Overview Of East Valley Venom

If you’re searching for something fun to do this weekend and you happen to live in the East Valley, the Arizona Venom basketball games might be just the ticket.

East Valley Venom Basketball: One of Arizona’s Best Teams

In January of 2016, the Venom became Arizona’s newest semi-professional basketball team.

However, this season is their second season in the PBL (Premier Basketball League) (PBL).

The Arizona Venom are one of the PBL’s 18 teams, representing the state of Arizona in the Pacific Division, which also includes teams from California, Oregon, and Washington.

East Valley Venom: What Exactly Is It?

The Phoenix metro region is home to a youth basketball program called East Valley Venom, which provides instruction to youths aged 12 to 16.

Meanwhile, the team’s mission is to expose its members to elite-level basketball, to teach its members the principles of the game, and to compete with other teams in the valley.

East Valley Venom, now in its sixth season, started as a modest club but has since blossomed into one of the most formidable teams in the valley’s several leagues.

However, the East Valley Venom will provide these young athletes with several opportunities through their annual tournaments, camps, and coaching sessions.

Who Owns The Academy?

Steven Oka, a Canadian native who spent several years as an assistant coach at Pacific University, owns the academy.

After working as Utah State’s associate head coach in the Western Athletic Conference (WAC), he decided to return to Oregon and take over as head coach at Eastern Oregon University.

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Meanwhile, after a year, he left to take a position as an assistant coach at UC Irvine, where he remained until 2015.

What Is The Use Of The Academy To Its Players, Fans And Sponsors?

There is something for everyone in East Valley Venom. They offer player programming, game and event marketing, incentives for fans and advertisers, and more.

In addition, many of its players are involved in charitable work in the areas where they reside and play.

Meanwhile, if you’re looking for a team to cheer for or an organization to fund, you’ve found them! What’s even better?

In fact, you don’t even have to live in the neighborhood; these folks will go to you if you’re serious about being engaged.

So, What Sets This League Apart From The Rest?

The East Valley Venom are a squad worth rooting for due in no small part to the program’s dedication to the local area.

Also, the players help the community by doing things like picking up litter and preparing meals for the people experiencing homelessness. Also, they go to events and schools to talk about how they overcame obstacles on their paths to success.

One more thing that sets this group distinct is how competitive they are.

They play all games at a high level of intensity since the coaches stress playing smart, aggressive basketball.

We cannot decide games in the modern era by who shoots most shots or who gets the ball last, but by who executes their strategy better and quicker (East Valley Venom).

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Which Venues Will Host The Contests?

The East Valley Venom will play the top teams in the Phoenix area both at home and on the road.

This season, the club has a lot of breaks and has a chance to play for a title. So far, they’ve gone 4-1, a winning record.

Also, their first home game is crucial, and they hope everything goes swimmingly, but that’s never a sure odd when dealing with players on a court.

Therefore, we can only hope that their home record ends up being more successful than it starts. It’s tough to win games on the road when your basketball team is at its best.

What Is The Schedule For Games?

Saturday mornings are for games, and players practice from 4 to 6 p.m. Monday through Thursday.

Also, the team plays their home games at Gold Canyon Recreational Complex and their practices at Earl Finkler Field house .

Meanwhile, it costs $5 per ticket, and you may get them in advance of each game by purchasing them online.

Team strategy, according to coach Russell Eisenhuth, centers on assembling a group with a good mix of physical attributes.

It’s a big assist in building formidable, well-rounded teams.

Where can I Stream Or View Live Matches?

You can watch matches featuring the East Valley Venom on CBS Sports Network and streamed live online in no particular time.

A schedule is available on their website so you can keep tabs on when you may catch them on TV or online. They update this schedule from time to time.

In addition, there are some colleges that will air live broadcasts of games from their own courts. To find out if your school is aired, just type in the name of the institution you attend and see what comes up.

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However, you can’t watch those online, so if you want to know when they’ll be shown on TV or streamed online for free, you’ll have to check the events calendar or other news sources.

What Is The Procedure For Purchasing Tickets?

You can contact the club via email

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