List of Basketball academies in Alabama

On this web page, we are going to list all the Basketball academies in Alabama and their admission application procedure.

1. Birmingham Basketball Academy

Birmingham Basketball Academy is a place where students can come to relax and test themselves.

The Academy experienced coaches strive to help each player develop their strengths and ensure they have a blast no matter the situation, be it practice or game.

The year 2017 is the beginning of the academy very existence. Join Birmingham Basketball Academy for the next season and learn what it’s like to join a team of winners.

Simply put, we are a graduate school that helps students prepare for college. Furthermore, we provide each student-athlete with the tools they need to travel to a four-year school by providing them with professional training at the university level that will transfer.

The goal of our organization is to help student-athletes become well-rounded athletes who excel in the classroom.

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2. The Champion Basketball Academy

Championship Basketball Academy provides dedicated players with professional instruction, game-specific programs, and a true love for the game.

Also, Championship Basketball Academy has been serving the youth of New Mexico and neighboring states through private lessons, camps, and clinics for 15 years.

However, the aim of the academy is to instill work ethic and a positive sense of competition in the minds of tomorrow’s athletes by teaching them the basics.

Not only do we have staff who are knowledgeable in their field, but they also know how to encourage, motivate, and have a good time with your athletes.

Additionally, the goal of the academy, is to help athletes reach their full potential as basketball players and develop a lifelong love for the game.

One of the best basketball academies in the country, Ultimate Champions trains players of all ages and strength levels over the age of 22.

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3. YMCA of Greater Birmingham Basketball Academies

The popular YMCA of Birmingham is a nonprofit organization committed to making our area a better place to live. Since opening our doors in 1884 here in Birmingham, our center has continued as before: connecting people of all ages with the foundation to overcome any problem and local need. In the long term, our work and our company has changed, but not our main goal of administration in the region.

Today, the famous YMCA of Birmingham serves the Birmingham metro area through its 8 registered units, 2 youth shelters, and the Cosby Sleepaway Camp. Our Early Childhood Development Program supports families and youth through a variety of character building programs including Afterschool Foundation, Summer Day Camps, Pre-K First Class, Sleepaway Camp, Youth Sports, Preschool Access, Clubs swimming, swimming metaphors, and youth in power.

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4. Pro One Basketball Club

Pro One Basketball Club was founded with the goal of positively influencing the young basketball culture in north and central Alabama. Pro One BC takes great pride in offering a product and environment that match your tremendous commitment to your son and his development, not just as a basketball player but as an individual. The organization is made up of coaches and staff that has played, coached, and/or worked at every level of basketball. Each of our coaches has received certification from USA Basketball’s Youth Development program.

We want our players and families to “BE DIFFERENT” and take great delight in forging our own path in a culture where everyone strives to be the greatest at a young age, be elite, or be anything. Before kids enter high school and beyond, we want to teach and develop our athletes, not let victories, defeats, awards, rankings, or social media posts define them. Your best self—in life and basketball. The one.

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5. Macon East Academy

Upon the request of the applicant’s family, the admissions staff will send them an enrollment packet and schedule an appointment for them to attend the school. The admissions staff prepares the admissions file of each interested student after receiving the school’s application form and their registration fee. The applicant makes arrangements for the admissions department to obtain transcripts, past school records (including report cards, disciplinary actions, attendance, tests, etc.), performance evaluations, and an administrator’s evaluation.

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6. Sure shot Basketball Academy

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Overview Of The Sure Shot Basketball Academy

One of America’s foremost shooting experts, Dick Baumgartner, created the Sure Shot Basketball in 1968. It was effective back then, and his latest enhancement only makes it stronger.

Shooting accurately requires a firm grip, and the ball covers grip better than any other tool.

The Sure Shot is fantastic because it does more than just teach the athlete how to properly grasp the bat.

As a bonus, it helps a player hone their other core shooting skills.

The Best Shooting Aid Available On The Market

As compared to other shooting aids, it assists with more facets of the shooting process.

One of the most crucial aspects of good basketball shooting is a firm grip on the ball. The athlete is guided into the proper grasp position and more by the Sure Shot Basketball.

One of the best things about the Sure Shot is that it is guaranteed to be effective if used properly. A gamer might expect to see and feel the effects straight soon.

Advantages Of Applying The Sure Shot Correctly

  • You will begin the Basketball in the shot line (most ideal shooting pocket)
  • Does not manually enable player to cock hand and wrist the right way (important for great range).
  • You will get to use the appropriate spread of the index finger and thumb and fingers.
  • Starts player in the most ideal wrist position.
  • It enables a player to place their arm parts correctly by default.
  • Guidelines to make it easy to place and use the guide or balance hand correctly.
  • Everything is constructed so that the player will use his or her body parts in.

The Academy of Playsmartt Sports

For all of our fellow gym rats, we’ve created this community.

To accommodate the CBSE-affiliated PVV School, which is adjacent to Playsmart, we conceived the idea for the Playsmart Training Center in 2019.

Originally conceived as a means to improve the school’s sports facilities, Playsmart has since evolved into a full-fledged sports club and academy by the year 2020 thanks to the dedication of its founders.

The original plan just called for a swimming pool and some badminton courts, but as time went on, more amenities such as a gym, CrossFit area, gymnastics studio, and cricket nets were built to accommodate a wider variety of athletes and activities.

Besides PVV School, Playsmart Performance Center also helps exceptional athletes from other schools.

With the impending construction of tennis courts and residential buildings, the future seems bright.

The Overview Of Champions Sports Academy

You can locate it at HWY 144 in Alexandria, AL. Two high school-sized courts and a college-sized court can be found within Champions Sports Academy‘s 12000 square feet of gymnasium space.

Champions Sports Academy is a leading facility for professional basketball and volleyball training for individuals and teams.

In terms of experience and education, each of our coaches is top-notch. The demands of each class or student are taken into account when designing lessons.

Two of our club teams are: Champions volleyball and Champions basketball.
Many basketball and volleyball tournaments are held at Champions Sports Academy.

We have played host to competitions for students from grades 6-12, as well as for students from grades 9-12, and for members of clubs.

Champions Sports Academy‘s Facebook page is the best way to keep up with all of our latest news and upcoming activities.

Recruiting Class of Champions:

2018 Basketball
Dalton Dodd -Alexandria -University of Alabama Huntsville

Ben Glass -Ohatchee -University of Montevallo

Overview Of Birmingham Sports Academy

Here at Birmingham Sports Academy, we value a spirit of playfulness and eagerness to take on new challenges.

Our seasoned instructors work hard to help each player develop to his or her fullest ability while also ensuring that they have a blast at every practice and game.

Established in 2017, we’ve been flourishing ever since. Join us for the upcoming season and learn how to be a team player.

We are a high school for incoming college freshmen.

Each student-athlete receives expert guidance from our staff as well as access to college-level coursework that can be transferred to a four-year institution.

Helping student-athletes become well-rounded individuals who succeed in the classroom and on the field is one of our primary goals.

A Top-Notch Basketball Program in Alabama

The mission of Alabama Elite is to equip young basketball players with the fundamental skills they’ll need to succeed in the game, the knowledge they’ll need to persist at every level of their careers, and the mental and physical abilities that will allow their careers to flourish well beyond elementary school.

Alabama Elite’s slogan is “The Tradition Continues…”. Mike Ellen and the other volunteers on his team are dedicated to the club’s motto and its future prosperity.

Following this credo, he has run youth basketball leagues in the winter, skills clinics and camps in the spring and summer, and hosted and managed competitions in the spring and summer.

In addition, he hopes to realize the potential of Alabama Elite Club Basketball by recruiting and retaining top-tier coaching staff for his club teams and devoting many hours of personal time to his current and previous players.×280&!5&btvi=4&fsb=1&xpc=YJYDdf1H4J&p=https%3A//

About Primetime Basketball Training Center

All ages and skill levels are welcome at Prime Time Basketball Academy, where we provide a safe and supportive environment for development.

Our augmented curriculum is made for socializing and professional linking via participation in specialized tournaments (Aviation, Law Enforcement, 3 vs. 3).

To learn more about our Basketball Academy and to see if it’s a good fit for you, please keep reading or get in touch with us.

The Design Of The Program

The list includes things like:

  • Training and skill development
  • Community service
  • AAU competitive tournaments
  • Aviation tournaments
  • Law enforcement/fire department tournaments
  • 3-on-3 tournaments

An Overview Of Pro One Basketball Club

The founders of Pro One Basketball Club set out to make a positive impact on the basketball culture of young people in North and Central Alabama.

Both on and off the court, its members have extensive experience at the highest levels of basketball competition.

Pro One Basketball Club is proud to offer a program and a community that reflect the same level of dedication you have shown to your son’s growth as an individual and basketball player.

Our staff has extensive experience working with the USA Basketball Youth Development program, and all of our coaches have the necessary certifications and licenses.

In a culture where everyone wants to be the best at an early age, be elite, or be whatever, we want our players and families to “BE DIFFERENT” and take great pride in blazing our own trail.

Before they move on to high school and beyond, we don’t want our players to be defined by their wins and losses, trophies, rankings, or social media posts, but by what they’ve learned and been taught by us.

About The Bucky McMillan Basketball Camp

You can see the Bucky McMillan Basketball Camp at 800 Lakeshore Dr, Birmingham, Alabama 35209, US.
The business is listed under camp category. It has received 0 reviews with an average rating of stars.

Address and Contact

Phone: +1 205-538-8493


Address: 800 Lakeshore Dr, Birmingham, Alabama 35209, US Alabama Youth Sports Alliance.

An Overview Of Next Level Academy & Triton Rays

Next Level Baseball, located in Montgomery, Alabama, is a comprehensive baseball training academy founded in 2011 by Tyler Courson.

Rapidly rising to prominence, NLB now offers Alabama’s most comprehensive baseball experience. A comprehensive baseball training academy, Next Level Baseball instructs its players in every facet of the sport.

Next Level has a professional and collegiate coaching team, so they can cater to players of all ages and skill levels with a wide range of programs.

The Academy’s Declaratory Statement Of Purpose

Next Level Baseball Academy is where you’ll find the Triton Rays, and they’re all about helping young boys grow up to be good men via the game of baseball.

However, the goal of the group is to help kids develop the high-level baseball abilities and character traits they’ll need to succeed in life.

The Academy’s Scheme Of Work

Private Lessons

  • Hitting, Pitching, Fielding, Catching
  • 1 on 1 or Group lessons

Travel Teams

  • Summer & Fall: 11u, 12u, 13u, 14u, 15u, 16u, 17u, 18u
  • Recruiting Advisement and College Placement
  • College Showcases
  • Tournaments

An Overview Of Macon East Academy

Due to falling enrollment, the Macon Academy Board of Trustees, Administration, and Foundation Members decided in the early spring of 1995 to move the school from its original location in Tuskegee to a new location in east Montgomery County, close to the town of Cecil.

Since it appeared impossible to maintain the facility there, many residents of Macon County supported the decision to relocate.

There were 62 pupils enrolled in Macon Academy in Tuskegee when it closed its doors for good.

About 45 of them committed to enrolling in the rebranded Macon-East Montgomery Academy.

More Information

Things changed at an incredible rate during that first summer of the relocation. Day and night, the Macon family and their administration worked and met.

People in Montgomery County responded positively to the news of the new school, indicating that the decision to relocate was a good one.

With 125 pupils enrolled when it first opened in September of 1995, Macon-East Montgomery Academy was able to declare itself open for business.

There was a clear indication of future expansion in the fact that enrolment increased from 77 to 125 in the final two weeks before classes began.

Macon-East Montgomery Academy has acknowledged the difficulties of a new start and has conquered numerous challenges in its ongoing effort to become a premier college preparatory institution.

The Board of Trustees adopted the new name, “Macon East Academy,” in July 2011.

In its twenty-seventh year of existence, the school has amassed a student body of around 260, a teaching staff of 33, and several certifications and/or accreditations from both state and regional bodies.


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