Kentucky Derby payout 

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History of the Kentucky Derby purse

Churchill Downs stated in 2019 that the purse for “the fastest two minutes in sports,” the Kentucky Derby, would increase from $2 million to $3 million.

The $1 million boost is due to earnings from vintage racing machines at Derby City Gaming. a casino owned and operated by Churchill Downs Incorporated that opened its doors in September 2018 in Louisville, Kentucky. 

A starting purse of $1,000 was awarded for the first Kentucky Derby in 1875. By 1996, the prize fund had grown to $1 million, and between 2005 and 2018, it had risen to $2 million, with the winner taking home about $1.24 million. 

The $1.25 million Kentucky Oaks (G1) at 1 1/8 miles, which is raced yearly the day before the Kentucky Derby, is the nation’s most prestigious event for three-year-old fillies.

Kentucky Derby 

At Churchill Downs, the Kentucky Derby took place by 6:57 p.m. ET on Saturday as 20 horses compete for the first leg of the 2022 Triple Crown.

Although the Preakness and Belmont Stakes are undoubtedly among the most renowned titles in horse racing. The Kentucky Derby’s “Run for the Roses” still stands head and shoulders above the competition. Especially when it comes to the prize money at stake.

However, The winner of the Kentucky Derby receives the majority of the prize money. but the next five finishers all receive sizeable bonuses. Also, Epicenter and Zandon are considered the favorites to win the grand prize. This time they will put in more effort to win the most coveted titles in horse racing.

What is the Kentucky Derby purse in 2022?

For the fourth consecutive year, the Kentucky Derby purse is $3 million.

How much will they pay the winner of the Kentucky Derby?

$1.86 million, or more than 60% of the total purse, will go to the winner of the 2022 Kentucky Derby.

Prize money breakdown for Kentucky Derby 2022

  • The winner goes home with a whooping sum of $1.86 million that’s almost 60 percent of the Derby purses
  • The second position will win 600,000 thousand dollars 
  • Also, The third goes home with 300,000 thousand dollars.
  • The fourth position wins 150,000 thousand dollars
  • Then lastly, the fifth position wins 90,000 thousand dollars 

Although the Belmont and the Preakness are the other two legs of the Triple Crown, the Derby offers a greater financial reward. The Preakness is scheduled to pay out $1.5 million when it runs in Baltimore in two weeks, but the Belmont is scheduled to pay out only $1 million when it runs in Saratoga in about a month. The Kentucky Derby is the most lucrative event. 

Going into the Preakness in two weeks, the race winner will be the center of attention.

Kentucky Derby Results

Mr. Rich strike was the winner of the last Kentucky Derby. 

Anyone who staked in the 2022 Kentucky Derby champion Rich Strike struck it rich. 

Nevertheless, this was one of the Derby’s most improbable winners in the race’s history. The horse that entered the field on Friday after Ethereal Road withdrew, sprinted down the inside of the course. 

The Derby odds on Rich Strike ended at 80-1. When he was put in the 20-horse field, his odds were 99-1. Also, The ultimate long shot won the $1.8 million prize for his owners, known as jockey Sonny Leon and trainer Eric Reed. For Reed and Leon, it was their first Derby triumph.

At Churchill Downs, Rich Strike outran two of the favorites. The underdog champion overtook Epicenter and Zandon, who ultimately placed second and third.

Here are the derby results;

Winner Rich Strike

2. Epicenter

3. Zandon

4. Simplification 

5. Mo Donegal 

6. Barber Road

7. Tawny Port

8. Smile Happy

9. Tiz the Bomb

10. Zozos 

11. Classic Causeway

12. Taiba

13. Crown Pride

14. Happy Jack 

15. Messier

16. White Abarrio

17. Charge It

18. Cyberknife

19. Pioneer of Medina

20. Summer of Tomorrow 

Kentucky Derby winner

Epicenter, the Louisiana Derby champion, and Zandon, the Blue Grass Stakes champion, were the two favorites for the 2022 Kentucky Derby. Both horses came in last, trailing the eventual victor Rich Strike, who only joined the race following a late scratch. Rich Strike’s victory was the second-largest upset in Derby history, entering the race at odds of 80-1. For his trainer Eric Reed, it was his first Kentucky Derby triumph. and for his rider Sonny Leon, it was his first graded stakes triumph in any race.

The biggest Kentucky Derby payouts 

The biggest long shot in the field took home the greatest Kentucky Derby wager ever. According to Churchill Downs, a record $179.0 million was wagered on the Kentucky Derby on Saturday. This was 8% more than the previous record established in 2019 and a 17% increase over the prior year.

Kentucky Derby trifecta payout

A trifecta is a bet in which the person betting forecasts the first three finishers in a race in the correct order. Or it’s a run of three wins or grand events.

The winning Kentucky Derby horse has paid anywhere from $6.60 to $132.40 over the past ten years, averaging $26.34 on a $2 wager. That’s not a bad return, but the trifecta and superfecta exotic bets hold the promise of far greater returns.

However, the top three finishers in the right order must be selected for the trifecta, which has paid an average of $3,596.79 on a $1 ticket since 2012. The top four finishers in the right sequence must be chosen for the superfecta, which has paid, on average, $24,983.15 on a $1 ticket. As you can see, if played properly, those bets can result in enormous windfalls.

Also, Keep in mind that Kentucky Derby trifectas and superfectas pay well since they are notoriously difficult to anticipate. With a little bankroll and 20 horses, it can be challenging to cover every viable horse. The shrewd bettor will prefer to make an educated prediction as to how the race’s pace will develop instead, concentrating on horses with the speed and endurance to be in contention at the finish line under the anticipated circumstances.

Kentucky Derby Exacta payout

In horse racing, an exacta is a form of exotic wager. It calls on the gambler to correctly predict who will finish first and second in a race. An Exacta differs from a Quinella. in that the latter requires the bettor to select the first two horses to cross the finish line, in any order.

How does an Exacta work?

To win your bet, you must pick two or more runners who finish first and second in the proper order. 

When placing an online bet, many gamblers choose the exacta wager, especially when there is a runner with low odds. 

The bettor selects the underdog to win together with one or more runners to finish in second place. 

The exacta bet is successful if the underdog runner prevails and one of the other runners places second.

The cost of an Exacta

Depending on the type of Exacta you place, the cost will vary. An Exacta with a selection for first place and another selection for second place will only cost $1 per full unit. The same selections in a boxed Exacta will cost $2 because it allows for two winning combinations. Also, The cost of a standout Exacta will increase per full unit or dividend in proportion to the number of winning combinations.

However, It takes a skilled bettor to correctly choose the first two horses to cross the finish line in sequence when there are few options. Unfortunately, the cost of a full unit will increase as you add additional options (or dividends). 

Fortunately, Flexi Betting enables bettors to accept a portion of the full income. It allows them to spend money in line with their budget by taking a smaller portion of the complete dividend. Their Flexi percentage will represent their stake (outlay) as a percentage of the whole unit (100%) cost of their bet.

How to bet an Exacta

  • Even though TAB hosts exacta betting pools, any online bookmaker would accept your exacta bet and pay you with the same payouts. 
  • Then find the exacta and other exotic bet possibilities by going to the race you want to wager on. 
  • when you’re done enter your first and second choices as well as your bet and you’re good to know 

The difference between Exacta box and trifecta box

The distinction between the exacta box and trifecta box is equally straightforward as that between the exacta and trifecta. 

The trifecta box requires three picks to finish first, second, and third, while the exacta box only requires two of them to finish first and second.

The difference between Exacta and trifecta 

The distinction between the exacta and the trifecta is fairly straightforward. for the exacta, you must choose the horses that place first and second, whereas, for the trifecta, you must choose the horses that place first, second, and third.

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