How to Join Molde Fc Youth Football Academy

In this blog post “Molde Fc Youth Football Academy Trials”. We’re going to discuss; getting scout’s attention, Trials and Eligibility requirements that is acceptable.

Founded in 1994, the Molde Fc junior academy has given the chance for outstanding prospects like Mats Mller Daehli and Erling Braut Haland to become stars in the future of Norwegian football.To join the Molde Fc Youth Academy and follow in the footsteps of these young athletes, you must If you have the desire to be like these players and join the Molde Youth Academy. Then you need to find out about their upcoming trials, or better still be invited. This article will give you the details you’ll need to join the academy including the age groups, trials, etc. 

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The requirements for Molde Fc Youth Football Academy Trials

For you to qualify for trials with, you must be 15 years or older. Also, you need to complete 8th grade and also provide a recent photo of you. You must also submit a letter stating your motivation and reasons for wanting to enroll in the program. For more information on how to get scouted by Molde FC academy, please send an email to mtodne@moldefc.no.

What to pack if you’re going to Molde FC tryouts?

When you travel for the trials, you must have the following items with you:

  • A passport picture of you
  • Also, one copy of your passport
  • Then, your birth certificate
  • Finally, a proof of your address.

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Where is the location for molde fc tryouts?

All young players who meet the conditions for the are welcome to participate in the academy trials. Attending one of their open tryouts is the easiest way to get noticed by the Molde Fc youth program.

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The location for the open tryouts is the Aker Stadion in Molde, Norway. But before you can receive a spot in the academy, players will undergo series of evaluations and training sessions. However to qualify for the academy you have to be 12 to 16 years of age. Moreover, you must have or eligible to obtain the Norwegy passport. Finally you have to display outstanding football talent and skills.

Whether to hold a trial or not

You must pass a number of tests in order to enter the Molde Fc Youth Academy. Although it may seem like a difficult task, we can assist. Learn all there is to know about the Molde Fc academy trial procedure by continuing to read.To begin with, locate and get in touch with your local scout or representative if you want to join the Molde Fc Youth Academy. Be sure to research the scouts and representatives in the various nations before starting your hunt. After getting in touch with a scout or representative, they will request a number of documents, including identity (passport) and details on where you reside or the school you attend. If they like what they see, they will schedule a trial date at one of their typically nearby scouting locations. Keep in mind that the trials are challenging when you enter the procedure.

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Molde FK

Molde Fotballklubb, is a professional football team based in Molde, Norway, competes in Eliteserien, the first division of Norwegian football. The club was established on June 19th, 1911, under the name International, but in 1915 it changed its name to Molde. Molde has won the Norwegian Cup five times, they are four times league winners , and nine times runners up. Only two clubs from Norway have ever taken part in the UEFA Champions League, and one of them is Molde.

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The 11,249-seat Aker Stadion hosts the club’s home games. Kjell Inge Rkke and Bjrn Rune Gjelsten, two local businessmen, gave the stadium as a gift for its opening in 1998. The club’s previous home was Molde Stadion. Molde’s fan club, Tornekrattet, was established following the team’s 1994 Norwegian Cup victory and takes its name from the city’s moniker, “The Town of Roses.” Rosenborg is the primary adversary of Molde.

With the exception of a brief appearance in the Hovedserien during the 1957–1958 season, the team primarily competed in local lower division divisions until the early 1970s. Molde returned to the top level in 1974 and finished second in the standings. Since then, the club has grown to be one of Norway’s best organizations and has consistently played in the division’s top tier.

With silver medals in the league in four times, cup victories in twice, and participation in the UEFA Champions League in the 1999-2000 season, when Real Madrid, Porto, and Olympiacos paid a visit to Molde. Molde was the second-best team in Norway during the 1990s and the early 2000s.

By 2017, there were over 1,000 members in the club, who were divided into three departments by about 55 teams. Since Ole Gunnar Solskjaer left the club in December 2018, Erling Moe has served as the club’s manager. As of April 29, 2019, he has also served as the club’s permanent head coach.


Early years (1911–63)

A group led by Klaus Daae Andersen (born 30 September 1873), who organized the founding of Molde FK, elected J. Ferdinand Dahl as the organization’s first chairman on June 19, 1911. It was agreed by members to change the name of the club during a general election on April 24, 1912. This is to accommodate the large number of Danes who were working at the Gideon engine manufacturing or because the rivals were mostly visitors from cruise ships or commerce ships. Away against Kristiansund on August 5 of the same year, the club played its inaugural competitive game, which ended 2-2.

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The club changed its name to Molde Fotballklubb in 1915 due to the growing popularity and activity of football in nearby communities. In 1939/1940, the club competed in its first season of top-flight competition, but the German occupation forced an early end to the season. Molde only relegation from the top division was in 1947/48, the first post world war 2 season.


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  5. The benefits of joining Molde FC academy are what?
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In this blog post “how to join Molde FC youth academy”. We’re going to discuss; getting scout’s attention, Trials and Eligibility requirements that is acceptable.

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