How to Join Panetolikos Youth Academy

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Introduction To The Topic

For years, your desire has been to be a part of Greece’s most prominent soccer club, Panetolikos Youth Academy. Your ambition of becoming a professional football player is now a reality, as you are now of age.

The two criteria necessary to be accepted into Panetolikos Youth Academy are; basic qualification and physical examination. By following this article meticulously, getting acquainted with both criteria won’t pose a problem.

Step 1: Sign up with the OPAP website.

OPAP registration is required before you may participate in the Panetolikos youth academy tryouts. To get started, you’ll need to open an account and enter your particulars. This includes your name, address, and birthdate.

You can find out the trials that are set to commence after you are done with the registration and have logged in. Let’s give an instance, Panetolikos Youth Academy trial A, will begin at 12:00 p.m. on Saturday. It has six spots that are open to men aged 16-17 and eleven spots open to women aged 14-15.

Personal footballs and proper shoes(sneakers) are necessary for all players. Poor conduct or consistent absence from training sessions by selected players for trials will warrant a disqualification.

Step 2: Schedule an interview with Head Coach Yiannis Andrianopoulos.

Asides the age requirement being from 12 and 18 years old, players must relocate to Greece for training and matches. On a good note, all selected players have exclusive access to free scholarship from the academy.

All prospective players will be interviewed by head coach Yiannis Andrianopoulos. After the interview, he will then be in the best position to choose a team of 20-25 players. They will be the team to feature in tournaments.

In What Ways Can One Get Noticed By A Football Academy?

1. By being scouted

This route is a tough route because it requires a lot of hardwork. But, if you get it right, you are sure of getting into a football academy. One can describe it as “climbing the ladder to the top”.

You may literally join any soccer team, no matter what skill level they are playing on. What is important is to get the chance to show your abilities.
In football, everyone gets the opportunity to play and display their talents. Also, everyone has the chance to achieve success.

If you stand out from the rest of the players on the pitch with your unique talents, you’ll definitely be sighted by a scout. However, you may need to learn some skills depending on what the scouts need to see.

The interested academy will send you an invitation for their football academy trials. You can as well, visit their website for further information.
You never know who’s watching, as Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger once stated.

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The academy can either reach out to you directly, or through your coach. In rare cases, you may be signed immediately. But, the actual procedure is to undergo trial. Alternatively, your football coach could be of great importance to getting you signed.

If you perform well and demonstrate that you are better than your mates, your coach will be moved to assist you get a good club.

Coaches at lesser clubs frequently do this because they want you to become a professional footballer.

Where Can I Find An Agent?

2. Obtaining A Football Agent

Before we proceed, you need to know the work of a football agent. An agents’ primary responsibility is to diligently seek out and place soccer players on teams. They play a key role in the signing of player contracts and salary negotiations. At this point, their own fee is contained in the agreement.

An interesting fact about agents is that, they do have numerous contacts and connections. So, getting a trial from a club won’t be difficult as long as you impress your agent. Once you are signed, they receive their agent fee and everyone is happy. If you then consistently perform well, it boosts your agent’s profile.

However, you can find agents in professional and elite levels due to the nature of their job. They rarely come down to amateur players or clubs to work as agents. So, it may pose as a difficult task to find an agent to work with.

How can I get a cost-free application for a football academy?

3. Reach out to the club as soon as possible to get a membership for free.

To achieve this, there are three basic methods:

  • Obtain the club’s email.
  • Find out who works at the club and get their contact information.
  • Get an agent or someone who is familiar with the club’s staff.

There is a chance you will receive a reply from the academy if you send a well-written email with your particulars and most importantly, your football video.

However, just know that the chances of getting into the academy is low if you follow this path. But, this is an excellent opportunity to enroll in a football academy for free and avoid paying any agent fees.

The Historical Background Of Panetolikos F.C.

Early years of growth and development

They created Panetolikos on Tuesday March 9, 1926. It is believed that it has a purpose of being created. From the look of things, it is about the growth and intensification of gymnastics and racing. Mainly to promote children living in rural areas and offer them quality education.

The watch word of the club was ”Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body” and people took it upon themselves to implement it. As a result of the founders’ ground-breaking idea and determination to give educational opportunities for underprivileged children through different medium like night Schools, the organization earned the name “Educational Educator”. They also became a model for other organizations in Greece.

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Aside from sports, the club’s social contribution was substantial during these trying times. A large number of less privileged children acquired knowledge that enabled them work and get paid. As an athletic and social institution, Agrinio has authored its own history books.

Aspects of ancient sports, such as volleyball, basketball, and shooting, were established, despite the fact that the Aetolians and Akarnans preferred the football aspect.

More Information

It was only in the 1954–55 season that Panetolikos made its debut at the Pan-Hellenic Championships. The club had won the Southern Group championship and was among the six teams that advanced to the final stage of the competition.

It was in the 1960s that Panetolikos participated in the Second National Championship. Although they dropped off in 1972, they later returned to prominence. Those expecting the ascent of Alpha Ethniki’s ascent jubilated in 1975 as it came to reality. At the end of Panetolikos’ first two seasons in the year (1975–1977), they made an unsuccessful comeback.

For the next twenty years, it remained in the smallest category, returning in the era of 1975–76. Panetolikos stayed in the top level the next year (1976–77), but relegated. They remained there for more than three decades.

It was during the period that Panetolikos was relegated from the second division that they won the Gamma Ethniki championship. This happened in the 1984–85 season.

Foot Note

In 1989, Panetolikos won the Delta Ethniki championship. Also, they won it in 1992 and 1996. This was after a year of Panetolikos hoping to come back to Alpha Ethniki, but wasn’t possible. However, they have move down to Delta Ethniki at the start of a new millenium.

The Regime Of Kostoulas

With his arrival from Sweden and desire to assume control of the team from which he hails, the new Greek owner Fotis Kostoulas laid out his vision for the club‘s future and followed a major stadium renovation.

Installation on the following items in the club was finished by the end of 2006: a brand new pitch, a shelter over West stand, interior renovations (installation of rooms, boutique and cafe-bars) and the addition of new press boxes and suites on both platforms.

Additional seating space was added in 2009 with the construction of a new roofed frieze with a capacity of approximately 120 seats above the modest east stand.

Moving Up To The Division Two In The 2008–09 Season

Promotion to the Beta Ethniki for the 2009–10 season was secured by Panetolikos after a thrilling play-offs match against Rodos. Athens’ Nea Smyrni Stadium was jam-packed with 8,000 die-hard Agrinio fans for the match.

The team came back from a goal down to win the game 2–1 with two goals in the final five minutes after trailing 1–0 early on. As one of the most well-supported clubs in rural Greece achieved promotion, there were scenes of euphoria. Panetolikos‘ fan base remains strong even after the club joined the National Football League.

Season 2010–11: Advancement to the Super League

Due to outstanding performances both inside and outside Agrinio, Panetolikos advanced to the Super League. This happened after winning its final three matches (Ethnikos 0–1, Panetolikos 0-1, Panetolikos 0-1, Diagoras Rodou 3–0).

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A new point record (75 points after 34 games) and an away win record were set by the squad in the 2010 Football League championship (10 wins out of 23 total).

Panionios, a Super League team, came to Panetolikos’ home ground on May 20, 2011, to play a friendly match. This was a form of celebration of Panetolikos’ promotion.

Relegation to the Football League in the 2011-12 season

Panetolikos were relegated to the Football League after a poor performance in the second round of the Super League. Seven years later, the club’s chairman, Mr. Kostoulas, stepped down. As a result, all of the board members stepped down.

For the most part, players started departing the club. They cited a desire to play professionally in their home countries or for teams offering better contracts.

Season 2012–13: Advancement to the Super League

It took Panetolikos six tough games, including a 1–2 victory against Olympiacos Volos in the play-off finals. This happened at the return of Mr. Kostoulas as president. As a result, they advanced to the Super League. An after-party lasted until far after dawn in Agrinio to celebrate their victory and subsequent promotion.

The Events in seasons of 2013–14 and 2014–15.

Eighth place was the team’s best finish ever in the First Division. Seventh place in the First Division was a significant improvement for the team in 2014–15.

Events in seasons of 2015–16 and 2016–17

Both in 2016 and 2017 season, Panetolikos ended it in the 11th place.

The 2017–18 Season

After a strong run, the team ended the season in 8th place.

An Overview Of The Panetolikos Stadium

Panetolikos Stadium can be found in Agrinio. As a football stadium, it serves as where Panetolikos play their home matches.

It stands on Prousiotissis Street. This stadium can accommodate 7,500 people. In a 1977 encounter with Olympiacos, it drew a crowd of 11,012 fans. Hopefully, in the future, the stadium’s seating capacity could rise to 8,800. In recent times, 6,000 people show up on a typical day.

You will observe three stands when you come into Panetolikos Stadium. Interestingly, people played football in it since 1930, but it was without the first stand (the little one). It was until the mid-1950s that they constructed it. Then, they erected the West Stand in the 1970s.

In the years that followed, the stadium did not see much improvement, and its structures depreciated. This remained the case until 2005, when Fotis Kostoulas, the new owner of the club, announced his plans for a total stadium renovation.


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