Hamkam FC Youth Football Academy Trials

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Introduction To The Topic

Before you may join Hamkam FC’s Youth Academy, you must complete a set of pre-requisites. You have to know if you are eligible or not.

After that, a trial period follows. It is at this point that the coaches assess your abilities and make a decision as to whether or not you are talented enough to join the academy.

Go through this article carefully to know how to join Hamkam FC Youth Academy trials and criteria.

An Overview Of Hamkam Fc Youth Academy

Some of Norway’s exceptional footballers have come out of Hamkam FC’s academy. The Hamkam FC Youth Academy is an excellent option for aspiring professional footballers.

How to join Hamkam FC’s Youth Academy is contained in this article, so read carefully.
Youngsters between the ages of 16 and 19 years can take part in the Academy’s trials.

Once you are certain that your age tallies the age requirement, you can proceed to their website for the online registration. Our open trial days are open to everyone who has signed up.

Simply show up on the designated day and time, ready to display your talent. Bear in mind that your appearance matters a lot.

How To Get Scouted By Hamkam FC’s Youth Academy

To get scouted, you need to ascertain if your current domestic club has ties with the academy.

Go to the club’s website or call their line to find out. You will now have the obligation to discover the type of trials that are available in your area.

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If you reside in an area where there are several levels of tryouts, it’s crucial to know this before going to any sessions. In order to get scouted by Hamkam FC Youth Academy, register for open trials and tryouts on the club’s official website or Facebook page.

Remember, you ought to be within the age range before applying to be scouted.

If you have registered somewhere else, then you cannot apply to be scouted by Hamkam FC Youth Academy.

Within three weeks of arriving the academy, the Norwegian players will receive three weeks evaluation.

How To Get The Hamkam FC Youth Academy Trials

  1. Knowing and determining your readiness for the trials is the first important step.
  2. When you are sure of being ready for the trial, go to the academy’s website and obtain the registration requirements.
  3. Check if you are qualified for the trials.
  4. If you are, then apply for the trials. The purpose of this trails is to find out if you are fit enough for the academy.
  5. Strive to excel in the trials, as it will guarantee your entrance into the academy.
  6. If they select you, then you can proceed to paying the registration fee.
  7. At this point, you are a registered member of the academy.

Ensure to provide accurate details of your particulars like; your name, date of birth, and contact information. Failure to adhere to this guidelines, can lead to disqualification from the trial process.

An Overview Of Hamarkameratene

A Norwegian football club called Hamarkameratene or HamKam for short, is located in the city of Hamar. The original name of the club, Freidig, was given to it when it was established in 1918. Then, in 2021, HamKam debuted in the top tier of Norwegian football, the Eliteserien.

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Only in 1970 did the team finish third in the league’s top division. They have not surpassed the semi-finals stage of the Norwegian Cup.

Since 1936, Hamarkameratene made use of Briskeby Stadion as their home ground. In 2007, the club began building a completely new stadium. However, it is still under construction.

Hopefully, they would have completed it by 2009. Meanwhile, the Briskeby is to be expanded to contain 10,200 spectators. It presently has a capacity of about 8,100.

The Background Account Of The Club

On August 10, 1918, a group of youngsters came together and created Hamarkameratene as Freidig. To join the team, one had to be able to afford the cost.

It took Freidig until 1927 to be accepted into the regional series after a second attempt. Freidig had first applied in 1926. The name “Freidig” was already used by another team in the series, thus Hamar’s boys had to change their team’s name.

Briskebyen Fotballag (Briskebyen Football Team) was the obvious choice because Briskeby is the name of their neighborhood. Until 1936, the club was forced to play on the fields of other clubs because it didn’t have a permanent venue of its own.

In 1934, the situation became unbearable, and they purchased a land for their own football ground. It wasn’t until two years later that Briskeby gressbane was commissioned and has served as the club’s home ever since.

This part of Hamar was formerly part of the municipality of Vang until it was annexed by Hamar in 1946.

More Information

People hoped that HamKam will perform well in 2005 season. But, they couldn’t put up a good fight. As a result, they finished in tenth place.

Subsequently, Solbakken informed the club of his departure for FC Copenhagen, where he will serve as manager. Frode Grods, a former goalkeeper for the Norwegian national team, replaced him.

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A similar blunder was made by his successor. HamKam returned to the level of excellence they displayed in 2005. But, they were once again unable to maintain a consistent record.

Frode Grods, on the other hand, was unable to keep HamKam out of the relegation zone as the season drew to a close.

They were in desperate need of a victory heading into the final round of the season, having fallen to third place in the bottom table. Instead of winning, they lost 1–5 loss at home, which resulted in the team‘s relegation in 2006.

Because of this, the board had to sack Grods as head coach, and Arne Erlandsen replaced him on November 13th.

Vegard Skogheim, took over as the assistant manager. As of 2007, HamKam made a comeback to the top division, but dropped down to the 1. divisjon in 2008.

In the subsequent season, they fell to the 2. divisjon after a 1-0 defeat at the hands of Sparta Sarpsborg.

HamKam returned to the Second Division after winning 2. divisjon in the 2010 season.

Economic difficulties worsened, and the board of directors declared on December 21 that the club had planned to file for bankruptcy on December 30. The only remedy would be if they raise additional money before then.

Foot Note

HamKam returned to the Eliteserien for the first time since 2008. This is as a result of them emerging champions of the First Division in the 2021 season.


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