How to join Remo Stars United Youth Academy – Trials and requirements

In this article titled “How to join Remo Stars United Youth Academy – Trials and requirements”, we’ll discuss the criteria to join Remo Stars United Youth Academy. Also check for Remo Stars Youth Academy, How to get scouted by Remo Stars Academy, Trials at Remo Stars Academy, Registration requirements at Remo Stars Youth Academy.

Let’s establish the purpose of this article and examine the lessons you will learn from it before we get started. The Remo Stars United Youth Academy, or simply RSUYA, is a youth squad affiliated with the Remo Stars Football Club, a Nigerian Premier League side that competes in the Nigerian Professional Football League (NPFL). Young athletes aged between 13 and 17 are offered the chance to hone their footballing abilities and compete in games against other like-minded people throughout Nigeria and abroad while doing so in a structured environment.

Trials at the Remo Stars United Youth Academy

Would you be a good fit for the Remo Stars United Youth Academy? You may sign up for the trials using the steps below. Filling out the registration form on the academy’s website is the first step. You’ll have to supply information about yourself as well as your football background. The academy will get in touch with you to set up a trial date after you’ve submitted the form. In a series of exercises and small-sided games, you will be required to demonstrate your abilities on the trial day. Our technical proficiency, tactical awareness, physical fitness, and mental resilience will be evaluated by the academy personnel. When the trial is over, your assessment result will be revealed to you. If successful, you’ll then be enrolled into the squad.

Remo Stars United Youth Academy Registration process

Filling out the online registration form on the academy’s website is the first step. In addition to providing some basic information like your name, date of birth, contact information, etc., you will be requested to upload a current photo of yourself. After submitting your form, a staff member will then get in touch with you to set up a trial day. Here are the Requirements for Remo Stars Youth Academy registration. 10 years old is the minimum age requirement, but solely for football; 16 years old is the maximum age. Players who made it through the screening process will be invited to our school to take an assessment test after they are interviewed by the coaches. This individual can become a full-time scholar if they clear this last obstacle. The Academy trials is also open to aspiring athletes beyond Nigeria looking to become professional football players.

Getting noticed by Remo Stars United Youth Academy  Scouts

Sagamu, Ogun State is home to the Nigerian football team Remo Stars United Football Club. They compete in the Nigerian Professional Football League, the national football league of Nigeria. Many professional players, notably John Obi Mikel, Victor Moses, and Obafemi Martins, have come out of the club’s youth academy.

Here’s how young footballers may join the Remo Stars United Youth Academy if they want to play professionally.

You must first register with the school before beginning. Go to their website and completing the online form to do this. There is a 5,000 registration fee.

You will get an invitation to take part in trials after registering. A match trial plus an Aptitude test make up the trials. You will either go on to the Match Trial based on your performance on the Aptitude test, or you won’t. After passing both tests, candidates are then admitted to the Academy program. Requirements for enrolling in Remo Stars Youth Academy: Age requirements for applicants are 14 to 17 years old.

They must show up for trials as arranged by management.

PSLE, SAT/ACT, and IB exam scores must be submitted.

Requirements to register For Trials at Remo Stars United Youth Academy

The age requirement to sign up for trials is between 10 and 20 years. Along with a completed registration form, you must provide a current passport picture and a copy of your birth certificate. Visit the academy’s website to get the form, or get in touch with them directly. There is a ₦5,000 registration fee. You will have to pay a ₦10,000 commitment fee if you are chosen for the academy.

Attending one of the academy’s open trials is your best bet for getting noticed. Inquire about private trials by contacting the school directly. Private trials cost  ₦15,000 each. Participating in private trials does not guarantee acceptance. Admission depends on how well the athlete performs during that particular trial. For instance, if two players possess equal potential and one demonstrates more devotion than the other during their trial, there is a greater probability that player will be admitted into the academy than the one who did not demonstrate such dedication.

Thats how to join Rema Stars United Youth Academy.

Remo Stars Football Club

 The Nigerian football club Remo Stars FC is located in Ikenne, Nigeria. They compete in the Nigeria Professional Football League at the time


Mr. Kunle Soname came up with the idea of starting a local football team in Ketu, Lagos State, Nigeria in 2004 primarily as a venue for recreation for young people.

Initially, the team was known as FC DENDER of Lagos. The club’s persistent effort allowed them to advance to the Nigeria National League(NNL), the second division of Nigerian football, in 2010. The administration of the club later rebranded its organization. As part of the rebranding, FC DENDER’s name was changed to “REMO STARS FOOTBALL CLUB” when it moved to its present location in REMOLAND.  After being promoted in 2016, they competed in the highest flight of Nigerian football, the Nigerian Premier League.

The Nigerian Professional Football League (NPFL) demotion of Remo Stars to the Nigeria National League took place in 2018.

After placing second in Group A of the Nigeria National League (NNL) playoffs in September 2021, Remo Stars won a return to the Nigeria Professional Football League (NPFL).

Kits and Colors

Sky Blue Stars is the name Remo Stars were formerly called. Remo Stars’ home uniforms are mostly Sky Blue, while their away kits are yellow and white.


Prior to entering the Nigerian Football League, Dender FC, now known as Remo Stars, played their games on a neighborhood field in Ketu, Lagos State.

Before they got promoted for the 2017 season, the team subsequently relocated to Remo Land in Ogun State, where they played their home games at Dipo Dina Stadium in Ijebu-ode.

For their first Nigeria Professional Football League season, Remo Stars then relocated to Sagamu’s Gateway International Stadium.

The Remo Stars Stadium in Ikenne hosts their Nigerian Professional Football League home fixtures at the time.

AIETO Cup (Nigerian Version of FA Cup)

The AITEO Cup, often known as Challenge Cup or Fed Cup, is the primary single-elimination football competition in Nigeria. The tournament features 74 teams from the 36 states and 1 FCT. It is the domestic cup of Nigeria and serves as the country’s version of the FA Cup, Emperor’s Cup, Copa do Brasil, and Coupe de France, among other competitions. As the “Governor’s Cup,” it replaced the War Memorial Challenge Cup, which was only open to football teams from Lagos, and was established in 1945.

The Governor’s Cup, which was first held in 1945, saw a preponderance of clubs from Lagos at the time. Later, it was called as the Nigeria FA Cup from 1954 to 1959, Nigeria Challenge Cup from 1960 to 1998, Coca-Cola FA Cup from 1999 to 2008, and Nigeria Federation Cup (2009–2016). The AITEO organization has sponsored the event since 2017, and it is now referred to as the AITEO Cup, including the women’s competition.

Bayelsa became the first state to have two teams win the FA cup in the same year’s men’s and women’s competitions on August 8, 2021.

 With eight victories, Shooting Stars are the most successful football club. They are followed by the former Lagos Railways with seven victories and then Enugu Rangers with six.


Tournament Layout

The contest is a single elimination knockout event with 74 teams from Nigeria’s 36 states and 1 Federal Capital Territory. The winners and runners-up of each state cup competition secure qualification for the tournament. This is regardless of their place in the Nigerian football league system, which is how all teams qualify. The 20 clubs with the lowest rankings will compete in a “Rookie” play-off. Then the 10 winners will join the other 54 teams in the first round. All games are held at impartial locations.

The tournament winner automatically earns a spot in the CAF Confederation Cup for the following season, or the runners-up if the winner has already earned a spot in a CAF club tournament based on league standing.

In this article titled “How to join Remo Stars United Youth Academy – Trials and requirements”, we’ll discuss the criteria to join Remo Stars United Youth Academy. Also check for Remo Stars Youth Academy, How to get scouted by Remo Stars Academy, Trials at Remo Stars Academy, Registration requirements at Remo Stars Youth Academy.

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