How to Join Leverkusen FC Youth Football Academy

Have you been seeking to join a reputable football academy in Germany? Then, this article titled ”Leverkusen FC Youth Football Academy Trials” is for you. Also, to simplify this article, we will study; Leverkusen registration requirement, How to get scouted by Leverkusen FC, Leverkusen youth trial and more on Leverkusen FC Youth Academy Trials.

Now, let us look into the topic ”Leverkusen FC Youth Academy Trials” squarely.

Introduction To The Topic

Do you think you’ve got what it takes to play professional football? There is no better place to show this off than during the Leverkusen FC Youth Academy Trials. It’s no longer a rumor that Leverkusen is one of the most elite football clubs in the world that compete in the Bundesliga, Germany’s premier division.

Aside from competing against some of the world’s greatest football players, you’ll also have access to some of the best training facilities and sound academic background in Germany.

Let’s look at some guidelines to follow before looking our for a Leverkusen FC Youth Academy Trials.

Step 1: Get acquainted with the youth academy

Knowing the Leverkusen FC Academy is paramount before you consider entering there. Leverkusen’s youth academy ranks among the best in Europe. If you are interested in applying to the academy, you must first fulfill a number of conditions.

To be eligible, players must be between the ages of six and eighteen, have a genuine desire to play football, and be physically fit enough to do so. The following section should address the following issues and questions:

What is the criteria to be eligible?

What do I need to know about the Leverkusen FC Academy’s upcoming recruitment sessions?

In order to join the top Leverkusen team, what is required?

Step 2: Research well on what you are signing up for

You should know what you’re signing up before you start the request process for the FC Leverkusen Academy Trials. Because the institution is one of the most esteemed in Europe, getting into the academy won’t be very easy.

All participants in the trials are required to meet a set of criteria established by the club.
The pioneer requirement is to be between 12 to 18 years. In addition, you must hail from German or hold a German passport. Participation in the trials is restricted to those who have not met these criteria.

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On the other hand, you must present a couple of paper work which includes your application letter, document of residency, birth certificate, and even a recommendation letter. This recommendation letter must come from someone who have known you for a very long time, confirming you are of good behavior. Additionally, you must offer an email address for easy passing of information or further inquiry.

More so, parents and guardians must give their consent before their child can enroll for the Leverkusen FC Academy Trials. Due to the demanding nature of this curriculum, some youngsters may drop out or grow tired.

Step 3: Getting ready for trials

As one of Germany’s most esteemed youth football programs, Leverkusen’s youth academy ranks high on the list. Get yourself ready, if you want to be considered into this academy. Fortify yourself with the following information before going for the Leverkusen FC Academy trials.

  • Determine if you met the qualifications first. If you are between 10 to 19 years, you are good to go. Also, you must at least have two years of participation in an organized football program.
  • You should also be on time, wearing a proper attire. Make sure you’re ready to embrace strenuous exercises during the trial.
  • More so, you must be open to learning. The coaching team at Leverkusen will be seeking for players that are eager to learn and are able to follow instructions.
  • Finally, demonstrate your abilities.

Step 4: Experiencing the Leverkusen trial.

When you get to the Leverkusen trial, you know you have reached the final step in the application process. How well you performed in the trial, will determine your chance to enroll in the academy. The academy must send you an invitation for the trial. Also, you must meet specific qualifying criteria to get the invitation.

Your purpose in the trial at Leverkusen is to show off your abilities and make an impression on the observing coaches. Bear in mind that there it isn’t just about football in the trial. They observe other important qualities like, your attitude, commitment and dedication.

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The Leverkusen FC Academy Trials is a great opportunity for aspiring footballers to show off their skills. Make sure you’re on time and well-prepared. This shows you’re serious about getting into the academy.

Step 5: What come next after the trial

Leverkusen FC will admit you into their academy if excel in your trial. You must be between the ages of 9 and 19 in order to pass the trial.

If the academy admits you, you’ll receive world-class training from some of Germany’s most experienced and trained instructors. You’ll be able to play against other elite youth teams from all over Europe and have access to world-class facilities.

There have been many successful professional footballers who came out of the Leverkusen FC Academy. It has earned the academy, its respect as one of the best in Germany. Leverkusen FC Academy Trials are open now for those who desire a chance to join a squad and become professionals.

Gaining Entrance Into An Elite Football Club/ Academy In Germany

Age (Early Enrollment)

It is evident that modern-day football clubs are constantly on the search for talented young players. They tend to gain a lot from this, that is why they go for young age group.

For a professional football club, the value age very well, especially when recruiting players. Another reason is, young people easily imbibe the club’s style of play and other philosophy.

If you are a young talented player, the clubs tend to give you long-term contracts. Within this period, they put so much resources on you to make you outstanding. This is only a sample of the many reasons teams take into account the age of their players. So, it is wise to start your football pursuit at an early stage.

The 2019/2020 German Bundesliga season has a higher percentage of youthful players than the previous seasons. Meanwhile, having a football agent increases your chances of playing for a professional club without having previously played for another one. This is pertaining to professional players over the age of 25.
Negotiations with clubs would be handled by your agent.

Always look out for youth sports programs in Germany

If you come to Germany, you would see numerous government-sponsored and private-sponsored sports development programs.

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Assuming, where you stay in Germany lack sporting events, it would be wise to relocate to an area where there are more. Munich, Dortmund, and North Rhine-Westphalia are among the cities having a high level of football activity.

Youth sports programs in Germany’s most populous regions, such as Bayern, Hamburg, Saxony, Westfalen, and Bremen, are concentrated in these areas. With Sports Programs, you can exhibit your football skills and possibly get a chance of being scouted and enrolled into a top team.

Additionally, keep in mind that some youth sports programs may not be free. Alternatives include participating in sports programs run and funded by local governmental entities.

Get a football agent in Germany

In a situation involving a professional soccer team, the presence of an agent is necessary. To gain entrance into a top football academy in Germany, you have to get a German football agent. He or she must have a strong contacts with top-level clubs.

Meanwhile, you must reach an agreement with the agent, so that the agent can make recommendations and search for appropriate teams.

A club looking for players will be more likely to invite you if your agent has a good reputation and is well-respected. Professional or semi-professional clubs searching for new players would call him first as an agent because of his expertise in the sport.

Most teams would overlook your application letter. This is because, it doesn’t contain any background information of you. Such informations like; your playing history or career statistics, which are very paramount.

Clubs would always prefer to work with an agent rather than directly negotiating with a player. They may be sent to the club’s Academy for teens, depending on their level of interest.

However, there are incidents of imposters and fake agents. Ensure to carry out background checks on the agent before signing any contract with him or her.

Another discouraging factor of agents is their costs. It is difficult or rather impossible to pay an agent a huge amount of money, while you have no source of income. This could pose as a major challenge.

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