How to Join Dundalk FC Youth Football Academy Trials

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Introduction To The Topic

You can meet your aspirations at the Dundalk FC Youth Academy if you want to play professional football and within 15-18 years.

If things don’t go as you planned, what would you do? Daryl Horgan, David McMillan and Pat Hoban can offer answers to you.

Discover how to play for Dundalk FC , and how to register by going through this relatively simplified article.

Overview Of Dundalk FC Trials Youth Academy

Dundalk FC Youth Academy is a noble and reputable football academy, that is focused on grooming Irish youths (boys and girls) with football aspiration.

However, you ought to be qualified before you can register with the academy. If you are between 16 to 18 years and have finished secondary school, can register.

There are trained coaches and professionals who will bring out the best in you if you make it into the academy.

Then, getting scouted will enable the club’s scouts to observe you. Meanwhile, the academy’s open trials registration dates are released on their website and social media channels.

They hold the trials every year. Also, they assess your physicality, mentality, tactical ability and behaviour. The registration fee is contained on the academy site. This is for both the trials and administration.

So, endeavor not to miss it. If you impress the scouts, they will select you to take part in the academy.

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In the academy, their are different groups depending on your age and capabilities. So, you will be assigned to a team when they finish assessing you.

More Information

Before you can obtain the academy trials, you must present your particulars to enable you sign up.

Simply, go on to the academy’s website and fill out the online form. Then, submit it before 1st September 2020.

You can also reach out to Sean McCaffrey, the academy director for more information.

Ensure that you provide the accurate informations like; your name, date of birth, contact information, and a passport photo. It is also important to attach your football video clip while submitting your form.

In addition to your particulars, also include your parents’ or guardians’ name, address and phone number. Their consent is also needed for players who are not up to 18 years.

The trials schedule are on 27th and 28th January. While, the venue is at club’s training ground. Endeavor to be early and dress properly for the trials as Dundalk FC Youth Academy only accepts a few aspirants.

You can also come with your lunch pack, football and water. At the trials, show your best, as the academy coaches will observe your technicality, physicality, character and others.

Important Traits You Need To Possess To Succeed In The Academy

  • Never show you are under pressure. Carryout your actions with calmness.
  • Exhibit a high level of confidence. This will show the coaches that you know what you are doing.
  • Always pay attention to whatever the coaches have to say and implement it.
  • Never disrespect anyone no matter their rank. Also, accept criticism and take corrections.

Applying For Dundalk FC Youth Academy

Any youngster aspiring to make the best out of his football career should consider enrolling into the academy of Dundalk FC Youth Academy.

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They have high standard equipments to train you and nurture your talent. Below is the registration requirements for Dundalk FC Youth Academy:

  • The age requirement to register forDundalk FC Youth Academy, is from 10 to 18 years.
  • You ought to be from Ireland or reside in Ireland to be qualified to apply.
  • It is important to have a year of experience in organized football to increase you chances.
  • You must present your birth certificate.
  • Then, pay the academy’s stipulated registration fee (€30-€50).
  • If you do not have a valid passport, you cannot enroll into the academy.
  • Present your medical report.
  • Make sure you partake in the academy trials.
  • Endeavor to fill out the registration form correctly. Then, present it to the academy’s head office with your passport photograph as soon as possible.

Benefits Of Joining Dundalk FC Youth Academy

  • They are one of the best and most successful football academy in Ireland. A high number of football players from the academy perform well on professional level.
  • You are sure of training with high standard equipments and trainers.
  • In some cases, you can gain scholarship from the academy.
  • There chances of touring other countries during matches.
  • You can experience competitive matches.

About The Dundalk FC

The League of Ireland Premier Division is the highest level of football in the Republic of Ireland. Dundalk Football Club is a elite football club that plays at that level.

It is located in Dundalk and Oriel Park is the club’s home ground. The club took the three martlets on a shield from the historic coat of arms of the town to design their badge.
The club wears a white shirt and black shorts.

Dundalk G.N.R., the works-team of the Great Northern Railway, was the initial identity of the club. They established it in 1903. Also, they played in the Leinster Junior League until 1922–1923, when they were invited to play in the senior league.

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After four years at that level, they were promoted to the League of Ireland for the 1926–1927 campaign. They didn’t win the league championship until six years later, becoming them the first team outside of Dublin to do it.

They are the only club to have won either the league title or the FAI Cup in every decade since the 1930s, a total of 49 trophies by 2021. This includes four “Doubles” (winning both the league and cup titles in the same year).

They have the most Premier Division titles and are the second best club in League history.

Dundalk also boast the greatest UEFA club coefficient of any Irish club.

It was in the European Cup season of 1963–1964 that they first made their mark in the competition as the first Irish team to win an away match in Europe.

The 1979–80 season was their best showing in the European Cup, and the 1981–82 season was their best showing in the European Cup Winners’ Cup.

Twice they have made it to the group stage of the Europa League. Also, in 2016–17, they made history by becoming the first Irish team to earn points and become victorious in a match at that level of European play.

Their 25th European season was the 2021–22 UEFA Europa Conference League season.


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