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Tromso FC has made it known to people that children born in the year 2000 to 2005 are now eligible to register for the club’s youth academy trials on Saturday, 11th February at noon in the Tromso sports arena. This trial is open to everyone interested in showing off their football talents. After the trial, the players chosen will be invited to train with the club’s Academy coaching staff. The coaches are expected to keep a careful eye on each player’s progress to make sure they are getting the necessary instruction and have a chance to be noticed by more competitive clubs in Norway and abroad.

Tromso Youth Academy

The Tromso Youth Academy requires registration before enrollment. The following criteria must be met to register:

1 You are between the ages of ten and eighteen.

2 you must have at least experienced 2 years of coordinated football.

3 You must send in a fully filled-out registration form along with a current photo.

4 A $200 registration fee that is not refundable must be submitted.

If you’re able to meet up with the requirements you’ll be asked to come over to partake in the youth academy trials. The trials are held twice a year, in April and September.

Players will be judged during the trials based on their technical proficiency, tactical awareness, physical characteristics, and mental toughness.

How to join Tromso Youth Academy

For you to be part of Tromso Youth academy, you must first participate in the club’s trial. All players who meet the prerequisites for registration are eligible for the trials.

You must submit a completed online registration form along with a non-refundable registration fee to sign up for the Tromso Youth Academy Trials.

The enrollment fee will be used to purchase training kits which will be given to them before the trials.

Players involved are expected to come with their boots and shin pad because the club won’t be providing them.

The training will last for two days, training for 4 hours each day.

During the trial, participants will be assessed by the coaching staff to check their tactical ability, tactical understanding, and fitness level.

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Tromso Youth Academy Trials

If you want to do well in football, you have to start training early. Tromso youth Academy has created room for young players to join their youth academy. The following information will help you register for the Tromso Youth Academy Trials.

Make sure you satisfy the registration requirements as a first step. You must have finished a football training course and be between the ages of 10 and 16. Submit a completed online registration form after which you will be reached out to by the club to fix a trial date.

Appear on time and appropriately attired on the day of your trial. Several drills and activities will be required of you to demonstrate your abilities. However, one of the coaches will assess your performance to know if you qualified for the next stage. If you are qualified, you will be asked to join the elite soccer development program. For more updates on how to get scouted by Tromso youth Academy, click here.

Enrollment requirements for Tromso Academy trials 

To be part of the trial you must meet up with the club’s requirements and these requirements are:

1 you must be between the ages of Ten to eighteen as of September first of the year you wish to join.

2 you have stayed in Norway for at least 2 years before joining the Academy.

3 you must be a citizen of Norway and have a work permit to make you eligible.

4 you must complete high school or any other education-related school.

5 you are not expected to have any contract signed with another professional club.

6 The player must not have previously had his application turned down by the academy.

7 for you to engage in practice and games, you must be in good physical and mental health.

How to get scouted by Tromso Youth Academy

You must first complete a registration process to be qualified to take part in the trials and be scouted by Tromso. The following criteria must be met to register:

1 you must be at least 16 to 23 years old 

2 you must have at least experienced 3 years of coordinated football.

3 You need to submit a filled-out registration form, which is available on the Tromso website.

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4 you will pay 250 dollars that can’t be given back to you once you pay.

5 Additionally, transcripts or other supporting proof demonstrating your academic qualifications must be provided.

The Tromso Youth Academy Trials have a January 15 registration deadline. Visit our website’s page on the Tromso Youth Academy Trials if you’re interested in learning more about this opportunity. There are download links for registration forms.

Qualifications for Tromso Youth Academy

All players that want to be part of the trial must meet up to the qualification requirements.

1 You must be between the ages of Ten to eighteen years

2 you must live around Tromsø

3 you must have not registered with any club for at least 6 months 

4 you have to be ready to be dedicated to training and matches fixed by the club. 

5 you have to Posses a positive outlook and a strong commitment to work.

6 you have to show respect to one another both on and off the field.

To take part in the Tromso Youth Academy Trials, please fill out the form below. The trial will be held on April 15th-17th at the Senja Vgs Sports Hall. Please email the completed registration form to or post it to us before March 22nd at 21:00 hours Norwegian time (GMT+1). If you have any questions about this trial or how to get scouted by Tromso Youth Academy, please contact us at

Tromsø IL

Tromsø Idrettslag is a professional football club situated in Norway. The club was established in 1920 and is located in Tromsø. Tromsø football club plays their home matches at Alfheim Stadion. It plays its football in Norway’s top-tier league.

In addition to competing in the UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup, UEFA Intertoto Cup, and UEFA Europa League, Troms has twice won the Norwegian Cup, in 1986 and 1996. The Norwegian Cup medals make Troms the most northerly club in the world to have claimed a national victory.

Clubs history ( 2002 till date)

Troms was reinstated into the top tier after winning the 1. division title in 2002.

The club with the most coaches in Eliteserien since 2000 is Trom’s football club. Terje Skarsfjord coached the club during its 1996 cup championship. After him was Tommy Svensson who made a quick return to the club to try to save them from facing relegation in 2001, but after 10 years he left the club to coach the Swedish national team. Trond Johansen, Per Mathias Høgmo, Otto Ulseth, Steinar Nilsen, and Ivar Morten Normark have all coached the club at some time after the year 2000.

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The coaches

The club returned to the top division for the 2003 season, however, they managed to stay in the Tippeligaen by scoring the game-winning goal against league champions Rosenborg BK in the final game of the season. The appointment of a new coach Per Mathais Høgmo brought success to the club in the 2004 season. Another successful campaign saw Troms finish fourth in the standings, qualifying them for both the Royal League and, thanks to third-place team SK Brann’s triumph in the cup that year, the UEFA Cup. After his first fruitful season, Hgmo decided not to renew his contract, and Otto Ulseth, a former assistant, was given the position of head coach.

Ulseth was fired by Troms after only 15 league games of the 2005 campaign because the team was having a difficult time avoiding relegation. Steinar Nilsen, a former assistant of Ulseth’s, took over as head coach for the remainder of the campaign and was successful in improving Troms’ dismal performance. With a 1-0 home victory over Viking FK on the second-to-last matchday of the regular season, Troms confirmed its spot in the Tippeligaen after a club-record five straight victories. Tromsø also had the highest scorer in the premier division for the second time in history, as Ole Martin Årst concluded the season with 16 goals. The team placed ninth at the season’s end.

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Do you wish to know how to register for Tromso youth academy? Kindly read the article below. You can also get more information on Tromsø IL youth Academy, How to get scouted by Tromsø IL youth Academy, Trials at Tromsø IL Academy and Eligibility requirements at TromsøIL academy

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