Silicon Valley Basketball Academy

Silicon Valley Basketball Academy is any child dream academy. Here we’ll provide you information about them and how to join.

The 1987-founded Silicon Valley Basketball Club (SVBC) is a group that seeks to promote youth participation in competitive and recreational basketball as well as the growth of leadership, collaboration, and basketball abilities.

History of SVBC

The Silicon Valley Basketball Academy was established in 1987 with the goal of promoting and encouraging young people to play competitive basketball and to hone their leadership, collaboration, and sportsmanship abilities. Our goal is to promote and collect money for organized amateur basketball competitions, to reserve practice facilities, and to offer our members social, recreational, and athletic activities.

There are now 12 young teams with players ranging in age from eight to seventeen. Some of them are SVBC Tournament Teams, which have the go-ahead to participate in a number of Asian Tournaments held throughout California. Due to public health concerns and the unpredictability of COVID-19 in the fall, Silicon Valley Basketball Club will not be hosting a tournament this year (days are September 19 and September 20).

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Ski Break 2/20-2/22 Basketball Camp by SVBC

Eddie Attaway, a basketball coach at SVBC, will conduct a 3-day camp there. Players will be grouped by age and skill; it is for third through eighth graders. With a fun training environment, the camp focuses on developing and reinforcing basketball fundamentals, such as ball handling, passing, shooting, footwork, defense, and teamwork.

Dates: 2/20/2019 – 2/22/2019, morning 9:00am-12:30pm, afternoon 1:30pm- 5PM

Location: St. Cyprian Catholic Churc, 1133 W Washington Ave, Sunnyvale, CA 94086

we have a limited spot of 30 people per session. Then for more enquiries ,questions and payments use this email;

Registration link:

SVBC Youth Group

The mission of the SVBC Youth Group is to enable young people to take up leadership roles, serve as role models for younger people, and improve young basketball players’ basketball abilities, teamwork, and sportsmanship.

Visit the website to learn about the newest events, training, and news:

The Silicon Valley Basketball Club

Nothing compares to playing in the NBA for basketball players, but realizing that ambition requires a lot of effort and commitment. The next best thing for those of us who lack the talent or natural ability to play at that level is to train with professional athletes and compete against them on their home fields. This is possible with the help of the premier sports camp conducted by former NBA All-Star Fred Hoiberg, also known as The Mayor while he was playing in the league, at the Silicon Valley Basketball Club (SVBC).

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About Silicon Valley Basketball Club

Silicon is only one component of Silicon Valley. Elite sports teams also have a base there. There are the San Jose Sharks, of course, but there are also certain basketball teams that, after recent games versus UCLA and Cincinnati, have completely dominated the league. The Silicon Valley Basketball Club from California is one such group. They host games at the brand new Silver Creek High School in Los Gatos, CA. This team, which includes players from high schools all around California, has quickly grown in recognition among other teams there and outside.

Coaching staff

Sports nutrition plays a significant role in training athletes. Athletes must consume the proper amounts of protein, carbohydrates, fat, vitamins, minerals, and water in order to prevent malnutrition and the onset of certain disorders. A nutritionist who works with the SVBC keeps track of the players’ eating patterns and talks with them individually. In addition to this service, a good coach will also give their team the following two things:

  • Physical health service
  • Mental health service

Physical health services make sure that you visit the doctor on a regular basis to maintain your body’s health. These appointments may involve standard exams like cholesterol tests, cancer and other disease screenings, as well as basic maintenance operations like checkups and cleanings of the teeth. Players have a place to talk about issues in their personal lives, such as issues at home or at school, through mental health services. When something challenging occurs, such an injury or a defeat on the field, coaches also offer support by being sympathetic listeners.

Coaches should offer these services because it keeps everyone content and healthy, which improves their basketball skills.

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Opportunities for players

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to train at the Colorado Springs Olympic Training Center? Wouldn’t it be cool to work out with the UConn coaching staff while playing guard for their Big East Championship-winning squad? Or how it feels for WNBA players to play exhibition games against the finest opposition possible? All of that is available to you right now, right here.

A select group of our athletes train full-time and receive instruction from some of the best trainers and coaches in the world. Athletes will learn priceless skills throughout these intensive, immersive sessions that they can apply when playing in whatever league they choose. All skill levels are welcome; join us to improve.

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Time table

Breakfast by 7AM

8Am: Exercises for the lower back, chest, back, and abdominals are referred to as core training. Planks, yoga positions, crunches, and deadlifts are some of the most popular workouts.

9AM: Conditioning for the lower body: exercises that target the quads (front of thigh), hamstrings (back of thigh), calves (rear of leg), and inner/outer thighs. Running over hurdles or sprints with lateral hops are part of this session. Additionally, it can entail performing box jumps onto a platform that is 18 inches above the ground. Deep squats while tossing medicine balls over one’s head, or running in knee-deep water without letting go of the bottom.

How to purchase a ticket

By going to their website, customers can purchase tickets. Depending on when the game is being played, tickets might cost anywhere from $5 and $25. Tickets for a general admission game cost $25 for a family of four. Through the Youth Day promotion, fans can watch NBA stars in action for just $5 each. Visitors must present identification proving their age of 12 or older at Gate D on the day of the event (across from Intel).

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Steps to Join Silicon Valley Basketball Club

The Silicon Valley Basketball Club’s mission is to provide a world-class training facility where the top male and female basketball players may hone their abilities in order to compete at the highest levels. NBA players train everyday with their teammates from April through September, with a focus on basics, play speed, and team chemistry. Players can benefit from mentoring opportunities with prominent coaches from across the world at SVBC as well. Only those who gets the invitation may join.

Registration process

First step: Fill the registration form. You may set up an account with us with just a few clicks. The Silicon Valley Basketball Club will use your first and last name as your display name in all emails, so please type it exactly as you want it to appear. We’ll notify you about membership renewals and other crucial information using your email address as well.

Second step: Pay the initiation Pay your registration cost with PayPal or a credit card. Those under 30 who are students or young professionals should register at the Early Bird pricing of $250. You’ll receive a $25 discount off the standard price if you’re amongst the first 100 registrations. Once money has been received and processed, you will receive an email confirmation. Once you’ve registered, you may use your username and password to log in to the website. You are now prepared to begin your training.

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Requirement for Silicon Valley Basketball Club registration

The Silicon Valley Basketball Club might be for you if you’re looking for a way to advance your basketball career, want to prepare for your upcoming collegiate season, or just want to work on your game. Players must be SVBC members in order to take part in our team’s league matches. For adults, it costs $150, and for children, it costs $25. Then, there will be no additional charge for your practice visits. Although practices are primarily intended to be fitness sessions because they are not overseen by coaches, they are still a great way to maintain your skill level throughout the offseason.

Reviews of Parents

My son loves to play basketball, I’ll be honest with you about that. A lot. He works really hard every day to achieve his goal of joining an NBA team. His abilities are good, therefore he frequently competes in open tryouts, where he excels, but it is challenging for a 13-year-old boy who is 5’6 tall and competing against youngsters who are 15 or older! When researching the North Carolina Tar Heels, who have been one of his favorite teams ever since I brought him to see them play at Raleight Spectrum as a little boy, we came across this club completely by accident.

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Are the training sessions available for everybody? The Silicon Valley basketball club does indeed include open gym times in addition to private lessons and one-on-one coaching. The price is what? Depending on whether you want open gym hours or want private instruction, prices varies. Do you provide group instruction? With a maximum of six players each class, the lessons we provide at our training center in California give individualized attention. We can set up a private lesson for your team if you’d need more than that. How long is a session of open gym? Our sessions last 45–1 hour each,

depending on the time of day. Are coaches or trainers there to oversee training sessions? Yes, coaches are there to oversee trainings.

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