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Are you a parent looking to enroll your child into the AS Roma Academy Abuja? Or perhaps you’re a passionate footballer looking to develop your football skills and eventually go pro. Either case, we will bring you everything you need to know about the academy in this article. By the end of this article, you would have relevant information about How to join AS Roma Academy Abuja, AS Roma Academy Abuja Trials, AS Roma Academy Registration FEES, AS Roma Academy contact, Juventus Football Academy in Abuja.

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About AS Roma Academy Abuja

Some of you are familiar with the well-known Serie A club from Italy called AS Roma, which has some of our favourite players like Paulo Dybala and Pellegrini. One of the official AS Roma Academy network of football schools across the globe is located in Abuha. It is open to boys and girls between the ages of 5 and 17. On December 14, 2020, AS Roma Football Academy Abuja was founded and operations began in Nigeria. Learning the approaches and training methods that motivated exceptional athletes like Francesco Totti, Daniele De Rossi, Alessandro Florenzi, and Lorenzo Pellegrini is possible at the school. They are one of the best football Academy in Abuja.
AS Roma International Academy program, which is renowned across the globe for the calibre of its youth squad, represents their commitment to educating and developing young athletes while also spreading the club’s work ethic and core values.

Coaching & Staff

Technical Director
Former Nigeria U17 National Team Coach John Obuh serving as Technical Director.
By leading Nigeria to a runner-up finish at the 2009 Fifa U17 World Cup on home soil, Obuh has identified himself in the field of talent development in the football scene. He has extensive knowledge in the development of youth football and a CAF and UEFA Grade-A license. He also served as the head coach of NPFL teams Akwa United and Enugu Rangers.

Chief Scout and Coach
Andre Joao Castro, of Lisboa, Portugal, holds a UEFA Grade-B license as a coach. He also possess a level 1 certificate in the development of young players and talent identification.


The M.K.O Abiola National Stadium located in the Constitution Avenue Abuja serves as the temporary home ground of the AS Roma Academy Abuja.
The stadium serves as a venue for several social, cultural, and religious activities in Nigeria. It also hosts the Nigerian national football team.
The academy’s training and activities for its One 11-a-side pitch are temporarily done in this building.

How to join AS Roma Academy Abuja

One way to join the AS Roma Academy is through trials. The academy organises trials every year for young aspirants to showcase their talents. The academy also has an Elite squad project where Scholarships are offered to exceptional talents from poor families.


An original project of AS Roma Academy Abuja is The Elite Squad. It is an excellent chance for extremely gifted players from low-income or middle-class families to pursue their dreams through thorough and excellent training under the AS Roma procedure. With the definite goal of attaining football and academic education excellence with the dream of a career path to top flight football and/or receiving athletic scholarships to study at the top universities and colleges in the United states of America.
The residential Elite Squad programme is run by AS Roma Academy Abuja, a local partner initiative. All players will practice rigorously at the Academy in Abuja using the renowned AS Roma training methods. Also, the club’s playing style, and quality instruction that have produced players of the highest calibre, like “Totti.” During the course of the program at AS Roma Academy Abuja, exceptional athletes will then take advantage of our (scholarship) free academic education, lodging, and food.

Scholarship Eligibility:

  1. Boys and Girls
  2. Ages: U13, U15, and U17
  3. Players need to have extraordinary skill.
  4. Players must sign up, show up for our try-out session, and also pass.
  5. Attendance is free of charge (Scholarships)
  6. Also, talents from low-income families who may not have been able to pay for the expense of entering the AS Roma Academy are prioritized.
  7. There is a nationwide limit of 60 qualifying athletes for the scholarship.

AS Roma Academy Abuja Trials

The AS Roma Academy Abuja is holding trial sessions to select players with exceptional ability and excellent conduct into its elite teams for both boys and girls. This is in an effort to create Elite teams that will compete both domestically and globally.
The Academy offered up to 60 scholarship spots prior to its inaugural trials for those who performed brilliantly at the try-outs in January 2021. Out of the more than 200 participants in the first try-outs, up to 30 spots were given to qualified applicants. Of them, one-fourth received one-term scholarships while the remaining two-thirds then received full-year scholarships at the Academy.
The Academy has, since then, doubled the number of scholarship spots. They are on a quest to enlist additional players of exceptional calibre into its Elite teams for boys and girls. Residential scholarships at the AS Roma Academy Abuja will be given to as many as 100 players.
The Academy is committed to providing the conditions and tools necessary for the members of these teams to flourish. And also have access to a range of academic and career paths. The program will develop the players’ athletically (both technical, tactical, and psycho-social development, among other things). As well as otherwise, including personal growth, leadership development, and much more. The AS Roma Academy also offers a lot more than just football playing opportunities.
The training program and techniques are also directly adapted from AS Roma. They will involve working on position games, simplified games, technical/tactical development, motor and postural activity, technical skills, ball handling, and also flexibility, much as it is done at AS Roma in Italy.


The trials are open to football loving youths within the ages of 13 and 19 for boys and 15 & 19 for girls across Nigeria.
Girls: U17 & U19
Boys: U13, U15, U17 & U19
The first set of try-outs will be done remotely across Nigeria and also in different stages. This is to grant everyone interested the opportunity a chance to participate. Each zone will also have its dedicated dates with qualified technical teams to assess the players.
After the regional try-outs, successful candidates from the various states and regions will be invited to Abuja. There they will then participate in the final try-outs session. This last phase of the tryouts will then be conducted by AS Roma Academy coaches from Italy with qualified UEFA coaching licenses.
Players who perform exceptionally at the final stage in Abuja will then be granted a full one-year scholarship. This scholarship offer includes training at the AS Roma Academy in Abuja on a well-structured schedule, accommodation, feeding, schooling where applicable and other associated benefits.

Reasons why you should participate

  1. For students who are still in school and come from outside Abuja, a full scholarship to the academy for the whole year, including housing, meals, and also enrolment in one of our partner secondary schools.
  2. Develop your skills using the well-known AS Roma approach, which has produced and is continuing to develop amazing talents that shine on both nationally and internationally.
  3. Players in the top teams are also eligible for AS Roma Italy professional experience package.
  4. Players also an opportunity to be seen by the AS Roma Scouting Department.
  5. Potential for chosen players to participate in international events and trials.

AS Roma Academy Abuja Trial Registration Fees

Early Registration: #6,000
Deadline: 7th May, 2021
Regular Registration: #10,000
Deadline: 20th May, 2021.
Late Registration: #16,000
7th June, 2021.

AS Roma Academy Abuja Registration process

Registration will be done online only. If you’re interested, go on to the Academy’s website to register.
BOYS: U13, U15, U17 and U19
GIRLS: U17, and U19.
There will be preliminary assessment in all 36 states and the FCT. The final screening will then be held in Abuja by the AS Roma technical staffs. The most outstanding players will be invited.

AS Roma Academy Abuja Contact

You can contact the AS Roma Academy Abuja via +2349152880001
Registration will be done online only. Interested individuals should register on the Academy’s website at

Juventus Football Academy in Abuja

Without a question, one of the best football teams in sport history is the Italian powerhouse Juventus FC. The Turin-based club holds the record for all major Italian championships and has also won two European Cups. The Old Lady, who have won each of the previous seven Italian league championships. They are now attempting to bring back the European Cup to Turin while also maintaining this accomplishment for future generations.
Like AS Roma, Juventus has established football academies throughout the globe that are accessible and also reasonably priced. They do this in an effort to attract unique young talents and also provide them chances. Juventus has schools and camps across the world with their main youth setup and camp situated in Turin. Fortunately, Nigeria is one of them.
The Juventus youth program aims to provide individuals who want to play professional football in the future instructions on the game of football. As well as the club’s methods, concepts, philosophy, and values while also offering a formal educational setting. Children’s mindset and skills are emphasized and prioritized in the Academy. And they are also taught the principles and skills necessary to succeed on the football field in the future.

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Juventus Academy training camp

First off, the Juventus Academy Program in Nigeria is more of a camping experience for a certain length of time. Particularly, the Christmas season, rather than a full-time program. The program is accessible to interested youngsters between the ages of 6 and 17. Training sessions are offered Monday through Friday from 9 am to 3 pm. Lagos and Abuja are the locations of the Juventus Camp Nigeria, with Abuja serving as its primary site.
“Beyond the Italian border, the Juventus Academy Training Camp evokes the spirit of a Bianconeri vacation.”
Although players may be transferred purely at the Juventus Coaches’ discretion, groups are originally constituted by age.
The highest possible level of training standards in line with the Juventus way will be provided by Juventus Camp Nigeria. Also, certified experts from the Juventus Academy in Italy will run the Camps. They are traveling expressly to Nigeria to share their knowledge with Nigerian athletes.

Benefits of Participating

For every location where the camps will be hosted, those who stand out among their peers at the Juventus Camp in terms of fair play, conduct, enthusiasm, and football skill will have the chance to be chosen to join Juventus Academy Nigeria.
Additionally, a Juventus Nigeria Squad (per age category) will be chosen. This traveling team will compete in regional, national, and international competitions.
The Juventus Elite Camp in Nigeria will also be open to ALL Chosen Talent. Attendance is strictly ONLY by invitation. A wonderful Juventus Training Experience will be provided to selected youngsters at the Juventus Academy in Turin, Italy.


Participants must be citizens of Nigeria and also between the ages of 6 and 17 in order to register for the camping. The cost of registration is 100,000 naira. Participants must also have an active and valid email address to register online and get more information. Following a successful registration, camping starts for a certain period of time. The top participants are accepted into the official Juventus Academy. This also gives them a likely chance to see and use Turin’s facilities. For different academies across the world, the Juventus Academy Program also hosts the J-Academy World Cup.
Contact Juventus Academy Nigeria at 26 I.V.W. Osisiogu Crescent, Utako District, Abuja, for more information.

Phone: +234 7016594626

AS Roma Academy Abuja Conclusion

I hope you enjoyed this detailed article on the AS Roma Academy Abuja. The goal of this article is to bring you everything you need to know about the Academy. We also provided relevant information on How to join AS Roma Academy Abuja, AS Roma Academy Abuja Trials, AS Roma Academy Registration FEES, AS Roma Academy contact, Juventus Football Academy in Abuja.
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