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Application Processes

Upon the applicant family’s demand, the admissions staff will send them an enrollment package and arrange a time for them to visit the school. The admissions staff makes ready each aspiring student’s admissions file when they receive their full school application and registration fee. The applicant makes arrangements for the admissions department to get transcripts, past school records (including report cards, disciplinary actions, attendance, testing, etc.), performance assessments, and administrator reviews.

The admissions staff evaluates the applicant’s dossier after it is ready and notifies the applicant of the school’s choice.

Once a grade level is full, Macon East Academy will keep a list of applicants in case any qualified kids who would want to enroll are unable to do so owing to capacity constraints in the classroom. The admissions committee will assess the applications of the students on the applicant register if a space arises at any time and choose a candidate depending on the date of acceptance.

Entrance Statement

Individuals from all socioeconomic, racial, and ethnic origins are welcome at Macon East Academy as long as they can gain from a rigorous academic curriculum and contribute positively to the school environment. Academic accomplishment, academic testing, attendance history, teacher and administrator reviews, citizenship, and attendance record are just a few of the criteria used to decide which students will be admitted. Co-curricular interests, skills, scheduling options in the classroom, and available space are other considerations.

In order to register students who can succeed within the confines of a college preparation curriculum, Macon East Academy strives to be recognized as a learning environment that cares about the advancement of the complete student.

While priority for admission is given to kids of alumni, relatives of alumni, siblings of already registered students, and children of teachers and staff where it is practical, what is best for each given student is ultimately taken into account.

Priority Admissions Policy

Students that enroll to Macon East Academy could gain admission, according to availability. Based on the following considerations, as available:

  • students that have a 2.5 GPA the previous academic year
  • On a conditional basis, students with a GPA of 2.49 to 2.0 from the most recent academic year may gain admission.
  • At the end of the academic year, the student must still have a 2.0 GPA at Macon East Academy to remain enrolled.
  • Where appropriate, standardized test results at or above grade level
  • No serious disciplinary measures from the prior school have been documented.
  • Satisfactory attendance records from prior schools
  • Supportive comments from teachers

In a one-on-one conversation, a student and their family promote the goals and principles of Macon East Academy.

The Admissions Committee will thoroughly analyze each application before deciding whether to accept it.

All of the rights, advantages, programs, and activities normally offered to students at this school are accessible to those who are students at Macon East Academy, regardless of their race, color, national or ethnic origin. In the administration of its educational policies, sports, and other school-administered activities, it does not discriminate on the grounds of race, color, nationality, or ethnicity or religion.

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The abovementioned NonDiscriminatory Policy will be upheld by the Admission Priority Policy.

Applicants’ Checklist

  • Obtain an entrance package.
  • Get Admissions Forms

Applicants’ Checklist

  • Teacher Evaluation – Grades 1-6
  • Teacher Evaluation – Grades 7-12,
  • Uniform Policy


  • Form for New Family Referral
  • Application for School Records Form

Macon East Academy’s past

Form for Enrollment for Mother’s Day Off


In the ongoing attempt to build Macon-East Montgomery Academy as a legitimate college preparation school, this institution has recognized the difficulties that come with starting afresh and has surmounted numerous issues and barriers. The Board of Trustees authorized a name change to Macon East Academy in July 2011.

The school, which is now in its twenty-seventh year of existence, has a faculty/staff of thirty-three people, an enrolment of around 260 people, and several certificates and/or accreditations from both state and regional institutions.

Every kid has the ability to be a leader, educator, community builder, businessperson, and steward, according to Macon East Academy. Every element of the Macon East program, from preschool through high school, is to encourage each child to discover the full range of his or her skills.

The Macon East Academy provides a rigorous academic curriculum that prepares students for college as well as an expanding selection of extracurricular activities and sports opportunities. Our team of educators makes learning relevant by constantly offering context and meaning.

These experts offer students access to the
They require individualized supervision as they start to take ownership of their own training. According to Macon East, the greatest schools have a “small-town” atmosphere where the values most respected are love, honesty, integrity, and thankfulness.

A K3–12 college-preparatory school, Macon East Academy takes satisfaction in its academic excellence, enduring connections, and both extracurricular and curricular options that support each student’s unique needs and interests.

We continuously analyze and enhance our curriculum standards in an attempt to deliver one of the top independent school educations accessible.


A kid’s time in K3-Kindergarten at Macon East Academy is a thrilling period in their life. Our program aims to provide a secure learning environment that promotes each child’s cognitive, social, emotional, and physical development as they learn to navigate their world during these formative years.

Students may learn via interesting activities and a broad curriculum that helps them develop into autonomous, self-assured learners.

Students in Grades 1-6 build a strong foundation in Language Arts, Mathematics, Reading, Science, and Social Studies throughout the Lower School’s primary years. •Students are further motivated and stimulated by instruction in technology, Spanish, art, music, physical education, and other subjects, and also through individual and group projects.

The program combines skill-building, motor development, problem-solving, and reasoning abilities with creative activities. Such as musical acts, and a variety of developmentally suitable exercises.


Kids go through a lot of transition and change between grades 7 and 9.

As they transition from infancy into adolescence, students start to reflect carefully and investigate novel concepts.

The child-centered approach used by Macon East Academy views education as a place of inquiry and discovery. A rigorous academic program offers students many chances for achievement and personal development.

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Through a range of activities, including practical experiments, group discussion, reading and writing sessions, research, and discussion, students learn. Each child’s curriculum includes sessions in the fine arts and physical education.

At Macon East Academy, grades 10 through 12, students experience “Everything A School Should Be” in action. Through participation in the 3 pillars of Macon East Academy—academics, accomplishment, and athletics—students work to attain their own best.

Schedule for Mother’s Outing

The Mother’s Day Out program at Macon East Academy is a half-day program for 3- and
4 year olds that starts in the middle of August and lasts through the middle of May.

There are two alternatives possibilities:
3-day (Tuesday – Thursday)
or 4-day (Monday – Thursday).
The times are 8:00 am to 11:30 am.

Our Mother’s Day Out Program is open to kids who are potty-trained and between the ages of 3 and 4. Your kid will take part in daily programs that involve supervised play and adequately organized chances for every child to succeed academically and build social skills necessary for everyday living.

The Mother’s Day Out program at Macon East Academy is intended to supply mothers and/or dads of children between the ages of 3 and 4 some free time during the regular school year in a caring and safe environment on a regular schedule each week.

By practicing being apart from their families, interacting in a group environment, and developing skills for school preparation, we want to assist young kids in gaining independence.

For further details, contact Jill Taylor, director of admissions, at 334-277-6566, ext. 210, or by email at jtaylor@maconeast.net.

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A college prep school, Macon East Academy is dedicated to giving kids a secure, supportive atmosphere that fosters academic success, patriotism, and religious faith via Christian ideals.

My thoughts and the things I say should both be acceptable in Your eyes. 0 Lord, you are my fortitude and my redeemer.

Psalm 19:14

Macon East Academy: a statistical analysis

Student Profile

  • K3 and K4 classes can have up to 16 students each.
  • Kindergarten through sixth grade — each classroom can hold up to 20 students.
  • Up to 25 students each classroom from seventh through twelfth grade

Enrollment at Present

• 285 Learners

Athletic Tradition of Champions

  • 18 Teams competing in interscholastic sports
  • 18 State Titles
  • 32 Regional/Area Titles


  • 5 academic structures
  • 2 labs for science
  • 2 libraries and media centers

Two technology centers

  • Room 2 for Visual Arts
  • Room for musical performances
  • Performing Arts Facility
  • Cafeteria with full service
  • Sports facilities, including a gymnasium and courts for baseball, football, and softball


  • 2 athletic changing rooms
  • Accreditation of Strength & Conditioning Facilities
  • Southern Association of Colleges and Schools and Cognia
  • Association of Alabama Independent Schools
  • Association of Independent Schools of Alabama

Academic Prowress

  • Graduates are accepted by colleges in full
  • Accelerated Lower School Curriculum
  • Advanced Placement, Honors, and College Prep Courses
  • Dual Enrollment is available to students in grades 11 and 12.
  • Advancement of the Fine Arts and Foreign Languages
  • Opportunities for Civic Engagement and Student Leadership

According to Macon East Academy

  • Every student is a respected person with exceptional physical, social, and emotional characteristics and academic requirements.
  • If our school wants to help kids develop into self-assured, self-directed, and life – long learners, it must be committed to continual advancement.
  • In every facet of the academic curriculum, students are held to the highest expectations.
  • To account for variances in learning styles and strike a balance between academics, sports, and the arts, curriculum and instructional approaches should include a diversity of educational process.
  • Students must fully participate in problem-solving and the creation of high-quality work in addition to demonstrating their comprehension of fundamental concepts and abilities.
  • Beneficial interactions and mutual understanding among students and between students and staff boost a student’s self-esteem.
  • All choices affecting the functioning of the school should be with the requirements of the students’ education as their main priority.
  • Through its activities, policies, and practices, the school promotes fundamental Christian values.
  • Students should have a range of chances to show their accomplishments throughout assessments of student progress.
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Macon East Academy’s Background

Early in the spring of 1995, the Foundation Membership, Administration, and Board of Trustees of Macon Academy officially decided to move the school from Tuskegee, Alabama to a location in east Montgomery County close to the town of Cecil, Alabama, due to a drop in student enrollment.

Since it appeared impossible to keep the institution operating there, many families in Macon County supported the relocation.

There were 62 pupils in registration when the doors of Macon Academy in Tuskegee were ultimately shut. About 45 of them pledged to enroll in the new institution that would start operations as Macon-East Montgomery Academy.

The first summer of the relocation endeavor saw an astonishing amount of change in events. The executive branch and the whole Macon family labored nonstop, holding meetings virtually every evening.

Through the continuous and devoted endeavors of a small number of backers, the choice to move started to show encouraging effects. As Montgomery County residents started to react and exhibit interest in the new school.

In September 1995, Macon-East Montgomery Academy’s doors were formally reopened for business with 125 pupils. The enrolment increased from 77 to 125 pupils in the last 2 weeks before the start of classes, indicating that there would be development.

This institution has recognized the difficulties that come with starting again and has
In the ongoing attempt to develop Macon-East Montgomery Academy as a legitimate college preparation institution, several issues and barriers must be solved. The Board of Trustees authorized a rebranding to Macon East Academy in July 2011.

The school, which is now in its twenty-seventh year of existence, has a faculty/staff of thirty-three people, an enrolment of around 260 people, and several certificates and/or accreditations from both state and regional organizations.

As Follows:
  • Alabama Independent School Association-accredited
  • Cognia/Southern Association of Independent Schools accreditation
  • Southern Association of Colleges & Schools-accredited

The phrase “everything a school should be” is the greatest way to sum up Macon East Academy. The goal of Macon East Academy is to provide our children access to better educational possibilities.

Our goal as a college prep school is to provide pupils a secure, supportive atmosphere that fosters academic success, patriotism, and religious faith via Christian principles.

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