How to Join Koln FC Youth Football Academy

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Introduction To The Topic

There are certain requirements that your child needs to meet, to him qualifies for the Koln FC youth academy. Is he between 10-18 years old? Does he dwell in Cologne, Germany? Having met all this requirements, your child may enroll into the Koln FC’s elite young academy. But, most especially, he will enroll in the U13 team. There is a registration form on this page. Endeavor to apply as soon as possible, as there is a high rush.

The Football Academy’s Background

Koln FC is renowned for their excellent youth development abilities. They have groomed a lot of young players who are now professional footballers. So, It is necessary that your child meet a number of criteria to enable him attend the academy. Proceed further through the article, to learn more about how to register and get scouted by the Koln FC Academy.

Criteria For Eligibility

Youngsters who fall under the ages of 10 to 18 are qualified to apply for tryouts. Then, for a youth players to qualify for competitive matches, he must be 12 years. Another criteria is, players must have a valid passport and possess a neutral record with no other professional team. Players from outside the country are also welcome to apply.

To be admitted to the academy, you must pass a scouting assessment. Meanwhile, players who have interest in joining the academy can take part in the academy’s open trials. Also, they can make a video clip of their self while playing football and send it to the Koln FC Academy.

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One good feature of the academy is, they organize development programs across all categories. It doesn’t matter if you are novice or a professional. Another good feature is that, the academy employ the services of experts who invests their resources to groom the players into professionals. Meanwhile, these are some of the wide range of programs and services, available from us:

  • Training plans that are unique to each individual
  • Sessions for improving one’s skills
  • Goalkeeper development session
  • Video analysis session

The Guidelines To Making An Application

Registration for the Koln FC Youth Academy is officially open for the next season! In order to enroll your child in the academy, please complete the filling of the application form. However, there are important details that the academy look out for. You must provide your child’s name, birth date, phone number, and evidence of any previous soccer experience. After this is done, it is now left for the academy staff to analyze the form. Those that match up to the requirements will be contacted for an interview.

It is at the interview that the academy will know who is qualified to get an admission into the academy. Meanwhile, it is important to state out the difficulty in gaining admission. This is due to the high number and rush in application. So, bear in mind that the chances are slim. Reach out to us for any questions concerning how to get scouted by the Koln Fc Academy or our selection criteria.

The Procedures For Selection

The Koln FC Youth Academy’s registration period for the subsequent season is officially open! If you wish to register your child, follow these steps:

First, visit the Koln FC website to see if your youngster is qualified to play for the club. After that, assemble all of your child’s documents and submit it to the registration site. When the academy receives the form, a Koln FC staff will contact you for your child’s screening.

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Ensure you have your registration form and the necessary identification materials (birth certificate, passport and identity card). Then, the academy will evaluate you on your performance in football games and all round interaction with the coach/director of the Köln Academy.

If after all this the child excels, he will gain entrance into the summer soccer camps of Koln FC. I hope your ward qualifies to gain a tryout from the Koln Fc Academy.

An Overview Of The Koln FC Players And Coaches

When it comes to recruiting future first-team players, the coaching staff and players of Koln FC are continuously on the hunt for promising young players. Here’s how to get your child a scouting session by Koln FC Academy. This will only be possible if you believe your child is qualified to be a professional footballer in Koln FC.

First, visit the Koln FC website to see if your youngster is qualified to play for the club. The child must possess a neutral record with no other professional team. Also, he or she must fall under the ages of 6 to 18 to qualify for the academy tryouts. After this is settled, you must fill out the online registration form and provide a recent photo of your child. To crown it all, your child must take part in one of the academy’s annual open trials.

The academy will admit your child if he meets up with all the requirements. You can get in touch with us if you’d want additional information on how to be scouted by Koln FC Academy.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.) How can one be qualified to apply for Koln FC tryout?

All players must be between the ages of 9 and 19 and have a strong interest in football to earn a tryout.

2.) How do I get noticed by the Koln FC Academy’s scouting staff?

One good way is to participate in one of the academy’s open trials or send your football video to them.

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3.) What if the next step after being scouted?

If you’re selected, you will emerge into the academy. Then, you will commence training and coaching from the staff of experts.

4.) What is the unique feature of the Koln Academy curriculum?

It is simple. The target is on the player’s technical and tactical abilities. It will be honed through this program.

5.) How is the Koln Academy training session like?

The academy schedules training to hold two times in a week. Then, matches will be played on weekends.

How To Contact The Academy

In order to get in touch with Koln FC’s academy recruitment body, please email [Koln FC Youth Academy Registration]. After that, the recruitment team will scrutinize the player to know if he or she is qualified. Then, the will give you the result of the scrutiny, if you are qualified or not. They will call the player up for a trial period at the academy if he or she qualifies.

At this point, if you excel in the trial, you are definitely securing a spot in the academy. You may find out more about how to get scouted by Koln Fc Academy by looking at our website or by contacting us directly.

Please, reach out to Koln Fc if you are a youth soccer player between the ages of 7 and 15. Email us at [Koln FC Youth Academy Registration] if you’d like to join our academies for both male and female.

The academy is known for taking note of prospective players and grooming them through their high-level training programs. They also employ the services of world-renowned and experienced coaches who enable this players achieve their aim.


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