How to join the C.S. Marítimo Youth Academy

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 One of the most successful teams in Madeira and Portugal, C.S Marítimo has established itself as the standard for regional football training. In order to guarantee that the team can continue to succeed and grow, it has established a robust C.S Marítimo Youth Academy system that has already assisted in shaping some of the biggest names in world football, including Cristiano Ronaldo, Nani, Ricardo Quaresma, Joo Moutinho, Joo Mário, and many others who made their names at the European Championships or World Cups with the National Team of Portugal.

What is C.S. Marítimo Youth Academy?

 C.S. Martimo is a sporting organization with its headquarters in Funchal, Madeira.

The club’s football squad competes in the Primeira Liga, the highest division of Portuguese football and is well recognized.

The club’s youth program is well-known and has produced a number of professional players throughout the years. Here is how young football players may join the C.S. Martimo Youth Academy team if they want to play professionally.

Age range in order to be admitted to the school is between 10 and 18.

Trials for the C.S. Marítimo Youth Academy

Players must first register online in order to participate in the trials. Before the player may participate in any trial sessions, the registration cost of €150 must be paid in full.

The coaching staff of C.S. Martimo ask players to participate in a trial match where they are evaluated.

If they do well, they will be given a spot at professionals.

Getting involved with C.S. Marítimo Youth Academy

A Portuguese football team called C.S. Marítimo plays on the island of Madeira. The team maintains a youth program that nurtures and develops local talent.

 If you’re thinking about enrolling in the academy, here are some things you should know:

1) You must be aged six to eighteen.

2) Submit your application; get one from the club’s office or website.

3) You must appear for an academy staff interview and/or trial.

4) You must pay a registration fee if you are accepted into the academy.

The C.S. Marítimo Youth Academy Registration Process

There are a few things you need to complete first if you want to enroll in the C.S Marítimo Youth Academy.

You must register online and be between the ages of 10 and 18 to participate.

You must submit a current picture and complete a personal information form as part of the €50 registration cost.

After completing your registration, a staff member from the academy will get in touch with you to arrange an interview.

The academy staff will get to know you and your family during the interview, and they will also evaluate your level of play.

In order to enroll in the academy, you must pay a monthly tuition of €150.

Required Registration for C.S. Marítimo Youth Academy

1. Become a member of the Portuguese Football Federation (FPF).

2. Age range is between six and eighteen.

3. Fill out an application for the academy, which is available through the FPF website or the academy itself.

4. Pay the €100 (for new players) or €50 (for renewals) registration cost.

5. Participate in an interview with an academy employee.

6. Successfully complete the academy staff’s trial period.

7. Agree to abide by all policies and guidelines established by the academy and FPF by signing a contract with the academy.

Criteria for Admission to the C.S. Marítimo Youth Academy

1. The age range for participants is between 12 and 18.

2. Players from the C.S. Marítimo youth academy are assigned to one of three squads: the Under-12, Under-14, or Under-16 teams.

3. The season lasts from September to May, and it consists of two to three training sessions each week and weekend games.

4. Players who want to try out for the academy must first submit an online application and then show up for an open trial session.

5. Players evaluation on technical proficiency, tactical knowledge, level of physical fitness, and mental qualities commences once they arrive at the trial.

The coaching staff of the academy will next determine whether to grant the athlete a berth on one of the academy teams.


1. How old must players be to join the academy?

2. How much prior experience is necessary?

3. How many athletes are enrolled in the program right now?

4. Which training techniques are employed?

5. How often do athletes train?

6. In what competitions does the academy compete?

7. Are there any fees involved with enrolling in the academy?

About C.S Marítimo

Club Sport Marítimo MH M, often known as Marítimo, is a Portuguese sports organization established in Funchal, Madeira, in 1910 (Portuguese pronunciation: [mitimu] locally [mitmu]). The football club from Marítimo, which competes in Portugal’s top division, the Primeira Liga, is its most well-known representative. The club’s reserve squad, Marítimo B, plays in the fourth level, while the women’s team competes in the elite Campeonato Nacional Feminino competition. Along with football, Marítimo has squads in national leagues for sports including volleyball, handball, roller hockey, and athletics. Maritimistas are the name for Marítimo fans.

The Campeonato de Portugal, which the club won in 1926, is their only significant prize.

Their first participation in national championships took place in 1973 after a lengthy absence from being allowed to do so. Since then, Marítimo has played in 40 seasons of Primeira Liga, twice finished second in the Taça de Portugal, twice finished second in the Taça da Liga, and nine times in the UEFA Cup/Europa League. The team has twice won the Segunda Diviso.

Marítimo’s most recent participation in European competition took place in 2018, however their finest effort came during the 2012–13 campaign when they placed third in the Europa League group stage. The fifth-best Portuguese club of the 20th century according to the International Federation of Football History and Statistics (IFFHS), Martimo has the greatest position of any Madeira-based team.


Cândido Fernandes de Gouveia established Marítimo on September 20, 1910 as Club Português de Sport Marítimo. To set itself apart from rival Club Sports do Madeira, who continued to fly the old royal flag that became removed 15 days earlier, the club adopted the red and green hues of the new Republican flag of Portugal. The squad got the name Marítimo, which translates to “Maritime” in English, to represent the fact that many of its members gained employment at the nearby Funchal docks, a significant local employer at the time. Marítimo defeated Santa Clara, a select squad made up of Western Telegraph Company employees, 2-1 in their first game. Soon after, they started competing against crews from passing British ships. In these games as well as contests against rivals CS Madeira, José Rodrigues Barrinhas, an antiquated offensive center-half, established himself.

The clubs in Portugal began competing in a brand-new national league in 1921–1922.

The Campeonato de Portugal, a knockout-style tournament comparable to the present

More Information

The first national event was Taça de Portugal. The winners of the provincial competitions then competed against one another to become the Portugal Champion. Marítimo have participated in 13 of the competition’s 17 iterations. In 1925–1926, the club finally succeeded in winning the Campeonato de Portugal after several tries. Marítimo defeated Porto 7-1 in the semifinals, and Belenenses 2-0 in the championship match. The team earned the title “The Greatest of the Islands” as a result of this outstanding accomplishment.

Marítimo has earned a reputation as a team that battles each season to qualify for a European tournament. The club has participated at the highest level of Portuguese football continuously since 1985–1986 and has completed 32 seasons as of the 2011–12 season. The team’s best-ever league result was fifth place, which they attained in 1992–1993 and again five more times after that. In recent years, Marítimo has also appeared often in European tournaments; most recently, he made his eighth appearance in the UEFA Cup/Europa League. The 2012–2013 season

Martimo made it into the Europa League group stage for the first time.

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If you have been looking for How to join the C.S. Marítimo Youth Academy then this article is for you. You will also find more information about C.S Marítimo Youth Academy, Trials for the C.S Marítimo Youth Academy, Conditions for enrollment in the C.S Marítimo Youth Academy and Registration for the C.S Marítimo Youth Academy.

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