Kwara United Youth Football Academy Trials

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Introduction To The Topic

You have always wanted to play football in Nigeria, but you are confused on which academy to sign up for. Enrolling into Kwara United Youth Academy, is the best decision you can make. There are certain processes you will have to pass through before gaining entrance. But, at the end of it all, it is worth it.

The good thing about the academy is, there is no limit to applying. So, assuming you don’t it on your first attempt, you can try again. It is also for free, so you don’t need to worry about the cost of reapplying. Below are the eligibility requirements of Kwara United Youth Academy.

An Overview Of Kwara United Youth Academy

Kwara United Youth Academy is a noble and reputable football academy, that is focused on grooming Nigerian youths with football aspiration. However, you ought to be qualified before you can register with the academy.

If you are between 6 and 18 years, you can register. Then, getting scouted will enable the club’s scouts to observe you. Meanwhile, the academy holds their open trials in May and November.

If you impress the scouts, they will select you to take part in the academy. In the academy, their are different groups depending on your age and capabilities. So, you will be assigned to a team when they finish assessing you.

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About The Trials Of Kwara United Youth Academy

Before you can obtain the academy trials, you must present your particulars to enable you sign up. Simply, go on to the academy’s website and fill out the online form.

Ensure that you provide the accurate informations like; your name, date of birth, contact information, and a passport photo. It is also important to attach your football video clip while submitting your form.

In addition to your particulars, also include your parents’ or guardians’ name, address and phone number. Their consent is also needed for players who are not up to 18 years.

The trials schedule and location is on the academy’s website. Endeavor to be early and dress properly for the trials. You can also come with your lunch pack and water.

You will have to pay the sum of N5, 000 (Five Thousand Naira only) as the Registration fee.

Getting Scouted By Kwara United Youth Academy

Below, are ways of increasing your chances of getting selected by the Kwara United Youth Academy scout.

  • Take part in the academy’s open trials. You can attend more to increase your chances.
  • Display your skills and capabilities without holding back.
  • Always listen to instructions and corrections.
  • Show zeal and passion to play football and be part of the academy.
  • Display good morale attributes.
  • Even if they scouts don’t select you at that point, don’t quit trying. Tomorrow may be your lucky day.

Details About Kwara Football Academy

Governor Bukola Saraki of Kwara State has launched the Kwara Football Academy (KFA) in western Nigeria. President of the Confederation of African Football, Issa Hayatou inaugurated the facility in 2005.

The Academy’s primary goal is to improve players’ abilities. It is accessible to everyone, no matter where you came from. As it stands, the Academy bears seven coaches. They are all ex-professional players with coaching certificates.

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Goals Of The Academy

With the help of the state government, the Kwara Football Association was established as a private organization. One of its primary goals was to serve as a source of youth empowerment via the sport of football.

It also served as a medium for extracting youths from social vices.

At the moment, KFA has 81 youngsters, and its goal is to train international-caliber players who range between the ages of 13 and 21.

The academy aspires to groom young players who will turn out to be professionals tomorrow. Then, after schooling, will play for clubs in the diaspora.

As a pioneer football academy in Nigeria, the Kwara Football Academy render students the privilege to get a high-quality education while improving their football talents.

By establishing this football academy, Kwara State is positioning itself to become a national football powerhouse in Nigeria.

About The Academic Standards

Players can obtain the free basic education while building their football career in the Kwara Football Academy. Also, players can stay in the academy hostels as boarders. The academy set this up to ensure that student-players don’t get distracted by staying off campus.

The combination of Nigerian educational system and British educational system, influences the academy curriculum.

With this curriculum, the students can take part in West African School Certificate Examinations, (WASC), National Examination Certificate (NECO), International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE), Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) and the International Baccalaureate (IB).

In addition, they can also get access to learning languages like; English, French and others. Learning other science courses are not left out.

Just like we said earlier, their are separate groups depending on your age and capabilities. Ages 13–14 make up the junior group. Ages 15–16 make up the intermediate group. Lastly, ages 17–19 make up the elite group.

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In the Junior and Intermediate group, their major focus is on academics and football. But, that is not the case with the elite group. Here, they focus on learning management courses and training for football.

The Structures In The Academy

You can locate the academy some distance away from Kwara State Stadium Complex situated in Ilorin. There, over 200 students can gain accommodation.

There are some structures in the academy that facilitates the training of players. Some of them are: four high-quality football pitches with automatic sprinklers, a tennis court, a basketball court, a gymnasium, three student hostel blocks and a health facility.

The Academy Accomplishments

It is worthy to note that our academy players have done well and are still doing well in the trials organized by European clubs. Remarkably, in 2009, Chelsea Football Club invited two of the academy players for trials. Also, Portsmouth Football Club in England did the same.

Most of our academy players are currently signed to top clubs both in Nigeria and in diaspora. Ahmed Abdul-Taofik is signed to FK Ventspils, four players at the Kwara United and four players for Bukola Babes Football Club.

It is on record that, in 2009, the academy recorded three of their players who featured in the Nigerian U-17 team. Impressively, they performed well, and were awarded the silver medal in the U-17 World Cup of that year.


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