How to Join Legia Warsaw FC Youth Football Academy

Are you looking to join the trials at Legia Warsaw FC, see How to Register for Legia Warsaw FC Youth Academy Trials. We’ll further discuss Legia Warsaw Youth Academy, Legia Warsaw Youth Academy Trials, Registration requirement for Legia Warsaw Youth Academy, How  to Join Legia Warsaw Youth Academy.

The annual youth academy tryouts for Warsaw FC, one of Poland’s top teams, will take place in August at their cutting-edge training facility in Warsaw. Since its founding in 1916, the club has won 16 Polish championships and 10 Polish Cups, and it has won many UEFA Champions League crowns. It also often competes in the FIFA Club World Cup. The Legia Youth Academy Trials for this year is open to boys and girls between the ages of 14 and 16. Athletes who are interested may register right away by following the instructions below.

The Legia Warsaw FC Youth Academy: What is it?

Young footballers may sharpen their talents and participate in high-level competition at the Legia Warsaw FC Youth Academy. For athletes interested in joining the squad, the academy organizes tryouts. All players who satisfy the prerequisites for registration are eligible for trials. You must complete out an online application and submit it to the Legia Warsaw FC Youth Academy in order to enroll. An academy staff will get in touch with you after receiving your application to set up a trial date. You must bring your own soccer equipment, as well as any other documentation, to the trial. There will be a number of small-sided games and some personalized skill training throughout the trial. The academy team will assess your performance when the trial is over and provide comments.

 Trials for the Legia Warsaw FC Youth Academy

Boys between the ages of six and eighteen may enroll in the Legia Warsaw youth academy. A completed registration form, a current picture, and a copy of the player’s passport are needed for registration.

Every year in May and June, the auditions take place. Trials must be attended on both days by players.

Players are evaluated on their technical prowess on the first day. They emphasis on game situations and small-sided games on day two. The cost of enrollment will vary depending on the player’s preference for an overseas or training camp program. The registration charge for the training camp program is €150. Meanwhile, the registration fee for the foreign programs is €200 including the cost of the flight from Warsaw to Warsaw (price differs depending on departure airport). The cutoff dates for registration vary per nation but typically occur between March 1 and April 30 each year.

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The Legia Warsaw FC Youth Academy enrollment process

Players that are interested in joining the Legia Warsaw FC Youth Academy must fulfill the registration conditions. As of December 31 of the year they intend to enroll, players must be between the ages of 7 and 12 years old. A copy of their passport, birth certificate, and address verification are also required. Players must also have a current health insurance plan and have had a medical checkup within the last six months. Each player must also turn in a registration form that is available at the club’s office or website.

Legia Warsaw FC Youth Academy registration requirements. Candidates for the Legia Warsaw FC Youth Academy must satisfy specific conditions in order to register.

Signing Up for the Legia Warsaw Youth Academy

You must register for Legia Warsaw FC if you are interested in joining their Youth Academy. Candidates must be between the ages of 7 and 18. Filling out an online application form is the first step. Along with your contact information, you will also need to enter certain personal data. An academy staff will get in touch with you once you complete the form to set up a trial date. Every player will compete at their own level in both age categories (U8U9 & U10-U11). This is to ensure that they are all evaluated on their own merits.

Players must also provide evidence of residence or citizenship in Poland or in any other nation to which the Laws of Sport apply throughout the registration process. Additionally, required as proof are birth certificates (original or copies), Polish passports, or Polish identification cards with pictures issued after January 1, 2010. (photocopy). Players cannot enroll in the Legia Warsaw FC Youth Academy if they do not match these standards. This is How to Register for Legia Warsaw FC Youth Academy Trials.

Requirements for Legia Warsaw FC Youth Academy registration

Players that are interested in joining the Legia Warsaw Youth Academy must first fulfill a few conditions. To begin with, all prospective participants must be between the ages of 7 and 19. Also, every participant must possess either a permit of residency or a Polish passport. The Legia Warsaw website has a registration form, which prospective players must complete and submit.

Potential participants will be contacted by the academy to arrange a trial day when all prerequisites have been satisfied and the registration form has been turned in. Players will engage in a number of physical evaluations and team building activities during this period. The tests are designed to assess both a person’s physical prowess and mental fortitude. If you succeed in these trials, an academy coache will ask you back for a second interview. You could be given the chance to enroll in the Legia Warsaw FC Youth Academy if your abilities are found to be sufficient at this phase.

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Legia Warsaw Spółka Akcyjna

People commonly refer to Legia Warszawa Spółka Akcyjna as Legia Warsaw or just Legia. It’s Polish pronunciation is ˈlɛɡʲja varˈʂava. It is a professional football club located in Warsaw, Poland. With a record 15 Ekstraklasa champions titles, a record 19 Polish Cup and four Polish Super Cup titles, Legia Warsaw are undoubtedly the most successful Polish football club ever. The Polish Army Stadium (Stadion Wojska Polskiego) is the club’s homeground. Since the World War II (check:1936 Legia Warsaw season), Legia has not been demoted from the top tier of the Polish football League system. They are the only Polish club to achieve this feat.

During military operations on the Eastern Front in World War I, Legia was established between March 5 and March 15, 1916. It served as the primary football team for the Polish Legions.

The club was revived after the war on March 14, 1920. It was at an officer’s club in Warsaw under the name Wojskowy Klub Sportowy Warszawa. Legia was given its current name in 1923 after fusing with Korona, another club in the area. Wojskowy Klub Sportowy Legia Warszawa, which translates to “Military Sports Club Legia Warsaw,” became the primary official football team of the Polish Army.

 Legia was known as CWKS Warszawa, or “Central Military Sports Club Warsaw,” from 1949 until 1957.

It was owned by Pol-Mot prior to April 8, 2004. ITI Group, a media conglomerate, held it from April 8, 2004, when it was sold for 3 million zloty, until January 9, 2014. Dariusz Mioduski, who also acts as the club’s chairman, owns the organization at the time.


Beginnings and establishments

Between March 5 and March 15, 1916, Legia was established during military actions on the Eastern Front of World War I in the Polish province of Maniewicze, Volhynia. The Polish Legions, who were at the time fighting for Austria-Hungary, used it as their primary football club.  Due to the fact that many Polish troops were engaged in the creation of the Polish Legions prior to the conflict, the First World War’s start had a significant impact on the club’s founding in 1916. Before the war, many soldiers, mostly young men from Kraków and Lviv in southern Poland, played football. As a result, once the squad was formed, they quickly found success. In the quiet intervals at the front, football matches were arranged. They required a ball, setting up temporary goals, and locating a dozen or so participants. Football was an excellent way to pass the time.

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2011–2020 seasons

At the conclusion of the 2013–14 Ekstraklasa season, Legia earned their tenth championship by winning another league championship. After beating Dundalk on August 23, 2016, Legia for the first time in 21 years advanced to the group stages of the 2016–17 Champions League. The Legionnaires were placed in group F among teams like Sporting Lisbon, Borussia Dortmund, and Real Madrid. They earned a 1-0 victory against Sporting Lisbon on the last day of group play. As a result, they finished third overall and advance to the round of 32 of the 2016–17 UEFA Europa League. Ajax and Legia were matched up, with the first game being a goalless draw in Warsaw.

The 2016–17 Ekstraklasa season was Legia’s 12th League championship season. They ended up with a goalless draw against Lechia Gdask. In order to win the championship, Legia required a draw in the game between Jagiellonia Biaystok and Lech Pozna. Legia won the tournament as the match ended in a 2-2 tie.

Dramatic events led to Legia’s third straight Eksrtaklasa championship. After the game was cancelled due to weather, Legia, who needed to defeat Lech Poznan away to secure the championship, was given a 3-0 victory. After Legia made it 2-0 in the 77th minute with a goal, Lech supporters flooded the field, hurled flares, and the game was declared over. As a consequence, Legia finished three points ahead of second-place Jagiellonia Biaystok to win the league.

2021–till date

The players from Azienkowska won the fifteenth Polish championship on April 28, 2021. This was three rounds before the completion of the 2020–21 Ekstraklasa season. This was courtesy to a scoreless tie between Jagiellonia Biaystok and Raków Czstochowa. As a result, in terms of the total number of domestic championships, Legia has taken the independent lead.

After defeating Slavia Prague on August 26, 2021, Legia earned a spot in a European Cup group stage for the first time in five years. They were paired with Spartak Moscow, Leicester City, and Napoli in their UEFA Europa League group. Legia won its first two games, 1-0 victories against Spartak on the road and Leicester at home. However, they dropped four straight games and finished last in the group.

Are you looking to join the trials at Legia Warsaw FC, see How to Register for Legia Warsaw FC Youth Academy Trials. We’ll further discuss Legia Warsaw Youth Academy, Legia Warsaw Youth Academy Trials, Registration requirement for Legia Warsaw Youth Academy, How  to Join Legia Warsaw Youth Academy.

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