Johannesburg Basketball Academy

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About Johannesburg Basketball Academy

The Johannesburg Basketball Academy is one of the top Basketball academies in South Africa. At the Johannesburg Basketball Academy, we work with all of our players to help them develop their shooting, passing, rebounding, footwork, court positioning, and other basketball abilities. Basketball brings everyone on our team together, regardless of gender, colour, or religion. Basketball is a game that gets people in towns and schools excited. In addition to learning how to play basketball, our athletes acquire life skills via the game.
The Johannesburg Basketball Academy serves both boys and girls between the ages of 12 and 18. Our school essentially teaches students how to play basketball in South Africa. Michael Mount Waldorf School is where we’ll be holding the event.

Basketball Academy fees

Club Annual registration fee: R3000 per player (includes a practice and game kit). covers all league and tournament registration costs.
Private session: R400 per session (Available for individuals & groups)
Contact us: +27766766740

Basketball clubs Johannesburg

Wanderers Basketball Club

Basketball in South Africa is becoming more and more popular. Therefore, you need a club as a basketball player that will challenge you to reach new heights. Our club is such club. The Wanderers Basketball clubs Johannesburg was established with the intention of advancing basketball outside of the confines of higher education and academic institutions. You will also have well polished talents if you join this club. Their goal is to promote basketball as a leisure sport while also enabling individuals to play basketball at a competitive level. All ages, ethnicities, and sexes are encouraged to participate. The facilities, programs, training, and services needed are offered.

Greek Sporting Club

Athletes that are motivated and ambitious and also seeking change can be found at the Greek Sporting Club . The local social teams are now using the basketball court that is available. Therefore, sign up today to start living out your basketball fantasies!

Soweto Panthers Basketball Club

The Soweto Panthers Basketball Club. is among the top Basketball clubs in Johannesburg. They are a Soweto-based basketball team that plays in the Basketball National League and is quite talented. Panthers is your go-to squad if you are willing to learn, driven, and challenged to become a better version of yourself! You may test your limits in this club, which will also help you become the greatest player you can be.

Jozi Jets Basketball Club

This club, a proudly Jozi squad, will assist you in improving yourself and educating yourself on the sport. It’s a great honour to play for the Jozi Jets. This is your chance to play on a squad that will support you not only during the game but also after it is over.

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Egoli Magic Basketball

This is the ideal setting if you want to play basketball against someone in person. You will soon be competing against the best players if you become a member of the Egoli Magic Basketball family. They are the oldest basketball club in South Africa and have their home base in Johannesburg. Their main goal is to support and advance South Africa’s youth via the following initiatives:

• Children’s health and education initiatives designed to keep them in school and in good health via the creation of the Basketball Academy.
• The creation of wholesome, motivating, and prosperous work possibilities.

Tshwane Suns Basketball Club

Everything a player requires to continue playing are competent coaches, supportive teammates, and drive. The city of Tshwane is home to the professional basketball team known as The Tshwane Suns Basketball Club . You’ll be grateful that we let you in on this one whether you live in Pretoria or Johannesburg.

Johannesburg Basketball League

The Johannesburg Basketball League, a basketball association that is rapidly expanding and energetic, started operating in 2017.
In order to improve the basketball experience for the association members as well as the district administration of basketball, we’re trying to automate a number of operations.
We want to be the basketball organization that other associations around the nation look to for guidance.

NBA Academy Africa

The finest male and female basketball talents from around Africa train at Senegal’s NBA Academy Africa, a premier basketball training facility. On the continent, it is the first of its . kind. The school is a collaboration between the NBA and SEED Project, a non-profit established in Thies, Senegal, that utilizes basketball as a platform to engage youngsters in educational, athletic, and leadership programs. Their graduates include Gorgui Dieng (Memphis Grizzlies; Senegal; BWB Africa 2009).
NBA Academy Africa talents from all across the continent will train at the new top basketball training facility. The facility was inaugurated by the league in Saly, Senegal, in November 2018. The brand-new building has conference rooms, dorms, and educational facilities. It also has two indoor basketball courts, a multi-dimensional activity center, a swimming pool, a weight room, etc.
Always stay prepared and ready for opportunities. Enroll into any Basketball academies in South Africa to learn and advance your basketball career.

How to get into NBA Academy Africa

How do I join the NBA Academy (as a player)?
Try-outs for the NBA Academy are through invitation only. NBA Academy scouts evaluate young athletes like you who participate in a variety of levels and contests, such as Jr. NBA and NBA Basketball School camps.

Getting Scouted

• Attend the Jr. NBA and/or NBA Basketball School camps in your area! For the most recent details on forthcoming events, please check their website and social media.
• Fill out our Contact Us page’s “NBA Academy Prospect” form. Please note that incomplete forms won’t be examined.

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How can I enroll in an NBA basketball academy?
Information about registering varies by area. International male and female players aged 6 to 18 may enroll in year-long, tuition-based programs at the NBA Basketball School.

Do NBA scouts come to South Africa?
The National Basketball Association (NBA) is coming to South Africa, when it will hold its first basketball game in Africa, in August. Amadou Gallo Fall, NBA’s Africa vice-president said it was a major milestone for the group’s efforts on the continent. It has had a presence on the continent for over 30 years.

Basketball Courts Johannesburg

Zoo Lake Basketball Court
Lower Park Drive, Johannesburg

Wembley stadium
106 Turffontein road, Johannesburg

Ernest Oppeinheimer
60 Helen Joseph Street, Johannesburg

Wanderer’s Club Basketball Court
North Street, Johannesburg

Mzimhlope Court
Mabasotho street, Johannesburg

Hennie Hugo Pleasure Park
Maud street, Johannesburg

Basketball Coach Johannesburg

Top Basketball Coaching Classes in Johannesburg

List of available Basketball Coaching Classes in Johannesburg, South Africa.

The Basketball courses in Johannesburg are provided by the following institutes:

  1. The Wanderers Club, Johannesburg
  2. Westcliff Eagles, Johannesburg
  3. Outschool, Online
  4. Udemy, Online
  5. MasterClass, Online

How much does a basketball coach make in South Africa?

A person who has completed a set of basketball training courses may be eligible to pursue a career as a basketball coach. In South Africa, a basketball coach may earn an average of R7,576 each month.

Basketball Academy Pretoria

Hartees Wizards

Our headquarters are in the picturesque South African tourist town of Hartbeespoort.
Basketball is intended to be an OPTION. One of the sports with the quickest growth on the African continent is basketball. In addition to their academics, young people also have the choice of pursuing a career in basketball, whether it be playing professionally, coaching, umpiring, serving as general manager or club owner, etc.
The goal of Hartees Wizards is to carry out such vision. Talent will be nurtured and then guided in a way that will allow it to flourish.
NBA America, BAL Africa, NBL Australia, and FIBA Europe. We seek to these places to find possibilities for our athletes and also enroll new members into the Basketball Academy.

TuksSport High School

TuksSport High School is an independent, coed institution that accepts students in grades 8 through 12. The High-Performance Centre (hpc), of which the school is a member, shares the objective of providing its students with a distinctive sports and educational environment. High-performance athletes who are already competing or who have the potential to do so may train and go abroad while still attending our specialized school. Learner athletes have the chance to pursue their enthusiasm for sports at TuksSport High School in a setting specially designed by the High-Performance Centre (hpc) and the University of Pretoria. “The will to do, the heart to win” is our slogan.
Contact us:

How to join Basketball team in South Africa

How to Play Basketball in South Africa is described below.
Being among the greatest players in the world, as opposed to merely being excellent or among the top 1% of players at each level
Becoming an exceptional athlete requires having high genetics, body composition, strength, and coordination, as well as ideal height and weight ratios.
Being young also makes it much simpler to get into the NBA if your skill is recognized early.
Above all, if you are talented enough, people will take notice of you and scout you.

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Basketball Academy in South Africa

Below are the Top Basketball Academy in South Africa

  1. The Wanderers Club – Johannesburg
  2. PeacePlayers International – Durban
  3. Cape Town Hurricanes Basketball – Cape Town
  4. Grey High School – Port Elizabeth
  5. Durban High School – Musgrave
  6. Tshwane Suns Basketball Club – Pretoria West
  7. Maties Basketball Club – Stellenbosch
  8. Pinetown Boys High School – Pinetown
  9. Legends Basketball Club – Richards Bay
  10. Newcastle High School – Newcastle

Scorpions Basketball Academy Johannesburg

The Wanderers Scorpions have one of the most well-known Basketball Academy in South Africa. Players that are 4 years old and older may get instruction from us. We help players—beginners, intermediate, or advanced—in growing, polishing, and enhancing their basketball talents.
The main goal is to enhance a player’s abilities from beginning to intermediate, and eventually to professional level. Our specialized curriculum is created to help athletes develop to their fullest potential in basketball. In our interactive setting, players get more individualized attention. The opportunity to compete in leagues, tournaments, and games is also available to players. We have one of the best Basketball Academy in South Africa.

When do the seasons begin and end?
The academy competes in a variety of basketball leagues and competitions throughout the year. From the second week of January until the third week of December, the academy is open for business.

The trials start when?
We don’t conduct auditions or trials. The program takes both complete novices and young players with prior experience. Regardless of your skill level, come as you are and you will get coaching.

When can we start?
At any period of the year, new players may begin at any point in the month. We accept new players at any time of the year with no limitations.
Do I have to be a Wanderers club member?
Yes, players must be Wanderers Club members. Players under the age of 18 are subject to a R700 fixed yearly .
Call us: +27 82 325 7719

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