Outreach By Arkansas Athletes

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Introduction To The Outreach By Arkansas Athletes

It’s nice to have you here in Rogers, Arkansas. At the base of the Ozark Mountains, Rogers is surrounded on all sides by natural splendor.

When you get to Northwest Arkansas, you are certain to see outdoor activities, museums, art galleries, shopping, biking, restaurants, and more. Meanwhile, it is one of the fastest-growing regions in the country.

It basically handles the planning of tournaments. So, if you need to organize your next tournament, competition, or event, contact us!

Overview Of Arkansas Athletes Outreach

Arkansas Athletes Outreach is a voluntary organization in Fayetteville, that gears towards helping athletes become better people in sports and in life.

The Northwest Arkansas (NWA) serves as a home to Rogers. It is situated in the beautiful Ozark Mountains. Impressively, the Northwest Arkansas area is experiencing rapid economic development.

More than 550,000 people call the Northwest Arkansas their home. As a result, putting it on track to become one of the top 100 largest metro areas in the United States this year.

However, indoor venues in Rogers are available for your next event.

Whether you’re looking for a large convention hall or a sports complex with various gyms, we have you covered.

The Mission Of Northwest Arkansas

It is quite clear that the goal of NWA is to assist you in organizing your next great event. whether it be a cheerleading competition, dancing recital, basketball game, volleyball match, wrestling match, table tennis match, or corn hole tournament.

In 2020, AAO (Arkansas Athletes Outreach) finished construction on a brand-new building in Rogers.

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Their mission is to assist athletes develop their skills and grow as individuals. Those interested in playing in a league or tournament can do so via the AAO platform.

A variety of new competitions and events can now be hosted at the state-of-the-art arena at Rogers. Additional courts can be found at their sister facility in Fayetteville.

Basketball, volleyball, wrestling, football, soccer, lacrosse, and many more are just a few of the sports that take place.

Visit Rogers’ Director of Destination Sales, Ronnie Webb, says that collaborating with Arkansas Athletes Outreach’s roster of professionals is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

As a whole, Rogers and Northwest Arkansas have benefited from AAO’s consistently strong leadership.

We’re looking forward to working with AAO and to the successes that will result in our area.

Director Brad Friess of the AAO Sports Complex thinks you should hold your next event in Northwest Arkansas because of the excellent facilities and welcoming locals you’ll find there.

Thanks to the high standard of our services and the abundance of entertainment options, our region is poised to become the Midwest’s premier destination for athletic events.


  • 4 courts
    • 20 to 30 foot ceilings
    • 2 courts at 65′ W x 100′ L
    • 2 courts at 76′ W x 100′ L
  • 2 outdoor grass multi-purpose fields
  • Pull-out bleachers
  • Concession stand
  • Large hall between courts
  • 425 parking spaces
  • Indoor turf field
    • 20 to 30 foot ceilings
    • 26 yards W x 47 yards L
    • Approx. 11,000 sq. ft.

Schedule Your Upcoming Tournament At Rogers

Luke Wiggins, director of sales here, is eager to assist you in reserving space in Rogers for your upcoming event.

Reach out to Luke via telephone at (479) 619-3191 or via email at Luke@RogersLowell.com.

To learn more about hosting your next sporting event in Rogers, visit our sports website today!

Get in touch with AAO directly to ask questions about their courses.

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About The Restaurant In Rogers

Rogers is no exception to the rule that a great city must have delicious cuisine.

Because of our success in drawing conventioneers and businesspeople from all over the country, many well-known chain eateries have opened locations here.

You can satisfy your hunger for delicious pizza, spaghetti, burgers, or steaks and seafood at any of these wonderful restaurants.

Rogers also incorporates a variety of noteworthy regional specialties, such as authentic ethnic cuisine, homemade pastries, and locally brewed coffee.

Everything is available for purchase in Rogers.

Accommodation In Rogers

There is a wide variety of hotels in Rogers to suit any visitor’s needs, whether they are in town for the week on business or the weekend with their family.

Seeking a lively, up-to-date hotel?
Perhaps a spa-connected, extra-large suite?
Or maybe you just need a relaxing space to unwind in after a long day. You get to decide in Rogers.

Please review the hotel options we’ve provided below and contact them directly to reserve a room.

Meeting planning advice is available at this link if you need some guidance deciding where to hold your next convention or meeting.

Rogers As A Guide To Planning Your Trips

Rogers is waiting for you to book your next vacation with them.

The resources above should help you organize your next trip to Rogers.

If you need help organizing a get-together, conference, or vacation, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

AAO Fayetteville AR

Here, we believe that sports have the potential to be one of the most influential ways in which our young athletes get prepared for adulthood.

However, many modern youth sports cultures are plagued by overbearing parents, coaches who prioritize winning at all costs, and players who only care about promoting themselves.

Brad Friess, the founder of AAO, established the organization on the principle that engaging in athletics should be among the most rewarding experiences a person has.

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He made this facility so that, athletes of all levels can train and improve their skills. An environment conducive to learning and practicing valuable skills and virtues, such as perseverance, accountability, cooperation, and appreciation.

A place to meet people and form meaningful relationships.

The Philosophy Of AAO Fayetteville AR

At AAO Fayetteville AR, we believe strongly in the transformative power of athletics for local communities.

We think people are extremely influenced by their surroundings or we try to put our best.

Games are altered and lives are changed when young athletes train and play in our world-class facilities, surrounded by skilled and positive coaching mentors who execute extraordinary programs that put the growth of a player ahead of winning.

We at AAO think that this is how sports for young people should be played.

Our Mission

Our goal is to make sure that every young child have access to this kind of formative athletic opportunity.

Every athlete deserves to have this kind of supportive environment, so they can do what they love and reap the rewards it can bring.

When that time comes, they won’t be unprepared to go wherever their path may take them. They’ll always be the best!

AAO Power League

Girls and boys in grades 3-8 who participate in organized summer basketball programs can join the AAO Power League to compete in a league within their own state. 

Gate Fee:

$5 Adults
$3 Kids
5 and under, free

They accept cards or cash as method of payment.


  • Have the fear of God
  • Respect people around you
  • Strive hard to be at your best
  • Find happiness in whatever you are doing


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