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Basketball camps run by Tom Kuyper are more than simply a venue for your kids to develop their talents. Tom Kuyper is passionate about using club basketball to make a difference in the lives of young people. The reason Tom Kuyper Basketball Camp is expanding each year is because we strive to provide a setting that is stimulating, enjoyable, and encouraging for kids of all ages. We appreciate you entrusting us with your children.

Calif.’s CAMARILLO — This summer, you should attend the Tom Kuyper Basketball Camp in Arizona if you’re serious about becoming a top basketball player. This year, you may practice with the greatest trainers, put your abilities to the test against the best opponents, and evaluate your performance in our camp league games all in one location! More than 2,000 youngsters from over 60 different schools in southern California alone attended our basketball camps the previous year! Are you prepared to step up your performance? Then enroll right now!

More Information on Tom Kuyper Basketball Camps

Top players will go to the Tom Kuyper Summer Basketball Camp in Arizona in July 11–15. Since it began in 1988, the camp has been hosted every year. Impressively, future NBA players like Tracy McGrady, Grant Hill, and Kevin Durant have been through its doors. Over 250 players have registered for this year’s camp. Among them are 15 players that also participated in last year’s Kentucky Derby Festival Super Shootout. Jay Bilas of ESPN and Duane Broussard, head coach at Marquette University, are two of the special guests.
Safety should always come first on your list when it comes to basketball. Therefore every camper is required to always wear a mouthguard.

Where will it be held?

Tuscon, Arizona, at Canyon View High School, is where the camp is held. Tom has taught and coached basketball all around the globe and now returns to Arizona to instruct campers there. The ninth, tenth, and eleventh of this summer’s June are among the three days that the camps offer. All participants, regardless of gender or ability level, are welcome. Experienced coaches, players, trainers, and individuals like Tom who have extensive experience teaching young teams and playing professionally abroad will provide individualized training. During practices or games, campers will get individualized instruction from teachers who are all CPR/First Aid qualified. Additionally, the camp offers unrestricted access to water each day.

Tom Kuyper Basketball Camp Services

  1. A camp schedule that suits your needs, with four different skill levels for ages 7 to 18: 1 day and 1 evening session, or 2 full days.
  2. For each additional camper you bring who is registered under your name, you will receive a 10% discount on the camp registration fee.
  3. Price cuts on all products (t-shirts, sweatshirts, shorts, volleyball shorts, basketball shoes)
  4. Travel costs within 400 miles of Chandler, Arizona are discounted by 25%. (excluding Chicago)
  5. There is no minimum number of coaches required. Players may come alone, in pairs to get two coaches, or as a team with as many coaches as they require.

How do I sign up?

By calling (888)8985010 or visiting the Tom Kuyper website, participants can register. One session costs $499, while four sessions cost $849. Members of the military, law enforcement, and fire departments are all eligible for discounts.
Basketball equipment, workout attire, and athletic shoes should all be brought by the participants. Facilities include showers, bathrooms, and locker rooms. Also, before each session, food will be served. During the brief breaks between each session, participants can then sign up at one of the exhibitor booths. They could also stop by one of our sponsors’ booths while they wait for their turn on the court once more.

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What is the upper age limit?

The camp comprises educational sessions and activities, and it runs from either July 11–14 or July 18–21. Age-based groupings of players are used, along with one or two seasoned coaches. Also, the breadth of subjects that will be addressed includes anything from post-play workouts to passing drills. Register right now to come learn from Tom Kuyper personally since space is limited!

What housing alternatives do I have?

The Tom Kuyper Basketball Camp offers a variety of lodging alternatives for campers.
Families with no transportation may stay at the Seminary Lodge in downtown Mesa. The lodge also provides on-site daycare and breakfast, lunch, and supper. They might also choose to live in an apartment in east Phoenix close to Paradise Valley Community College. Other choices include booking a room at a hotel close to Papago Park or renting a nearby house for a more individualized experience.
Separate dormitories are offered for both boys and girls for anyone wishing for gender-separate lodging. Furthermore, there are several shuttle lines from different regions of Arizona that provide quick and reasonably priced transportation!

Is there anything else I need to be aware of?

Because of its location in Phoenix, Arizona, Tom Kuyper Basketball Camp may benefit from a consistently dry and sunny environment. Their campers have access to all the city’s amenities as well as Davis Park’s well-maintained courts and facilities. An unforgettable experience is made possible by ideal weather, amazing courts, and exceptional hospitality. You can also be certain that they know what they’re doing when it comes to making the most of each player’s time there. Since they have more than 30 years of expertise as one of America’s top basketball camps. However, experience isn’t everything; their program is also continually changing as a result of staff and camper input.

Coach Tom Kuyper

For almost as long as he can remember, Coach Kuyper has played basketball. His basketball career at Arizona State University (ASU), where he lettered four years (1979–1983), was made possible by his performance in high school. During the 1981–1982 season, he was also chosen for the all–PAC-10 academic team. He played for two years in the European Professional League in France after receiving his degree from ASU.

Coaching youth basketball teams was a requirement of Tom’s professional contract when he was a player in the European Professional League. He started instructing five-year-olds who couldn’t speak English in 1983. Tom had a genuine motive to learn the language because of the linguistic barrier. He discovered that he had a talent for dealing with children after working through the problem. He had discovered the peculiarities of coaching kids from this experience and the 15 years of sports that followed.

After performing in France, Tom and his wife Marcia came back to the United States. They temporarily made a little village in northern Arizona their home. He then oversaw the physical education programs for the elementary and intermediate schools. Tom also coached the basketball team for the high school there. He once again had the chance to work with children of all ages as a result of this experience.

The Arizona Bible College (ABC)

Tom coached at the Arizona Bible College (ABC) after coming to the Phoenix region. The National Bible College Athletic Association named ABC’s squad as the best in the country in 1991. ABC then advanced to the National Christian College Athletic Association(NCCAA) during the 1997–1998 school year. They won their category that year and also advanced to the Final Four.

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Basketball camps in the Summer

Enroll Your Child in a Basketball Summer Camp in Arizona to Prepare for the Season
Nothing makes playing sports with your pals in a league with other kids your age feel better for youngsters than participating in an organized league. Unfortunately, summer leagues and camps are hard to come by in many regions, but Arizona is an exception. Sports like basketball, soccer, volleyball, and more are readily available for children of all ages to enjoy over the summer at Arizona summer camps. Many of these programs are free or inexpensive. This makes them particularly tempting to parents who want to keep their kids occupied while minimizing expenses.

Basketball Training in General

Three camps that develop basketball skills for various age groups are listed below:
• 3-Day Nike Elite Youth Skills Training Camp with Air Up Elite –
Boys and girls entering grades one through eight are eligible for this program. The courses teach the participants how to shoot, dribble, pass, rebound, and play defense. They will also get guidance from the Air Up Elite crew. Also from NBA players Tracy Murray and Kadeem AbdulAziz of the Denver Nuggets. This camp has a $200 per session fee. This program runs six times a year, with one week available at the start and end of each month.

What to Consider When Choosing a Youth Sports Camp

Camps may be very helpful for all athletes, whether you are just starting out or trying to improve your skills. What qualities must a youth sports camp to have?

  1. Age-appropriate camp size: Size does not necessarily equate to superiority! Older kids should go to bigger camps, while younger kids should go to smaller programs.
  2. Continuous coaching throughout the day: Encourage your youngster to pick up knowledge from both their coaches and classmates.
  3. The availability of skill-development courses: In these programs, youngsters may also practice several facets of their sport. Ask your youngster about his or her objectives and shortcomings to determine what skills each player needs and the best class.

How to Pick the Best Youth Sports Camp for the Summer

Selecting the best children sports camp for the summer can assist your child in having fun, making friends, and preparing for the next school year. When choosing a program to sign your kid up for, think about the following issues:
What age ranges are welcome at the camp?
Are the camp’s dates and days flexible? Also how many absences are permitted before attendance rights are revoked?
Are there any transit choices that come with a fee or are free? Does the camp offer any equipment, or do you have to bring your own?

What Advantages Do Athletic Training Camps Offer?

Kids may keep active and develop their talents in an area of interest at summer camps. This can help them perform better throughout the school year. Additionally, kids get the chance to meet other kids who have similar interests during summer programs. Students may also get coaching from college or professional coaches during our camps. These camps’ coaches teach participants shooting and defense-improving techniques. Also, game-planning techniques that they may employ while facing various opponents.

Why Children Need Training Off-Season

Even when they are on summer vacation, kids still need to play and exercise. Children who are active in the off-season adjust more easily to returning to the school gym for the autumn season. Additionally, they get to interact with classmates and coworkers, which helps foster good connections and teamwork abilities. The purpose of training is to keep up with, improve upon, or alter behaviors from the previous academic year. This way, youngsters’ bodies will be in the best possible shape when basketball season resumes.

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What to Consider When Choosing A Youth Sports Instructional Camp

Making the proper option while selecting a sports camp may be challenging. However, understanding what to look for can assist you. Therefore, we’ve detailed some of the crucial factors to take into account before you send your kid off to camp.
1) For how long are they coming? Some camps last only one week, while others last up to twelve. Try to choose one that best suits your demands and budget since both have advantages and disadvantages.
2) What age range is it intended for? Depending on your child’s aptitude level, choose a suitable group from one of the camps’ several levels of teaching.
3) Does it focus on a specific sport?

When Choosing An Off-Season Basketball Training Program For Your Preteen or Teen, Consider These Safety Guidelines

The most important factor to consider while choosing an off-season basketball training program is safety. To guarantee safety, you should consider the following queries and actions:
1) How do cancellations work? Can your kid make up a missed session at a later time if necessary?
2) Will my kid be too young or elderly to attend this camp? Are discounts provided to older or younger children?
3) Are there any neighborhood rules I should be aware of before signing my kid up for this camp (such as getting a chaperone)?
4) What is their approach to treating unwell kids?

How To Locate The Top Basketball Training Facilities For Children In Arizona

This is the ideal time to introduce your youngster to basketball and be ahead of the curve with these summer programs. These programs provide your kid the opportunity to hone their abilities and learn more about the game while also getting coaching and court experience. Participating in a camp is always worthwhile, whether or not you have an athlete in the family. Here are three methods for finding Arizona’s top educational programs for children:
1) by looking up choices online,
2) talking to friends and family who have already attended camps,
3) Getting in touch with the business’s customer support line and asking about the range of sports knowledge they provide.

Activities To Take Into Account At Schools With Summer Basketball Programs For Children

Summer basketball skills programs will be held at Tiger Jaw for children ages 5 to 11. Three-day camps are available via Tiger Jaw, where children may take part in basketball exercises and skills. Also, competitions, live dunking demonstrations by NBA legends, and more. Along with getting their faces painted like their favorite players, they will get the chance to play a pick-up game against their favorite professionals! Additionally, Tiger Jaw has you covered since the summer is known for its scorching heat. The campers will have daily water breaks, midday breaks, and Friday popsicles.

This article contains everything you need to know about Tom Kuyper Basketball camps. We shall also look at sub topics like; Tom Kuyper Basketball camps, Basketball summer camps, How do I register?, Meet Coach Kuyper.

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