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Get Better Academy is one of the best basketball academies in europe. Today we’ll discuss all you need to know about them

About Us

In Jindrichuv Hradec, Central Europe, a private international basketball academy called GBA focuses on helping students reach their full potential as basketball players through effective training regimens. Our goal is to help everyone of our players reach their maximum potential so they may either sign a professional contract or get a full scholarship to American University. A comprehensive talent development program, a personal strength and conditioning program, competition in the Czech Republic and abroad, and an American tour are all provided to participants during the season. Along with evaluations from foreign and NBA scouts, US college coaches, and general managers, the growth academy also provides these services.

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To the main arena, GBA has complete access (1400 capacity). A practice gym with two shooting ranges, a brand-new wooden surface, and five standard baskets attached to the main arena. In this facility, the GBA crew also has access to a massage area, a warm tub, and a video room for footage analysis. Additionally, GBA makes use of aquaparks’ swimming pools and rehabilitation facilities.

There is a building where GBA players have access to the weight room across the street from the basketball courts. Here is where the bulk of the strength and conditioning is done. Overlooking the weight room is the physiotherapist’s office. Office space is used frequently by Academy. One was at the arena, while the other was an office in the city’s center.

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The majority of players dwell in Svecova Kolej, the GBA home. This is a beautiful, well-kept apartment with two or three beds, a bathroom, and wifi. There are numerous kitchens and study hall spaces on each floor. The city center and arena are only a 5-minute walk from the house, which has lush gardens surrounding it.


The Get Better Academy (GBA) Skill Development training program helps to assist each player in achieving their own personal best level of self mastery. Basketball is a continually evolving sport, so it’s important for everyone involved to keep up with both personal development and the techniques being used to achieve peak performance. At GBA, we take pride in the staff’s commitment to both continually working toward their own personal growth and doing everything in their power to support the athletes we work with in doing the same.

There are three main stages to the training process:

  • First Phase: Here, players can practice skill movements and concepts against another opponent.
  • Second Phase: During guided defense, coaches and teammates act out real-world scenarios to prepare players for the field.
  • Third Phase: Here, we evaluate the items we’ve been working on to determine if they will translate to the game.

Our ultimate objective is to ensure that every player has a full set of talents, including the ability to shoot, pass, dribble, analyze information and make judgements, defend, and eventually compete and contribute to a team that is successful.

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Strength and conditioning

At the GBA academy, physical preparation goes beyond simply making people stronger, faster, or able to jump higher. The ability to play basketball is what matters most to a basketball player. This indicates that reducing injury risk for all players should be the primary goal. The ability to jump, run, move with agility, and have quick feet can improve after that. GBA conducts 3-Level assessments for each player in order to attain it.

Level 1 – Body fat measurements and anthropometrics

The strength and conditioning staff measures each player’s body fat to see whether they are more likely to sustain an injury. Each player’s circumference is also measured in order to determine how their bodies would react to training.

Level 2 – Assessment of Movement

To determine what kinds of restrictions each player has, the strength and conditioning staff does a movement assessment on each participant. Following this evaluation, coaches provide each athlete with specific correction activities. While some athletes may need to devote more time to increasing their wrist range of motion and hip mobility, others may need to focus more on increasing their ankle mobility and shoulder stability. Each player is focusing on their own vulnerabilities as a result.

Level 3 – Assessment of strength and neuromuscular

In order to determine vertical jump in various scenarios that arise during a basketball game, each player is lastly tested on a jumping platform. Additionally, 12 distinct lower and upper body motions are used to assess each player’s strength in order to determine which areas each player needs to develop.

A personal training schedule is available to each athlete following this evaluation, which they carry out under the supervision and support of the strength and conditioning specialists.

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Education and personal development

In addition to providing top-notch instruction, GBA differs from other basketball organizations due to our emphasis on education. We expect a professional attitude and constant effort from our players in a classroom setting. We value our players as individuals, thus we routinely emphasize to them the value of a quality education for their futures.
Anyone who wishes to accept a scholarship to a US university or have a successful job after playing basketball must have a quality high school diploma with a decent grade point average.

Programs offered at GBA

Full season program

GBA provides a year-long curriculum with a strict emphasis on player development. With high-intensity training targeted at four aspects of the game—ball skills, strength, speed, and basketball IQ—our objective is to maximize players’ potential. Our players participate in two or three training sessions a day in order to make major improvements.


GBA enhances a basketball player’s shooting, dribbling, and passing abilities to increase his effectiveness on the floor. We help our athletes become better at all of these principles by using a range of drills that are instructed by skill enhancement specialists. However, repetition is not the only aspect of GBA training. We watch and study our players to spot their flaws, which we then fix by breaking down the fundamentals. Repeated practice with higher intensity only makes sense after good technique has been established.

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Zoom in program

Any player can attend the academy during each season from September to July for up to 4 weeks to consciously concentrate on improving certain talents. We can focus on various aspects, including footwork, the capacity to generate our own shot, shooting, ball handling, pick and roll, defense, and decision-making. The Zoom in program works very well if players order SWOT analysis (see swot video) before the program begins to optimize influence on development. Housing, meals, and, if desired, strength and conditioning, are all included in the program. Pricing is contingent on program length and you can negotiate it.

Pro workouts

The GBA staff has a lot of experience working with top-tier professional athletes. Head of our development Julian Betko worked one-on-one with players like Carl Landry of the GS Warriors, Mario Chalmers of the Miami Heat, Anton Gavel of the Bayern Munich Euroleague, Shelvin Mack of the Atlanta Hawks, Michael Green of Khimki Moscow, Ondrej Balvin of Sevilla in Spain, Tomas Kyzlink Treviglio of Italy, among many others.

USA tour

Our academy visits the United States every year to participate in showcase competitions where many NCAA coaches can see our players. The success of our kids in earning full scholarships to play college basketball depends on them demonstrating their readiness when it counts.

GBA competes in events like the Big Shots Invitational in Charlotte, North Carolina, or the Netscouts Prep Invitational in Rhode Island.

A typical 8-day USA tour includes flights, lodging, three meals per day, NCAA and NBA games, practices, insurance, three or four exposure games, sightseeing, and the amazing chance to interact with NCAA and NBA personnel and players.

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