How to Join İstanbulspor Football Academy

This article titled How to Join İstanbulspor Football Youth Academy will teach you everything you need to know about joining a notable Turkish football academy. We shall also discuss subtopics like; Istanbulspor Youth Academy, Istanbulspor Youth Academy Trials, Eligibility requirement for İstanbulspor Youth Academy, How  to register İstanbulspor Youth Academy.

Istanbulspor Football Club is ranked amongst Turkey’s most notable soccer teams. It’s youth program is also among the finest in the nation. You may have the chance to join İstanbulspor FC’s youth academy if you are talented, diligent, and successful in the selection process. There, you will receive professional instruction and support from knowledgeable coaches as well as the opportunity to build relationships with talented players who are close to your age. How to enroll in Istanbulspor FC’s youth academy is given here.

Istanbulspor FC Youth Academy

In 2007, the academy for Istanbulspor was established. It is run by İstanbul Uluslararası Olmuş Maçlar Organizasyonu (İUOMMA).The Istanbul Professional Football League gathered football clubs from all around the nation under one umbrella. This organization’s name was changed to Istanbul Uluslararas Futbol Olimpiyat Oyunlar Takm Asma Spor Kulüpleri Federasy in 2013. With this modification, the clubs were renamed also.

Signing up for the Youth Academy of Istanbulspor Football Club

One of Istanbul’s first sports clubs, Istanbulspor Sports Club was founded in 1907. Although the club was created as an athletics and football team, it currently now participates in other sporting competitions. Gifted youths get the individualized assistance of skilled professionals to help them reach their potential and make a difference in society at İstanbulspor.

İstanbulspor also offer classes on topics like football tactics and physical conditioning to give educational possibilities. Along with the educational programs, you may participate in a variety of cultural activities at the Istanbulspor Sports Club, like competing in sports or playing ping-pong or squash with other members.

How to Join İstanbulspor Football Youth Academy

 Founded in 1964, Istanbul Başakşehir F.C is also known as  Baskshehir F.C. It is a Turkish football club that competed in the Super Lig during the 1987–1988 season. This blog post will go over how to join the youth academy of Istanbul Başakşehir F.C. We will also elaborate on what you need to do before joining the youth academy team.

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First and foremost, you must complete an application form that is accessible via their website. The Istanbul Başakşehir F.C. will review your application and then determine if you are qualified after you complete the form and mail your passport to them. If you are chosen, they will contact you by phone and tell you the next thing to do. You will have to join a school nearby Istanbul Başakşehir that offers courses on sports science-related subjects as well as training sessions five times weekly during term time beginning in September until June annually. But If you are not chosen, they will return your passport within 10 days of mailing it back.

Requirements for Istanbulspor Football Club Youth Academy Registration

Anyone between the ages of 10-12 is urged to attend the tryouts as the team is actively recruiting players for its U13 and U14 squads. Registration is needed, therefore from now through the end of September, participants may register in person at Istanbulspor Facilities or online. There is a registration cost, however if your kid is not selected for the squad, you will get your money back. If you believe your kid has what it takes (or want them to experience what it’s like), then don’t miss out on this opportunity to try out for Istanbulspor Football Club.

Qualifications for the Youth Academy of Istanbulspor Football Club

1. 14 to 18 years of age

2. Turkish residency in Istanbul

3. By November 1 of the year you intend to enter the academy, you must not be older than 18 years old.

4. Before applying, parents and guardians must provide their permission and sign an agreement with Istanbulspor Youth Academy.

5. Prior to joining Istanbulspor FC Youth Academy, a player must have never played for another football club (such as Ataspora or Altntasaspor).

6. At least 80% attendance in school or university (if student) is also required.

7. Seasonal full-time soccer playing schedule

Trials at the Youth Academy of Istanbulspor Football Club

To develop the next generation of football players, the Istanbulspor Football Club has built a youth academy that provides both training and league games. The İstanbulspor football club offers trials to kids between the ages of 14 and 17 who reside in Istanbul or the surrounding region. Participants must provide either a Turkish identification card or their passport as evidence of age in order to enroll for these trials. Trial registration is still open to individuals who have received an invitation from the İstanbulspor football club till December 31st.

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What will it be like when you enter the academy?

Every Istanbulspor player begins their career at the club’s academy. The organization is one of only four in Turkey to have two youth teams. For players ages 16 to 21, the first team, or B team, participates in the TFF Third League. There is also an A squad for younger kids that competes in international events against other academies. Players are admitted into the academy system practice daily, however do not compete in their first year. If Istanbulspor offers them a contract, they may compete in the next year.

There are twice-weekly after-school sessions, albeit this depends on the player’s age and length of contract.


Istanbulspor Kulübü is a Turkish football and sports club that was established in 1926 by students from Istanbul High School. They were demoted from the Turkish Süper Lig (Super League) to the TFF First League in 2004–05. It was the fourth most well-known and established professional football team from Istanbul for many years, after Beşiktaş, Galatasaray, and Fenerbahçe. After being purchased by the Uzan Family in 1990, the government seized it and resold it to a third company. The Turkish championship they won in 1932 is their best accomplishment so far.


Istanbulspor, one of the earliest sports clubs of the Turkish Republican era, was established on January 4, 1926 by Kemal Halim Gürgen and students from Istanbul High School. Istanbulspor won the Istanbul League and Turkish Football Champions in the 1931–1922 season. The club was run by the Istanbul High School foundation until 1990. During this time, Istanbulspor has seen multiple promotions and relegations from the top flight. Additionally, it was demoted to amateur level in 1979 and played there for two seasons. The club was then demoted to third league in 1984.

Turkish billionaire Cem Uzan’s Uzan Holding acquired the club in 1990 and renamed it Istanbulspor A.Ş, Istanbulspor Corporation. Following that, the Uzan Family provided funding for Istanbulspor and they were reassigned to the top league. Istanbulspor once again became one of the most successful Turkish football clubs in 1995 after finishing fourth and competing in the UEFA Cup in 1997-98. Unfortunately, the Uzan Family stopped supporting İstanbulspor during the FA Cup. Due to this, Istanbulspor had a financial difficulty in 2001 and finished tenth in the 2002-03 season.

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The Turkish government eventually took over the financially failing club in the 2003 season. But Istanbulspor was demoted to the second division in the 2004-05 season. The government sold İstanbulspor to Marmara Spor Faaliyetleri San. Ve Tic. A.Ş. , owned by former Turkish footballer Saffet Sancakl, for $3,250,000 million in 2006. A Turkish businessman named Ömer Sarıalioğlu acquired the club from Saffet Sancakl in 2007 for $250,000. Istanbulspor made a last-ditch effort to escape relegation for two seasons.


After placing sixth in the Third Group during the 2008–09 season, Istanbulspor avoided relegation. Istanbulspor was ultimately demoted to the Third League, the fourth tier of the Turkish football system, after finishing second to last in the Second Group of the 2nd League the following year. They participated in the promotion play-offs in the 2012–13 and 2013–14 campaigns, however they were unsuccessful.

In the 2014-15 season, Istanbulspor was ultimately promoted to the Second League after winning two promotion playoff matches against Zonguldak Kömürspor and Çorum Belediyespor.  

Logo and colors

Istanbul High School’s colors, yellow and black, match the colors of Istanbulspor. White is also acknowledged as a third color, albeit it is not officially recognized. Istanbulspor was given the opportunity to use the Turkish flag as its insignia after representing Turkey in an international tournament. It can be seen on the top left corner of the team’s jersey. Istanbul High School’s logo is also located near the middle.

This article titled “Istanbulspor Football Club” will teach you everything you need to know about joining a notable Turkish football academy. We shall also discuss subtopics like; Istanbulspor Youth Academy, Istanbulspor Youth Academy Trials, Eligibility requirement for Istanbulspor Youth Academy, How  to register Istanbulspor Youth Academy.

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