How to Join AIK Youth Football Academy Trials

Joining AIK Fotboll Youth Academy is a thing of pride for so many young people. This article will explain; how to register with AIK Fotboll Youth Academy, eligibility requirements and how to register for trials with them.

With more than 40 national championships, AIK Fotboll has long been one of Sweden’s most successful football clubs. Numerous professional players have come out of AIK’s youth system, which is highly regarded by football fans across the nation and abroad. Interested in joining the AIK Fotboll Youth Academy? You can start your journey toward becoming a future football superstar at AIK by reading the information below regarding the application procedure.

Brief history of AIK Fotboll Youth Academy?

Stockholm is home to the Swedish football team AIK Fotboll. The club’s youth academy is well-known and has turned out a number of professional athletes. Here is information about joining the AIK Fotboll Youth Academy for young football players who want to play professionally. You need to pass an online test on soccer regulations, be within the ages of 16 and 18 (or have passed your 16th birthday), speak fluent Swedish or English, have parental permission if you’re under 18, and be born between 1997 and 2000. Additionally, you’ll require appropriate internet connectivity and a firm knowledge of fundamental math concepts. Contact us right away if this sounds interesting to you.

Who is eligible to apply?

Apply to join the AIK Fotboll Youth Academy if you love football and are within the ages of 6 and 19. Filling out an application form, which is available on the AIK website, is the first step. After your application has been evaluated, you will receive the opportunity to attend a training session in advance. Finally, You will receive the chance to join the academy if you impress the trainers during this session.

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AIK Fotboll Youth Academy requirements for registration

Firstly, you must be within the ages of 6 and 19 to sign up for the AIK Fotboll Youth Academy. You must complete a registration form, which is available on the AIK website. A copy of your birth certificate and a current photo are additional requirements. There is a 100 SEK registration fee that is payable at the time of registration. A member of the academy staff will get in touch with you to set up an evaluation once your registration is complete.

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Trials for AIK Fotboll Youth Academy

  • First all, you have to be within the ages of 15 and 19.
  • Then, you must have at least three years of experience in organised football.
  • Also, are to have a Swedish passport or be a citizen of Sweden.
  • Another requirement is to be fluent in speaking, reading, writing the Swedish language.
  • You also have to attend a week long trial in Stockholm.
  • Moreover, during the period of trial, our coaches and staff will evaluate you.
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Qualifications for AIK Fotboll Youth Academy

Players must satisfy the following requirements in order to be eligible to participate for AIK Fotboll Youth Academy:

  • First all, you have to be within the ages of 15 and 19.
  • Also you have to be a resident in Sweden.
  • Having a Passport of Sweden or city of an Eu/EEA country is also a must.
  • Then, you must not have any affiliations with a previous club.
  • Having a tattoo or piercings is not allowed.
  • Finally, send in your application, along with your personal essay and letter of recommendation.

Registering for AIK Fotboll Youth Academy

Please visit our website and complete the online form to sign up for the AIK Fotboll Youth Academy. You must include your contact information, your child’s name, date of birth, and grade in addition to the other information. After you fill out the form, one of our agents will contact you to schedule a time for the evaluation. An interview and a written test will both be part of the evaluation. You will need to pay the registration cost after your child has been admitted to the academy.

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What does the youth academy offer?

Young players have the chance to refine their abilities and gain a deeper understanding of the game at the AIK Fotboll Youth Academy. The academy gives students access to AIK’s first team players and staff as well as top-notch coaching, facilities, and equipment. You will have the opportunity to play in tournaments and friendly games against other youth academies from around the world as a member of the academy. The AIK Fotboll Youth Academy is the ideal place to begin your career if you’re committed to becoming a professional football player.

Necessary equipment

Here is what you should know if you want to join AIK Fotboll Youth Academy. You must first be within the ages of six and eighteen. The second requirement is that you must be really passionate about football and able to commit to attending regular practice sessions. The third requirement is a Swedish passport or resident permit. Fourth, you’ll need to make direct contact with the academy and arrange an interview. The fifth need is that you take part in a trial session. Sixth, you’ll have to sign a contract if you’re hired. Finally, there are annual fees that normally cost 12000 SEK.

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Joining AIK Fotboll Youth Academy

  • First, go to the AIK website and select the Youth page.
  • Once you’ve done that, fill out the registration form.
  • Additionally, there is a 300 SEK registration charge that you must pay.
  • An academy representative will then get in touch with you to arrange a time for the assessment.
  • Your technical and athletic skills, as well as your game knowledge, will all be evaluated during the evaluation.
  • Then, you will receive a spot at the academy if your assessment goes well.
  • Finally, You must pay a monthly fee of SEK 1,500 after you accept the offer.

If I don’t make it, will I get help finding another club or even school/university place?

One of Sweden’s most prestigious youth academies is the AIK Fotboll Youth Academy. If you’re fortunate enough to be selected, you’ll get excellent instruction from some of the best instructors in the nation. What happens, though, if you’re not chosen?

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AIK Fotboll

Allmänna Idrottsklubben, also known as AIK Fotboll or just AIK, is a Swedish football club that competes in Allsvenskan, the first division of Swedish football. Idrottsklubben means the public or general sports club. In Stockholm, the club was established in 1891, and the football section was established there in 1896. Friends Arena, in Solna, just to the north of Stockholm City Centre, is the home field of AIK.

2018 league champions AIK are third all-time in the Allsvenskan standings and have won 12 championships. The club now holds the record for most seasons played in the Swedish top division. Additionally, AIK is the team that has placed in the top three of the Allsvenskan the most times (11 times) and six times in a row (2013–2018). having participated in a UEFA competition’s group stage in Europe; the club also advanced to the 1996–1997 UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup quarterfinals; qualified for the 1999–2000 UEFA Champions League group stage; and participated in the 2012–2013 UEFA Europa League group stage.



White and black are the colors of the following shirts, respectively. White or, very infrequently, black shorts are the most common. The first pair of socks have a black and yellow stripe; the second pair are completely white. In 2004, they wore a yellow third jersey. In 2007, an orange third jersey, a dark-blue third jersey, a grey commemorative third jersey, and in 2016 a yellow third jersey. The UEFA Europa League qualification campaign for the 2017 2018 season featured a dark blue first shirt.

Every even year, new uniforms were released when Adidas was the uniform supplier. Prior to the beginning of each new season, Nike does, however, release a new AIK uniform.Aside from the logo of the company that provides their uniforms, Nike, AIK’s shirt and shorts can be seen to be sponsored by the following companies: Notar, a real estate agency; BenQ, a Taiwanese electronics company; Svea, a financial group; Volkswagen, a German automaker; and league sponsors Svenska Spel, a government-owned gambling company (whose logo must be visible on the right sleeve of the shirts of all Allsvens

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Since the 2013 season, AIK has played their home matches in the Nationalarenan (known as Friends Arena until 2023 due to sponsorship considerations), which also serves as the home of the Swedish national football team. By a vote of the club’s members held in 2011, Nationalarenan defeated Tele2 Arena to become the club’s new home, replacing Rsunda, its previous residence up until the 2012 campaign.


The greatest average attendance in Sweden, nearly 21,000, was at AIK in 2006. Over 20,000 people attended AIK events on average in 2007. More often than any other club in Sweden, AIK has had the highest average attendance 39 times [citation needed]. AIK finished the 2013 campaign with the highest average attendance in Scandinavia (18,900). Additionally, that was the inaugural year for the new venue. In the derby against Hammarby in 2018, AIK broke the record for the most tickets sold in an Allsvenskan game two weeks prior to the event.


Djurgrden, AIK’s major competitor, was established in Stockholm barely three weeks after AIK. The match between the clubs bears the Tvillingderbyt (the Twin derby), and is regarded as the most intense rivalry in Swedish and possibly Nordic football. Additionally, AIK continues to harbor a hostile attitude against Hammarby, the third big Stockholm team. Outside of the Stockholm metropolitan area, IFK Göteborg and Malmö FF are the club’s two main rivals.

Club culture

The song “Oh we are AIK,” a Swedish-language adaptation of the 1971 song “The Last Farewell,” which was co-written by the British-Kenyan folk musician Roger Whittaker, serves as the club’s entrance hymn and music. A 2002 recording with an arrangement that is somewhat more reminiscent of Elvis Presley’s 1976 version of the song has been used as AIK’s entrance music since the mid-2000s.

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Joining AIK Fotboll Youth Academy is a thing of pride for so many young people. This article will explain; how to register with AIK Fotboll Youth Academy, eligibility requirements and how to register for trials with them.

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