Basketball Academies in North Carolina

This post “Basketball Academies in North Carolina”, covers CP3 Basketball Academy, North Ridge Basketball Academy, Carolina Hoopfest Basketball, Dream Big Basketball Academy and also lots more.

Basketball Academy Dream Big

By offering top-notch individual lessons, group workouts, clinics, and basketball camps in Charlotte, Huntersville, Cornelius, and the neighboring areas, we focus in basketball training. Our programs are excellent for using in conjunction with leisure, education, travel team practices, or as your primary source of improvement. For children in kindergarten and older, and of all ability levels, such as collegiate and professional athletes, we provide year-round skill development programs.


Day camps are available every school break. The famous Holiday Camp is up next, and registration will hence start on October 1st, 2022. For boys and girls in grades 1st through 9, there are full- or half-day choices. Depending on factors like level, friends, age, and gender, our gamers will be sorted into smaller groups. We have campgrounds in north Charlotte in the Lake Norman region. Excellent people and a great chance to enhance your abilities.

Private Instruction

There will be one player and one coach for these sessions, or two players and one coach (if that works better for you). The lessons will be tailored specifically for each player to help them strengthen their areas of weakness and build on their areas of strength. The most effective and efficient approach to concentrate on certain requirements is via personalized exercises. The teacher will provide personalized fitness routines after the workout, upon request. If you have a friend who wants to join as well, we likewise organize pal classes.

Basketball Academy CP3

The Chris Paul Basketball Academy offers you the chance to develop your basketball talents whilst having great times and gaining friends in a supportive and helpful atmosphere, regardless of how skilled you are at the game. Chris Paul, an NBA player for 15 years, has developed a method for young players to enhance their shooting, defense, ball handling, basketball IQ, leadership abilities, self-confidence, and work habits. Accepting the task and putting in the necessary time and effort can help you progress as a basketball player and ultimately reach your full potential while developing your leadership and self-assurance both on and off the court.

Basketball Academy Fire Ball LLC

Modern basketball training center Fire Ball Basketball Academy serves Wake Forest, Raleigh, and the nearby regions with a variety of programs and services. Our center has shooting tunnels, basketball clinics, and sports camps that may help improve players of all ages.

What are body performance and function?

BFP is a fully furnished strength and conditioning center with the express purpose of promoting healthy functional living, improving fitness, and enhancing sports performance!

Strength and Conditioning Program for BFP Elite Hoops

intended to increase your ability to perform well on the court. For dedicated ball players, we provide a top-notch strength and conditioning training regimen designed just for them.

Basketball season-related practice sessions are designed to allow players to train no matter what stage of the season they are in.

Basketball Strength & Conditioning comprises 4 phases.

Early preseason, late preseason, in-season, and off-season

Off the court, you need to put in a lot of work if you want to succeed on it. The off-season is when progress is made, while training continues all year.

Come take your seat and develop an exceptional physique if you want to work harder than your classmates and get abreast of the class.

Groups for Body Transformation Training

Everybody participating in this program has the chance to get individualized dietary advice and training support in a group environment. Your partners in the transformation program and your personal trainers will be there for you. Each 12-week period is organized and divided into fresh stages that advance you slowly and steadily toward your freshly altered body.

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In there are nutritional advice and resources.

Academy of Basketball in North Ridge

Vacation Camp

A camp is a great opportunity to get specialized training from a number of instructors who are all dedicated to inspiring, pushing, and encouraging young people to attain their greatest potential.

Sessions for Summer Skills

Take the NRBA Summer Skills Sessions to hone and improve your game this summer. Drills for individuals, partners, groups, and competitors will be covered throughout each two-hour session.

Explode Performance

A program that is personalized to your sport can help you enhance your athletic prowess. Your strength and vertical jump will be maximized and improved through Explode Performance.

Junior Explode Performance

Explode Performance’s introductory course is this one. It is intended to strengthen the development of a young player’s basic base even further. Every pupil will be instructed.

Individual lessons

The NRBA is dedicated to assisting you in realizing all of your ability. Receiving individual education from a skilled instructor and motivator is one method to do that. The NRBA provides personal.

Partner guidance

Training regularly with a buddy or colleague gives a fantastic chance to develop one’s skills while inspiring and challenging one, according to the NRBA.

Shooter’s paradise

The NRBA is dedicated to assisting you in achieving such outcomes by organizing and overseeing your shooting because we think that game shots at game pace equal game summary.

Holiday Handles

For children in middle and high school, this distinctive activity is presented on the first three Saturday afternoons in December. Staff members from NRBA will inspire for Ninety mins.

Winter League

At the start of Winter League, each student will be given a dedicated squad and coach and be obligated to play in two league games every Saturday.

Elite Camp

The most recent addition to the NRBA’s lineup of very popular summer camps is this 3-day invitational program. Students will be chosen depending on their general performance and ability,…

South Wake County, NC i9 Sports


The biggest multi-sport supplier in the country, i9 Sports® is exclusively dedicated to providing high-quality, neighborhood-based kids sports leagues, with over 3.5 million registrations in communities all throughout the United States. The most well-liked youth sports of today, including flag football, soccer, basketball, baseball, lacrosse, and volleyball, are offered via our leisure sports leagues, camps, and clinics. Our coaches and trainers deliver education that is suitable for each child’s age in a suitable manner for working families. Our goal of “Helping Kids Succeed in Life Through Sports” is something we are firmly devoted to. Because of this, we often include skills and exercises into our lessons on sportsmanship.

It’s just The Way Youth Sports Should Be, in our opinion.

No kid will ever be dropped from a team, sit on the sidelines for a full game, or be rejected from one of our kids’ sports leagues. Yes, we keep score, however we ‘ve also come up with an entertaining approach to encourage youngsters to become more athletic, appreciate team sports, and realize that winning isn’t just about the score. We assist children in developing into better individuals as well as better athletes.

  • Training that is age-appropriate and emphasizes friendly competition.
  • Weekly instruction and recognition of sportsmanship virtues such as decency and cooperation.
  • One day every week, ideally, practice is arranged before the game.
  • No trials; open to all skill levels. zero drafts
  • Every game is played by everyone.
  • There are no further costs or required fundraisers after registration.
  • Competent referees at every game.

Nationwide “When in Doubt Sit Out” concussion safety policy and coaching instruction.


i9 Sports® is honored to assist the Aspen Institute’s Project Play project on a national level and to have been chosen as a Project Play Champion for its significant contributions to boosting national youth sports participation rates and promoting multi-sport sampling.

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Greensboro’s Triad Basketball Academy



The Founders


Jason L. Keith is a successful businessman and also a criminal and civil defense attorney. Mr. Keith founded the Team United GSO AAU basketball program and owns the Triad Basketball Academy. Jason is passionate about supporting the Triad neighborhood. He now has the chance to realize his goal of creating a secure environment where young people may grow, improve, and learn largely via the game of basketball and other activities by founding the Triad Basketball Academy of Greensboro. Jason Keith is a North Carolina Central University School of Law and NC A&T State University graduate. He currently lives in Greensboro, North Carolina, with his wife and also three kids.


Nichole Keith has degrees in English and African-American literature from NC A&T State University. NK Paints’ owner and creator, as well as NK Fitness. a wife, mother to Nick, Morgan, and Zack, and a creative art enthusiast.


In Greensboro, North Carolina, Kaleik Johnson has owned “Caps” Urban Clothing for 20 years. His love for working with young people has always been strong, however it became much stronger after seeing his eldest daughter Kaleisha Moore play basketball. His middle son, Cameron Flippen, who plays for Dudley High School currently, also grew up in this program.

Lastly but not least, he is now playing basketball in the same program as his youngest son Joel Flippen.

Skyhawks Sports – Triangle, NC

Camps for kids that play basketball

A player’s performance in basketball depends on having strong basics.

Basketball basics are essential building blocks required to reach potential.

Sadly, there has been little focus placed on possessing and understanding basketball basics. Youth Hoops was hence created to solve this issue.

A basketball fundamentals-focused skills development course curriculum has been created by Youth Hoops. Each course in this program focuses on one particular fundamental, including dribbling, passing, shooting, one-on-one defense, footwork, screening, and rebounding. Even though a course’s focus might be on a particular fundamental, all fundamentals are practiced to ensure comprehension.

Courses last for two months and are presented once a week. Following the completion of one course, the next one begins, and so forth. Up until all of the curriculum’s courses are given, this procedure will remain. The player’s application of basketball basics would have “GREATLY” enhanced by the time they had finished all of the required courses!

Youth Hoops takes pleasure in really being able to educate youngsters thanks to its more than 15 years of expertise teaching and coaching youth basketball. Our exercises are enjoyable, very helpful, and also simple to do. The coaches are passionate about passing forward knowledge and “not simply tossing a ball up and letting the youngsters play.” Nothing is more fulfilling than seeing a child enjoy themselves while learning.

Signup for a basketball camp or get in touch with us if Youth Hoops Basketball Camps seem like something your child could enjoy (to request demo class).

Carolina Hoopfest Basketball

Carolina Hoopfest Basketball’s mission is to support young players in their success, both on and off the court. Our organization’s main goal is to assist athletes in developing not just their basketball abilities but also their self-esteem, work habits, and awareness of what it requires to succeed in whatever they decide to pursue in life.

Carolina Hoopfest is a year-round youth basketball organization that was started in 2013 by Coach Tyler Centers as a 3 on 3 basketball event in the Charlotte area. It currently offers club teams, tournaments, leagues, camps, clinics, training, and much more.

For players aged 5 and older, Carolina Hoopfest now provides year-round basketball programs in Charlotte, Concord, Kannapolis, Harrisburg, Huntersville, and nearby regions in North Carolina.

We value your time spent on our website and look forward to speaking with you soon.

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Stay In contact Follow @carolinahoopfest on Facebook & Instagram!

Carolina Hoopfest Basketball’s mission is to support young players in their success, both on and off the court. Our organization’s main goal is to assist athletes in developing not just their basketball abilities but also their self-esteem, work habits, and awareness of what it takes to succeed in whatever they decide to pursue in life.

Carolina Hoopfest was started in 2013 by Coach Tyler Centers as a 3 on 3 basketball competition in the Charlotte area. Since then, it has developed into a year-round youth basketball organization that offers club teams, competitions, leagues, camps, clinics, training, and much more.

For players aged 5 and older, Carolina Hoopfest now provides year-round basketball programs in Charlotte, Concord, Kannapolis, Harrisburg, Huntersville, and nearby regions in North Carolina.

We value your time spent on our website and look forward to speaking with you soon.

Founder: Tyler Centers; email:

Tyler has spent his whole childhood in the Cabarrus County/Mecklenburg County region, and he developed a deep love for athletics at a very early age. Centers was willing to further his basketball journey at Belmont Abbey College (NCAA Division II) in Belmont, North Carolina, after completing his high school career at Cramerton Christian, where he won All-Conference and All-State Honors (averaging over 30 ppg and 13 rpg). Centers pursued his aim of working in the sphere of sports management after finishing his career at Belmont Abbey.

After working in the sports industry for a while, Centers has developed a wealth of knowledge and insight into young sports, and she has had the opportunity to collaborate with the directors of some of the biggest basketball tournaments in the nation.

He now has a deeper knowledge and respect of what it takes to support athletes in their success. Both on and off the court as a result of these interactions.

It’s fantastic to see the hard work pay off for athletes when they come in and give 110% and have a great attitude – it makes it worth it, says Coach Tyler, who has worked with athletes of all ages and ability levels. Despite being 6’8″, Centers has worked with athletes that play all five positions and is often requested to teach post guys. If you want to work out with Coach Tyler,

Basketball Triple Threat NC, LLC

Things we do

Three-Way Threat A range of basketball services are provided by NC Basketball Center. For AAU, birthday celebrations, camps, classes, clinics, events, private training, group training, and more, we provide our services. In any program, we put a lot of emphasis on the basics of basketball, including shooting, passing, dribbling, one-on-one movements, defense, footwork, screening, and rebounding. Although we may concentrate on one particular element at a given session, we train all principles to guarantee progress and a deeper grasp of the game.


We presently have boy’s teams for third, fourth, and fifth grades. To assist athletes get ready for trip ball competition, we put a lot of emphasis on developing positive habits via practices.


At teaching stations, campers get instruction in several facets of individual offense and defense.


For new to intermediate players, the following four (4) fundamental courses are recommended: Sessions for each core curriculum last six weeks.


For boys and girls aged 6 to 14, clinics focus basketball basics and advanced skill practice.

1 on 1 Private Training

Any athlete looking to better their game will hence get the focus they need from our one-on-one exercise.

Private Team Training

This private group training is being conducted by the TTNCB personnel by invitation only.

Celebrate birthdays

Your next birthday celebration may be held here. Hence enquire from us to confirm availability.

Events TTNCB

We’ll organize competitions, leagues, and tournaments all through the year. So pay attention to our social media channels.

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