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The Wanderers Scorpions Basketball Academy

The Wanderers Scorpions have one of the most well-known Basketball academies in South Africa. Players that are 4 years old and older can get instruction from us. We help players—beginners, intermediate, or advanced—in growing, polishing, and enhancing their basketball talents.
The main goal is to enhance a player’s abilities from beginning to intermediate, and eventually to professional level. Our specialized curriculum is created to help athletes develop to their fullest potential in basketball. In our interactive setting, players also get more individualized attention. The opportunity to compete in leagues, tournaments, and games is also available to players. We have one of the best Basketball schools in South Africa.


When do the seasons begin and end?
The academy competes in a variety of basketball leagues and competitions throughout the year. From the second week of January until the third week of December, the academy is open for business.

The trials start when?
We don’t conduct auditions or trials. The program takes both complete novices and young players with prior experience. Regardless of your skill level, come as you are and you will get coaching.

When can we start?
At any period of the year, new players may begin at any point in the month. We also accept new players at any time of the year with no limitations.

Do I have to be a Wanderers club member?
Yes, players must be Wanderers Club members. Players under the age of 18 are subject to a R700 fixed yearly .
Call us: +27 82 325 7719

Johannesburg Basketball Academy

The Johannesburg Basketball Academy is one of the top Basketball academies in South Africa. At the Johannesburg Basketball Academy, we work with all of our players to help them develop their shooting, passing, rebounding, footwork, court positioning, and other basketball abilities. Basketball brings everyone on our team together, regardless of gender, colour, or religion. Basketball is a game that gets people in towns and schools excited. In addition to learning how to play basketball, our athletes also acquire life skills via the game.
The Johannesburg Basketball Academy serves both boys and girls between the ages of 12 and 18. Our school essentially teaches students how to play basketball in South Africa. Michael Mount Waldorf School is where we’ll be holding the event.

Club membership dues

Club Annual registration fee: R3000 per player (includes a practice and game kit). covers all league and tournament registration costs.
Contact us: +27766766740

Soweto Basketball Academy

Soweto Basketball Academy is an Elite Basketball Academy located in Soweto. It was established in 2013. It is among the best Basketball academies in South Africa.
Contact us: +27 79 134 9494


Westcliff Eagles Basketball Club is among the top Basketball academies in South Africa. Mbulelo Ntshingana, a LEVEL 1 FIBA coach, formed the Westcliff Eagles Basketball Club in 2017. Mbulelo is enthusiastic about teaching young people to have fun on the court by expressing his enthusiasm for the game. We take great pleasure in our love for the game, our background playing and coaching at the top levels. And also our unwavering commitment to our players within the Westcliff Eagles Basketball Club family. It is regarded as one of the top Basketball schools in South Africa.
The club concentrates on teaching both boys and girls the basics and strives to develop them to the best of their ability. While also taking into account the expansion of the sport at the high school level and the necessity to enable a young athlete’s all-round development.
Our goal is to create a culture of constant competition via games that foster camaraderie, competitiveness, and intellectual advancement. Through rigorous basics practice and competitive game settings, we want to improve their basketball abilities and sportsmanship and provide them with the tools necessary to compete. Sport, in our opinion, is a way of life as well as a method to stay in shape.

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September Trials

Do you believe you possess what it takes to play basketball?
Join us on Saturday from 9:00 to 11:00 for team try-outs.
Reach out to our program director for further information: 072 069 0101

NBA Academy Africa

The finest male and female basketball talents from around Africa train at Senegal’s NBA Academy Africa, a premier basketball training facility. On the continent, it is the first of its . kind. The school is a collaboration between the NBA and SEED Project, a non-profit established in Thies, Senegal, that utilizes basketball as a platform to engage youngsters in educational, athletic, and also leadership programs. Their graduates include Gorgui Dieng (Memphis Grizzlies; Senegal; BWB Africa 2009).
NBA Academy Africa talents from all across the continent will train at the new top basketball training facility. The facility was inaugurated by the league in Saly, Senegal, in November 2018. The brand-new building has conference rooms, dorms, and educational facilities. It also has two indoor basketball courts, a multi-dimensional activity center, a swimming pool, a weight room, etc.
Always stay prepared and also ready for opportunities. Enroll into any Basketball academies in South Africa to learn and advance your basketball career.

How to get into NBA Academy Africa


How do I join the NBA Academy (as a player)?

Try-outs for the NBA Academy are through invitation only. NBA Academy scouts evaluate young athletes like you who participate in a variety of levels and contests, such as Jr. NBA and NBA Basketball School camps.
Gaining Attention

• Attend the Jr. NBA and/or NBA Basketball School camps in your area! For the most recent details on forthcoming events, please check their website and social media.
• Fill out our Contact Us page’s “NBA Academy Prospect” form. Please note that incomplete forms won’t be examined.

How can I enroll in an NBA basketball academy?

Information about registering varies by area. International male and female players aged 6 to 18 may enroll in year-long, tuition-based programs at the NBA Basketball School.
Available Regions
Brazil, Greece, India, Italy, Kuwait, Uruguay and UAE.

Basketball South Africa

Basketball South Africa (BSA) is the organization in charge of overseeing both the men’s and women’s national basketball teams in South Africa. BSA was founded in 1992 and has headquarters in Johannesburg. It is an associate of FIBA Africa. Sanele Mthiyane serves as the president.
BSA was accepted into FIBA in 1992, and since then, its senior squad has played in the AfroBasket but has not yet achieved FIBA World Cup qualification. The top-tier men’s professional game is governed by the Basketball National League. As the recognized basketball federation, BSA is listed with SASCOC.
Mr. Sanele Mthiyane is the president of Basketball South Africa.


In 1953, the South African Basketball Federation (BFSA) was established. At the time, netball, a related but distinct sport, was promoted to women players. In 1980, the International Amateur Basketball Federation (FIBA), the then sport’s global governing body, withdrew the BFSA from international competitions in protest of the racist policies of the South African government. The vote was 49 in favor, 2 against, and 10 abstained. BFSA had already been put on hold since 1977. Basketball Federation of South Africa (BFSA) for white players, Midlands Basketball Union (MBU) for colored and Indian players, and the South African Basketball Association (SABA) for black players were all brought together in 1992 under the guidance of an interim body known as Basketball Union of South Africa (BUSA), which also had four representatives from each organization. This then led to the establishment of Basketball South Africa.
In an effort to spread the sport’s popularity, the American NBA organized the NBA Africa Game, an exhibition game, in Johannesburg in 2015. Despite the lower turnout in local games, tickets were immediately sold out. The match pitted Team Africa against Team World, two all-star teams. In 2017, the NBA hosted an additional all-star game.

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Is there a Basketball League in South Africa?

Yes, there is! The premier semi-professional basketball league in South Africa for both men and women is called the Basketball National League (BNL). Since the league’s establishment in 1993, only male club teams have participated; the women’s division was formally introduced in 2021. The 11 teams that make up the WBNL are the female teams for the clubs that are currently playing. Various Basketball teams in South Africa also participate in the League.


It was dissolved in 1996 after being established in 1993 as the Premier Basketball League. In 2013, the league’s name was then changed to the Basketball National League. The 2018 BNL Season began on August 3 and concluded on October 27. The Soweto Panthers won the title for the first time ever. The league launched a women’s division in Gauteng in 2016. Then the Sturdy Stars took home the championship that year.
The Women’s Basketball National League (WBNL) was officially launched in South Africa in 2021. With the participation of more clubs, the W-Tshwane Suns won their first national championship on November 27, 2021. All games between 2013 and 2015 were played at Wembley Stadium in Stafford, Gauteng, City of Johannesburg Metropolitan Municipality, a former ice rink with seating for 3,000 spectators, due to the dearth of accessible basketball facilities.

Basketball Scholarships in South Africa

Basketball scholarships at colleges or universities are quite competitive, much as they are in the world of college football. It becomes somewhat more challenging if you qualify from one of the world’s least developed or still developing nations.
You need to be really talented at the game, have an outstanding academic record that places you above the majority of pupils in your area, and be ready for the chance.
Students are encouraged to begin the process of looking for and applying for scholarship programs that you are qualified for early in order to increase your chances of receiving a scholarship package at the appropriate moment for yourself.
You may get started by looking into potential schools and universities, keeping track of new scholarship opportunities throughout the globe, staying in touch with these institutions, and also developing a strong academic record.
Keep honing your athletic skills and skill set while doing this, since this is your primary route to these scholarship programs.

Basketball Scholarship General Requirements

The NCCA controls a significant portion of the money for basketball scholarships, which means that the academic record of the applicant is given just as much weight as athletic skill since scholarship winners are required to maintain a minimum GPA.
Nevertheless, depending on your degree of skill, coaches could be a little less lenient with the conditions you must meet to qualify for their institutions or universities.
Whatever the situation, you must also make every effort to be ready for the chance. In addition, you must not wait for the opportunity to present itself; rather, you must go looking for it.
Many basketball scholarships are available to players from poor or underdeveloped nations, but they may have extra requirements, such as a particular field of study, place of residence, or institution connection.
As a result, finding the right scholarship may involve some shrewd searching and some flexibility. However, there is no one preventing you from submitting applications for 5, 8, or even 10 overseas scholarships at once.
Some of the top basketball scholarships for athletes from underdeveloped nations are shown below.


The University of Worcester Basketball Scholarship

The University of Worcester is offering this basketball scholarship. Three basketball scholarships are provided from the university for promising student-athletes.
These groups of students may also apply to the school’s undergraduate or graduate programs, depending on their eligibility for the offer.
The Worcester Wolves Basketball Club and the University of Worcester have teamed together to support this scholarship initiative.
The following is covered under the scholarship award:
I. Fees for academic courses and lodging
II. The chance to represent the Worcester Wolves professional basketball team in the BBL.
III. A chance to represent the university team in the British Universities Championships
IV. A no-cost player registration
V. Complete training and playing schedule
VI. Free access to a gym
VII. Free access to prizes for officiating and coaching
VIII. Support from sports science
IX. Financial assistance, etc.

Candidates must have a strong track record of accomplishments or great potential to succeed as a BBL player in order to be considered for this basketball scholarship. Additionally, they must be able to satisfy the requirements for their particular selected study arrear.

The University of Worcester Basketball Scholarship application process

Please read our information packet on sports scholarships and fill out an application if you’re interested in applying for one at the University of Worcester.

DAAD Scholarships Relevant To Developing Nations like South Africa
A project of the German Academic Exchange Service is the DAAD Scholarship. It offers talented young foreign students from poor nations in South America, Africa, Central and Eastern Europe, Pacific Island Countries, Asia, etc. scholarships for a variety of courses.
The project is also tructured into components of support programs for scholarships that provide different full or partial scholarships. Among them are:

Basketball Scholarships for International Students | Holland Scholarship

A branch of the DAAD award is the Holland Scholarship. It is intended for students from poor nations outside the European Economic Area who are international (EEA).
Participants in the DAAD program are students who intend to continue their study at Dutch institutions at the bachelor’s or master’s degree level.
The scholarship applicants will also get a package of €50000 for their first year of study.

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