Basketball Academies in Nebraska

If you have been looking for Basketball Academies in Nebraska then this article is for you. You will also find more information about The Omaha Sports Academy, Hoffman Hoops’s Basketball Academy, Youth Sports Ivy League Academy, Coach Moe Athletics LLC and Basketball Academies in Nebraska.

 The Omaha Sports Academy

OSA has a “ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY” and the authority to eject any player who disobeys these rules or poses a risk to the security and fairness of our league or competitions. Anyone who is dismissed from a game must skip or not go to the following one. The person who was kicked off must miss the following games for each of the teams they were a part of.


1. No outside food or drink is allowed into any OSA facilities, excluding reusable water bottles for players participating in the event.

2. Basketballs may only be brought inside OSA facilities by coaches.

3. Dribbling in basketball is prohibited outside the court.

4. OSA is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

5. Smoking is not permitted everywhere at OSA.

6. Outside vendor booths and sponsors are not permitted without Omaha Sports Academy’s permission.

7. The OSA forbids the use or possession of tobacco, alcohol, or other restricted substances inside a facility.

8. All parking regulations, such as not parking in fire lanes, across painted lines, on sidewalks, or in grassy areas, will be strictly enforced by OSA Facilities.

Hoffman Hoops’s Basketball Academy

In Gretna, Nebraska, there is a year-round basketball training facility called Hoffman’s Hoops Academy. The goal of Hoffman’s Hoops Academy is to create a basketball player from the ground up. The game’s fundamentals will be taught through in-depth instruction and creative drills. Offerings of Hoffman’s Hoops Academy include:

Camps, personal training programs, individual and team training, Basketball players of all skill levels can train and play in Basketball Academies in Nebraska during the fall, winter, spring, and summer. Coach Hoffman will equip his basketball players with the skills they need to be innovative, self-assured problem solvers while focusing on skill progressions.

Each player’s game will progress thanks to the superior concepts and techniques applied. For additional information on the programs, camps, and training opportunities available right now, call (402) 650-7648. The address of Hoffman’s Hoops Academy is 205 West Gruenther Road, Gretna, Nebraska, 68028.

What Doug McDermott has to say about HHA and Coach Hoffman:

“The finest I’ve worked with because of his commitment to watching a lot of movies and learning the moves of some of the best players to play professionally. With Coach Hoffman’s help, I saw the most improvement in my ball handling and technique. Hoffman devotes the most time to film analysis. His commitment to the sport is unmatched.

Even if you believe you have certain things down pat, he won’t hesitate to correct you. I’ve never seen anything like the methods he employs. Some of the approaches occasionally made me uncomfortable, but at the end, everything made perfect sense to me.

National Player of the Year and three-time All-American Doug McDermott

Grab Buckets or Perish

Building a program that encourages moral and responsible behavior is our goal. Young athletes’ success is not appropriately assessed by victories and losses. They must be dedicated to a shared objective that represents a feeling of community, cooperation, and individual growth toward your goal in order to participate in our program. We accomplish this through in-depth lessons on leadership, tenacity, and mentoring. Success is inevitable when young people are properly instructed and have faith in their coaches, themselves, and the team.

Superior service, individualized care

The Florida city of Fort Lauderdale is where Venton Wilder was born. He was an All-American basketball player in college, and both on the court and in the classroom, his skills have been outstanding. Also, he became a respected and trusted leader in the larger South Florida, Kansas City, and Omaha communities through a strong dedication on his part and the direction of exceptional mentors.

And he performed quite well on the coursework. His performance in foundational business courses including Accounting I and II, Small Business Management, Advertising, Promotional Policy and Strategy, Public Relations, and acknowledgements from the dean. He joined the organization’s community-based programs as a contributor and an active participant.

His lecturers and coaches have a positive opinion of him as a driven professional with a broad knowledge foundation and effective leadership abilities. His teamwork, analytical prowess, ethics, initiative, creative energy, and capacity to effectively break through to all youngsters have all been recognized in the feedback that has been offered to him.

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Youth Sports Ivy League Academy

The mission of Ivy League Youth Sports Academy (ILYSA) is to develop the character and life skills of middle school girls in the Omaha area while assisting them in their pursuit of athletic achievement. ILYSA promotes a positive environment where athletes can develop their competitive techniques, mental toughness, and sports intelligence. In addition to diet, conduct, collaboration, and coach-player relationships, ILYSA focuses on developing athletic skill. Our program will center on “The Ivy/5” throughout the duration of each session. Each student athlete will grow in accordance with the important principles outlined below.


1. Very Skilled

Success on the court and in life depends on a never-ending dedication to excellence and skill development.

2. Competitive

Fostering an atmosphere of healthy competition where athletes can develop their physical and mental toughness.

3. IQ is high

Building a strong mental fortitude and great athletic awareness for the game.

4. Prepared

“Court Ready” refers to the process of getting athletes ready for their sport both physically and mentally.

5. The Settlement

Creating a secure and healthy atmosphere where staff, parents, and the community can support and encourage players.


1. Give 100% in every practice and competition – NO EXCUSES

2. Respect yourself, your teammates, and your coaches.

3. ALWAYS speak politely and exhibit a cheerful disposition.

4. RESPECT your tools.

5. PRACTICE being “court ready” and EMBRACE it.

6. Always be grateful.


• If you say you’ll participate, go through with it; prioritize it.

• Encourage your athlete to ALWAYS be “Court Ready”

· ATTEND contests, enthusiastically support coaches and all athletes

• Appropriately COMMUNICATE your worries; ALWAYS make an appointment to talk about your problems.




Coach Moe Athletics LLC

Our year-round player development program, Coach Moe’s Basketball Academy, combines the principles of basketball with the basics of speed and agility to create a curriculum designed to produce stronger players. Our 12-pillar curriculum became created to accommodate players of all skill levels.

Home of the Total Athlete Training System is Coach Moe Athletics.



Our flagship young basketball training program is called Basketball Academy.

Consider Basketball Academy as a year-round basketball camp that combines fundamental basketball skill development with training in speed and agility to produce better basketball players. Coach Moe adapts many of the techniques he used while working with collegiate basketball players to fit the experience and ability levels of his younger students.

Are you a CMA Alumnus visiting the area for a few weeks and seeking for employment? Drop-in prices offered here! You can attend any session for a month for $99 on the cheap.

Viglianco Hoops

Thomas Viglianco, who I am, played basketball professionally for nine seasons, starting in Italy in 2006-2007 and finishing in 2015-2016. I have experienced a lot of blessings in my life, and basketball has enabled me to do a lot of things. I’ve always been passionate about supporting kids in achieving their objectives, both on and off the basketball floor. I believe that the information I have gained through playing basketball may be used to educate and mold the lives of young players and I am driven and eager to assist your kid in developing into a well-rounded basketball player and person.

And I have competed against and learnt from some of the finest basketball players in the world, so I am aware of what it takes to excel in the sport.

Although I was born in Washington, D.C., I consider Alabama to be my first home since my family moved there when I was a young child. My family means a lot to me. My parents helped me develop the strong ideals and values that make me the person I am today. More so, my father, who played collegiate basketball for Division 1 St. Bonaventure in New York, urged me to start playing sports, so I began playing basketball in the third grade.

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I’ve always wanted to play professional basketball; it was a desire I’ve had when I was a young player and throughout my time in college. My game truly took off while I was a student at Madison, Alabama’s Bob Jones High School. As an all-state player, I competed on numerous prestigious AAU summer teams that toured the nation playing the greatest athletes. Some scouting services ranked me among the top 100 players in the nation, and I had the good fortune to be invited to the Adidas ABCD camp in

More about Viglianco Hoops

My junior summer in high school, I traveled to New Jersey to play against the top 200 players in the country.

I chose to sign a full scholarship with Division 1 Mid-Major, William and Mary in Virginia after receiving offers from more than 20 Division 1 universities. I joined there primarily for the academics and basketball programs. Basketball is merely one aspect of my life, as I’ve already mentioned. Life off the court and my education has always been significant to me. I was top 10% in my high school class and always knew that studies came before ball. After two years at William and Mary, I decided to transfer to a different Division 1 school since that would give me the best chance to pursue my dream of playing professional basketball.

One of the hardest decisions I made as a young adult was to transfer, but it helped me grow as a person, and I was able to continue to have a great career both on and off the court at a new D-1 university, Birmingham Southern. I finished my college basketball career in 2006 after graduating from this institution with a business degree. After college, I had the good fortune to sign with a sports agency. I began my professional basketball career after college.

More Information about Viglianco Hoops

Both personally and professionally, those nine years in basketball were crazy, exciting, and difficult. Over the past nine years, I’ve had the good fortune to play professionally in Italy, France, Denmark, Iceland, and Ireland. I’ve competed against and learnt from some of the finest players in the world, and I know what it takes to become a great basketball player. I’ve played in the top league in Italy and lived and played on the beach in the south of France.

You’re probably wondering how I got from Alabama to Nebraska. I relocated to Lincoln, Nebraska in the summer of 2007 following my debut season of professional basketball. At the time, my best friend from Alabama was living in Lincoln, and he invited me to visit and spend the summer with him. I assured him that I would, but I also needed a summer job and access to a gym. Unfortunately, I found a position with a brokerage firm and the rest is history. I now consider Nebraska to be my second home, and I adore this state!

Being 6’10 never forced me into a particular position. I actually grew up shooting forward and playing point guard, so I consider myself to be knowledgeable at every position on the court. That should give you an idea of the kind of player I am since shooting three-pointers and grabbing rebounds are both my greatest strengths and my paid specialties. Teaching youngsters the proper skills and work ethic needs to be prioritized more, in my opinion.

More Information

Your child will learn NBA-style techniques and how to dribble behind your back five times before you shoot, according to several coaches or private instructors. Although I am capable of teaching those kinds of things, my main goal is to help your child develop the all-around basketball abilities necessary to excel in middle school, high school, and, ideally, college. Given that many players struggle with having a lot of thoughts running through their heads while practicing and playing the game, I’m also concentrating on teaching the mental part of basketball. Currently, I instruct athletes across the nation, including in Basketball Academies in Nebraska.

I founded VigliancoHoops in the brief period from August to November 2013 before departing for Europe, and I had almost 20–30 clients from all throughout the State of

Nebraska, in no time at all. I now have more than 500 clients (NBA, international, college, high school, and middle school athletes) from all across the country as of September 2022, and I’ve also worked with a number of teams. In the last six years, I’ve had more than 70 clients sign college scholarships! I am eager to impart all the knowledge I have learned over the previous 20+ years of playing basketball on your youngster.

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Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me through the Contact Me part of the top right tab of my page if you live in Nebraska or one of the nearby states.

Going Upright

Jones, Nate

Coach for Sports Performance

At his alma mater, Yutan High School, where he coached the school’s first state championship team and was a finalist for the Nebraska High School Strength Program of the Year, Nate Jones got his start in coaching as an assistant football and head strength coach. He tutored multiple All-State football players during his four years at Yutan and helped the team make the playoffs in three of his four years there. After his time at Yutan, Jones went on to Midland University to teach football and help with strength and conditioning, where he oversaw a player who became named to both the All-Conference and All-American teams in back-to-back seasons. Jones supported all football strength and conditioning exercises as well as other sports as needed, helping MU to a winning record each year.

Jones joined The Xplosive Edge in November 2016 as an intern and later became a part-time strength coach. He left for Midland for two years before coming back to X-Edge in 2019 in a full-time sports performance position. Nate earned his bachelor’s degree from Nebraska Wesleyan University, where he played football, in 2015, and his master’s degree from Midland University, where he coached, in 2020. Jones is a USAW Sports Performance Coach and an NSCA-Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist.

Miss Basketball Competitions

Camps for high school teams and youth competitions Organization, facilities, and competition!

The Mr. Basketball & Miss Basketball high school & youth competitions, now in their 31st year, earned a reputation for being among the most professionally run events, with a range of competition levels, unequaled facilities, and warm neighborhood friendliness. Teams from 37 states and Canada have participated in Mr. Basketball, Inc. competitions since they began in 1992.

The Factory


A basketball training center called The Factory, devoted to showing young athletes how to improve their performance on the floor. Through fundamental work, drills, game-specific scenarios, strength and conditioning, and the mental component of the game, every athlete is put to the test.

We continue after that.

In order to prepare each athlete for success off the court as well, we think it’s important to establish relationships with them throughout their training. We demand a lot from our athletes in order to foster the growth of their work ethic, leadership abilities, and ability to function in a team.

In addition to improving as basketball players, they will also improve as people in our community.

Sports Complex at Union Bank & Trust

Both Nebraska Elite Youth Volleyball and Omaha Sports Academy Youth Basketball are happy to call the Union Bank & Trust Sports Complex their home.

Just off of 204th St., the 134,000 square foot structure is situated south of Elkhorn. Athletes from all over the nation compete in youth basketball and volleyball leagues and tournaments at the Union Bank & Trust Sports Complex. Eight volleyball courts and six basketball courts, both with HD digital Scorevision scoreboards, are part of the state-of-the-art sports complex. In the south lobby, there is a full-service concessions section with a seating lounge.

Guests can use the expansive lobby, which has a refreshment stand and a sports lounge, in between activities.

Features of UBT Sports Complex:

1. 134,000 sq. Ft

2. 6 Basketball Courts

3. 8 Volleyball Courts

4. Essential Motion Spine & Sport, 2,000 square feet

5. CKF Sports Lounge and Grill

6. Motivera 360’s 8,000 square foot training facility

7. 5,000 sq. ft Commons Area

8. Coffee & Smoothies Cabana

9. Dots, Dippin’

10. Pickleball in Nebraska

Basketball / Basketball training facilities

Scholarships for basketball teams in Nebraska

Basketball / Nebraska basketball schools

Nebraska basketball/basketball academies

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If you have been looking for Basketball Academies in Nebraska then this article is for you. You will also find more information about The Omaha Sports Academy, Hoffman Hoops’s Basketball Academy, Youth Sports Ivy League Academy, Coach Moe Athletics LLC and Basketball Academies in Nebraska.

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