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About Southern Colorado Basketball

A team-oriented organization that hosts leagues and competitions all year long is Southern Colorado Basketball (SoCo). Additionally, we provide a few summer clinics for single children. Registrations for Southern Colorado Basketball are only accepted from teams that currently exist. Individual children are not placed on teams or combined into teams by Southern Colorado Basketball.

Premier youth basketball leagues and camps are offered by Southern Colorado Basketball to help players develop a range of skills both on and off the court. Fair play and good sportsmanship are extremely important to us.


1. Provide the necessary information on the academy form for your child. The data will subsequently be published on Southern Colorado Basketball’s website for coaches to see. Additionally, Southern Colorado Basketball routinely sends updates to all of its coaches, both past and present. Every one to two weeks, the online Free Agents List will be updated with the most recent data.

2. Share information about your child on the Facebook page for Southern Colorado Basketball. You must “like” the Southern Colorado Basketball Facebook page in order to accomplish this. You can mention that you have a player looking for a team in your posting.

3. Your school, friends, or a team you already play on can help you form your own team. We advise your child to approach peers from the same neighborhood, religion, or academic institution in an effort to spark interest in forming a team. Parents might choose to approach the PE teachers or coaches at their children’s schools for help in locating a team.

4. Create your own squad! With only ONE dedicated parent or coach, some desire, some perseverance, and networking, dozens of teams became launched. These are the origins of some of our biggest success stories.


Address: Colorado Springs, CO, P.O. Box 51344

Phone: (809) 949-1344

Phone number: (719) 888-9546

Email address:


Whereabouts of a Youth Basketball Academy?

In Colorado Springs, CO, there is a competitive small league basketball organization called the SOCO (Southern Colorado Youth Basketball League), which is locally owned and run. SOCO encourages fair play and excellent sportsmanship.

How Hardly Do the Youth Basketball Leagues Compete?

While SOCO’s youth basketball leagues in the spring and fall are competitive, we also place a high importance on sportsmanship, fair play, and most importantly, having fun.

Do the Youth Basketball Leagues have age restrictions?

For students in grades 4 through 8, there are youth basketball camps as well as spring and fall youth basketball programs.

Little League Basketball: Is it pricey?

The price per team became fixed, however the price per player decreases as the number of children on your squad increases. Youth basketball leagues in the spring and fall cost about $1100, while the price of youth basketball camps varies.

Where do I sign up for a youth basketball league?

We aim to make it as simple as possible for you to sign up for the spring and autumn kids basketball leagues, as well as basketball camps.

 Colorado Springs Youth Sports Leagues.

Children ages 3 and up can play basketball in youth sports leagues in Colorado Springs. I9 Sports provides youth sports leagues that are entertaining, well-run, and instructive in the Colorado Springs region. Sports including flag football, soccer, baseball, and basketball are available for kids.

Whatever sport(s) you select, parents, coaches, and children can anticipate:

1. Instruction that is age-appropriate and emphasizes good sportsmanship and healthy competitiveness.

2. Regular sportsmanship instruction.

3. No tryouts necessary; all skill levels welcomed. Zero drafts

4. Everyone plays every game.

5. No soliciting.

6. Practice is easily planned the day before the game one day every week.

7. Competent referees in every game.

8. “Sit Out When in Doubt” Concussion safety guidelines and coaching staff education.

The middle school of Skyview

Join one of our basketball clinics for young people in Colorado Springs at Skyview Middle School right away! We are dedicated to our purpose of Helping Kids Succeed in Life Through Sports as Colorado Springs’ largest multi-sport organization specializing primarily in elite, neighborhood-based youth basketball programs. We hope to see you at one of our child basketball clinics in Colorado Springs!

Available Sports

1. Basketball

2. Football

3. Volleyball


93 League Office


Colorado Springs, Colorado 80923, 6350 Windom Peak Boulevard



Climate Hotline


AAU Basketball Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs Stars

 Maurice Jones is the director.

Location: Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Our Purpose

By creating “Leaders of Character” and “Better Athletes while Learning Life skills” through the game of basketball, we hope to better the lives of young people.

Our Goal

A nationally renowned youth club basketball organization is what we aspire to have: coaches, players, and parents working together to produce young leaders of character and academic excellence by giving aspiring young basketball players the competitive environment they need to fully develop their individual skills within a team concept and to maximize college exposure at NCAA-certified viewing events.

The Colorado Springs STARS B-BALL Academy is committed to enhancing the lives of young people through the game of basketball by “Building Better Athletes while Learning Life skills.

Our main goal is to create leaders with character. Our main goals are to cultivate disciplined, committed, physically fit, and mentally strong athletes in a college-preparatory atmosphere while striving for team excellence.


The premier indoor sports facility in Colorado Spring is SoccerHaus, which provides opulent experiences and cutting-edge amenities for everyone to enjoy. Built for and by players. The 48,000 square foot building became created to house a unified group of sportsmen and enthusiasts.

3 v. 3 At the Colorado Springs SoccerHaus, basketball is the only indoor kids program offered. Boys and girls in Kindergarten through eighth grade are welcome to join the league. Ideal for athletes of all abilities.

General League Format for SoccerHaus

1. A game jersey is given to the player.

2. A competition that consists of a 7-8 game regular season.

3. A 3×3 configuration is used to practice shooting, guarding, passing, and dribbling.

4. Only man-to-man defense.

5. 6-player rosters that guarantee everyone a spot in every match.

6. The coach schedules and organizes practices.

7. No auditions. NO DRAWINGS Rosters are created at the request of “friends” or “coaches.” Single participants will be assigned to teams with some familiarity and resemblance to the other team members, such as teams from the same organization, neighborhood, school, etc.

8. SoccerHaus 3 vs. 3 Basketball DOES NOT PROVIDE COACHES; ALL are volunteer parents.

9. The grade/age division winners receive trophies.

10. Games played on the weekends or throughout the week.

11. When possible, there will be food at the games.


Participants create teams by asking “friends” and “coaches” to play for them over the season. You must include any requests on the registration form. Although we will make an effort to accommodate your particular request, we cannot promise that we will be able to do so. If SoccerHaus is unable to accommodate your particular request, REFUNDS will not be provided.

The league officials assigns individual players to teams based on a degree of familiarity gained by attending the same school, sporting organization, area, etc.


Before the second game of the season, all refund claims must be filed to the Director of Youth. There will be a $25 processing fee deducted from the refund. After the second game of the season, there will be NO refund claims.


Participants must put on shorts without any pockets.


SoccerHaus 3 v. 3 Basketball does not provide any of the coaches; they are all volunteers. The SoccerHaus background check is required of all Coaches and Volunteers.

Our first priority is the safety of our players, and we want to make sure that our coaches are qualified and secure.

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This article contains information about Southern Colorado Basketball. You will also find information about Colorado Springs Youth Sports Leagues, AAU Basketball Colorado Springs and Colorado Spring Stars.

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