How to join the Asteras Tripolis FC Youth Academy

In this post “How to join the Asteras Tripolis FC Youth Academy” 23 we will discuss it everything you need to know on Asteras Tripolis FC youth academy and as well as the registration requirements and how to get a trial with Asteras Tripolis youth academy.

In Greece, the Asteras Tripolis academy is one of the best youth academy. This is because it has produced lots of great talents who currently play for top European clubs like; Olympiakos, Panathinaikos, AEK Athens, and many others. For you to join the academy you must fulfill the following conditions.


Greece’s Asteras Tripolis youth program has been producing a significant number of professional footballers. These athletes are currently playing for both elite Euroean clubs and the Greek national team. As a talented player hoping to join the academy, we’ll give you all the information you need right here on this blog.

The Asteras Tripolis youth academy was founded in 2006 by Greek professional football club Asteras Tripolis FC.. The academy is in charge of the growth of young football players between the ages of 6 and 18. All of the academy’s teams participate in national events, and there are teams for both boys and girls. The academy has consistent produced good footballers.

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Asteras Tripolis Academy

Asteras Tripolis is a professional football team that competes in the Super League Greece, Greece’s top football league. The club, which is in Tripoli, Greece, was founded in 1931. A lot of professional footballers have come out of the club’s youth academy, which is among the best in Greece. Here’s what you need know if you’re a gifted young football player and want to join the Asteras Tripolis youth academy. 

For a person to be accepted into the academy, you must be between age 10-18.  You’ll then need to fill out and submit the registration form which is available only on the club’s website. Then a staff of the academy will get in touch with you to set up a trial after they have received your application.

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Requirements for application

  • The age requirement for applicants is between 10-18
  • Two training sessions are available each week at Asteras Tripolis Youth Academy from 17:00 to 19:00 on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
  • It costs €100 to register each year.
  • Then, the applicants are expected to submit a completed application form,  a recent photo, and a copy of an ID or passport.
  • Once you’re selected for an interview. You’ll then need to present a copy of your birth certificate, a proof of your current address and a medical certificate.
  • Finally, The club will then ask the chosen candidates to sign a contract.
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Asteras Tripolis Academy

Greek football’s premier league, the Super League, features Asteras Tripolis as one of its major clubs. The club was started in 1931 and has its headquarters in Tripoli, Greece. One of the best youth academies in Greece, Asteras Tripolis has produced several professional footballers over the years. Here are the requirements if you’re a young footballer between the ages of 10 and 18 who wants to join the academy:

  • Firstly, you either must be a citizen of Greece or hold a Greek passport.
  • Then, you must be a primary school graduate.
  • Also you must be within the age range of participants which is 10-18.
  • Finally, You must have a physically fit body.

Introduction to the Training Session

Morning and afternoon training sessions are available at the academy. The morning session runs from 9 to 11 in the morning and the afternoon session from 4 to 6, players are to participate in these sessions. Players in Greece are to practice with one club. For some teams’ academies, there could be a trial period that allows you to try out before enrolling. The club must have room on their roster for you if you take part in an academy trial, or they must add you to the reserve team squad.

Selection Process at asteras tropolis

As one of the most prosperous academies in Europe, the Asteras Tripolis Youth Academy has a high success rate of developing players and getting them into professional clubs. The academy uses a two step selection method. All players who satisfy the age and nationality restrictions may participate in the trials that make up the first stage. The second level is invitation-only and only open to players who the academy staff believes have the ability to develop into professional footballers. To get an invitation to join the academy, they must first go through the tryouts process and then impress the Asteras Tripolis FC academy staff. Players who perform well at both levels will have the opportunity to enroll in the academy.

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Costs and fees to pay before joining

For new players, the academy charges a €300 enrollment fee, which covers their first year of participation. The annual cost is €1,200 if your child is between the ages of 6 and 10. The annual charge for players between the ages of 11 and 15 is €2,400. Additionally, the annual cost for individuals 16 and older is €3,600. Your child must fulfill certain Asteras Tripolis registration requirements in order to enroll in the academy. They must possess a Greek passport or residency permit and be between the ages of 6 and 18.

How can you be seen by a football academy or club?

Being watched by scouts while playing football.

This is the least likely way to join a Football Academy. Because you simply need a lot of luck, it is known as ascending the ladder. Basically, you can play for any level of soccer team. You will always have the opportunity to showcase your talents and abilities as you play. Everyone has the opportunity to play, everyone has the opportunity to succeed, and that is the beauty of football.

There is always a potential that someone may see you and want to sign you if you are unique and stand out from the other players.Football scouts who are looking for players are usually amongst them. Usually the person who you impress will try to connect with your parents or your coach as they frequently do. Remember that you must develop these skills, for instance, if you want to impress scouts, you must practice speed drills and workouts. Things don’t merely appear due to “skill.” Following that, a football trial or perhaps an immediate signing usually occurs.

Your football coach is another possible source of this.

If you impress and make it evident that you are too excellent for the level you are playing at, your coach will frequently recognize this and support you. This is because the coach on your team may know people or may have had key contacts when playing football in the past. Surprisingly, this occurs frequently since coaches in lesser clubs want you to be successful and have a football career. Coaches may occasionally send you to European soccer camps or football clinics to showcase your skills.

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How do i get an agent?

Getting a football agent.

Agents’ duties resemble those of football scouts in that they actively look for football talent and place it with a soccer team. But unlike soccer scouts, agents also handle other details like contracts and pay. This is typically where they will collect payment. However, returning to the idea of joining a soccer team, agents are people with contacts to football clubs and can help you to contact the management of Asteras Tripolis youth academy.

Therefore, if you are able to impress an agency, they may be able to set up trials or invite football scouts to watch you play. If you are successful and play soccer, they are also successful and make money, so everyone benefits from it. The majority of agents are actually at higher levels, very few are likely to be checking around lower level clubs. This makes it more challenging for you to join a club with their assistance. Once you are already a member of a soccer club, an agent will often assist you. Ex players and agents don’t often look for new talents. However once they see a new and exciting talent they’ll always be willing in helping them.

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In this post “How to join the Asteras Tripolis FC Youth Academy” 23 we will discuss it everything you need to know on Asteras Tripolis FC youth academy and as well as the registration requirements and how to get a trial with Asteras Tripolis youth academy.

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