How to Get Scouted by the RB Leipzig Academy

In this post “How to Get Scouted by the RB Leipzig Academy” you’ll get to know about RB Leipzig academy, RB Leipzig registration requirements, tips to get scouted by an academy and lots more.

The RB Leipzig Academy is regarded as one of the greatest in the world, on par with the academies of Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund. Before you can possibly attempt to get recruited, there are a few prerequisites you must complete if you want to join one of these teams. The actions listed below, though, can help you position yourself to improve your prospects of being noticed by one of these prestigious child schools.

The RB Leipzig Academy: What is it?

The German Bundesliga team RB Leipzig has a young football academy called the RB Leipzig academy. The age categories at the academy range from U9 through U19. Young players are developed in the academy with the intention of playing for the first team in the future. To become recruited by an academy like RB Leipzig’s, there are a number of enrollment prerequisites and procedures. Being able to register in Germany, which requires either being born there or having German citizenship, is one criterion. Residing within 100 kilometers of Leipzig’s city borders is another prerequisite for signing up with RB Leipzig’s youth teams as a player or coach.

Additionally, you should be under 18 when signing up with RB Leipzig and meet other prerequisites like having understanding of the sport and passing at least one test on general football culture and on FC RBL sport-specific culture (particularly if you wish to apply for an international junior license). You should as well meet the standard a trial on general football culture and on FC RBL sport-specific culture before signing up.

Club Background

Since its founding in 2009, RB Leipzig has risen fast through the German football league. The club boasts one of the finest academies in the nation and places a lot of emphasis on young development. Here are the steps you should take if you’re a young player who wants to play competitively and want to get noticed by the RB Leipzig academy. To be qualified for the RB Leipzig academy, one must:

  • You should be between the ages of 16 and 18. (U17 players will be contacted before 16)
  • You has to be physically fit and proficient in football.
  • You should be eloquent in German (minorities can apply)

Join right away if you want to join the RB Leipzig Youth Academy!

Why do they succeed so well?

Timo Werner, Dayot Upamecano, and Yussuf Poulsen are just a few of the first-team players that came out of the RB Leipzig academy, one of the most productive in all of Europe. Thus, how can you become a target for them? It’s easier than you might imagine.

Players should have their parents complete a registration form for the RB Leipzig Academy, which is available on the club’s website or at any sporting goods store in Germany. A finished application form including the signatures of both parents, your child’s birth certificate, and an ID card or passport are also required. All that’s left to do is arrive to an RB Leipzig training program with your registration document in place once that’s been completed.

The Academy’s Training Program

Make certain you satisfy the entry standards is the first move in being noticed by an academy. These prerequisites for RB Leipzig are:

-You must be aged between six and sixteen.

-You must be passionate about football and shown a dedication to working out and learning.

For practice sessions, you should be available to fly to Leipzig, Germany.

If you are eligible, the following stage is to enroll in the academy’s training program. This procedure entails:

– Participating in practice sessions supervised by qualified coaches.

-Taking part in competitions with other youth teams.

-Having scouts assess your performance.

What conditions must be met in order to be selected?

You must fulfill the following criteria to be recruited by the RB Leipzig academy:

-You should be aged between nine and nineteen.

-A inhabitant of Germany, Austria, or Switzerland is required.

-You need to have a current passport.

•You must be a complete novice in your field.

-You cannot attend another professional academy concurrently.

-A letter of reference from a coach or scout is required.

Coaches frequently go to nearby training facilities

Coaches from the RB Leipzig academy frequently go to nearby training facilities to look for fresh talent. It’s critical that you satisfy their entrance criteria if you wish to be recruited by them. Players should have played at an elite level for at minimum 2 years and be between the ages of 16 and 19. They also need to be technically proficient and fit and strong. You will have a strong possibility of being noticed by the RB Leipzig academy if you satisfy all of these requirements.

Who is recruited?

One of the most prosperous academies in Europe, RB Leipzig is constantly on the search for gifted young players. There are some tasks you must do if you wish the RB Leipzig school to recruit you.

  1. To begin with, you must be between the ages of six and sixteen.
  2. You must be prepared to perform at a high level and have a solid comprehension of the sport.
  3. You must be physically capable of putting in a lot of training.
  4. You have to be a strong team player and have strong morals.
  5. You need to be ready to move to Germany if it becomes required.
  6. You need a passport that is still valid.

Finally, if RB Leipzig offers you an agreement, you should be prepared to accept it.

Any advice on how to be discovered?

The first stage is to fulfill the prerequisites for the RB Leipzig academy. You must be born in 2002 or later, be between the ages of 9 and 19, and meet the other requirements. A solid academic record and evidence of your ability to succeed on the field are also requirements. Attending one of our trials is the following stage if you fulfill these prerequisites. We’ll assess your abilities and determine whether the RB Leipzig FC Youth Academy is a good fit for you. We’ll get in touch with your parents to talk about scholarship prospects once we’ve established that.

How to Enroll in a School

In Germany, look for a football agent.

A football agent must be present when working with a pro football team. Find a German professional football agent who has a history of working with reputable football clubs.

A contract would be signed between you and the agent, who would then look for teams on your behalf and provide recommendations as needed.

Your possibilities of being welcomed by a team looking for players would increase with well-known and reliable agents. He would be the first professional or even semi-professional football clubs to get in touch with him as an agent.

The main reason why clubs might not take you seriously if you contact them alone is that they don’t know anything about you, such as your background or more significant career statistics.

These are the rationales behind why clubs will usually prefer working with agents over direct contacts or applications from prospective players. Teenagers may be referred to the club’s Academy in this situation.

Nevertheless, you need to be aware of the problems with bogus agents. To be careful, attempt to run background investigation on the agent before moving forward.
The costs are yet another component of agents. When you have little to no direct income or money for your professional quest, agents may bill you more, which you simply cannot handle.

Attend a local team in Germany

One of the perfect location to start your career is with local teams. This is due to the fact that you could take part a local team without incurring significant costs, and local organizations with connections to professional teams would regularly host player scouting events.

You might go for regional and international contests as a local team member.

Recruiters from elite clubs attend some of these contests.

Your capability to persuade recruiters during the contest is what will draw them to you or even make them think about you as an alternative.

To maximize your likelihood of being selected by a recruiter, you should, on your end, play to your strengths. Recruiters are constantly on the lookout for methods to improve their present team.

Recruiters are constantly keeping an eye on your stamina, final balls, control, and general personal brilliance. You are in good shape if you can meet even a few of these.

Sign up for any scouting network

Scouting networks are organizations of scouts who work together to identify youthful talent at the local level and connect it with professional clubs.

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