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Pro skills basketball – Denver is one of many division of the PSB franchise. Here we’ll discuss more about their mission, scholarship programs among others.

About us

Pro Skills Basketball started as a summer program in Charlotte, North Carolina, and was founded in 2009 by two former Davidson Wildcats and overseas professional players. What began modest has expanded to more than 175 Club Teams and 100+ Camps and Clinics annually around the US. The Jr. NBA named PSB as one of the top 15 youth basketball groups in the US in 2017 and extended an invitation to join their “Flagship Network.” Team Curry was established in 2020 as a result of a relationship between PSB and NBA player Stephen Curry. More than 175 PSB alumni now play in colleges and other settings.

In Denver, Colorado, Pro Skills Basketball Denver is one of the top youth basketball associations. For boys and girls of all ages, we provide a selection of kids basketball instruction, clinics, camps, and AAU teams. Our goal is to empower young athletes by fostering a culture of relentless self-improvement and a sincere desire to inspire players and enhance children’s lives.

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Our mission

Pro Skills Basketball aims to give parents, players, and coaches a more professional experience that emphasizes organized communication, fun, mutual respect, and personal growth both on and off the court. Youth basketball is frequently disorganized, solely focused on winning, and generally frustrating. However, through our club teams, camps, clinics, and online programs, we impart success-oriented basketball, life, and leadership skills to our players.

Our goal is to develop players’ basketball skills to the next level while simultaneously teaching them life principles that will help them succeed off the court. We provide players with instruction in life skills, basketball skills, and success skills.

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Programs we offer

Pro skills basketball – Denver offers a lot of programs which comes under three sections.

  • Teams
  • Camps
  • Clinics


For beginner to advanced level boys and girls in grades 2 through 11 in the central Denver neighbourhoods, we offer club basketball teams.

PSB Club Teams offers the following:

  • Comprehensive Development Program
  • Team Practices & Games, Camps, Clinics, Workouts Included
  • Certified & Trained Coaches
  • Organized Parent Communication

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Boys and girls in grades 2–8 in central Denver may attend our PSB Denver Camps for beginner- to intermediate-level instruction.

Our basketball camps include these benefits:

  • Summer and Holiday Camps Available
  • Multi-Day Events
  • Safe & Enjoyable Environment
  • Certified & Trained Coaches
  • Skills, Drills, Contests, and Games


Our PSB Denver Clinics are open to boys and girls in grades 2 through 11 who are at beginner to advanced levels.

With our Denver basketball Clinics you get

  • Single-day Events
  • On Holidays & Weekends
  • Focus on Skills & Drills
  • Certified & Trained Coaches

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Other resources we offer

PSB Denver offers a lot of educational and study materials. These materials are meant to help you learn more about our summer/winter camps. Through our podcast, you will get latest updates on things happening in PSB. We also offer online training videos. These videos will help you train with our team of professionals at your own convenient time. Our basketball exercises and drill videos cover techniques for shooting, footwork, dribbling and handling the ball, as well as for building strength, athleticism, and fitness. To listen to our podcasts click:

How to join PSB

Joining PSB isn’t a simple process, in this blog we’ll show you how to join them.

  • First step is to register: To ensure that our team can get in touch with you and secure your video, please complete your details and double-check your phone number and email addresses.
  • Step 2 – Submit Footage: You will get an email with instructions on how to submit your footage after completing your registration. You can upload your games directly to our DropBox using the URL provided, making the video submission process quick and simple. You may submit three complete games. Note : If the email doesn’t appear in your inbox right away, check your spam folder because it might have been marked as spam.
  • Third step- Video Produced: After reviewing your game tapes, our video editors will produce a 2-4 minute highlight video featuring all of your best plays. The video will have an instrumental track added, and it will be sent to you for approval via Google Drive.


Young people’s talents and abilities are being developed via athletics by Pro Skills Basketball, a youth basketball group. Both education and the development of sports for our young athletes are important to us at Pro Skills Basketball. To receive a scholarship, we are searching for the best applicant. Get a chance to win our $1500 scholarship by motivating us with the life lessons you have acquired and encountered via participating in sports.

A priceless tool that can shape a better future for young minds is education. Education, like sports, is a potent tool that can aid in enhancing a child’s physical, mental, and emotional skills and fundamentals. This scholarship program intends to support young athletes in achieving their objectives. Your tuition, boarding costs, books and course materials, as well as living expenses like transportation and healthcare, may all be covered by your scholarship award. Pro Skills Basketball wants to give you the tools you need to succeed in your area of specialization.

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History of pro skills basketball

In 2009, Brendan Winters and Logan Kosmalski decided to casually start a one-week youth basketball summer camp in Charlotte after exhausting professional basketball careers abroad. Brendan and Logan, former Davidson teammates, have traveled abroad thanks to their skills, camaraderie, and a little luck. Logan made his professional debut in France after providing the squad a video of him scoring 25 points against Duke. With 24 points in the game, Brendan also turned in one of his best games, and the same French team signed him a year later. After spending a season in France together, Logan left to play in Poland and Brendan moved on to Germany. Following Brendan’s promotion of Logan to his German trainers, the two were soon back together. They were once more teammates, but more significantly, they were beginning business partners.

Logan and Brennan had an idea two years after they started the summer camp and expanded it from one week to four weeks: “let’s see how this summer goes and if all goes well maybe we’ll just retire and start doing this full-time.” They had a successful 2011 summer, announced their retirement from the NBA, and launched Pro Skills Basketball. With sites in 12 U.S. cities and a significant presence in China and England, Pro Skills has had exponential growth since its founding and now provides club teams, classes, and camps of the highest caliber. Brendan and Logan have had great success with Scaling Pro Skills.


Pro Skills Basketball’s Club Teams offer a more professional basketball experience for parents, players, and coaches that centers on organized communication, fun, mutual respect, and personal growth both on and off the court. Our Club Teams comprises of qualified and credentialed coaches who prepare players for the next stage of their basketball careers while also instilling in them life skills that will help them succeed off the court. We do this through our extensive player development program and F.O.C.U.S. core values. Simply simply, we instruct young people in basketball skills. Success in life.

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