Basketball Academies in North Dakota

This post “Basketball Academies in North Dakota”, covers academies such as The Next Level Basketball Academy, Breakthrough Basketball Camps & Training – Fargo, Bears Tail Basketball, Fargo Basketball Academy and lots more.

Basketball Academy in Fargo

Our primary goal is player development.

For more than 10 years, the Fargo Basketball Academy has assisted athletes from the surrounding area in developing their abilities. The Fargo Basketball Academy is the area’s leading organization for skill development, offering a team of knowledgeable coaches, a variety of courses, and programs for athletes of all ages.

  • More than 12,000 athletes have received training from the Fargo Basketball Academy since it opened.
  • More than 100 former students of the Fargo Basketball Academy have moved on to play collegiate basketball at various levels, with over Twenty players still active.

Our goal is to impart the best education, support, and enjoyment to every kid, irrespective of age or skill. Whilst also spreading our love for the game of basketball.

Most youth basketball leagues divide their players into age or grade groups. The talents of children in any one age group sometimes vary greatly. In light of this, our academy’s instructional methodology places an emphasis on aptitude instead of age.

Players are divided into skill categories based on a range of quantifiable skill sets.

Next Level Basket Academy

All driven student-athletes who wanted to compete at the highest level formed the Next Level Basketball Academy with their best interests in mind. At The Next Level Basketball Academy, we place a premium on meeting people where they are in terms of talent, confidence, and skill before moving forward from there. Since we really care about each participant’s progress both on and off the court, we sincerely love developing important relationships with each one of them. The Next Level Basketball Academy differs from other programs in that we recognise that, despite the fact that most student-athletes have the desire to be the greatest, there is no “cookie cutter” method for everyone to follow in order to attain their objectives. Through sports-specific I.Q. growth and personal performance breakdown, we meet each person where they are in order to help them reach THE NEXT LEVEL as student-athletes.

Basketball Earnest Elite Academy

Greetings from the Earnest Elite Basketball Academy, those of you who are new here!
The Earnest Elite Basketball Academy is a year-round program created to aid young children and teenagers in their growth and development as basketball players. Several programs offered by the academy cater to the requirements of young basketball players with a range of backgrounds and abilities.

The academy is committed to assisting any young person, middle schooler, or high school student in the development and improvement of the skills that are crucial for them to possess in order to play and contribute to their teams.

These youngsters get the appropriate teaching, support, and incentive from the academy to help them reach their full potential. I encourage students to be fantastic and to achieve things they never believed they could!

Through individual lessons, clinics, and group teaching, I want to contribute to your child’s basketball growth. Contact me right now to enroll your kid!

-the Earnest

Directional Focus

I. Acquiring and honing foundational abilities

a. Defending, offensive, and shooting

b. innovative strategies to defeat their defense

II. Increasing mental fortitude

a. developing oneself both personally and on the basketball field by building confidence

Basketball Academy Rise Up

League 3 on 3

  • You don’t have to bring your complete team; just sign up, and we’ll handle the rest.
  • If you skip a week, it’s OK since it happens.
  • Every week, teams will play at minimum three games.
  • T-shirt for 3on3
  • 50 maximum players

Signature Camp in 2022

Athletes from all around the globe attend Mark Kinnebrew’s Signature camps every summer. The same Checklist Training methodology Mark and IPT have used with elite NBATM teams and NBATM Allstar players. Such as Kyrie Irving, Brandon Ingram, Karl-Anthony Towns, Victor Oladipo, and the whole Indiana Pacers team, will be applied to you.

  • Center for Watford City Roughriders
  • July 30 and 31
  • Boys and girls in grades 4 through 12

Personal Training Academy in 2022

Gamers from all around the globe attend Mark Kinnebrew’s Personal Training Academy every summer. Up to 12 players will get the chance to work with Mark each week at the IPT-North Dakota Skill Lab, using the same skills training program as NBA pros.

  • Boys and girls entering sixth grade and older
  • Discount on a footwork mat
  • Join now and save $100.
  • Venue: 4403 Centurion Drive, Bismarck Skill Lab.

Basketball Camps & Training at Breakthrough – Fargo

For basketball coaches, trainers, players, parents, and supporters, Breakthrough Basketball offers a range of tools and resources. Educational DVDs, eBooks, camps, applications, newsletters, online videos, online publications, and discussion forums are just a few of the materials available.

You may learn almost everything about basketball on this website, with a focus on basics, teaching with a good influence, and “doing the right thing”!

You will discover fresh and really useful material for players, parents, and coaches of all levels and ages courtesy of our knowledgeable collection of coaches, which includes coaches from the NBA to youth coaches.

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We are very enthusiastic about teaching basketball. And genuinely think that coaches have tremendous potential to positively affect the lives of their players.

Just so many coaches get fixated on winning and neglect to see the wider view. Don’t get us mistaken, we’re fiercely ambitious, however we never allow it override what’s most important.

We are here to provide you basketball IQ tips and to serve as a friendly reminder of the essentials.

Our main goal is divided into two parts…

  • Offer you almost all you need in terms of basketball-related materials.
  • Improve players’ lives, either firsthand or through instructing parents and coaches all across the globe.

Basketball Bears Tail

Our identity

Our mission at Bears Tail Basketball, a 501c3 nonprofit organization in Bismarck, North Dakota, is to increase basketball-related services. Particularly for all young people who come from communities with little resources and opportunity. Our mission is to teach and equip young people with the assurance, leadership, dedication, and integrity they need to live fulfilling lives in the future.


Our goal is to impart life teachings and principles like leadership, honesty, teamwork, discipline, respect, and sportsmanship. Whilst still providing student athletes with the possible chance to understand the basics of basketball.

Services we offer

Basketball camps: The Bears Tail Basketball Camps put a strong emphasis on teaching proper mechanics for developing into a pure shooter, ball handling, footwork, teach and improve foundations whilst also assisting everyone in raising their basketball IQ. While there will be a lot of teaching, each camp will also feature some enjoyable games. All kids between the ages of 4 and 18 are welcome at the Bears Tail Basketball Camps. A family of teams and coaches who have worked in the industry for more than 30 years instruct campers.

Youth Basketball Traveling Teams: The teams’ age ranges are third through eighth grade for both boys and girls. Based on the accessibility of the facility, we practice 1-3 times each week. From October to April, we travel to 1-3 tournaments each month in North Dakota, South Dakota, and Minnesota. We anticipate that they will do well in school and adhere to rules. We want to offer them the chance to play basketball at a high level while traveling.

-Summer AAU: Bears Tail AAU is for students in grades 5 through 11. The primary objective of Bears Tail Basketball is to give student athletes the chance to demonstrate their basketball prowess in front of college coaches.

Basketball skill mentoring: Each session can be tailored to emphasize the ideal skill areas of a particular athlete or group. Shooting, ball handling, catching, dribbling, post moves, one-on-one defense, rebounding, and more will all be covered in a normal training session.

Association of North Dakota High School Activities (NDHSAA)

The first conference of school superintendents was convened on January 1, 1908, in Grand Forks, to ratify the “League’s” constitution. As stated in the original Constitution, the aim is as specified: “The High School League of North Dakota shall be the name of the organization to which we, the undersigned, voluntarily commit to constitute ourselves. to oversee and advance the objectives of sports and literary competitions.” Superintendent G.W. Hanna of the Valley City Public Schools was chosen to preside over that meeting. At first, the President’s office served as the hub for all Association operations.

The NDHSAA’s mission is to:

The North Dakota High School Activities Association’s mission is to support North Dakota high school students’ education by:

  • Managing an interscholastic program of events, clinics, competitions, and festivals among its member schools.
  • Raising the bar for great sportsmanship and encouraging the development of good citizenship, not just among high school students however also among everyone else who interacts with school programs.
  • Guarding against the exploitation of member schools, students, and staff by special interest groups.
  • Promoting academic achievement pride as the cornerstone of a well-rounded activities program.
  • Adding to the school’s drama, literature, music, and physical education programs and placing proper emphasis on those trends that appear to have the best chance of advancing all students’ social, mental, and physical health.

Background of NDHSAA

Athletics were not a part of the secondary school curriculum in the 1800s; instead, clubs like the YMCA ran these events. Student athletic associations were first established by students in schools at the turn of the century.

They were created primarily for leisure, with the overarching goal of “fun.” The players, managers, and game times were all chosen by the students. The teams’ high schools were identified by name, but the schools took no part for planning and running the program.

When disagreements emerged, however, being specifically linked to schools created considerable humiliation. It wasn’t long before adults with an athletic interest wanted to play alongside kids on these teams as the athletic rivalry amongst student sports clubs started to get increased recognition. Non-schoolers who had previously shown an aptitude in coaching teams also played on the teams they were coaching.

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Even when some schools started using teachers as coaches, several of them continued to participate in competitions. In fact, initial teams in our home state of North Dakota often included students, coaches, bus drivers, and janitors. Boys or young men would often register in school in the autumn and discontinue their studies after the football season was done. They may continue doing this for more than 6 years.

Certain schools started competing when a few started using teachers as coaches. In actuality, early teams in our home state of North Dakota sometimes include students, coaches, bus drivers, and janitors. Boys or young men would often register in school in the autumn and discontinue their studies after the football season was done. They may continue doing this for more than 6 years.

The adoption of the three-point line for boys’ basketball in the 1981–82 season and for girls in the autumn of 1983 were two significant innovations that put North Dakota on the cutting edge of the country. The shot clock was tested by Class A boys’ basketball coaches in 1995–96, and they started using it in 1996–97.

Then, in 2002–03, the shift to the autumn for girls’ volleyball and the winter for girls’ basketball occurred, which had a significant impact on the whole state. Comparing Association finances from the beginning to the current is equally fascinating. The North Dakota High School League’s first three years saw a budget that varied from $30 to $45. The budget for 1982–1983 was about half a million dollars, and the budget for 2007–2008 is well over a million dollars.

Softball was introduced as a spring sport in 2008-2009.

Boys’ B basketball and Girls’ B basketball have their seasons switched in 2010–11, with the B Boys’ season starting and ending before the Girls’ season.

Boys’ B and Girls’ B basketball have their seasons switched in 2014–15, with the Girls’ B season starting and ending before the Boys’ B season.

Shoot Fargo 360

After spending many decades teaching at all levels and trying to assist his own children become better basketball players, Shoot 360’s founder, Craig Moody, developed a passion in how quickly technology was being utilized in sports to assist players at all levels enhance their abilities. Realizing that individuals of all ages, and particularly children, spend the bulk of their spare time playing video games because of the thrill of an imaginative and immersive encounter. Craig embarked on a mission to combine basketball instruction, technology, and video games for the perfect basketball training and competitive encounter with colleagues Kirk Hendricks, Jurgen Achterbosch, and Steve Landis.

We are dedicated to the sport of basketball and have concentrated on setting higher standards for practice and competition on a worldwide scale. The world’s most cutting-edge and immersive basketball training and competition platform has been created because to our enthusiasm for the sport. Real-time virtual training and contest is no longer just a theory; it is now a reality. Our members have immediate access to powerful training tools and performance measures used to monitor progress.

As we keep pushing the boundaries of what technology and innovation are capable of in the realm of basketball, our narrative is only getting started. Shortly, athletes from all around the globe will be able to practice and compete in a Shoot 360-style environment.

Ministry of Cross-Training

Short version: This is what we do.

A coach will have a greater influence on individuals in a year than the ordinary person will in a lifetime, according to the late Billy Graham. Actually, not only coaches have an influence on the next generation. All do. However over time, we’ve discovered that sports provide a fantastic platform for interacting with players, coaches, and parents. In a word, we help athletes develop spiritually in addition to their physical fitness.


The aim of what we do is very straightforward. On the playing field of contest, give players the best coaching possible while sharing life-changing Christian values off the playing field. Briefly put, we support athletes in achieving accomplishment in their athletics and spiritual lives.

However, God, who is going to that?

It’s amusing how God speaks to people via dreams. Some people have visions.

Some people have pals who provide them the truth. This ministry had its humble beginnings on a piece of paper during a lunchtime conversation in the winter of 1994. That afternoon’s conversation was on ministry and the possibility of spreading the gospel via the medium of sports. The aspirations for a Christian basketball camp quickly came true. We started talking to individuals about our idea armed with enthusiasm.

Little did we know that not everyone would share our enthusiasm for the concept. Some would ask, “Who’s going to that?” Others questioned, “Why are you mixing sports and God?”

Thankfully, notwithstanding the first reaction, we kept moving ahead. … what began as a half-day basketball camp with 74 participants has grown into a full-fledged sports ministry that works with hundreds of players both on and off the field. Who’s going to that? asked the whole globe. God answered, “Everybody.”

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“I’m extremely appreciative that my kids have the chance to participate in Cross Training. This organization is skilled in engaging children, surrounding them with a Christian community, and leading them toward an intimacy with Jesus. In addition, they offer excellent coaching and practice opportunities in volleyball, football, and basketball.”

~ Shawna G (mom)

Your True Identity.

In this lifetime, your actual identity is not as an athlete, according to Cross Training. A disciple of Christ is who you are, whereas being an athlete is what you do. You are a son of the supreme Lord first and foremost (Galatians 3:26). You are a saintly anointed one who is meant to alter the world.

As to the Bible, “However, the anointing that you got from Him abides in you, so you are not in need of instruction. However stay in Him because what His anointing teaches you about everything is genuine and is not a lie, just as it has taught you.”

(1 John 2:27)

You have the ability to represent the gospel as an ambassador thanks to his gift. A stand-in for Jesus. An individual who makes the cross’s suffering and the hope it gives clear. Teaching people that via His physical resurrection from the dead, they would also experience spiritual rebirth.

Therefore, don’t be fooled when you tie on your shoes, put on your cleats, pull on your swim hat, or put on your uniform. While the name on your jersey is a physical representation of the sports team you “play for,” the name on your heart is a sacred witness to the Savior.

Based in Bismarck, North Dakota, Cross Training is a nondenominational, Christ-centered sports ministry. Through camps, mission trips, discipleship groups, and our I PLAY FOR HIM online network, Cross Training has reached to tens of thousands of children for more than 20 years.

Family YMCA of Minot

Our Y

In 1943, the Minot Family YMCA started off small as a bible study. Proposals were created a short while afterwards to construct a facility in the heart of Minot.

At this point, the Colin Brown Y’s Men’s Club was established to aid in raising funds for the new structure.

The YMCA was established downtown in 1949 at the intersection of First and First. Eventually, this building functioned as temporary lodging for homecoming recruits from the war. Giving young men someplace to go and participate in healthful pastimes besides drinking at the neighborhood bar.

The Y started looking at ideas for resident camps in 1960. The Triangle Y Camp was then built on picturesque Lake Sakakawea close to Garrison with assistance from the Minot Y’s Men’s Club, who helped collect money for it.

As time went on, the YMCA began to accept women as members. This prompted the development of our Women’s Health Center and other women’s activities.

We rapidly outgrown our location, and in 1996 preparations were made to develop a new building and move.

The present building was constructed and made accessible to the public in 2001. The YMCA grew by building an expansion in 2008 that included a second gym, a climbing wall, training studios, extra locker rooms, and other amenities.

A local company called Prairie Grit Adaptive Sports (PGAS), which is based out of the YMCA facility and is a joint owner of it, and the YMCA engaged into a strategic relationship in 2022. In addition to actively participating in YMCA programming events to guarantee they are adapted, PGAS developed a pediatric occupational and physical therapy facility there.


The Minot Family YMCA’s mission is to foster the cultivation of Christian character and to support the development of a Christian society through the provision of programs and services that foster physical, social, mental, and spiritual development.

To put Christian values into reality via initiatives that promote everyone’s spiritual, mental, and physical well-being.

Our Purpose

We are aware that collaboration is the key to achieving long-lasting individual and societal transformation. Because of this, the Y’s mission is to build community. Every day, we collaborate with our neighborhoods to ensure that everyone has the chance to learn, develop, and flourish, irrespective of age, economic level, or background.

Our Priority

We think that in order to affect real change in people, families, and our society, we need to be committed and responsible. Our 3 areas of focus—youth development, healthy living, and social responsibility—are how we gauge the effectiveness of our mission. That’s because investing in our children, our health, and our neighbors is the best way to build a thriving community.

Setting out our focal points:

  • Youth Development: Nurturing each child’s and teen’s potential.
  • Healthy Living: Increasing the country’s wellbeing and health.
  • Social responsibility: Supporting and helping our neighbors.

Everybody may join the YMCA. Our projects, services, and programs assist individuals achieve greater physical, mental, and spiritual well-being, provide opportunities for families to have great times together, assist children reach their full potential, embrace and accept immigrants, and promote a culture of community service. And that’s just the start.

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