Intentions and Goals of Statham Basketball Academy

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Introduction To Statham Basketball Academy

During the summer, high school athletes from across the world can attend the Statham Academy to train in Los Angeles.

They will have the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to train with real pros in every aspect of the game, from skills development to game play to strength and conditioning to video analysis to face time with college coaches.

Also, Athletes will also have the chance to visit Hollywood, take in a game at the Drew League, see collegiate campuses, and observe exclusive, behind-the-scenes training sessions with NBA pros during their time in Los Angeles.

NCAA coaches will hold seminars for student-athletes on how to improve their chances of being recruited by college programs.

The Statham Academy Basketball Camp

Benefits Of The Camp

  • Ten days of professional level Basketball Training.
  • Sophisticated minds and rigorous group drills
  • Basketball-centric workouts at the gym and on the sand
  • Film analysis and coaching clinics with NCAA coaches
  • View NBA private training session
  • Exposure To Touring Of Colleges.
  • Experience of various games.

Have fun in Los Angeles, California!

INTENTIONS AND GOALS of Statham Basketball Academy

For the past seven years, Statham Academy has not only been Santa Clarita’s most well-known basketball training facility, but also a worldwide phenomenon.

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Taylor Statham is a pioneer of a native of the Santa Clarita Valley who has played professional basketball in 12 nations. In the Santa Clarita Valley, where we live, we hope to promote basketball as a way of life.

Because of this, we’ve collaborated with more than 2,000 players from around the world, hosted more than 30 tournaments, and provided college scholarships to more than 70 of our own children.

Not only do we act as a liaison between amateur and professional teams, but we also help FIBA teams find amateurs who are eligible for the Olympics and place them on the appropriate national teams.

We started Creators Basketball in our second year of operation to help us develop young athletes all the way through high school.

Our valley went from getting the recognition as a football and baseball community to something completely different as a result of this. Slowly but surely, it has become a recruiting hotspot for universities of all levels.

Our first player, Andrew Meadow, started receiving coaching from us when he was 7 years old, and today he is one of the top recruits in the country, with over 14 division one scholarships to his name. He is also a member of Israel’s national team.

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That’s just one of the numerous players on our team for whom we have nothing but praise. It’s an honor to work with young athletes in this capacity.

The most crucial aspect of our work is encouraging them to develop a lifelong passion for the game while also building them up as resilient, principled people.

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Meanwhile, we take great delight in using basketball as a metaphor for life and a tool to impact important lessons to young people.

Activities we offer include:

  • Strength and conditioning workouts;
  • Sightseeing in and around Los Angeles;
  • Face-to-face time with college coaches.


Taylor Statham Tenure At Santa Clarita

The California State University, San Bernardino is where Coach Taylor Statham got his start in the coaching profession after his playing days there.

As of now, he is a professional basketball player, the proprietor of Statham Academy, and a co-founder of the Creators Basketball AAU Team.

A few NBA G League clubs has asked him for a private workout sessions as he has earned championships, MVP awards, and Best Small Forward of the Conference honors while playing professional basketball in Canada, the Philippines, China, Thailand, Hong Kong, and Indonesia.

He competed for the Philippines in the 2019 Fiba 3×3 World Tour. He led his team to the top spot in Asia and helped get the Philippines into the Olympics in 2020.

However, due to his upbringing in a region where football and baseball were more popular than basketball, Coach Statham was determined to alter the Santa Clarita Valley’s perception of the sport.

He has a lot of success getting athletes who weren’t being recruited noticed and offered college scholarships during the summer.

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Over the past few years, has also sent over a dozen men abroad.

Through Ball Out, he has managed a number of high-profile basketball events and tournaments, including the Elite 50 Showcase, SCV Alumni Tournament, Ball Out’s Pro All Star Game, several 3×3 tournaments, and a few camps throughout the world.

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Coaches can better help their players improve by breaking down their skills into more manageable pieces if they play positions 1–4 at the highest level.


Below are the qualities of the owner:

  • He has experienced professional play in 12 different nations (Asia, Middle East, and Europe).
  • Also, he has mentored some of the best international players from places like Taiwan, the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, China, Brunei, Hong Kong, and Malaysia.
  • He supported student-athletes in securing college athletic scholarships and professional contracts in a variety of countries.
  • Statham Academy has a recognition worldwide by teams that he sent out for international competitions.
  • Assists FIBA teams from various countries with strategic advice.


Our pupils are always striving to do better. Professional and collegiate basketball players, as well as coaches, are available to teach them the ways. In addition, only dedicated basketball players should enroll in this institution.

We provide training in all facets of the game, including dribbling, passing, shooting, and defense, throughout the entire year. Even the hungry basketball fans may refuel on the delicious snacks we give.

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