How to play professional Basketball in Nigerian Teams

In this article, you will learn The Most Effective Way To Become an NBA player as a Nigerian. You will also find information about How to play professional Basketball, How to play professional Basketball in Nigerian Teams and much more.

You should first start playing basketball and rise to the top among the many Nigerian basketball players that aspire to fame and competitive play in the different leagues if you want to develop your career and even play in the NBA.

Basketball is less popular in Nigeria than football, but it is still a prominent sport that many high school and college/university students enjoy watching. If you wish to play professional basketball, we’d like to briefly explain how to do so. Your career may begin much sooner than you anticipated.

How to play professional Basketball in Nigerian Teams

Being a Nigerian basketball player as soon as possible is always preferable. However, even though you are currently 16 years old, you still stand a high possibility of joining the game and having great success. If you want to learn how to play basketball, keep the following in mind and put it into practice.

You must learn the laws first.

If you don’t know the rules, you can’t play the game or have a successful basketball career. Read everything you can about the history of this American pastime in the school library, watch the best games with your favorite players, and go to the websites of the best international teams. Understanding basketball is crucial because it involves more than just handling the ball and scoring. It is a serious cerebral sport that necessitates incredible physical fitness.

 Train yourself

You must dribble and do everything you can to get better at dribbling while playing with friends, by yourself, at home, and in the backyard. You must learn how to play and shoot with one hand, as well as how to shoot from half-court. It is highly recommended that you work out in the adjacent gym. How does a basketball career relate to exercise? It is simple to comprehend. Your shots will get much better, faster, and stronger as your muscles grow. As a result, make sure you regularly perform exercises like push-ups (for which you must have strong fingers), planks, hops (even a jump rope can work wonders), etc.

Apply to join a team

You should join a team once your dribbling abilities have significantly improved and you can shoot the ball from almost any area of the court. It might be your street squad, college team, university team, or even team from your high school.

Your current objective is to keep training, exercising, and dribbling, dribbling, and shooting. Basketball competitions amongst schools are now regularly arranged in Nigeria. There are two well-known college leagues: the Kwese Premier League for male players, and the Women’s College League (Zenith Bank Basketball League). Both leagues arrange games between teams so that all basketball prospects can showcase their best qualities and, at long last, gain recognition.

You must not only demonstrate your superior abilities, but also flourish as a team member. This is how one enters the NBA and rises to the top ranks.

Register with NBBF

We must add one fascinating fact regarding the Nigerian Basketball Federation, commonly known as the NBBF, as this is a brief instruction on how to join a basketball team in Nigeria. If you live in Abuja or Lagos, you may visit their office to learn more about all the options for young talent. You can also follow their news to learn about potential drafts and competitions.

Additionally, you can pay to join a basketball VIP community (the signing up costs approximately 7 U.S. dollars per month). It promises to divulge all the most fascinating information on the top Nigerian athletes, high school standouts, and actual professionals. You’ll gain knowledge about high school competitions, the actual NCAA college rankings, etc.

Ensure that you are educated

Continue to follow the directions in Steps 1-4 while also making sure you complete a higher education. First of all, having a background that will enable you to make money in the future is always preferable (after your playing years are over). Second, agents are looking for basketball players with talent who also have strong academic credentials.

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You can go to international basketball camps if you have financial help (for example, go to Elite Hoops Basketball Camp in the USA). If you don’t have any money, you can either work to pay for your trip to the renowned Giants of Africa Camp in Nigeria (which demands outstanding grades and talents) or apply for a scholarship. For instance, our local camps are hosted by fantastic trainers that will unquestionably educate young talents (like you probably are) incredible skills, provide wise counsel, and help you realize your potential.

If you are talented and competent, demonstrate your ability to play at your best for your university team, begin winning significant student championships, and your name starts to gain some recognition, you may one day catch the attention of an agent or professional coach. This is one way you might be requested to play for the Nigerian national team, but going to pre-draft camps is still the best course of action because you might get picked up at one of these drafts.

How to Play in the NBA as a Nigerian

 According to experts, the NBA drafts roughly 50 to 60 new players each year who excel in the sport. Those who continue honing their craft eventually rise to the top of the world’s superstars.

It’s not simple to join a professional basketball team, but it is absolutely doable. Don’t be scared to dream big, whether you’re in middle school, high school, or college. Setting your sights on the NBA can only help your game.

Here are the things you need to do to get drafted to play for the NBA:

Giving It Your Best

Get comfortable shooting from all angles on the floor.

To develop your shooting skills and become a deft, well-rounded shooter, practice shooting at close range, extended range, and finally 3-point range. Training on your shooting technique in continuous three-week rotations while devoting one week to each type of shot can be beneficial. It’s impossible to be too specific.

Maintain a high shooting average by making at least 60% of your 2-point field goals, 40% of your 3-point attempts, and 75% of your free throws.

Take video recordings of your basketball games.

You may make adjustments to your game and raise your performance by observing how your body moves when you make nice baskets and when you miss. Have a buddy or parent watch a game with you if you’re in middle or high school so you can shoot some video. Many teams at colleges employ media aides who record games for the school. Inquire with your coach if you can see some game tape.

If you are in college, it may be beneficial to put together a highlight film of your best performances from these contests for prospective NBA scouts. Keep the video under five minutes by editing out as many lagging parts as possible.

Play with those that are more talented than you.

Basketball players who are challenged by players with better skills than they have grow stronger and more savvy. By constantly competing against opponents that push you to be better, you can improve your game. Try to join a local AAU (Amateur Athletic Union) team if you are the best basketball player in high school and are looking for players that will push you to the next level.

Leading college recruiters keep tabs on elite AAU teams, which is one of the best ways to obtain sports scholarships. Recruiters like to tour these regional teams because they draw top players from numerous high schools, giving them access to a larger pool of gifted children. For instance, Josh Smith, Kobe Bryant, and Dwight Howard all played AAU basketball as youngsters. At, you may locate an AAU club in your neighborhood.

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Intensify your drills.

Regular running and practicing drills can be made more tough to add some energy. Try dribbling in gravel or jogging in sand. Your talents will become sharper and your endurance will rise if you do this. Whether you are in middle school, high school, or college, you can still accomplish this.

Make a daily schedule of your activities in order to improve as a player.

Start working out.

Gaining more physical strength will allow you to dodge guards and make shots from a greater distance. Begin a strength-training program under the guidance of a basketball-savvy coach. They can modify your workouts to meet the demands of your particular sport and body.

If you are a high school student, get in touch with the sports director at your institution and ask if they can put you in touch with a lifting coach who has experience with basketball.

If you are a college student, your institution probably already employs strength-training specialists. Ask your athletic director if you can schedule some private training sessions with a personal trainer.

By adopting healthy behaviors and diets, you can increase your endurance.

 Basketball involves a lot of running up and down the court, so it’s critical to keep your body in shape so you can perform at your peak from the start of the game to the finish. Your body will perform more effectively and have greater endurance if you stay well-hydrated, get 8 hours of sleep each night, and consume healthy foods.

Be a Standout in the Crowd

Choose the ideal coach.

If you’re in middle school or high school, the basketball team at your school probably already has a coach. However, if you feel strongly about honing your basketball skills and don’t feel like that coach is giving you much one-on-one attention, think considering hiring a private coach. A private coach can provide you with individualized input to help you improve your game and develop as a player more quickly.

You can find a private, knowledgeable basketball tutor in your region with

You can develop a closer mentor-mentee relationship by working with a coach one-on-one. Look for someone you get along with and whose accomplishments you appreciate when interviewing possible private instructors. If they are connected to powerful recruiters, that is a plus.

Make the most of all your abilities.

Make use of any exceptionally good playing abilities you may have and make them your own. There are many excellent basketball players, but if you want to play in the NBA, you’ll need to set yourself apart from the competition by specializing in one area.

For instance, if you have exceptional speed, strive to incorporate it into every technique you use on the court. This will stand out as one of your special playing strengths.

Both on and off the court, be a leader.

Position matters. Basketball is a team sport, so a team that has a roster consisting of prima donnas can’t win. Being a leader and an admirable person on and off the court will help you stand out to potential recruiters. Everyone seeks a player who will get along well with others and motivate the group to improve.

Two excellent strategies to boost your leadership game are to set high standards and learn from your errors.

Your determination, devotion, and work ethic will ultimately be what allows you to be a successful basketball player.

Whether you are in high school or college, don’t be afraid to talk to your coach and ask if there is a way you can take on more responsibility for the team.

For instance, if you have exceptional speed, strive to incorporate it into every technique you use on the court. This will stand out as one of your special playing strengths.

Participate in as many tournaments as you can.

The key to developing your basketball career is getting in front of talent scouts from top colleges (if you are in high school) and NBA teams (if you are in college). Attend as many events as you can, as here is where influential coaches and decision-makers come to see and select the upcoming talent. The more powerful individuals who watch you play, the better.

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Many AAU leagues engage in regional tournaments for high school students that your school might not. The schedule can be demanding on top of your existing obligations, but you are not required to sign up for anything else. Try to go to as many as you can if playing in the NBA is truly your desire.

If you are a college student, your school’s basketball team already competes in all the appropriate competitions. Play to your potential and take advantage of recruiting opportunities at regional conference tournaments and March Madness.

Putting Yourself in Position for Professional Play

Join a high school team so that you can join a college one.

 NBA players must be 19 years old, and the majority are chosen straight out of college. Achieve your highest potential in high school and AAU basketball in order to play at a prestigious institution like Duke, Kentucky, or North Carolina. Top NBA scouts typically only take into account basketball players from Division 1 programs.

If you’re not playing at the level you should be, a private basketball coach can help you improve.

Good grades in high school will assist complete your “package” and increase your appeal as a student-athlete. Think like a recruiter: You want to be someone who is simple to sell to everyone they need to convince. Call the dean’s office if you need a tutor to improve your grades. They can put you in touch with a tutor who can help you.

The majority of college and high school coaches will have a fair idea of which recruiters will be present at particular games or showcases. If you want to connect with someone, ask your coach if they know anything about it.

If you can, try to play internationally.

Most NBA players who do not get picked out of college programs first play abroad before entering the league. This can be a suitable entry point into the NBA if you attended a D2, D3, or junior college. You are exposed to a wider range of powerful athletes and various basketball playing styles when you compete internationally. You might find it useful to look for a foreign basketball league with less age and eligibility requirements than the NBA if you are a standout player but don’t think college is for you. has a sizable international directory that can help you find an agent in the nation you want to start with.

Employ an agent.

If you are playing at a high level but haven’t received a recruiter’s call yet, it’s possible that you are too old for college or that the proper people haven’t had a chance to see you play. To assist arrange crucial meetings and advance your professional career, get in touch with a representative in the United States.

The top basketball agents are listed on, along with links to their sports agencies so you may get in touch with them. If you have your heart set on a particular team, you can check to see how many players each agent has placed and where.

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