How to Join Basketball Academies in Illinois

This post on How to Join Basketball Academies in Illinois, covers academies in Illinois such as Illinois Storm Basketball, Doug Bruno Girls Basketball Camp, Highland Junior Bulldogs Basketball (HJBB), Road 2 Greatness Basketball Academy amongst others.

Illinois Basketball Academy

For boys and girls in grades K–12, IBA provides competitive basketball teams and coaching. We additionally provide training for players in college and the pros.

We take great satisfaction in offering a top-notch program where your children can grow and thrive. IBA has 4 high school courts that are the standard size.

Each team wants to create a fun environment where each player may receive top-notch coaching and take pleasure in playing basketball.


  • To increase a child’s likelihood of succeeding in life.
  • To teach crucial lessons that can be acquired through participation in sport events.
  • •To foster and strengthen cooperation, leadership, work ethic, and discipline.
  • To foster an environment where kids feel free to express themselves.
  • To motivate kids to operate to the best of their abilities.

Chicagoland M14 Hoops Training Academy On September 23, 2009, Matt Miller created M14Hoops.

Before founding the company, Miller played basketball at the collegiate and professional levels. He did grow up in Aurora, Illinois. The foundation of the business was built on the values of tenacity, commitment, cooperation, and huge dreams! After starting business in April 2010, the company immediately became well-known in Chicago’s Western Suburbs.

The only basketball skill development organization in the area, M14 provided private training, camps, and other services.

“In the beginning, I knew nothing about business. I merely wanted to aid in the improvement of every player I encountered. It became a fixation. I worked hard to hone my technique by consistently studying basketball strategy, physical movements, and communication. During the first five years we were in business, I don’t believe I had any sort of social life at all.

M14Hoops was the top organization in the western suburbs for player development by 2014. Over 500 consumers were now serviced yearly by the organization. They had made their first two full-time hires and were renting buildings all throughout Chicagoland, which was a significant step toward insuring the caliber of all their events.

Basketball Academy Flow

Our goal is to produce high school basketball players who are successful and happy and who gradually discover how to completely utilize their physical and mental capacities.

Sky Basketball Academy, established in 2012, uses a wholistic strategy to training to provide girls aged 9 to 18 in Chicago and the western suburbs with an unified and engaging philosophy for basketball and leadership development. We always retain respect for our ladies’ lives in the classroom because we know that they are students first and athletes second.

For females aged 9 to 18, we provide training sessions, travel teams, camps, and clinics with an emphasis on developing individual talents, basketball IQ, mental toughness, and team cohesiveness. In all 4 seasons, we offer year-round programming with age-appropriate building blocks:

  • April and May: Spring
  • Summertime: June and July
  • Fall: October and September
  • Winter: November until February.

Our ideology is centered on the concept of flow, which is a state of total focus in which the body and mind work in unison. But this self-awareness is significant in areas other than basketball. We educate girls how to create and achieve goals and discover their flow both on the court and in their daily life through the game and leadership abilities.

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Basketball Sharks Academy, LTD.

Sharks Basketball Academy seeks to instill work ethics, sportsmanship, responsibility, and transparency in all players so they have the fundamental abilities to thrive in life and sports. We take great satisfaction in offering a friendly, competitive environment for everyone looking to advance their basketball abilities.

Why the Sharks, then?

There’s a good explanation why so many of our past athletes return to the team as coaches. We strive to assist every player realize their full capacity through our coaching system.

Basketball is used at the Sharks Basketball Academy to help players develop their confidence. It is empowering to see that as a coach. Three adjectives to sum up our team:


We have a place for everyone in Sharks, whether they are aspiring college basketball players or entry-level athletes. Following 20 years of productive coaching campaigns, we think that what distinguishes us from other programs is our capacity for effective communication with the players. What sets our coaching team apart is our ability to adapt our methods to a wide range of basketball skill levels.


We did our best to play as much basketball as we could during the COVID epidemic. We are aware that our program gives our players a useful outlet for their social and physical life. Also we enjoyed successful seasons despite a hostile atmosphere for conducting a basketball program, whilst trying to take precautions to maintain players and their families safe.


Our workforce takes great delight in looking back on that period. Basketball coaching was at its most challenging during that time. We put a lot of demands on our players, their families, and ourselves.

However, we were able to deliver. We were able to provide our athletes with a haven from the hectic outside world. Even if it was just for a few sessions and games each week. We were aware of how crucial that moment would be for them. That’s important to us.

Basketball Academy Big Break

Head instructor and co-founder TERELL JOHN

Terell John is a vibrant and imaginative game instructor. He has worked with basketball players of all levels, from D1 to 2nd grade, during his career as a trainer. When a basketball was first put in his hands at the age of 5, his passion for the sport was ignited. From that point forward, his passion for the game only continued to grow.

He was a standout athlete at Larkin High School, in his senior year he averaged 15.7 points and 8.8 rebounds per game. on the way to receiving multiple distinctions in 2009, including All-Area and All-Conference recognition. at Elgin Community College after a brief period. Terell was a standout at Purdue North Central in Division II, where he averaged 15.8 points and 7.6 rebounds per game whilst helping the Panthers to their most successful season ever and earned All-Conference honors his final year.

Tommy Sampson: Instructor

Tommy Sampson is a knowledgeable player. His instruction is extremely distinctive due to his meticulousness, explanation of game scenarios, and originality. He has worked with athletes from D1 through first grade. Tommy has gone through every high and low a basketball player could encounter. He can relate to athletes in a way that no other person can.

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Deven Nguyen: Instructor

Deven has been coaching athletes of all ages for 4 years. He is a competitive, detail-oriented trainer of the game. Deven developed a passion for the sport at the age of 8. And spent one year at Merrillville High School and two years playing for Aux Sable Middle School. Deven was meant to become a trainer. Because of his history of injuries.

Deven has a lot of experience dealing with clinics, AAU teams, and one-on-one and group programs. Deven concentrates on utilizing an athlete’s limitations to their advantage. Now that Big Break has been established, he is prepared to train!

Join ALL IN Athletics

The leading travel basketball league in Illinois and one of the biggest in the country is ALL IN Athletics. The goal of ALL IN was to develop a basketball program that would prioritize the needs of the players. Our approach is based on the principles of putting the coach-player relationship, personal player improvement, and a positive teaching environment first. Our crew has vast coaching and management expertise in the youth basketball industry, so we are convinced that the ALL IN team will be able to give your child the most thorough job and developmental expertise possible.

The goal of ALL IN Athletics is to be the Midwest’s top program for developing basketball players. Through basketball, ALL IN Athletics is wholly dedicated to instructing, preparing, and developing the total person. Our coaching team will work hard to give our players the guidance and instruction they require to perform at their very best both on and off the court.

Basketball basics are the foundation of ALL IN Athletics’ instructional program, which takes pride in this fact. We think that a player’s growth as an athlete, student, and person is largely dependent on the values and life lessons we impart.

Even while our goal is to help athletes improve their personal and team skills, we understand that the most significant lessons we can impart to them go beyond the basketball court.

One of the guiding principles that underpins all we instruct and train is hard work. Another is determination. A third is confidence.

Join R2G Basketball Academy

R2G Basketball Academy is for young players of all ages who are committed to developing their skills. In order to develop COMPLETE basketball players and get them ready for the best competition, we focus on every facet of the game. Weekly sessions are presently offered in the south suburbs of Chicago.

Our main goal is to challenge young athletes over their comfort zones in order to bring out their finest performance. Each athlete should become aware that greatness and achieving one’s goals via perseverance, hard work, and dedication need a difficult path. It’s important to the Road 2 Greatness Basketball family to embrace and appreciate that journey TOGETHER. #IronSharpensIron.

Life Basketball Academy

The prestigious summer day camp Skills for Life Basketball Academy is open to boys and girls between the ages of 9 and 14. Top high school basketball players from the Peoria region aid Curley “Boo” Johnson, an internationally famous basketball player, in coaching the Academy.

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Academy Objectives

Develop playing abilities

Why Provide campers with the leadership, teamwork, respect, and integrity skills they require to succeed both on and off the court.

Most essential, enjoy yourself!

Academy Details:

  • For campers aged 9 to 14
  • Boys’ session: 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.
  • 8:45 a.m. drop off; 1 p.m. pickup
  • Girls’ session: 2 p.m. to 6 p.m.
  • Arrival: 1:45 PM; Departure: 6 PM

Join Highland Junior Bulldogs (HJBB)

Highland Shooters was the first HJBB team, and they debuted in 2015. The founding board members decided to fill the gap left by the utter lack of a traveling basketball program that served the entire community. We are a nonprofit organization that exists to provide children in southwestern Illinois with the chance to play competitive basketball.

HJBB is able to affordably support each of our traveling teams’ needs for equipment, uniforms, insurance, and qualified instruction thanks to corporate donations and fundraising endeavours. Our organization’s core belief is that children should have access to a competitive environment where participation is not restricted by financial constraints.

Join Girls’ Basketball Camp with Doug Bruno

Over 84,000 female athletes have benefited from the Doug Bruno Girls Basketball Camp’s assistance since its founding in 1980. Attend this all-star coaching staff in the summer of 2022 at North Central College in Naperville, Illinois, and concentrate on game play strategies, self-discipline, and development techniques.

Basketball Fundamentals Camp: This camp gives participants of all skill levels the chance to take part in an action-packed week of basketball practice and competition.

Boost your free-throw and jump shot at the shooting camp! The camp includes tournaments, drills, individual coaching, and demonstrations.


  • Daily basketball practice, drills, and demos last for more than nine hours.
  • A dormitory environment that emphasizes accountability and communication development
  • Obtain two t-shirts for the Doug Bruno Girls Basketball Camp, a basketball, and more prizes!

Basketball Southern Illinois Storm

Our curriculum is built around teaching the game’s principles and having great times while doing it. Gaining more assurance both on and off the court.


Basketball instructional league (IBL) We offer 4 weeks of skill development and 3 weeks of games in our 7-week session.

With the right coaching and encouragement, we are capable of teaching playing ability in the camp and then implement them in actual games. Each participant gains an understanding of how to play basketball and use their abilities!

Ability Camps

You’ll get started on the proper route to accomplishment with the help of our knowledgeable coaches and tried-and-true, step-by-step basketball curriculum. Your youngest ballers or more seasoned players will be “introduced” to our approach of skill development as we help them gain confidence, joy, and a passion for the match. Numerous players have excelled because to our relaxed method of teaching the sport!

Small Team

We can adjust an exercise during our small group practice sessions to meet the needs of the group. We can practice guard play, post play, and group play.

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