Rakow FC Youth Football Academy Trials

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Introduction To The Topic

Those who are close to you must have seen your football qualities and are anxious to know what you are up to with them. Now, they zeal to play soccer on a semi-professional or professional level is developing.

If you must enroll in Rakow FC Youth Academy, you must be at your best because, gaining entrance into the academy is quite difficult. But, by going through this article ”Trials of joining Rakow FC Youth Academy”, you will know how to go about joining Rakow FC Youth Academy.

Overview Of Rakow FC Youth Academy And Trials

Rakow FC Youth Academy is a noble and reputable football academy, that is focused on grooming Polish youths with football aspiration.

However, you ought to be qualified before you can register with the academy. If you are between 4 to 18 years, and have finished secondary school, you can register. You can attend the trial either in May or November.

The trials are designed into five sections. They are; Field trials, Goalkeeper trials, Long Thrower trials, Trials for Girls and Boys Teams (U13) and Trials for Boys and Girls Teams (13+).

Then, getting scouted will enable the club’s scouts to observe you. Meanwhile, the academy’s open trials registration dates are released two weeks ahead on their website and social media channels.

To register, you have to pay $2,500. Then, if you wish to identify as an associate of Rakow FC Youth Academy, you will be making donations yearly, which sums up to $5000. This will enable to get preferential treatment from the club as regards to invitation to matches an events.

So, endeavor not to miss it. If you impress the scouts, they will select you to take part in the academy.

In the academy, their are different groups depending on your age and capabilities. So, you will be assigned to a team when they finish assessing you.

More Information

Before you can obtain the academy trials, you must present your particulars to enable you sign up. Simply, go on to the academy’s website and fill out the online form.

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Ensure that you provide the accurate informations like; your name, date of birth, contact information, and a passport photo. It is also important to attach your football video clip while submitting your form.

In addition to your particulars, also include your parents’ or guardians’ name, address and phone number. Their consent is also needed for players who are not up to 18 years. The trials schedule and location is on the academy’s website.

Endeavor to be early and dress properly for the trials as Rakow FC Youth Academy only accepts a few aspirants. You can also come with your lunch pack and water.

At the trials, show your best, as the academy coaches will observe your technicality, physicality, character and others. The trial fee is contained on the academy site.

Gaining Entrance Into Rakow FC Youth Academy

Any youngster aspiring to make the best out of his football career should consider enrolling into the academy of Rakow FC.

They have high standard equipments to train you and nurture your talent. Below is the registration requirements for Rakow FC Youth Academy:

  • The age requirement to register for the Rakow FC Youth Academy, is from 6 to 18 years.
  • You ought to be from Poland, to be qualified to apply.
  • It is important to have a year of experience in organized football to increase you chances.
  • You must present your birth certificate.
  • Then, pay the academy’s stipulated registration fee, which is $200.
  • If you do not have a valid passport, you cannot enroll into the academy.
  • Present your medical report.
  • Make sure you partake in the academy trials.
  • Endeavor to fill out the registration form correctly. Then, present it to the academy’s head office with your passport photograph as soon as possible.

Overview Of Raków Częstochowa

The Robotniczy Klub Sportowy Raków Czstochowa Spóka Akcyjna, or simply Raków, is a Polish professional football club based in Czstochowa, Silesian Voivodeship. Apparently, it competes in Poland’s top division, the Ekstraklasa.

In the little town of Raków, the sports club “Racovia” was founded in 1921. Due to a lack of members, the club got scrapped out in 1925. Workers Sports Club Raków, or Robotniczy Klub Sportowy, replacing ”Racivia” was reestablished in 1927.

Czstochowa annexed the town the next year, making it a district of the city. The Czstochowa steelworks provided financial backing, and the Polish Socialist Party patronized the club.

The club was upgraded to “class A” in 1937. But, the club closed down while Germany occupation was going on in the country. Then, from 1951 to 1955, construction took place on a football stadium that also included an athletics track.

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More Information

The football team competed in the second league between the years of 1962 and 1966. Meanwhile, the Polish Cup final between Raków and Wisła Kraków was played on July 9, 1967, and Raków got defeated by Wisła Kraków in a score of 0-2.

In 1972, Raków’s team made it to the Polish Cup semi-finals, where they ultimately lost to Legia Warsaw. Also, the club competed in the Second Division from 1978–1980, 1981–1984, and 1990–1994.

The team’s junior version finished second in the 1993 Polish Junior Football Championships.

Meanwhile, in 1994, Raków debuted in the Polish top division.

The club spent four years in the premier league until being demoted in 1997–98. In 1999–2000 and 2000–2001, the club was relegated to the fourth division. In 2016, the team was able to return to the Polish second tier.

About The Club’s Promotion And Performance In European football

After 21 years of waiting, the club finally dominated the Polish second tier the I liga in 2018–19 and was promoted to the Ekstraklasa for the next 2019–20 season.

They also did well in the 2018–19 Polish Cup, advancing all the way to the semifinals. This was after eliminating team Lech Poznań in the round of 32 and Legia Warsaw in the quarterfinals.

Tenth place was their first season position in the Ekstraklasa. This was after 21 years.
Raków Czstochowa won the runner-up spot in the league in 2020-21 season.

This was their best league finish ever and it qualified them for the UEFA Europa Conference League qualifiers in 2021-22. That was their first season ever playing in Europe.

The continuous impressive performance of Raków ensured as they won the Polish Cup on May 2, 2021. They defeated Arka Gdynia, a team from the I liga, 2-1 in the final.

The Polish Super Cup was won by Raków Czstochowa on penalties on July 17, 2021. They defeated the defending Polish Ekstraklasa champions, Legia Warsaw.

More Information

They played the Lithuanian team Sūduva in the second qualifying round of the 2021-22 UEFA Europa Conference League. Apparently, the match ended in a draw after both teams played on home and away grounds. Then, they played 3-4 on penalties.

After the second qualifying round, they met Rubin Kazan, a team from the Russian Premier League, and they won the match, 1-0.

At the final qualifiers, they played against Belgian team Gent and won 1-0. However, they were eliminated from the competition after losing the second leg with 0-3 score line and aggregate match of 1-3.

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With a 3-1 victory over Lech Poznań on May 2, 2022, Raków won the Polish Cup for the second year in a row. Raków missed out on the league title that season by only five points to familiar opponents.

Then, on July 9, 2022, Raków defeated Lech Pozna 2-0 to win their second Polish Super Cup in a row.

Students and Players From The Club

Jakub Baczykowski, Jerzy Brzczek, and Jacek Magiera are the club’s students. Jacek Krzynówek and Tomasz Kiebowicz were two of the players.

Miejski Stadion Piłkarski “Raków”

Czstochowa, Poland is home to the Miejski Stadion Pikarski “Raków” (also known as the “Raków” Municipal Football Stadium in English).

The address of the stadium is 83 Bolesław Limanowski Street in the Raków neighborhood. The Raków Czstochowa football club plays their home games at this stadium.

Background Details Of The Stadium

In 1951, at the urging of Eng. Marian Zdunkiewicz, the Social Committee for Stadium Construction was formed.

The structure was open to the public on July 22, 1955. A football field, track, and athletics hill were also constructed. Around 8,000 people may have fit inside the arena.

Huta Czstochowa is responsible for the stadium’s maintenance and upkeep. Steelmakers donated it to the municipal in 2003.

The area immediately to the east of the stadium now serves as a training facility and broadcast tower. This was after 1985.

After the 2016/17 season, the Raków team advanced to the I liga, and the stadium needed to be renovated to meet the standards of that league. This included replacing the roof, repairing the stands, and installing 588 seats.

Additionally, back-up facilities were built alongside training fields. The capacity upgrade to 4,200 seats happened in February 2019.

With Raków‘s elevation to the Ekstraklasa for the 2018–19 campaign came the need to update the stadium. This is so because, it needs to meet the league’s standards for license.

The stadium’s 5,500-seat stands, new turf heating system, and other infrastructure upgrades will all be completed in 2020 and 2021. This investment is worth more than PLN 17 million.


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