How to Join LONIKOS FC Youth Academy: Eligibility Requirements

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Introduction To The Topic

The products of the LONIKOS FC’s youth program are the ones to represent the club and soccer at the highest level. brightest future. When it comes to training our young players, the LONIKOS FC youth academy instructors enjoy doing everything they can to help them succeed. However, players can’t just venture into the academy. They must meet specific requirements in order to gain entrance into the LONIKOS FC junior academy.

About The Age Requirements

When you come to Greece, the youth academy of LONIKOS FC is highly rated. Then, they are among the most renowned football club in the world. This is because of their remarkable success in grooming players who turn out to be professionals. However, let us take a look at the LONIKOS FC Youth Academy eligibility requirements.

The pioneer requirement is being between the ages of 10 and 18. Although their is no bench mark for age limit, but you ought to fall into this age range to find the favor of LONIKOS scouts. After that, you must be living in Greece to participate.

About The Location Requirement

Los Angeles, California, will be the site of the academy trials. The cost of your transportation to Los Angeles, California will be covered by you. Also, If they academy picks you, you will foot your own travel and lodging costs.

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About The Gender Requirement

The LONIKOS FC youth academy is not gender specific. It admits both boys and girls.

The Cost Of Uniforms And Football Materials

If you’re a new player, you’ll need to buy the complete academy uniform before you can participate in the game. The uniform comprises of; Jersey, Shorts, Socks and Cleats. All this will cost you approximately $250 fee. Also, it is required that each player brings his or her own soccer ball and water bottle to practice.

Each player receives a bag from the academy to store their belongings. Meanwhile, is is the players’ responsibility to foot their transportation bills for practice and games.

About the training schedule, the academy holds trainings two times a week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Meanwhile, the training lasts from 5:00 to 7:00 pm on this days.

About The Traveling Cost

The club is responsible for footing the traveling bills. But before then, it is important that, the academy will conduct trials for any interested players of the academy. Technical ability, tactical understanding, and physical conditioning are the key points that will they will look out for. Applicants for the academy will be offered a spot if they perform well in the trial.

Those In Charge Of Coaching

Coaching at a professional level is something that is predominant in all of our staff at LONIKOS FC Youth Academy. Their goal is to enable the academy players succeed.

The coaches focus on enhancing all-round aspects of the players. They lay emphasis on the development of technical skills, tactical awareness, and physical condition in the training program.

About The Academy’s Drive And Mission

These are quite precise. The LONIKOS FC‘s mission is to produce professional athletes who can represent the club at top competitions. The sky is our limit when it comes to achieving our mission, as long as we work hard and remain focused.

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The Unique Nature Of LONIKOS FC

The LONIKOS FC are proud to be a football club that promotes the development of local talent. They are unique because their academy trains young players with the aspiration that they will emerge in the first-team squad. Also, they are unique in the sense that, players who meet the academy’s eligibility standards can join for free.

So, by taking part in one of the club’s open trials, you stand a chance of joining the academy. To be updated on the trial period and location, visit the academy’s official website. when these trials are taking place. The academy will invite those who perform well in the trial to join them.


Is there a way to get noticed by a football club or academy?

While you play football, an academy scout can observe you and take notice of his or desired qualities. However, this is not always effective as most scouts come on invitation. Most times, they only pick few players.

But, it is best to be your self and exhibit your talent. Who knows, you might get selected. So, showing passion for football is highly required.

If you wish to specialize in a particular ability, you have to train on that ability. For instance, if you feel that the scouts will like a fast player, you’ll need to do speed training exercises and drills.

Typically, if you have been scouted, you will be invited to attend football academy trials.

Just like Arsene Wenger always talks about not knowing who is watching, you may get lucky and be selected. However, you can later on, look out for our published scouting guide for football players.

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In most cases, the scouts may reach out to you, your guardian, or your football coach, if they want to watch you. After that, a football trial or perhaps signing can be expected. Your football coach is another potential source to enable you get a trial. He or she may set you up for trials in Europe.

Where can I find an agent?

Before we proceed, you need to know the work of a football agent. An agents’ primary responsibility is to diligently seek out and place soccer players on teams. They play a key role in the signing of player contracts and salary negotiations. At this point, their own fee is contained in the agreement.

An interesting fact about agents is that, they do have numerous contacts and connections. So, getting a trial from a club won’t be difficult as long as you impress your agent. Once you are signed, they receive their agent fee and everyone is happy. If you then consistently perform well, it boosts your agent’s profile.

However, you can find agents in professional and elite levels due to the nature of their job. They rarely come down to amateur players or clubs to work as agents. So, it may pose as a difficult task to find an agent to work with.


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