How to Join Aalesund Youth Football Academy Trials

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Please carefully review the eligibility requirements mentioned below to determine your eligibility if you’re interested in enrolling in Aalesund Youth Academy. The age requirement is between 13 and 19 years and you have to live nearby Stavern, Norway (whether you have a driver’s license or not) in order to enroll in Aalesund Youth Academy. Additionally, you must present your application at least a month before the commencement of the annual Aalesund Youth Academy in June.

 Prerequisites for enrolling in Aalesund youth academy

For admission to the Aalesund Youth Academy, you must be between 15 and 18 years of age. Also, you must have no prior convictions and finish at least one year of high school. Another eligibility equirement is that you will need to submit two letters of recommendation and your prior academic transcripts. Ensure that you give your all because the Aalesund Youth Academy application procedure is tough. You will have to finish a two-year curriculum if you are chosen to enter the academy. You will get a diploma after the program is over.

Aalesund Youth Football Academy Trials

Amongst the numerous methods to join a football academy and a professional team, which ones are the most trustworthy?

The four best ways to join a football club academy have been identified by us. You will be on your road to getting a professional football contract and playing in a football academy in Spain if you follow these instructions.

1. Two best ways to get noticed.

2. Selecting the ideal agent.

3. Reaching out to clubs on your own.

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4. Enroll in a specialized academy that will provide you with training and trials.

Ways to get scouted by a football club or academy

  1. Being noticed when actively playing football.

The least probable method to join a football academy is this one because you just have to be very lucky.

People refer to this method as ascending the ladder.

Irrespective of the level of the football team you play for, you will always have the opportunity to showcase your talents and abilities.

“Everyone has the opportunity to play, everyone has the opportunity to achieve, and that is the beauty of football.”

There is always a chance that someone may see you and want to sign you if you are unique. If you have skills that stand out from the other players and display a good performance, you’ll definitely get noticed.

Remember, things don’t merely happen due to “talent”. Make sure that these skills are being developed; for instance, if you want to impress scouts, you must do speed drills and workouts!

You will often get an invitation to participate in football academy tryouts in Spain after being scouted. Click the link below for additional details.

It’s true what Arsene Wenger once said: you never know who’s watching!

 Football scouts may be actively hunting for players, or a random spectator may be admiring your skills while watching your game. See our updated article on getting noticed by football scouts.

The individual who is interested will typically attempt to get in touch with you, your parents, or most often, your football coach. Following that, a football trial or even an immediate signing usually occurs.

Your football coach is another potential source for this to occur.

If you impress and make it evident that you are too excellent for the level you are playing at, your coach will often recognize this and support you. This is because the coach on your team may know people or may have had key connections when playing football in the past.

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This happens more often than you think. Your coaches at lesser teams want you to be successful and have a football career. Coaches may sometimes send you to European soccer camps or football clinics to showcase your skills.

Attracting a football agent

2. Hiring a soccer agent.

Most of us know how contentious the world of football agents is.

An agents’ role is to aggressively look for football talent and connect them with a football club, much as football scouts.

Contrary to soccer scouts, though, agents also handle other issues including contracts and pay. Typically, here is where they will collect payment.

Returning to the topic of joining a football team, agents are individuals with many connections.

Therefore, an agency may be able to set up trials or invite football scouts to see you play, if you are able to impress them.

Due to the nature of their industry, they often have a great deal of enthusiasm to accomplish this. If you successfully land a deal to play football, they are also successful and make money. Both parties benefits!

However, very few agents are likely to be checking around lower level teams as the majority of agents are at higher levels. As a result, acquiring the assistance of an agent to join a club may be very challenging.

Not to worry! A comprehensive list of football agents in Europe is available on our website. Check out our last post on how to join a football academy in Europe before you send any emails.

Once you are already a member of a football club, an agent will often assist you. While any agents and even former members of football teams and academies may not be actively searching for new talent, they may still be interested in assisting if they see someone with unique skills.

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How can I submit a free application to a football academy?

3. Get in touch with the club right immediately to sign up for free.

 You can do this easily by following these three methods:

i. Obtain the club’s email address.

ii. Acquire the contact information of any club employees.

III. Hire an agent or someone who is acquainted with some of the club’s members.

Aalesunds FotballKlubb

People commonly refer to Aalesunds Fotballklubb as Aalesund or AaFK for short. The team represents the municipality of Ålesund and plays in the Eliteserien, the top division of the Norwegian football league system. On June 25th, 1914, AaFK was established. The football club has 835 members as of 2004 and fielded a number of professional and amateur teams. The first and second teams, the junior team, and various age-specific teams are among these teams.


Up to the 2015 campaign, the Kråmyra Stadium hosted Aalesunds home matches. They then moved to the brand-new 11,000-person capacity Color Line Stadium. Across only a few years, Aalesund has gone from drawing audiences of under 1,000 to consistently selling out its stadium [1] thanks to the new stadium, recent success, and rising attendance in Norway. At the time, their 9,943 average attendance in the 2006 1. Division set a new record for second-tier Norwegian league system attendances.

Have you been looking for the criteria to be eligible to join the Aalesund Youth Academy, see Eligibility Requirements for Aalesund Youth Academy. Check also for Aalesund fc academy, Aalesund fc academy trial, how to get scouted by Aalesund fc academy, eligibility requirements for Aalesund fc academy.

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