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Overview Of Michigan Basketball Academy

The goal of the academy is quite clear. It is all about educating the youth about life and sports.

Youth sports have an unmistakable impact on young people.

Young people can benefit in many ways from participating in sports: they can build self-esteem, learn to work together, combat obesity, manage their time well, develop a sense of responsibility and sacrifice, and find a sense of community.

At MSA, we’re thrilled to provide so many opportunities for young people to get involved in sports and for our best athletes to realize their goals of playing at the collegiate level.

We take pleasure in the process and make the most of every opportunity to laugh and enjoy ourselves as we grow as people and players along the way.

The Michigan Sports Academies acknowledge the importance of leisure time activities. The people of West Michigan can enjoy themselves at any of our three state-of-the-art facilities.

A new turf field will be installed in MSA Fieldhouse in time for the 2021 summer season. Among the many types of sporting events and other gatherings that we provide are drop-in sports, trade shows, and exposure for local businesses.

The Aspect Of Teaching

At Michigan Sports Academies, we have world-class instructors that help us realize our educational mission.

When it comes to coaching, we have a group that is dedicated, energized, and well-prepared. Even the youngest athletes are taught the importance of developing their technical skills.

Wherever your gamer is on their path, we can help them get to the next level.

The Michigan Sports Academies appreciate the chance to work with your athlete. We are fast to react, easy to reach, and communicative.

We provide a substantial rate of return for the money spent with us. All of us are excited to get to know the game while having a good time doing it.

“Motivating the next generation is the highest form of achievement. It is our duty as coaches to help mold these impressionable young minds with facts that will serve them well in their athletic and personal endeavors.”

The Life Aspect

We don’t label our athletes as just athletes. They are not defined by their athletic ability. For this reason, here at the Michigan Sports Academies, we stress the importance of developing in more than just a sporting sense.

Cultivating one’s moral fiber is crucial. We hope that our athletes will develop not just into formidable competitors, but also into principled thinkers who are equipped to handle whatever life throws at them.

Our essential beliefs at MSA are what really get to the athletes’ heads and hearts.

The coaches at MSA focus on a different value every month. It’s intended for players to talk and learn from the cards they take home with them.

Each month, coaches select an individual who best exemplified the team’s guiding principle and reward them with a bag tag to wear proudly.

“Young people can learn both the art of leading and the art of following from participating in sports. They provide invaluable lessons in self-awareness, gratitude, empathy, persistence, bravery, and accountability, among many others. If this isn’t the best there is, what is?

The Aspect Of Sport

We are like a family, yet we offer four different sports.

The Michigan Basketball Academy, Michigan Futbol Academy, Michigan Lacrosse Academy, and Michigan Volleyball Academy serve a combined annual enrollment of approximately 5,000 athletes between the ages of 2 and 19.

The Michigan Sports Academies serve athletes at every level, from novices looking to improve their skills to seasoned veterans seeking exposure at the collegiate level.

Through our clinics, private lessons, and team programs, we provide everyone the chance to participate no matter how much time or money they have to devote to the sport.

Truth be told, none of us would be here today if it weren’t for athletics. ATHLETICS are in our blood. We are urged to respond to them.

They provide a forum for developing one’s persona, skills, and sense of belonging to one another in a group through friendly rivalry.

Join Midland Basketball Academy

Please join us for our yearly basketball league. Every club in this league will get to practice once a week, and the season will consist of 10-12 games.

Whether you’re a rookie or a seasoned pro, you’ll find a home in our league.

All participants will wear MBA t-shirts and wear MBA jerseys (to be returned upon completion of the season).

To further organize the competition, players will be grouped into age-appropriate leagues:

  • There will be 12 full-court 5v5 matches for students in grades 4-6.
  • During the 2nd and 3rd grade cross court season, there will be ten 4v4 games played.


The 2021–2022 regular season for the league will run from November 6th to January 29th. Saturdays are game days, with a possibility of two or three weeknight contests.

Please be aware that we do our best to schedule teams so that they don’t coincide with other important community events, but owing to the high volume of players/teams we serve, this is not always possible.

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The league will not play any games during the Midland Public Schools winter break or over Thanksgiving weekend.


Once a week, each team will meet at a local school gym for an hour of practice. We will start practicing the week of October 25.


Registration is also the time for any interested parents to sign up to be coaches. Every one of our volunteer coaches has to submit to and pass a thorough background investigation.


If you register as an individual player, you will be placed on a team with other students from your school and grade level. Those squads who don’t have enough players will be joined with others.


For teams to register as a unit, rather than as individuals, a roster and full payment must be submitted at the same time.

All members of a 2nd-5th grade team that registers together must be enrolled at the same school, and everyone on the team must be in the same grade.

In order to register as a team in 6th grade, students must have attended the same elementary school. To sign up as a team, you’ll need to have a volunteer coach already lined up. Check out for the team rosters.

The meeting for coaches will be held on October 13 at 6:30 p.m. in the Barstow-Shipps room of the Community Center.

Join Macon 6 Basketball Academy

The Interest Of Our Company Is In Our Youth

Macon 6 Basketball Academy‘s goal is to become the premier basketball organization in the state of Michigan.

Every one of our sessions, whether for a novice or an experienced player, begins with a 15-minute classroom session.

We’re dedicated to instilling in our students the value of an education and the necessity of striking a healthy balance between extracurricular activities, academics, and personal time.

As they leave the Academy, the children will have a firm grasp on the significance of academic achievement.

In addition to developing into an elite player, they will also gain knowledge and understanding of the game, improve as a teammate, and leave with greater self-assurance.

Facilitating the development of future leaders, encouraging young people to achieve more than they ever imagined, and imparting valuable lessons through the sport of basketball, is our drive.


Join Michigan Triple Threat Hoops

Lansing, Michigan is home to Michigan Triple Threat, an amateur athletic union basketball team.

Triple Threat’s goal is straightforward: to help the best young basketball players in the world become even better.

Triple Threat is assisting in the development of future basketball greats by providing elite coaching and emphasizing a strong foundation in the game’s fundamentals.

Inviting you to Triple Threat Basketball Club‘s 7th annual basketball camp!

Physical and mental abilities to improve your game will be the primary focus of this camp, which is open to players of all experience levels.

This year, we may divide the camp into a morning and an afternoon session, depending on the turnout.

Klarissa Bell, a former Michigan State Spartan and Miss Basketball in 2010, will join Monty Myles as camp directors.

Assisting them will be competent, enthusiastic, and knowledgable coaches who have played at the collegiate and professional levels.

Instruction will include post and guard fundamentals like as dribbling, shooting, passing, and defense.

In the Midwest, the Spartan Showcase is among the best youth basketball tournaments. Over the past decade, we’ve had over 350 teams participate over the course of the 2-day competition, selling out each year.

More Information

With teams from at least ten different states, you’ll get to test your mettle against opponents from all around the country.

Tournaments will be divided into separate brackets so that each team can compete against opponents of a similar skill level.

Saturday morning at 8 a.m., the games will start. Last year, the academy ran out of space early on, so don’t delay in signing up.

Join i9 Sports South Macomb, SE Oakland County, MI

Participating in a team sport is a lot like practicing for real life. Indeed, sports are unparalleled as a medium for instilling in young people the qualities they’ll need to thrive in adulthood.

However, there seems to be a major problem. Adults have taken over youth sports, and as a result, children are suffering.

Check out the i9 Sports blog to discover more about our youth sports leagues and the benefits they provide.


  • By the time youths are 13 years old, more than 70 percent of them have decided that childhood sports aren’t exciting or rewarding for them anymore and they’ve quit.
  • Kid-centricity has taken a back seat to adult-centric goals like improving parents’ confidence and coaches’ win-loss records.
  • Each year, 3.5 million children younger than 15 are seen in emergency rooms due to sports-related injuries.
  • Youth physical and mental exhaustion has skyrocketed due to early specialization in one sport.
  • However, just 2% of high school athletes really receive a college athletic scholarship. Of those who play the sport professionally, only 1% will do so.
  • Parents in the other 99.9% treat their kids like they’re going to the pros, while youngsters just want to play sports and have fun with their pals.
  • League culture and program formats are hyper-competitive, highly political, pressurized, disorganized, and inconvenient.
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Ten Ways We Have Improved Youth Sports

Reclaiming youth sports for kids, i9 Sports is making a difference.

Only those who run the programs can make meaningful changes in youth sports.

Therefore, we have assumed a pioneering role in remaking youth sports from the ground up by concentrating on these 10 essential changes to the structure of our national youth sports leagues:

FUN FIRST: Youth sports are kid-centered and fun because we put that priority first. This is the primary motivation for young people to participate in sports. And this is where the i9 Sports really shines.

INCLUSIVITY: For number eight, we value inclusivity, the idea that all kids, regardless of their background, gender, or physical capabilities, should have access to and be encouraged to participate in youth sports. Our goal is to provide each child with equal playing time, and we do not use tryouts or drafts to choose participants.

SAFETY: When it comes to youth sports, we don’t think it’s ever okay to put kids in danger. To ensure the physical and mental well-being of our athletes, we provide exclusively non-contact sports.

AGE-APPROPRIATE SPORTS PROGRAMS: We think it’s important for youngsters to participate in sports at the right level for their physical and mental development.

When developing our programs, we take into account the developmental milestones of our participants and provide age-appropriate practice regimens and instructional manuals for our coaches.

GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP: We think sports should be about more than just winning and losing and we encourage you to do the same. Every practice and game is an opportunity to instill and recognize the value of good sportsmanship in our players.

More Information

CONVIENIECE: We think it’s important that kids and their families be able to have a life outside of sports, therefore we prioritize making it easy for them to get involved. Games and practices are scheduled for the same day. There are no required fundraisers, and parents are not expected to sell refreshments at games.

SPORT SAMPLING: we believe that children should be given the opportunity to try out a variety of sports and positions so that they can choose those they enjoy and improve their overall level of physical literacy.

Each of our national youth sports leagues features a wide variety of sports, actively promotes kids’ participation in numerous leagues, and allows them to try out for a variety of roles in each of the sports they join.

HEALTHY COMPETITION: We think it’s crucial for kids to learn how to win and lose graciously. In games appropriate for our age group, we maintain score, but we never let that become more important than having a good time.

LEAGUE CULTURE: we think that developing and maintaining a positive culture off the field is the first step in developing and sustaining a successful culture on the field. At this age, having a good time and developing a passion for the game are more essential than winning or losing, therefore we have all parents and coaches sign a vow to that effect.

CELEBRATION: we think it’s important to acknowledge and reward things like showing up as a teammate, being a good sport, making the most of one’s ability, and winning. Each and every one of them is appreciated and celebrated by us.


In order to achieve our purpose of “Helping Kids Succeed in Life Through Sports®,” we believe that parents should be able to tailor their child’s participation in a youth sports program to their own schedule and preferences rather than the other way around.

That their child will receive high-quality education and be given every opportunity to thrive academically and personally doesn’t have to come at the expense of the family’s other priorities in life.

Those looking for a league where the emphasis is on winning at all costs will be disappointed with our leagues.

When it comes to the millions of youngsters around the country who want to play sports for fun, our format is shamelessly recreational. That’s what sets the i9 Sports apart.

When it comes to youth sports, i9 Sports was the first major organization to incorporate the following safeguards:

  • The Parental Pledge was first used in 2005 and has since spread across the country to help keep the sidelines in a good place and to ensure the emotional well-being of all players.
  • When in doubt, sit ’em out: the “When in Doubt, Sit Out” Concussion Safety Protocol, adopted on a national scale in 2011.
  • To raise awareness of concussions and educate parents and coaches, a nationwide program was launched in 2011.
  • Throughout the entire country, the heading ban in soccer was enacted in 2011.

Top-Notch Basketball Training

For young men and women of all ages and athletic abilities, Michigan Made Advanced Athletics is the ultimate source for athletic development and general physical preparedness.

We connect with kids, groups, pros, and adults from amateur to professional levels.

Being “Michigan Made” denotes origin in the state known for its hardworking population.

A society in which one’s value is determined by one’s actual contributions rather than by one’s outward appearance. All of it is encapsulated in the Michigan Made Advanced Athletics brand, which was founded by Vince Agnew for one straightforward reason:

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Discover, coach, mentor, motivate, and develop the hidden talents inside the Great Lakes State. This is to help them succeed on the largest stages through personal and professional experiences.

Join Hype Athletics

The goal of the HYPE Athletics Community is to improve opportunities for young people in Wayne County.

To this end, we can encourage involvement in a variety of sports, as well as educational tutoring and literacy development, as well as social awareness activities like mentoring, counseling, life skills training, and drug misuse prevention education and awareness.

They discovered HYPE in 2001 with the goal of providing communities with safe, inclusive, and drug-free athletic opportunities for children and adults of all backgrounds.

In the present day, HYPE Athletics Community is a well-established, non-profit community based organization. It collaborates with government organizations, businesses, foundations, and community leaders at the federal, state, and local levels to deliver services and programs.

Please consider contributing to one or more of our many community initiatives, including but not limited to: Feed Detroit, Tutor Challenge, Youth and Adult Athletic Programs, Fitness and Health Services and Education with ACT/SAT Support, Career and Leadership Development, Mentoring, Life Skills, Drug Prevention, Homework Assistance, Reading and Math Programs, Teach and Feed Green House Project, and more.

Talent and a bold new way of thinking are needed to transform this post-crisis region into a healthier, safer, and higher-quality urban area.

HYPE has the will and resources to make a difference and bring about positive change.

Background Of HYPE Academy

Ali Sayed organized a coalition of young leaders, businesspeople, and industry pros and elected officials in January of 2001.

He did this in an effort to promote drug-free, violence-free, and culturally inclusive program. This program promotes understanding and harmony among the region’s many different racial, religious, and linguistic groups.

People from all over the world have set up shop in the Greater Detroit area. The foundation of the region’s past and present success is the legacy and culture brought to the region.

Since the turn of the century, funding for recreation centers across the country has drastically dropped, forcing the closure of thousands of facilities.

Since 2001, the city of Detroit has seen more than 30 closures. HYPE‘s top priority is developing a system that benefits the neighborhood as a whole.

It’s no mystery how low-priced providers can keep their prices so low. Cut down on frivolous spending, and concentrate on the end goal.

Moreover, HYPE takes great pride in its partner or parish philosophy. It places emphasis on working with local governments, schools, religious institutions, and community-based groups.

Join Hoopdrillz


The path to victory is something we are familiar with as professional athletes and coaches. We share our insights with you.


We want to help you develop the same deep appreciation for basketball that has shaped our own lives.

When you sign up for Hoopdrillz, you become part of an exclusive group of people who will be there for you through the ups and downs of your basketball career.

Join O3 Sports Training Center

The inspiration for O3 (One on One) Sports came from our basketball-focused youth company, One on One Basketball.

They established the O3 Sports in 2006, in Ann Arbor, MI. It is with the intention of serving the basketball needs of southeastern Michigan.

Since then, the complex has expanded into a comprehensive sports training firm. This is by launching three other divisions: O3 Basketball, O3 Strength, and O3 Volleyball.

O3 Basketball has grown to become one of Michigan’s premier club basketball programs. We also launched the nation’s first O3 Strength & CrossFit 1on1. It is a private gym that specializes in CrossFit, strength training, and sport-specific strength and conditioning.

To better serve our customers, O3 Sports moved its headquarters to the O3 Sports Complex in 2016.

This cutting-edge facility has a brand-new reception area and a feature court the size of an NBA court with six baskets. It also has two volleyball courts, locker rooms and showers. In addition, it has a snack bar, and a mezzanine that can accommodate one thousand and two hundred spectators.

Our long-term goal is to roll out O3 Sports Complex franchises all over the United States.

About The Academy Coursework

A new training program with a “Membership Style,” the O3 Academy Program is worth looking into. Costing a lot and being difficult to organize, private courses aren’t for everyone.

We have a straightforward answer for our basketball and volleyball players.

Incorporating the O3 Complex (Headquarters)

A state-of-the-art facility, the New O3 Sports Complex has an NBA-sized feature court with six baskets. It also has two volleyball courts, a locker room, two shower rooms. In addition, it has a snack bar, and a 1200 sqft spectator mezzanine.

Foot Note

Are you thinking about bringing an O3 Sports location to your area? Reach out to us right away to learn more about this fantastic franchise opportunity.


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