How to Join Dortmund FC Youth Academy

In this post “How to Join Dortmund FC Youth Academy“, you’ll learn the Dortmund registration requirement how to get scouted by Dortmund academy and Dortmund Fc trial.

Several exceptional young players have successfully transitioned from Borussia Dortmund’s junior system to some of the top clubs in Europe. We’ll examine what it requires to enter the esteemed Borussia Dortmund Academy in this post, which children have the highest chances of being accepted, and what alternative choices you have if you don’t match the criteria. We’ll likewise glance at the caliber of instruction you may anticipate from this renowned academy after being admitted.

Background of The Club

In 1909, 17 footballers from Dortmund formed the city of Dortmund. The group has earned the DFBPokal 4 occasions and the Bundesliga 8 times. In 2013, they made it to the UEFA Champions League Final.

Presently, the club is rated 6th in Europe. Dortmund holds their home matches in the Westfalenstadion, which has a seating of 81,359 and is the largest stadium in Germany.

You must satisfy specific conditions in order to enter the Dortmund youth academy.

You should have a love for football, be somewhere between ages of 6 and 18, and be prepared to dedicate yourself to regular practice and competition. Additionally, you’ll ought to undergo a trial exam and maintain acceptable marks in school.

How to Enter the Youth Academy at Dortmund FC

1) Requirement for entrance to Dortmund

2) The admission criteria for Dortmund

3) Strong academic performance

The Youth System’s Past

In 1909, the Dortmund Youth Academy was established. Many outstanding athletes, such as World Cup champions Mario Gotze and Andre Schurle, came from the youth academy. Players from all around the world and of all skill levels are welcome at the program. To be accepted into the Dortmund FC Youth Academy, you must fulfill the below criteria:

-You must be aged between six and eighteen.

-You must be passionate about football and eager to put in a lot of effort.

•You should have the means to get to Dortmund for practice and games.

You must possess fluency in either German or English.

-You also need a passport that is still acceptable and has at minimum one year left on it.

-If you are not an European citizen, you might need to submit more papers. Entry requirements for Dortmund:

How to Participate the Youth Academy at Dortmund FC


Since joining the Dortmund youth program 2 years ago, my kid has had an incredible adventure. He has really benefited from the excellent coaching staff’s assistance in developing his abilities. He enjoys playing for the squad, and I am so proud of all he has accomplished.

  • Mother, Sarah

I can vouch for the players’ exposure to a high level of training and competitiveness as a former member of the Dortmund academy. Players are expertly prepared for the next stage by the program.

Matt, an ex player

One of the most esteemed youth programs in all of Europe is the Dortmund academy.

Conditions for Players

The following standards must be satisfied by players in order to be accepted into the Dortmund youth academy:

-Be aged between six and eighteen

-Be a resident of Dortmund or a region nearby

-Have played organized football in the past.

-Be ready to devote to consistently showing up for practices and games.

-Have a healthy body and the stamina to engage in demanding activity for an extended amount of time.

-Behave with integrity both on and off the pitch.

-Exhibit an optimistic outlook and a diligent work habits

-Be able to converse German well or at least have some familiarity with it before joining

Youth academy in Dortmund

Ensure they routinely participate in high-level football competitions outside of practice. Recruiters that are mostly at events will ask players to test outs for younger players (10-12 years old). After then, additional trials for 13 to 16-year-olds will be held, with just a select few selected from those groups. Upon being admitted into Dortmund’s academy, there are 2 routes you can take that could affect where you play in the long term. College or the workplace are the two typical routes.

Parental Standards

The necessary prerequisites must be met by all parents keen in registering their child in the Dortmund youth academy:
The child’s age must fall between Six and 18.

The youngster must have a German passport or be a citizen of Germany.

At minimum 2 years must have passed since the youngster first arrived in Germany.

The child cannot be a member of another soccer team.

The young person must be law abiding.

The child’s parents must consent to follow the Dortmund youth academy’s policies. Additionally, parents must provide copies of their passports, documentation demonstrating their ability to assist their child monetarily whilst he or she is playing for Dortmund, and a copy of their child’s birth certificate. The Dortmund youth academy will issue an enrolment form after receiving these papers, which both parents must sign and return. This Agreement may not be terminated after acceptance without giving one month ‘s notification.

Advantages and Drawbacks

A leader in generating elite talent, the Dortmund youth program is one of the most prominent in Europe. Yet, due to the academy’s stringent admissions standards, admission can be challenging. We’ll go over the requirements for joining the Dortmund youth program in this blog article.

Attending the Dortmund youth academy has obvious advantages. Young athletes have a proven track record of being developed by the academy and getting ready for professional careers. Being a member of the academy also grants you access to top-notch facilities and coaching personnel.


You should fulfill the Dortmund entrance criteria in order to enroll in the Dortmund FC Youth academy. The prerequisites encompass being between the ages of 6 and 18, participating in a trial, and playing for at least 2 years in a league that organizes football. Additionally, you must have access to your own travel to and from training and matches. You can check out for the team if you satisfy all of the demands.

There is no upper age restriction for the Dortmund youth academy.

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