Online Registration for Interior Youth Basketball Academy

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 This organization’s mission is to give young people social opportunities and instill in them the values of excellent sportsmanship, honesty, loyalty, bravery, and respect for authority so they can become stronger, better adjusted, and more trustworthy individuals. By offering supervised competitive athletic games and effective coaching, the goal will be accomplished. The coaches must always keep in mind that developing outstanding athletic ability or winning games is secondary and that the formation of the next generation of citizens is of utmost importance. The example and environment that are required to support and achieve the aforementioned goal must always be set by coaches.

Online Registration for Interior Youth Basketball Academy

Online registration is simple and fast! Just adhere to these easy steps:


If you don’t have a member account, you will be prompted to establish one. When prompted to check in to the registration system, merely select the “No, I do not have a member account” choice. Important: Please refrain from opening a new account if you already have one but would like to change your user name. If you contact IYB administration, we can help you modify the name of your user account. This will save you from having to enter all of your family information again and, more significantly, will allow you to maintain a single profile for all of your registration data. For usernames, private email addresses are preferable.


You must select “Register Now” after creating your new member account. You are then prompted for parent information.


After selecting your player’s age group, complete the player details.

You’ll be asked if you want to finish signing up and paying or add other players.


Following the completion of your parent and player(s) information, you will see your total fees and have the option of paying online with a debit/credit card, a check, or both.

By choosing the “Pay By Check” option, you can still register online and put off making your online payment. You can log back into your account at any time and pay with a credit card or an ACH check before registration closes. At the skill assessment, you can also register online and PAY IN PERSON. When paying in person or after a delay online, always choose “Pay by Check.” On-site at the skill evaluations, we will accept cash, checks, money orders (paid payable to Interior Youth Basketball), or credit cards. Nota Bene: For your security, we NEVER store credit card information on our computers, and all data is encrypted.

You can register online and bring the filled-out form and payment to the skill evaluation.

If you are able, we recommend online registration through the web system!

Personal email addresses are preferred as some employer servers may not permit mass email correspondence AND, if you leave that employer and no longer have access to that email address, IYB Administration will need to create another username for you & merge your accounts. Please provide the email address that you use most frequently as that will be your “username.” Please refrain from opening a new account without first getting in touch with the program coordinator.

Players who pre-registered must still show up for the skill evaluation.

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The INTERIOR YOUTH BASKETBALL policy is that after a child participates in a sanctioned game or practice, there will be no refunds given. Before participating in a sanctioned game or practice, the registration fee will be refunded (minus a potential administrative handling cost).


When you seek our services, INTERIOR YOUTH BASKETBALL only gathers personal data, and we only use that data to fulfill your service request. You will be asked for contact information (such your name and address) and financial details if you decide to make a purchase (such as your credit card number and expiration date). This data is needed to process your order and for billing purposes. All of this information is handled with the highest confidence by INTERIOR YOUTH BASKETBALL.


Any personal information you supply won’t be sold, traded, rented, shared, or used for purposes other than those mentioned in this statement by Interior Youth Basketball. However, none of the affiliates of INTERIOR YOUTH BASKETBALL (such as our credit card company) are authorized to retain, share, store, or use personal information for any purpose other than providing the requested service. From time to time, we may work with third parties to process your information on our behalf.


We have put in place the necessary physical, technical, and managerial procedures to protect the information we collect in line with our privacy policy in order to prevent unauthorized access, disclosure, and improper use of your information.

Your personal information and money are both always secure. Our Safe Sockets Layer (SSL) software is among the best for secure online transactions today and is the industry standard. Your whole personal information becomes encrypted to prevent online eavesdropping, including your name, address, and credit card number (etc).

Additionally, we never retain your credit card information, including the number, expiration date, and CSV code.

In accordance with VISA/MASTERCARD regulations, a third-party vendor regularly checks our systems for security flaws.



The inside youth basketball league that interior youth manages

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You accept these terms of use, conditions, and all relevant laws by accessing or using this website. You have no permission to access this site if you do not accept these terms.


Interior Youth Basketball maintains the right to modify any of the terms, conditions, and notices contained in or governing the use of the Interior Youth Basketball Web sites, including but not limited to the fees connected therewith. You are in charge of keeping up with the terms and conditions.

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CONTACT Interior Youth Basketball Academy

Call us at any time at 907-457-4492.

Please get in touch with the IYB Program Coordinator if you have any billing questions about homeschooling programs.

P.O. Box 74317, Fairbanks, Alaska, 99707

Email address:

Scholarship Fund for Vincent Cosmo Fantazzi

Because of Cosmo’s love of basketball, his close friends and family established the “Vincent Cosmo Fantazzi Memorial Scholarship Fund” within Interior Youth Basketball. You can mail donations to Interior Youth Basketball at the following address:

P.O. Fairbanks, Alaska 99707; P.O. Box 74317 Observed in the memo “VCF

Fund for scholarships”

For contributions using a credit card as well, click the link below.

In case you have any questions, kindly get in touch with the program coordinator.

(907) 457-4492

Link to Fairbanks Daily Newsminer’s obituary

Vincent Cosmo Fantazzi Memorial

Former Little Dribbler Vincent Cosmo Fantazzi is now a team sponsor.

Cosmo started sponsoring his own Major Boys squad, dubbed, in January 2012,

The “Vincent Cosmo Fantazzi Memorial Scholarship Fund” became established within Interior Youth Basketball in honor of Cosmo’s love of basketball by close family friends of “Team Fantazztic!”.

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Donations are sent to and made payable to Interior Youth Basketball.

P.O. Fairbanks, Alaska 99707; P.O. Box 74317 Please write “VCF Scholarship Fund” in the memo line.

For contributions made by credit card, the link above becomes activated.

If you want to designate your donation for a particular project, please get in touch with the program coordinator.

Questions and Answers


Your child’s team is determined in part by the skill evaluation. Teams are not created based on your residence or your child’s school. Teams become formed using a variety of factors. A terrific three-point shooter from each of the seven teams should not be on the same squad. There are coed divisions at Little Dribbler. The only grade with a true division is second grade Little Dribblers. No prior basketball experience is necessary to join any recreational basketball team; all other divisions in IYB are mixed grade levels (e.g., K/1; 3/4; 5/6; 7/8; 9-12). No of their level of expertise or experience, everyone is welcome.

The objective of the recreational skill evaluation is to balance the talent on each team by combining participants with different skill levels—skilled, intermediate, and low to no competence. Additionally, efforts are made to balance the student’s grade and height. A mix of genders may also be a consideration in the coed categories of the Little Dribbler, depending on enrollment.



A) Visit a height station to have your child’s height compared to the information you supplied online. The difference will be stated if it is different.

B) Head to the tryout number station after your child’s measurement. As you take your child into the gym to perform the series of drills, pin their assigned number to their shirt.

C) Once your child has finished the exercises, unpin the number, put the pins in the door’s container, throw the number away, and you’re good to go.

2) In the event that you pre-registered but did not pay:

A) As stated in 1A above, measure your youngster before anything else.

B) Visit the cash register. Cash, personal checks, money orders, credit cards, and other forms of payment are all accepted. Make sure you address all cheques and money orders to IYB or Interior Youth Basketball.

C) Go to the station with the tryout numbers. (Refer to 1B & 1C above.)

3) If you don’t register in advance, when you arrive:

A) Before standing in line, complete a paper registration form that is accessible on tables.

B) Have your child’s height recorded on the registration form but measure them as described in 1A above.

C) Head to the cash register. (See 2B up top.)

D) Go to the station with the tryout numbers. (Refer to 1B & 1C above.)

Follow the steps below to create a new member account if you want to get email updates, camp announcements, registration opening information, or anything else relevant to basketball but aren’t already in the IYB database.

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This article contains detailed information on Interior Youth Basketball. You will also find more information about Terms and Conditions For The Interior Youth Basketball, Online registration for Interior Youth Basketball and Skill Assessment for the Interior Youth Basketball.

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