How to Join Basketball Academies in Maine

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Basketball Academies in Maine

If you really want to be in any of the basketball academies in Main, Kindly go through this blog post.

Join Blue Wave Basketball Academy

Three fathers, Shawn Legassey, Steve Haines, and Dajuan Eubanks, set out to create Blue Wave Basketball in 2011 so that their girls could play basketball in a supportive, encouraging, and challenging environment.

They began at the YMCA with a modest Skills & Drills program and soon realized that the families of Southern Maine all wanted the same things.

As their travel basketball and summer/winter leagues became increasingly popular, we had to move out of the YMCA and move into Guild Hall in Portland.

With our success validated, we expanded to 30+ teams and took advantage of a move to the Maine Basketball Academy (the former Maine Girls Academy).

The Academy’s Viewpoint

In a supportive classroom setting, kids can develop their full athletic potential if they are taught the fundamentals properly and have a strong drive to succeed.

Blue Wave Basketball is the most popular youth basketball program in the Greater Portland area because of its emphasis on teaching players the fundamentals of the game.

Join Maine Hoops Basketball Academy

Mission statement of Maine Hoops is to provide opportunities for amateur athletes of all ages, races, and religions to improve their physical, mental, and moral well-being, as well as to promote good sportsmanship, good citizenship, and safety.

The goal of Maine Hoop is to give every kid who wants to play a chance to do so.

Also, Maine Hoop’s mission includes making it possible for all children to take part in tournaments by funding teams.

However, Maine Hoops also offers direct scholarship opportunities to financially disadvantaged athletes to ensure that no one who has the desire to play is turned away because of a lack of financial means.

Over 2000 young men and women from Maine attended 2004-2005 Maine Hoops Basketball competitions.

Nearly a thousand competitors from all across New England compete in Maine Hoops competitions each year.

The Academy’s promise to you is, First-Class Personnel and State-of-the-Art Facilities Set in a Fun and Challenging Setting. They will play games in accordance with Board of Education regulations for high school competition.

It is important to double-check the minimum age requirement for each level of schooling. Meanwhile, you find the Instructions on how to organize a club team, here.

Maine Hoops Club Viewpoint

They academy prioritizes inviting athletes of varying skill levels to participate in basketball leagues where they value teamwork and individual growth.

Basketball, according to Maine Hoops, can be a great platform for teaching important life lessons, so long as good sportsmanship and respect for others are prioritized at all times.

After a two year sabbatical from the club scene, the Maine Hoops Basketball Club, Maine’s most storied and generally successful club is back and moving forward with it’s positive approach to the club scene.

More than a hundred kids have signed up for the Maine Hoops Fall League in only a month.

The most promising development, however, is that the Maine Ballers (16U State Champions) and the Maine Fusion (15U State Runners-Up) have decided to join the Maine Hoops club and play together in the upcoming spring season.

As you can see, both of these teams have the same values as Maine Hoops, therefore we’re thrilled to have them on board.

The team last year included six of the Wiz’s top ten sophomores (Allen, Cooper, McCue, Amabile, Distasio, and Keaney), all of whom are now juniors.

Adding to the already-present 16 names in the Wiz Top 20, Kapothanasis, Hersome, Berry, and Black all made the list. Similarly talented individuals populate the 15U squad.

These two squads like being part of a club that not only emphasizes the importance of nurturing young players, but also has insider’s knowledge of the competitive club and tournament circuit.

This is done so that players have the best possible shot at winning. The players of Maine Hoops have access to the only club-owned facility in the state.

As part of their expansion efforts, the club will provide its members with unrestricted use of a gym in Waterville.

Join TGK Athletics

We are a 501(c)(3) voluntary organization in the United States called TGK Athletics, which stands for “The Grind Knows.” Our motto is “GRINDING” because that’s what we call it when we put in a lot of effort.

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TGK’s focus, direction, and ultimate purpose are all directed toward helping each participant improve their speed, quickness, agility, and body control as it relates to their chosen activity.

While straight-line velocity is crucial, the ability to abruptly shift course could be much more so.

Strength training, sport training, skill training, and speed and agility training should all be carefully balanced and combined to build and enhance speed.

Step-by-step training videos centered on drills meant to simulate certain game moves may be found on our YouTube channel, which can be found here, as well as on Instagram (@tgk athletics) and Twitter (@tgk athletics).

Meanwhile, teenagers all throughout the globe engage in sports at a high rate.

Only at TGK Athletics may young athletes engage in a wide range of strength, mobility, and flexibility training to build the essential mechanics of athleticism.

Also, we evaluate the player’s abilities and provide guidance for improvement based on our findings.

Through continuous self-evaluation and the establishment of new, challenging targets, we inspire the assurance necessary to reach for ever greater heights of achievement.

More Information

Our sports combine is a great way to gauge an athlete’s potential in terms of speed, strength, and other attributes specific to their chosen sport.

Athletes can use this occasion to showcase their skills in front of scouts, coaches, and anyone else who might be interested in gauging their potential as a professional.

We have fully automated 40-yard timing systems, bench-pressing apparatus, and trainers on hand to oversee all training sessions.

Get in Touch Now At: Group, Institutional, and Group Rates Available.

Charity Registration Number: EIN # 47-4505288

Why We Do What We Do

We assist in lowering socioeconomic obstacles to further education and professional achievement, encourage student-athletes to always do their best, and focus on developing their full potential in all aspects of life.

TGK Athletics is dedicated to helping student-athletes succeed from elementary school through college and beyond, whether that means helping them land their first job or launching them into a professional sports career.

Join Maine Basketball Academy (MBC)

The Academy’s Aim

The mission of the Maine Basketball Club (MBC) is to provide youth and young adult basketball players with a complete basketball program.

We encourage players to reach their maximum athletic and personal potential by providing a nurturing environment and providing them with transformative experiences.

Our program emphasizes on both the technical and strategic parts of the game, with the end goal of boosting our members’ basketball IQs and helping them become better all-around players.

The combination of playing experience and the instruction provided by certified coaches can prove to be priceless.

Depending on the age range, a player can join either an intermediate or elite team. More information about the article ”Basketball Academies in Maine”.

Opinions Of MBC And Its Programs

Frank is incredibly well-versed in the game of basketball, and he is one of Ellie’s best coaches.

Over the course of her many seasons with MBC, she has received invaluable assistance from all of her coaches. The skills and drills sessions are also a favorite of hers. This is what Sarah L. said.

The training schedule is excellent. Her child has picked up a lot of knowledge and is always ready to go out and have fun.

The coaches are great, always telling him what he can do to grow and what he has already accomplished.

He continues to improve his skills while enjoying the game more than ever.

She has always appreciated this program’s training methods; the students appear engaged and make progress in their basketball skillset with each session.

However, she thanks the academy for all they have done to improve their skills and foster their enthusiasm for the game.

Overview Of RESULTS Basketball

The mission at RESULTS Basketball is to help every basketball player become better by strengthening their foundational skills.

Also, they academy’s drills and games are fun and demanding for every participant, while yet being age-appropriate and safe.

Every drill and tip is designed to get you closer to your basketball dreams.

Join Matt MacKenzie Basketball Academy

In 2011, Matt MacKenzie co-founded RESULTS with the goal of using his teaching experience and basketball knowledge to help young basketball players in Maine improve their fundamental and advanced abilities.

MacKenzie coached at Husson University (NCAA DIII) for nine seasons (2010-2019) before leaving to start his own training facility.

A four-year letterwinner for the Husson men’s basketball team (2007-2010), MacKenzie has since joined the Eagles’ coaching staff.

In his 105 career games, he scored 1,300 points, grabbed 565 rebounds, dished out 51 assists, stole 73 balls, and blocked 38 shots.

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MacKenzie is a physical education teacher by day and the owner of Unlock Your Potential Training & Performance Center in Bangor, where he gives skills & player development training to roughly one hundred players on a weekly basis.

However, MacKenzie grew up in Warren, Maine, and she graduated from Medomak Valley High School in Waldoboro. Holden, Maine is home for him and his family, which includes wife Erin and daughter Elena.

In 2011, Coach Baxter co-founded RESULTS with the goal of using his experience coaching and knowledge of the sport to improve the fundamental abilities of young basketball players in Maine.

Mark has been coaching basketball for over 20 years. He joined RESULTS Basketball with that experience.

Baxter began his coaching career in high school, where he was a varsity coach at both Central Aroostook and Fort Kent.

More Information

All around the United States, Coach Baxter has been a part of the staff at numerous prestigious basketball camps. Many current and former NBA players have benefited from his coaching at camps like Adidas ABCD, Nike Elite, and Five Star Basketball Camp.

Names like Dwight Howard, Chris Bosh, Rajon Rondo, and Chris Paul immediately come to mind when thinking of these players.

In 2019, Baxter built a RESULTS private training center in Ellsworth, and it now serves as a regular weekly destination for over a hundred local athletes.

Mark teaches fifth grade in Blue Hill, Maine, and he and his wife Bree and their two sons, Isaac and Tyrus, live in Ellsworth. Mark is a coach and trainer with RESULTS.


In towns and cities across Maine, RESULTS Basketball hosts high-energy, instructional-based day clinics and summer camps.

About The Academy’s Player Grooming Program

All ages and ability levels are welcome to sign up for personalized skills training at RESULTS Basketball.

With years of experience in the classroom and on the sidelines, our certified trainers provide instruction unlike anything else in this part of the state.


RESULTS also provides the following services, among others:

  • Coaching Clinics for youths
  • Individual and team development through scouting
  • Counseling for student-athletes who want to play basketball at the collegiate level.

Join Teer Basketball Skills Development

Teer Basketball Training is renowned throughout Maine, New England, and the United States for its elite level of basketball instruction.

Coach Ben Teer is there to help, whether you’re seeking for group instruction or individual guidance.

Also, Coach Ben Teer, who played Division 1 basketball for IONA College and Division 2 basketball on scholarship at Alaska Fairbanks University, runs and owns Teer Basketball Training.

After suffering an injury, he concluded his career playing basketball for the University of Maine at Machias, where his Clippers team reached the national semifinals in consecutive seasons.

He also led his team to their first conference championship in over 20 years, and as a result, he was honored as the Most Valuable Player, All-Conference, and All-American Player.

His high school basketball achievements include placement in the Top 15 in Maine and in the NERR Top 100.

In 2010, he led Washington Academy to the state championship game and became the first player in school history to score 1,000 points in a single season.

Teer Basketball Training is now the largest training brand in Maine thanks to his efforts with over 20 Miss Maine and Mr. Maine finalists, 100+ college players, and 200+ all-conference HS players since he began coaching in 2015.

Join Atlantic Youth Sports, Inc.

At A.Y.S., Inc., our mission is to instill in our young athletes and leaders the self-assurance, teamwork, and respect that will help them achieve their full potential on and off the field.

CONFIDENCE: Each athlete, coach, and sports parent will learn how to boost their self-assurance to compete at their highest level.

Having faith in one’s own physical abilities, or self-confidence, is essential for success in any sport.

We can gain strength from the approval of others, but we must always have faith in our own ability if we are to give 100% effort in whatever we undertake.

TEAMWORK: We shall work hard to strengthen our relationships as a team and emphasize the value of cooperation.

A team’s level of cohesiveness depends on its members’ ability to share a common purpose and channel their individual successes in that direction.

An essential principle of team sports is that individual success must always take a back seat to the success of the team, and basketball does a better job than any other sport at recognizing this “sacrifice.”

Successful teams always remember that teamwork is the foundation upon which everything else is built.

We emphasize the importance of teamwork in every facet of the game and seek to instill in our players an understanding that everyone, regardless of position, contributes to the team’s success.

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A key aspect of collaboration, however, is picking up your teammates when they’re having an awful day or making a mistake.

We firmly think that players can only attain their greatest potential when they have teammates who are well-versed in their respective positions and who encourage and support one another.

We will foster positive traits, recognize and reward sportsmanship, and instill a healthy reverence for competition, authority figures, and one another.

More Information

SPORTSMANSHIP AND RESPECT: We conduct all of our basketball-related events with the utmost sportsmanship and respect.

The Madness program emphasizes having fun while playing the game seriously and with respect for its various components.

We’re firm believers in giving it our all in every game, but never letting success come at the expense of our values.

They academy will not tolerate players, coaches, or parents who show lack of sportsmanship. To compete at the top level while wearing the Madness outfit is a great honor.

Our actions reflect not only on our team, our coaches, and our families, but also on Madness Programs and the world at large.

We always show respect for the other team, the umpires, and the game itself, as well as for ourselves and our teammates.

Join The Alfond Youth and Community Center

On December 12th, 1924, the Waterville Boys Club opened, and on December 12th, 1948, the Waterville YMCA opened.

In 1972, they formed the Waterville Boys and Girls Club when the Girls Club and the Boys Club amalgamated to better serve the needs of the greater Waterville area.

The late Harold Alfond recommended merging the YMCA and Boys & Girls Club under one roof to better serve the needs of the community with a 3 to 1 match when both institutions needed upgrades.

By May of 1999, we had finished our work, and the Alfond Youth Center was home to both groups and their respective activities.

Secretary of State Colin Powell and Senator George J. Mitchell also attended the ceremony.

Having worked together, the club was able to improve its After-School Program by adding a Therapy Pool and a Six-Lane Lap Pool.

We built a three-court gymnasium, installed a rock climbing wall, and now teach karate, dance, and gymnastics.

With the 2006 addition of a second level, the AYC is now 72,000 square feet in size, making it one of the largest clubs in the United States.

The academy recently added a Boardroom, the Harold Alfond Library, the New Balance Youth Fitness Facility, and the Club Naha Karate Dojo to their upgraded youth center.

Join Lee Academy

Students at Lee Academy have the opportunity to develop their motor skills, learn to work together effectively, and forge friendships that will last a lifetime through the school’s athletic programs.

Boys and girls can participate in team sports like basketball, cross country, and soccer; boys can play baseball and softball; and girls can play volleyball and volleyball.

We also participate in a joint football and track program with a local school.

Many of our students end up joining interscholastic sports teams because they introduced them into our Health and Wellness curriculum.

At the end of the season, after 14 or 16 games, our sports teams usually participate in a tournament against other local schools of a comparable size.

Some of Lee Academy’s teams are among the best in the state, and the school regularly boasts multiple players who are in the all-conference team.

Developing our kids’ physical and mental health is a top priority, and lessons learnt in sporting settings play a crucial role in this process.

Our prep basketball team has players from the United States and all around the world, and they are among the most talented and most competitive in the country.

On their calendar are some of the best prep schools in the Northeast and Eastern Canada.

More and more of our postgraduates gain acceptance into highly regarded junior colleges and NCAA Division III programs, where they are receiving full financial aid or even receiving athletic scholarships.

There is a remarkable amount of success among the men who went on to play professionally in other countries. They picked one into the NBA just recently.


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