Basketball Academies in New Mexico

Do you need an Academy in New Mexico? Are you interested in playing for an Academy? Check out this post on “Basketball Academies in New Mexico”. Also see the Location of each and their schedule.

Basketball Academy in Duke City

Basketball leagues, camps, tournaments, and training are all held at the Duke City Basketball Academy throughout the year. The Duke City Basketball Academy’s club teams, leagues, and camps are all housed there. The Duke City Basketball Academy is the only sports club in the Albuquerque region to have a gym with numerous courts that can accommodate multiple games, practices, and events at once.

Eagle Basketball Academy


A grassroots child basketball initiative called Eagle Basketball Academy seeks to arrange competitive youth basketball teams and basketball training courses for kids in the Albuquerque metro area from elementary through middle school. We want to instill strong basics and team ideas through our teams and programs. We place a strong emphasis on the value of education, sportsmanship, respect, and competition and fortitude. AWAY from the court.

Our coaching staff is knowledgeable, motivated to growing our program, and experienced club lifestyle. A fundamental set of offensive and defensive tactics are taught at all levels to give our athletes and coaches a shared basis.

Basketball Academies in New Mexico


Isha Loya Ismael

A Valley High School alumnus. Joe Coleman’s three-year Letterman program. Was a 2002–2003 All City, All District, and All State performer. 2002–2003 Albuquerque Metro Player of the Year From 2003 to 2006, Coach Loya played for New Mexico Highlands. made the transition to the professional ranks in 2006, participating in games in Chiapas, Puebla, Oaxaca, and Veracruz.

Coach Loya assisted Valley from 2010 until 2016, 2014 saw Coach Loya lead his team to a State Championship and a 114-54 record. In 2016, Coach Loya left again to play professionally in Mexico. He was named Head Coach and General Manager at Nueceros de Camargo in 2017, making him the youngest head coach in “LBE Chihuahua” history. Founded the basketball team “Warriors Camargo” in 2016. Youth player development was a key component of “Warriors Camargo,” both on and off the field. offering high school and college scholarships for athletes in the US and Mexico. Coach Loya is the head assistant varsity boys basketball coach at Sandia High School in addition to his responsibilities at EBA (NMAA 5A)

Championship Basketball Academy

The Championship Basketball Academy offers top-notch, sport-specific teaching basketball expertise and a love of the sport.

The Championship Basketball Academy has been providing private instruction, camps, and clinics to young people in New Mexico and neighboring states for 15 years. We are committed to imparting essential skills, a work ethic, and a competitive edge to young athletes. Along with being knowledgeable, our staff members also know how to challenge, cheer on, and have fun with your athlete. We wish to support athletes attain their objectives, develop as basketball players, and develop a love for the sport.

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The camp director for the majority of programs is a famous person or coach who merely provides their name. Others are run by people with little or no basketball background. Coach Peterson will work with all campers at the Championship Basketball Academy, doing exercises, assessing performance, and challenging each player athlete to progress to a new level.

Coach Peterson founded and established Basketball Championship Academy. Since 2004, he has been providing basketball camps, clinics, and private training sessions to athletes. His coaching background includes work with the San Antonio Spurs, who he coached to an NBA title in 2003. Coaching the men’s basketball team for the Lobos, leading a high school team to a Mountain West Conference title, and more.

Albuquerque Basketball Academy


Student athletes are eagerly prepared by Albuquerque Basketball Club (“ABC”) for basketball competition, making lifelong friends along the way. ABC chooses qualified and enthusiastic local volunteers and coaches to lead our student athletes in practices, leagues, and competitions. ABC is a non-profit organization in New Mexico that also offers financial aid to a select group of student athletes who are passionate about their sport need some financial assistance. We think that every child should have the opportunity to play!

Basketball Academies in New Mexico


Albuquerque Basketball Club’s (“ABC”) goal is to instruct and prepare our Student athletes should be:

  • Wonderful persons on and off the field
  • Contributors at a high level.
  • Excellent caliber to their basketball teams in middle school1 and high school
  • Showcase them in local AAU competitions to gain access to collegiate basketball recruiting opportunities.

This aim is accomplished in five crucial areas:

  • Character: We emphasize moral judgment, integrity, and a spirit of competition in all of our encounters with the families of student athletes. Their development as decent individuals is our main goal, and developing them as terrific basketball teammates is our second goal.
  • Facilities: We train at top-notch neighborhood gyms, facilities, and training locations.
  • Coaches: To guide our team, we choose competent and enthusiastic local coaches.
  • Competition: To instill confidence in our young athletes, we aggressively seek for the greatest leagues and tournaments “a game with anybody”.
  • The majority of our training sessions are skills-based, as we are aware that their high school coaches will be focusing more on plays, schemes, and “system” teaching. Briefly stated, our goal is to cultivate excellent athletes who can contribute to any middle school or high school program.

Albuquerque youth basketball in the Jr. NBA

The JR. NBA of Albuquerque Basketball League’s history

The Jr. NBA of Albuquerque, which is now New Mexico’s top basketball league provides an opportunity for coaches, parents, and kids of all ages and ability levels to play in a league that values sportsmanship, fair play, and a fun and competitive environment. The Jr. The NBA of Albuquerque has top-notch officials on staff, and games are held in gyms all across the city and its environs.

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New Mexico girls youth baseball

Build. Develop. Welcome to Girls Youth Basketball of NM, the first all-girls youth basketball organization and training facility in New Mexico. Here at the GYBNM, we strive to teach girls the fundamentals of the game of basketball, including footwork, form, defense, and many other facets.

We are working to build a solid foundation to support young women in finding success in whatever basketball activities they are involved in. We work to grow the girls in order to help the basketball community achieve its objectives, avenues and possibilities are created.


The lack of youth girls’ sports and the fact that the majority of the time they merely capitalized on boys’ sports. We have seen how season after season. Girls were eager for opportunities to play more sports or develop during this season.

Girls Youth Basketball of New Mexico is an all-girls youth sports organization. We are a place where girls can come to develop their skills, participate in our leagues and tournaments, and just play. Unlike other traditional leagues, club teams, etc., we want to provide the opportunity for girls to play in a supportive environment they have the chance to increase their talents through player development.

Combining diligence, perseverance, and positive reinforcement with mental fortitude toughness. We want to support them and help them develop so that they will feel more confident when they decide to join our leagues, club teams, middle school, or high school programs. This starts with being rooted in the community and establishing a strong positive presence in their neighborhoods. If they want to improve a specific skill set, we are prepared to assist. beginning in New Mexico and spreading across the state and nation. One child at a time, becoming a real movement.

Basketball Academies in New Mexico


Serve as a base for delivering juvenile resources in cities, small towns, and neighborhoods sports to help young women develop, learn, play, and forge bonds of friendship.


Create a premier organization for female youth sports that fosters ethics, sportsmanship and development of the body.

Albuquerque, New Mexico i9 Sports


I9 has more than 3.5 million registrants in localities all throughout the country. The largest multisport provider in the country, Sports® is entirely committed to high-quality, localized youth sports leagues. We are dedicated to our mission of Helping Kids Succeed in Life Through Sports®, which is why we teach sportsmanship values alongside skills and drills every week. Our coaches and instructors provide age-appropriate instruction that is enjoyable for kids and convenient for busy families.

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It’s just The Way Youth Sports Should Be, in our opinion. No child will ever be cut from a team, sit on the bench for an entire game, or be excluded from one of our kid’s sports leagues. Yes, we keep score, but we’ve also created a fun way to help kids develop their athletic prowess, a passion for team sports, and an understanding that winning isn’t just about the score. We assist children in developing into better individuals as well as better athletes.

Student Athlete Headquarters SAHQ

Greetings from SAHQ!

In the classroom, in real life, and on the playing field, our programs emphasize developing character, strength, agility, team skills, and a superb work ethic. We are an organization founded on strong values, not your standard gym relationships!

  • Fostering the development of young people who are elite and well-prepared for higher education
  • Competition is a direct result of our dedication to one another on a daily basis.
  • Student Athlete Headquarters (SAHQ) is the local sports facility for you.
  • Fitness coaching that transforms lives and training

Basketball camps ONE10

A nonprofit dedicated to the advancement of youth is called ONE10 student-athletes. Our goal is to give students of all abilities and backgrounds the chance to improve their skill level, knowledge, and enjoyment of their sport. Athletes will develop fundamental virtues including perseverance, self-motivation, respect for others, discipline, and teamwork corporate uses the money made from our planned camps.

Boys and girls of all skill levels, aged 7 to 18, are welcome to attend ONE10 basketball camps. ONE10 camps emphasize drill practice and skill development. Our camps’ layout allows for thousands of guided practice repetitions, which benefits the athletes. Athletes may develop the abilities necessary to be offensive threats when they have the ball in their hands with hard effort and devotion.

  • Individual improvement in ball handling
  • Taking charge of the basketball
  • Working with manipulatives such dribbling goggles, tennis balls, cones, and two balls.
  • Attacking defenders from angles
  • To throw and keep defenders off balance, use jab steps and pass and shoot fakes.
  • Changing direction with a dribble at game pace
  • Finishing in a variety of techniques with both hands at the basket
  • Form shooting strategies and ways to boost accuracy
  • Getting ready to shoot quickly by catching
  • Making game-winning shots while dribbling, cutting, and coming off screens

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Do you need an Academy in New Mexico? Are you interested in playing for an Academy? Check out this post on “Basketball Academies in New Mexico”. Also see the Location of each and their schedule.

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