How to Join Basketball Academies in Virginia

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Introduction To Basketball Academies in Virginia

Our goal is to use basketball as a tool to help people develop their personalities and become better people.

The Virginia Basketball Academy is a premier basketball training facility for young men and women of all ages, operating throughout the year.

Our comprehensive curriculum features a wide variety of learning opportunities, including day and overnight camps, mini-camps, clinics, coaches’ clinics, weekly skills academies, winter leagues, travel/AAU teams, and private and small-group lessons.

The planning and execution of each program is thorough and methodical.

The purpose of the Virginia Athletic Directors’ Association (VABA) is to create character and shape lives through the game of basketball, and the basketball teaching curriculum is designed to do just that for each player.

Join Unique Hoops Basketball

Since its inception in 2009, Unique Hoops has used the sport of basketball as a means to provide access to resources for young people.

Our basketball and education programs begin at the age of three and continue through a player’s professional career.

All players, regardless of ability level, benefit from our camps, clinics, and other training opportunities, which help them perform at their highest levels both on and off the court.

There will be a welcoming, inclusive, and educational atmosphere where everyone may play and succeed.

Our mission is to inspire young people to make a positive difference in the world via their participation in sports, pursuit of higher education, and service to their communities.

Established in 2009, Loudoun Basketball Academy is an all-volunteer, non-profit, 501(c)(3) AAU youth travel basketball organization with a focus on providing a supportive atmosphere where each kid may grow as a person and a basketball player.


Programs to help middle and high school students prepare for tryouts are now accepting registrations.

Attendance at Trailside Middle School is required for the duration of the sessions (September 11th–November 6th).

These sessions are intended for more experienced players. Participation in a league or other structured setting is necessary.

Technical and tactical instruction to boost players’ knowledge of the game and ability in it will be a part of every session.

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In order to make the most of the court time, baskets, and coaches’ ability to provide each player useful, personalized feedback, each session is capped to 18 participants.

More Information

Team Attack 2026 assistant coach Drew Johnson and SBHS boys’ varsity assistant coach BJ Miles will head tryout preparation for middle school and high school boys.

Emily Thompson, head coach of the SBHS girls’ varsity team and member of Lady Attack 2029, will oversee tryout preparation for middle and high school girls.

Please click on the appropriate link for details on times, prices, and signup.

Preparation for middle school auditions for boys is at capacity at the moment. Get on the waiting list by sending an email to


Girls’ tryout preparation for middle and high school, this session is full. If you would want to be placed on a waiting list, please send an email to

Join Elementary Grade Fall Skills Academy

Anyone in grades 3–5 (boys and girls) is welcome to attend. The dates for the sessions are September 13th through November 2nd, and the locations will be at Madisons Trust and Moorefield Station Elementary Schools.

There will be two classes available: one for beginners and one for more experienced students.

The intermediate/advanced session is for players with prior experience playing in a league setting.

Technical and tactical skill development will be a part of every session.

Given the confines of the classroom, instructors may focus on giving individualized training and feedback.

Schedules, fees, and registration details may all be found at

The programs at Virginia Elite Basketball Academy are segmented into: Player Development and Training, respectively.

Boys and girls will participate in separate programs tailored to their individual basketball and fitness levels.

Experience has shown us that there is more to player development than just dribbling the ball around some chairs or running some shooting drills.

As a result, our one-of-a-kind program is geared toward improving athletes’ total performance.

Players are taught a variety of training methods in order to boost their skills, instill self-assurance in them, and provide preventative measures for enduring longer games.

More Information

The goals of each customer are individually tailored during the Player Development process.

Based on our first-hand expertise training players with a strong drive to succeed and perform at a high level.

In order to ensure that objectives are set and met, our staff will devise a tailored Player Development routine.

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A training session can last anywhere from 45 to 120 minutes, but we encourage that anyone interested in participating in the program sign up for at least four sessions to give themselves the time they’ll need to fully grasp the material and make significant progress in their game.

Our curriculum emphasizes a wide variety of skills, including shooting mechanics (off the catch and off the dribble), a jab step series, dribble separation, weak hand development and finishing. Also, it includes advanced dribble scoring methods, moving without the ball, post and perimeter work, triple threat separation and footwork. Lastly, it includes seeing the floor, physical and muscular conditioning, defensive work, team chemistry, leadership, and basketball IQ.

Join Virgin Elites Basketball Academies

ELITE BASKETBALL TRAINING “More than a Game” is a basketball training and assessment program that is second to none.

Basketball training programs that incorporate these are created for the purpose of helping athletes understand the game.

Our practice sessions consist of more than aimless dribbling and shooting at random chairs; they are serious preparation for the future.

In 2008, Thomas Gadson established an AAU basketball program to give teenagers in the northern Virginia area a chance to compete on the national level.

Northern Virginia has a small number of meaningful local organizations for high school athletes to join once the high school season ends. They serve as a hub for young men in Fairfax, Virginia and the surrounding areas to participate in AAU basketball at the highest levels of competition.

Virginia Elite has been running since 2008, and since then hundreds of students have participated on the various teams.

Many players have improved and competed at a high level in AAU-Grassroots competition thanks to the development guidance over that time period. The majority of the team now plays at the university level.

Virginia Elite is a nationally recognized name among college scouts and coaches due to the high caliber of players that have come through the program.

The Virginia Elite team has done exceptionally well in AAU-Grassroots competition.

Virginia Elite is committed to the development of each player and places a strong emphasis on academics and athletics, which has led to a long and successful track record.

The Goal Of The Academy

Virginia Elite‘s goal is to use basketball as a means for teaching life skills to student-athletes.

Meanwhile, we are committed to providing support to student-athletes as they work to reach their full academic and athletic potential.

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Our mission is to foster integrity and pride in oneself via elite academics and athletics.

Also, our initiatives will furnish the groundwork for scholastic success and the direction essential for making informed college decisions.

Our sports-people absolutely require exposure to team principles.

We advocate for a brand of basketball that calls for maximum effort on both ends of the court.

Meanwhile, we want our student-athletes to be at the peak of mental and physical health. Also, to perform admirably in all aspects of life, not just basketball.

About The Academy’s Program

Our training approach is geared toward producing players who are capable of succeeding in a variety of collegiate basketball settings. This includes middle school and high school.

The Schedule Of The Program

Nothing to look forward in terms of games.

However, Virginia Elite covers the entire state, including all of Maryland, the District of Columbia, and West Virginia.

It is Northern Virginia’s best AAU Grassroots Basketball program.

Since its inception in 2008, Virginia Elite has consistently produced talented basketball players. They go on to compete at the top levels of high school and college basketball.

Join Virginia Elites Junior Teams

Junior Elite teams in Virginia have players from the ages of 9 to 14, or in the 4th through 8th grades.

The Junior Elite division’s teams consistently compete at a level that parallels that of high school sports.

When it comes to middle school programs, Virginia Elite Junior Squad is the only option in the region.

Our teams travel the country to compete in “Events” that are on a national scale. Last season, Virginia Elite played in the Under Armour (UA) Future East Coast League.

Among the UA Future categories, the Northeast Circuit is where you’ll find the toughest competition.

Meanwhile, the East Coast C consists of 24 teams. Then, its league season and two tournaments were placed in cities like Washington and DC. You can also find it in: Richmond, VA, New York, NJ, and Kansas City, MO.


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