multi-disciplinary pedagogical commission

. Individual follow-up interviews with parents

. Full board accommodation in a boarding school

. Admission reserved for French-speaking players within the French school system


. E-learning school lesson should be paid by parents

. Daily pedagogical assistance

. Continuation of schooling in immersion of French high school

. Learning of French language

. Assignment assistance

 .An individualized follow up of schooling

. Multi disciplinary pedagogical committee

. Individual interviews of follow-up with parents

. Shelter in a double room within MIFA’S structure hotel

. Full board accommodation and catering

.Laundry service

. Educational support everyday


. Gather the important working habits and be of good behavior

. Improve in high-level technical and vehicle skills

. Develop athletic potential

.Understanding  various areas of the game

. Develop group working abilities in a collective game project


 .Five training periods in a week

.Indoor sessions in winter

 .Adapted athletic development program

 .Weekly match with an elite level

 .Video analysis


.Regular individual interviews

 .Athletic tests

 .Medical check- ups

 .Daily physical therapy


. Professional clubs from the grand Est

. Selection and elite teams of Luxembourg

. Belgian professional teams

. German border teams

. Regional elite amateur teams


Sports selection examination

  .Consultation of school report

 .Individual interviews

 .Dedication for the full school year (10 months) period

 .Possible registration for a half season (September to December or January to june)

 .Renewal in relation to school result and sports progress

Training Centre Philosophy  at FC Metz

Letting each player show their potential and to enable them develop in certain qualities like reflection , endurance , independent and by valuing the capacity for work and sense of personal dedication; this the standard which our training project is built.

The clubs Training Policy is based on six important principles.

. To let young players in training to follow traditional learning in public schools along-side non-athletic  students in other to stimulate their openness

 .Keep confidence in our giving them enough time to improve

 .Encourage our young players to turn them into successful sportsmen and women and reserved adults

.Put a team of sport  , educational and medical supervision at the service of each player ,in order to protect ,stimulate and encourage them in their personal development and accomplishment

.Work closely with the parents or guardians of each player to ensure the development and progress of their child

 To teach players all they need to know about success. As a result of this players who will manage to get involved in professional football will know all the keys to success and for those with career outside professional football

Training Structure In The club

The training is the structure is the access to high level football par-excellence .the purpose of practicing is to prepare young players for all the requirements for professional football

15-18 years old: initial training (under16, under17 ,under18)

This is considered the first level of training

The players follow a classic school course there gaining from appointments organized in one of the Metz schools partners of the club’s training centre

The training of young players have been made a priority by the school .

The key moments of a typical week for a player in initial training are as follows

. Five to seven training sessions in a week

.Participation in a national level competition

.Friendly matches

 . Daily public education in one of the partner schools

 . Four to five sessions of academic support and assignment help in a week

.  Two weekly medical enquires provided by a medical doctor to this age category

. One daily attendance in physiotherapy

.Educational support interns within the accommodation structure of the F C Metz training center for boys and within a boarding school of excellence for girls

The club brings together the best condition to give way for each player in initial training.

To be able to go far in sports

To achieve their academic aims

To adhere to the values which are important to our club

18-20 years old: terminal training (under19, under20)

It is the ultimate level high level football training.

Graduates and freed from the constraints of second cycle education ,the players nevertheless continue their double training projects: sports and university(du in sports management ,UFR STAPS, training in foreign languages or preparation for coaching diplomas etc)

The Sports training of players is now arranged by the individual sports priority. An essential tool for the development of a person or a player is competition in conclusion competition improves and does not intend to end or discourage a player

The aim of terminal training is to offer each player an individualized training lesson in terms of volume and quality. A player in terminal training needs to do the following:

Seven to Ten training sessions in a week

Must  take part in a national level competition

Friendly fixtures

Should devote 2 to 3 half-days in a week to personal training project

Three medical enquires in a week provided by a doctor exclusively committed to this age category

One  daily attendance in physiotherapy

Support towards an independent life in independent accommodation

The best conditions stipulated by F C Metz to allow each player in the final training

To bring the best out of their sporting potential and to put all the assets around them in other to integrate professional football

To present oneself the keys to a successful future

Training center education of F C Metz


At the F C Metz training center the person is placed at the heart of the concerns of all management whose daily aim is to bring out the best in men through the means of training  an also try to improve their sporting abilities including the intellectual and social potential. The club is dent is on helping each of their young prospect get the best out of themselves  in all aspect of their lives

For  this reason we take full responsibility for our young boys and their parents. Educating them occupies a central place in the organization of our training course

The great achievement of this double educational and sports project is based on lasting partnership with several schools in the greater Metz area:

Arsenal college

The lycee Louis de cormontaigne

The lycee Robert schuman

The lycee anne de mejanes

The andre citroen automotive trades high school

These partnerships thus gives way for:

1 An arrangement of the weekly schedules (end of lectures at 3:00p.m, the schedule allowing all the lectures to followed)

2 Daily and individualized monitoring ( daily exchanges between the establishment and educational manager of the training center)

3 Active participation of trainers in all class councils for young footballers

Furthermore, when we talk about the training center we refer to it importance because it runs a school support structure on a daily basis, supervised by a group qualified and experienced teachers. Take home assignment 2hours are given to the players on a daily basis.

The choice of external schooling in schools in the city letting young players to remain at the heart of their social life as a high school student

The strong bond established with the management and teaching teams of partner institutions

The inclusion of all members of people controlling the affairs in the school project of each player

Important resources dedicated for quality academic s helps to serve the young players

The singularity and strength of our training center is the most important thing to our young player student

Its in record that we have 93% success in the baccalaureate exams over the past seasons it is good to say that this shows the high level of commitments.

Pre-Training in F C Metz

Young boys and girls aged 13 to 15 are expected to make the first move to the top level.

The close collaboration between the arsenal college and the club brought huge success in 1996 the sport section of arsenal college has enable F C Metz to be a pioneer in pre- training in anticipation for the introduction of poles espoirs by the French football federation

Many academic and sporting success of this sections have rapidly increased  many major players in departmental and regional sport. Today arsenal college brings together ,in the wake of F C Metz :a hope pole for men’s basketball ,a hope of women’s basketball , a hope pole for mixed judo ,a hope pole for table tables, departmental sports sections swimming ,gymnastics ,rugby, tennis , skating…since September 2015 ,a departmental sports section of women’s football gathering together 16 young footballers (4th,3rd) as part of a collaboration between F C Metz and the mosellan district of soccer.

This was encouraged from the beginning by the departmental  directorate of national education and the general council of a boarding school for sport and success , came into power in 2011,within the surrounding of the college. It helped in providing shelter because it accommodates  84 sportsmen(ves)including footballers in exceptional accommodation conditions. in the surrounding of the college sports facilities was present .the affairs was managed successively by denis schaeffer then sebastien muet and betrand Antoine ,the pre training pole of F C Metz is now managed by sebastien allieri

The Training center infrastructure

The F C Metz training center has high-level infrastructure because it wants the young players to train in the best possible conditions


Goulotte promenade 57050 LONGEVILLE-LES-METZ

The technical center brings together all the sports infrastructures important for practice and competition

. One grassy training area

. Two synthetic pitches

. One synthetic playing square

. A clubhouse with dressing rooms

   Current projects

   New synthetic pitch

Extension of locker room

Renewal of the synthetic surface of playing square

Construction of modular stands

 School Of Metz F C

The school is available for young footballers aged 8 to 13. The F C Metz football school main objective is to enable young players discover the fundamentals of the game develop motor skills and coordination and gradually provide them with the technical basis of football. The club provides a brilliant response to young boys in other to keep them motivated and create an awareness to the parents about the significance of sports practice in education.

Its achievement is basically based on the dedication put in by the club

Qualified, experienced and passionate supervision is guaranteed

Provide a training offer to offer 2 weekly sessions in u8 and u9,3 weekly sessions from u10 category.

Innovative and progressive training content that is part of a long term player training project should be offered

To bring together a group of players in best conditions at the technical center of the plaine saint symphorien (grounds, dressing rooms . clubhouse etc)

Carrying out 2 individual interviews each year with the parents of each player in order to associated with development of their child  

Competition program adapted to each age group(friendly meetings, tournaments)

Getting the young players ready from u11’s,for a possible entry into the pre-training cycle(4th/3rd)at arsenal college in Metz evaluation school supervision etc.

F C Metz Football School recruitment  trials

The direction of young players is aimed at players in the  u10 , u11 ,u12, and u13categories

If you wish to our football school kindly send a letter to the following

Association  F C Metz

Five allee Saint-Symphorien

57000 Metz

F C Metz international football academy (MIFA)

The development of international relation established over the past ten years with China, Canada and South Korea led to the official creation in 2013 of Metz International football Academy(MIFA)

This structure place under the care of the  F C Metz training center aims to let young talented footballers or educators from all over the world to be able to access a high level training structure and profit from the know-how and experience acquired by our club. The actions carried out are mainly oriented towards welcoming young players

Short and medium term course (1 to 3 months) intended for players aged 15 to 18.

Short –term course (1 to 3 weeks) aimed at established groups or teams(selection club ,high school, etc)

Long term courses is done for one season intended for players aged 15 to 18.

When it comes to internship a specific  and adapted program is offered. This will be determined only on demand. It consist of friendly matches learning the French language ,distance learning ,medical follow up cultural visit etc

Other actions are put in place for coaches as part of their personal training:

Individualized welcome (observation of session ,discussions with technicians from the training center, match analysis etc)

Intervention in the training of educators(internships, seminars)abroad.

Training courses are been organized for educators in Metz, in which last from 1 to 2 weeks the training includes theoretical  training field sessions , observation and analysis of high level meetings with the technical team of Metz FC

Federations , provinces ,clubs, high school that have approached  FC Metz international football academy.

Chinese football federation

Chengdu football federation (china)

Shanghai school football league(china)

Chinese university football federation

Academy edukick new-delhi (India)

Saint georges mussoori college( India)

Singapore football federation

Quebec soccer foundation

History of F C Metz

The home games of the club is played at stade saint-symphorien which is within the city.

The team is currently managed by Federic Antonetti. For 83 years Metz have spent 61 seasons in ligue 1and 17 in ligue2. Never in the club’s history have they won the tittle in the top flight.but that doesn’t mean they have no silverware  in their trophy cabinet as they won coupe the france twice and coupe de la ligue twice

The Stadium

Stade Municipal Saint-Symphorien is a multi-purpose stadium in Metz, France located on the island saint-Symphorien.

The stadium’s capacity is 30000 and was built in 1923.


It’s official colors are Grenat which can also be called maroon and white. The team drives its nickname from the colors as they call it Les Grenats.

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Do you want to join Metz F C kindly see How To Join Metz FC Academy .Check also for F C Metz tryout,
F C Metz youth development, F C Metz entry admission processes, and F C Metz stadium.

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