How to Join Plateau UTD FC Youth Football Academy Trials

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Do you want to join Plateau UTD FC’s youth academy? You wouldn’t want to miss your chance to join our group of talented young footballers! Children between the ages of eight and fourteen may participate in trials on Sundays in Jos, Plateau State, from 11 am to 2 pm. Fill out the application form and bring it to your first trial day to register (application form will be provided at the trials). We are anticipating your arrival there!

Plateau UTD FC Youth Football Academy Trials

Between the ages of 6 and 18, young footballers can train at the Plateau United youth academy. The academy offers top-notch instruction, support services, and tools to help its students advance their talents. Continue reading to learn how to sign up for the academy.

How do I sign up for the trials for the Plateau UTD FC Youth Academy? Plateau UTD FC Youth Academy Trials registration is open from Monday through Friday, 9am to 4pm. To sign up, you can do one of two things: go to our website or phone us at 01234 567 890.

Tryouts for Plateau United’s youth academy

Football club Plateau United Football Club (FC) is situated in Jos, Nigeria. The Plateau United FC youth academy represents the club and plays in the Nigeria Professional Football League.

The Plateau UTD youth academy is currently accepting applications, and the fortunate participants will get the chance to train under some of Nigeria’s top trainers. The academy offers state-of-the-art resources and tools to aid young athletes in realizing their full potential.

Don’t pass up the opportunity to enroll in the Plateau UTD FC Youth Academy! Enroll right away in trials.

How can youth trials for Plateau United be registered?

One of the most prominent junior academies in the nation, Plateau United, is currently accepting new players through open trials. This is your chance to prove your mettle if you’re a young footballer with aspirations of becoming successful. How to sign up for the Plateau UTD FC Youth Academy Trials is as follows:

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1. Go to the registration page on the Plateau United website.

2. Provide your personal information on the web form.

3. Submit the application and pay the application cost.

4. A club representative will then get in touch with you to confirm your trial spot.

5. Show up to the trial at the scheduled time and date.

6. Demonstrate your abilities and dazzle the instructors!

How to become a Plateau UTD FC Youth Academy recruit

You should learn how to get noticed by Plateau UTD FC Youth Academy if you’re a young football player who hopes to play professionally one day. Participating in their open trials is the first step. On the club website, these are normally announced a few months in advance. Also ask your neighborhood schools or football groups about them. Once you are aware of the dates and locations of the trials, you must make sure you are ready. Arrive prepared, warmed up, and prepared to give it your best. Players that are not only talented but also coachable and have a positive attitude will be sought after by the coaches. If you perform well during the trial, you will be asked to return for another assessment.

Plateau FC United

The Jos-based Plateau United Football Club, or simply Plateau United is a Jos-based Nigerian professional football (soccer) team that plays in the League of Professional Football in Nigeria. They were once known as the JIB Strikers FC before 1991. Their crosstown rivals Mighty Jets, formerly known as Plateau United.


In 1975, Plateau United became established as JIB Strikers FC.

Donatus Iloka’s goal gave Plateau United their first significant trophy in 1999’s 1-0 Nigeria Cup final triumph over Iwuanyanwu Nationale.

 In 1993 and 1998, they had lost the championship game. In 2000, they made their European debut, however they lost after the first tie.

By defeating Mighty Jets on the final day of the 2010–11 season, they were promoted to the Nigeria Premier League, but the following year, they were relegated back on the final day. On the final day of the 2015 campaign, they were relegated back to the first division.

Their feeder squad was one of four teams suspended in 2013 while a probe into their 79-0 victory over Akurba FC was ongoing.

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 The four teams rigged games in an effort to make it into the professional league and got charged. Plateau Feeders, Akurba FC, Police Machine FC, and Bubayaro FC were all given ten-year bans on July 22, 2013, and all of the participants in those matches received lifetime bans.

In 2017, Plateau United, under the direction of coach Kennedy Boboye, became the first team to win the Nigerian Professional Football League.

Professional Football League of Nigeria

The top level of the Nigeria Professional Football League (NPFL) is for the Nigerian club football championships, the Nigerian football league system. The financial effects and declining fortunes since the late 2000s have hurt several organizations, including the Nigerian league. The Nigeria National League supplies it (NNL). The League Management Company is in charge of organizing it (LMC).


2017 season

With a 2-0 victory over Enugu Rangers on September 9, 2017, Plateau United F.C. won the league.

2018 season

They indefinitely postponed the league in July 2018 due to a problem inside the Nigerian Football Federation (NFF).

Due to their position atop the standings, Lobi Stars were chosen as the league’s lone participant in the 2019 CAF Champions League.

2019 season

There were 24 teams in the league. Four teams elevated from the Nigeria National League. From the unfinished season before, 20 teams were still in play. They split into two groups, each with twelve teams. The NPFL Super Six championship playoff in Lagos featured the top three teams from each group competing for the championship. With 12 points from its final five games, The People’s Elephant took the top spot on the log.

Due to their history of rivalry, Enyimba vs. Kano Pillars is regarded as the season’s most important match. Over the course of 12 seasons, neither team has finished outside the top eight.


The League Management Company, also known as the “LMC,” is the Nigeria Professional Football League’s official association football league regulating organization. The Nigeria Football Association developed and adopted it.

federation in 2012 to take over the former league governing body, the Nigeria Football League (NFL), which was on the verge of bankruptcy.


As a first step toward becoming the sole governing body for football in Nigeria, the NFF established the Nigeria Premier League in 1990, which was run by the Nigeria Football League. The league, which was formerly known as the “Professional League,” received a name on May 12, 1990, at the Onikan Stadium.

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Nevertheless, in November 2012, with the approval and assistance of the National

Interim Management Committee (IMC) for the League was established by the Sports Commission, Nigeria’s sports regulatory body, and the NFF as part of efforts to prevent the complete collapse of the top-tier professional League following the demise of the Nigeria Football League (NFL), which was brought about by challenging legal and administrative obstacles.

For the purpose of managing a legitimate professional league that is both open and profitable, the IMC oversaw the LMC’s development and incorporation.


The LMC’s first action was to change the name of the League from the Nigerian

The Professional “Football” League to the Nigerian Professional Football League (NPFL)

 Additionally, the LMC agreed to a $34 million TV rights agreement that would keep league games on the air through 2017.

In order to improve current stadiums and provide necessary broadcast and medical equipment, the League Management Company asked the Government for financial assistance in 2015.

The League Management Company’s framework governs the 20 clubs in the Nigeria Professional Football League and rules each season.

The NPFL became the first league in Africa to utilize the TMS Domestic Transfer Matching System (DTMS) on July 5, 2016.

Shehu Dikko now serves as the CEO of The League Management Company.

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Read this article to make sure you Don’t miss your chance to join the Plateau UTD FC Youth Academy! Register now for trials.  Read also for more information about The Youth academy of Plateau United FC, information on how to be scouted by the Plateau United FC Academy, Plateau United FC Academy Trials and Requirements for Plateau United FC Academy Registration.

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