How to Apply for Bournemouth FC Academy Scholarships

Are you a young footballer with an interest to play football for Bournemouth? Well, you can check out this article on How To Apply for Bournemouth FC Academy Scholarships. Also pay special attention to Bournemouth FC Academy, Dean Court, History of Dean Court, and Bournemouth Youth Football Association.

Due to the high salary of the English Premier League, the intention to join Bournemouth FC Academy and possibly play for an English Football club has risen over the years.

A fully functional football academy is a major requirement of all top-flight clubs and fortunately in the world today, the English League is regarded as the best and the most competitive.

Before the club signs a player, they go to the Academy to scout for talented players. However, because of youth players like Phil Foden, Manchester United has made lots of gains as they groomed him from the start for the senior team.

If as an upcoming Footballer you have dreams of playing in England, you have to meet all the requirements that the country’s embassy has put in place.

If you are thinking of a reason why you should consider joining an academy in England, just remember that if your goal is to be a professional footballer within a short time, this is the best thing you can do for yourself. Going through the ranks of an academy that can sky-rocket your career within a short time is a very good place to begin.

The competition over there extends to lower leagues too and not just EPL alone. This makes it compulsory for clubs to regularly source players that would represent them even at the highest level. To have a high count after the campaign, the English League buys players from within and outside the country to reinforce its squad.

Big clubs in the country are always on the lookout for young players that would help them reach their set goals every season and as a result, academies always want to stand out to get their attention. This sole reason is why many academics spend a lot of money to be able to get the best facilities there are that will help you become better so as to attract mouth-watering offers from big clubs.

Good and consistent players have a higher rate of being chosen.

What Gives You An Edge Over Others?

Playing for an Academy owned by a Professional Football club increases your chances of making the first team. This is because all progress from the youth setup is consistently monitored by the handlers of the professional setup. The greatest thing about joining a development team in England is the fact that your progress is taken note of and these professionals are always aware of new talents.

To increase the team’s confidence level, most Professional Football Clubs go on to mix youth players with their seniors. This also helps to boost competition among players which in turn makes them better.

Chances Of A Club Signing You Fast

Most clubs believe so much in their scouting team. This means that provided you can deliver on a field of play, you are sure to be signed into a club. Scouts are usually being sent to academies to look for good players like you and in most cases, if a player is very promising clubs compete to sign such a player.

Learning Skills That Are In synch with The “English Football” Pattern

Because of the high standard in which most Academies in the country operate, training young players with the modern style of football is a necessity. They commit to teaching you everything and anything you need to know about being a professional footballer and boosting your career.

Some important things you are likely to learn are;

General Football Rules

  • Skillfully and accurately passing a ball
  • Making good decisions while playing a game
  • Having modern football skills
  • Building player’s characters in general

Major requirements/qualifications to join a Football Academy in England


This is a test majorly done for non-English students entering the country. It is very essential for international students.

  • Visit the UK International students’ portal

To know the complete requirements needed for students to enter the United Kingdom, you have to visit the UK students’ portal.


If you really desire to be a student at England Football Academy, you have to meet all of the requirements enlisted in the portal by the English council for all international students.

In Tier 4, they made mention of Student visas. Your country’s embassy should give you a student’s visa first before you continue any other process.

The Visa is easily one of the most important documents you must possess as you cannot gain access to any country without it. The expiration of the visa differs from country to country. Still, before you make any move, first make enquiries on how to obtain a student visa for the country you’re going to. You can make your enquires from an embassy in your country that is affiliated with the country of your choice.

Applying for Bournemouth Academy in England

Directly apply for the Academy

When we talk about Football Academies in England, there are so many options to choose from. Some of these Academies are owned by Professional Football clubs in the EPL and EFL Championship.

Applying to any one of these Academies is quite easy. All you have to do is send a postcard which contains vital information about you and your reason for wanting to join them through a mailbox.

You can also apply through an online platform or website or you can just directly go through the club’s youth development department and you will be invited for a trial.

Always be available for open day tryouts and showoff your skills

What is an open day try out?

This refers to the short term exercise usually organized for players to be able to showcase their skills to members of the official scouting team sent out by their representative clubs. If you don’t want to register or apply to an academy, then you shouldn’t miss any open days try out.

There are 2 kinds of the open day try out; Paid and Free. However, attending a paid open day tryout increases your chances of getting selected by a top Professional Football team.

On the other hand, you should also play your part too. You should take time to figure out ways that will boost your chances of being successful in the open day tryouts.

You should also make enquires about the venue for the exercise, how much Paid tryouts cost and all the requirements you must fulfil to be eligible.

Contrary to popular belief, the registration fee for tryouts is not so high. If you are an upcoming footballer yet to join an Academy, an open day tryout is the best place to find a Professional Football Club and be selected.

Joining Bournemouth Academy

Things to do before making a move

Before making a move, be sure to have met all of these criteria as they might prove to be very important in the future.

Consistent training

As an Athlete or Footballer, the only to improve on your craft and be better at what you do is consistency.

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It would be to your own advantage if you conditioned yourself to train consistently every day. If you cannot train every day because of your schedule, then set out some days within the week that is dedicated to intensive training. If you do this regularly and you are true to it, there is no way you won’t become a master at what you do.

The only reason you have the Football mentors you have today is that they are consistent. If they weren’t, they won’t be top players and you won’t admire them. You should not take consistency lightly because sometimes consistency can do for you what your skill cannot do.

Eating Right

If you’re going to take a shot at Professional Football then you have to start eating the correct kinds of food only.

Make enquires if you don’t know the right food to eat to boost your performance.


If you’re going to be the kind of footballer you want to be, if you’re going to be a professional footballer, then you have to devote all of you to football. Put most of your energy into becoming better and taking your career to another level.

Focusing on your goals

It is one thing to set a goal and it is another to keep up with it. Setting a goal is the easy part. The main challenge is “can you keep up with the set goal?”

If you plan to join a Football Academy in England then you should make it a habit to keep up with your set goals. If you set a goal, work towards it. See it as your top priority.

One of the reasons successful people are successful is because they work towards their set goals. If you do so too, you will find yourself at the top.

Daily improvement

Being a professional footballer takes time, effort and maximum commitment. It is not something that can be achieved in a day or two. Whenever you find yourself on the training ground, be sure to learn a new skill and as time goes on try to perfect it.

It is also important you build your self-confidence and always be ready to take on the big stage.

Joining a football academy is made easy in this article. All you have to do is follow the rules, have all the requirements, especially your International student visa and you are good to go.

I hope this article was helpful and you can now find your way through getting into a Football Academy in England and also know the best academy to settle for in the country.

Bournemouth Youth Football Association

Our League

Welcome to Bournemouth Youth Football League [BYFL] website. This website lets you in on our operation, the people involved and our history. You also get to know the Football clubs and players that sum up to make us the largest youth football league in South England. Very important information like our rules and regulations, details of our League officers and everything you should know about our affiliated clubs are contained here.

Every young person can find a club that is willing to offer them an opportunity to fully develop their football skills as well as their life skills and this is irrespective of their abilities or gender.

Nurturing the physical and mental development of our young players is very essential for their overall growth and this is achieved by inculcating the spirit of team work into them.

Our mission is simple: To ensure that the game of football is competitive and fair enough for young people of all abilities and ages to fully participate and provide them with a safe environment to do so.

It is safe to say without argument that Bournemouth’s youth has been the best in South England for a while now. Because of the desire to remain at the top, the need for competition is made obvious.

As a result of the need to be constantly in competition with other associations, Bournemouth’s under 21s do not play in any league having withdrawn from the Central League two seasons ago. They made multiple trips to the West yet no campaign fulfilled the club’s or rather the player’s yearning for a challenge. However until one particular thing is changed, that yearning for a challenge will never be met.

The best domestic academies in reserve football have two Premier League tiers. They are; Relegation and Promotion, Title winners and Title challengers. However, this is just a simplified version of the real thing majorly for the youths.

The youth teams of Bournemouth are AFC Bournemouth Under-21s and Academy. There is a reserve team made up of strictly Under-21 players and is mostly Bournemouth’s second-string side. These ones mostly contest the Central League cup and play in the Central League’s South East Division. The Academy team on the other hand is made up of Under-18 players. These ones contest the Youth Alliance Cup and play in the Youth Alliance League’s South West Division.

The Central Park Arena at Wimborne, Bournemouth is the venue where Home fixtures for both sides are contested.


The BYFL, originally known as Bournemouth Youth Football Association was founded in 1971.

Bill Sherren and Bert Orchard were the two local football enthusiasts who realized because of the youngsters in their family interested in football that there were no opportunities locally for young people to play football in a meaningful and structured way.

After this realization, they decided to turn the normal Sunday afternoon kick out into a league that allows any young boy to put on a boot and play football with or against his mates as at that time only boys were allowed to play football.

After this was decided, they had to focus on organizing the competition under the patronage of the Football Association. Playing generally without rules became a thing of the past as they were replaced with real football on a real pitch with real referees.

AFC Bournemouth

In Kings Park, Boscombe, a suburb of Bournemouth, Dorset, England, there is a professional association football dub called AFC Bournemouth. This club was formed in 1899 and was called Boscombe before it was changed to its current name in 1971 and is nicknamed ‘The Cherries’. Now following their promotion, they will compete in the Premier League in the 2022-23 season. Since 1910 Bournemouth have played their home games at Dean Court.

An Italian club, AC Milan inspired their home colours which are Red and Black striped shirts, with Black shorts and socks.

The club went up from Hampshire League to Southern League in 1920 when it was still known as Boscombe. Before this, the club competed in Regional Football Leagues.

In 1923, they were elected into the Football League with their new name, Bournemouth and Boscombe Athletic.

For 35 years they were in the Third Division South and in 1946, they won the Third Division South Cup. They suffered Relegation in 1970 after being placed in a newly organized Third Division in 1958. However, they would immediately get promoted in 1970-71. In 1975, they were relegated back into the Fourth Division and promoted yet again in 1981-82. They went on to win the Third Division title in 1986-87 after lifting the Associate Members Cup in 1984. Milan gained promotion by winning playoffs in 2003 after falling back to Fourth Tier with Relegation in 2002. They were however in Second Tier for three seasons and entered administration in 1977.

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During their second term in administration, Bournemouth was Relegated back into League two and ended the year appointing a new manager, Eddie Howie. Bournemouth won a place in the First Tier of English Football for the first time after winning three promotions in six years under Howie’s stewardship.

They achieved this by coming second place in League Two in 2009-10, second place in League One in 2012-13 and bagging the Championship Title in 2014-15. The club again suffered Relegation in 2020 after staying in the Premier League for Five years. Under Head Coach Scott Parker, they returned as Championship Runner up in 2022.


Before Premier League [2009-2015]

Bournemouth finished second in League Two in Howie’s first full season in charge and they earned a promotion with two games to spare. Although Howie’s reign brought success to Bournemouth, the following season he left for Burleys.

His successor Lee Bradbury, a former Bournemouth player led the team to the League One playoffs. Bournemouth played against Huddersfield in the Two-legged semifinals and had a tie after extra time. However, Huddersfield went through to the final by winning the penalty shoot out. Bradbury was eventually replaced by Coach Paul Grovers for the final games of the season as he was unable to lead Bournemouth to another promotion in the 2011-12 Football League One. It placed 11th even after a season of indifferent results.

Grover was sacked in October 2012 because his tenure left the club near the bottom of the table. Eddie Howie eventually returned as manager and helped the club achieve promotion to the Championship which took them back to the Second Tier of English Football for the first time since 1990. A new club crest was also presented to the club. The club was handed a fourth-round FA CUP tie with Premier League club Liverpool which ended in a 2-0 loss. They finished their first season back in the Champions in 10th place which is the best match they ever played in the Football league.

Against Birmingham City at St Andrew’s, Bournemouth won 8-0 away on the 25th of October 2014. Not counting the 10-0 win against Northampton Town in September 1939 which was cancelled because the game was paused due to the Second World War, that was the club’s biggest margin yet and the first time the Cherries would ever score 8 goals in a League game.

This success was followed by a 2-1 victory over West Bromwich Albion in the Premier League. For the first time ever they reached the quarter-finals of the league. However, when the club was drawn again with Liverpool they lost 3-1 yet it remained near the top of the table for most of the 2014-2015 season. When the team eventually won against Charlton Athletic, it was enough to have them claim the championship title and also sky-rocketed them to the top flight of the English Football.

Premier League Era [2015-2020]

A lot of Bournemouth’s players got injured during the First season of the Premier League game. This included the star striker from the previous season Callum Wilson. For the most part of the first half of the first season, the team struggled a lot. But during the second half, their performance took a U-turn. While trying to avoid Relegation they eventually finished in 16th place.

Because of their poor performance during the first season, it was believed that the club would perform terribly in the second season. But that was not the case as the 2016-17 season was largely successful. Although they had to be in Relegation for about 3 weeks owing to their weak start, they picked themselves up eventually. They came out 9th place.

In June 2017, Chelsea permanently signed star loan player Nathan Ake for a club-record fee of about 20 million Euros. Although they had a slow start in 2017-18, yet again, they ran a good form through late December and January. Because of that they were able to avoid the Relegation zone. This also made Howie earn his second Premier League management of the year award.

Bournemouth went on to create a Premier League record by gaining 19 points from losing positions in the second half of the season. They eventually finished 12th place.

On Jefferson Lerma, in the 2018-19 season the club broke their transfer record again during the summer. Contrary to the previous seasons the club had a very strong start. They sat at the 6th place in their first 12 games. However, because of the multiple injuries sustained they weren’t able to keep up their forms. Thus they finished 14th place while they secured the 5th season in the Premier League games.

At the beginning of November, the team came 7th place due to a bright start in the 2019-20 season. But then as usual the continuous injury made the team drop again. This time they bagged a Relegation zone sentence in January. Even after the COVID-19 pandemic had affected the season, poor performances continued. The club was on the brink after losing to Manchester City and Southampton.

Due to results everywhere, the club’s relegation was still confirmed even after a 3-1 win against Everton on the final day. Howie eventually left the team based on mutual consent on August 1, 2020. It thereby ended his 8-year reign as a manager.

Violation and Punishment for Financial Fair Play

The season Bournemouth secured promotion in the Premier League, it violated the Football League’s Financial Fair Play Regulation. It was found guilty in 2016. The League ran a loss of 38. 3 million Euros in 2014-15 because the club’s overspend broke the maximum deviation. Before this, a loss of 10.3 million Euros had been incurred.

After being originally fined 7.6 million Euros by the Football League, the club subsequently negotiated a settlement. They had to pay 4.75 million Euros instead for breaching Financial Fair play rules. This was decided after a series of investigations and speculations.  

Return To The Championship [2020-2022]

Howie’s longtime assistant and former Bournemouth player, Jason Tindall was appointed manager on August 8. Manchester City signed in the previous manager for a reported fee of 41 million Euros on his exit from the club. However, the club won just one game out of all the 8 games played despite sitting second in December. Tindall was sacked on February 3rd 2021. The team fell to 6th place after the loss. Jonathan Woodgate who was the first team coach replaced him initially as a caretaker. The club entered playoffs in 6th position but lost to Brentford on aggregate in the semifinals. Scott Parker, former Fulham manager was appointed manager of the team ahead of a new season on June 28.

Return To The Premier League [2022-present]

FC Bournemouth secured promotion to the English Premier League (EPL) by defeating their promotion rivals. They won Nottingham Forest 1 goal to nil on the 3rd of May, 2022.

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AFC Bournemouth Stadium

Dean Court

Their Stadium which is the Dean Court, is popularly known as The Vitality Stadium due to sponsorship purposes. It is located in Kings Park, Boscombe, a suburb in England and it’s the home ground of AFC Bournemouth.


In the year 1910, Boscombe Football Club was given a piece of land by the town’s Cooper-Dean Family. This is why the grounds are being named after them. A gravel pit was situated on the grounds. Hence the playable pitch wasn’t built in time for the 1910-11 season. Therefore, the club played its matches at the adjacent Park, called “King’s Park”, until moving into Dean Court in the winter of 1910. However, facilities for the club weren’t still ready and to that effect, the changing room was at a nearby hotel. A 300-seat stand was included in the early developments on the grounds.

In the year 1923, the club was elected to Division Three South. This led to a name change of the club to Bournemouth & Boscombe Athletic. On the 1st of September 1923, the first match was played between Swindon Town. It ended in a stalemate. The crowd capacity was at 7000. After this match, subsequent improvements were made to the grounds. Even a covered terrace was added in the year 1936.

O the 14th of April 1948, a club record attendance was set in a 1-0 defeat to QPR. Attendance was north of 25,000.  An overall attendance record of 28,799 was set on 2nd March 1957, in an FA Cup match against Manchester United. Afterwards, a roof was added to the western stand and more land was purchased behind the grounds. This was done with the intention of enlarging the stand and building a leisure centre. After falling short on cash, the project was abandoned in 1984. Whatever was built there was eventually demolished to pave way for houses to be built there. In the attendance department, the lowest record number of attendees was 1873 at a 2-2 draw with Lincoln City.

It was completely rebuilt in 2001. A lot of changes had been made, with the pitch being rotated 90 degrees from its original position. The ground moved away from the adjacent housing area. The work wasn’t finished in time for the start of the 2001-2002 season. Hence the first eight games were played at the Avenue Stadium in nearby Dorchester.

On the 10th of November in that season, at a match against Wrexham, the stadium gained its first sponsored name, “The Fitness First Stadium”. Rebuilding still took place in the autumn of 2005, when the stadium capacity had its capacity expanded to 9,600. Seats were placed on the underdeveloped south side of the stadium.

On the 24 of February 2004, the fastest EPL hat trick on Bournemouth grounds was scored by James Hafter .  In a sale- and- leaseback deal, the club eventually sold the stadium in December 2005.

A temporary south stand was built in 2010-2011 but was removed the following season after attendance fell. The Stadium was renamed the Seward Stadium in the summer of 2011 after the naming rights were sold to the Seward Motor Group. Upon entering into the administration, the grounds were renamed “The Goldsand Stadium” in a two-year deal. In the summer of 2013, following a promotion to the Championship, a 2,400-seat stand was built. It was named after club striker Ted MacDougall.

Further redevelopment

Summer of 2014, Chairman, Jeff Mostyn revealed that the club was looking at the possibility of redeveloping the stadium. He said this was better than moving to another venue. The naming rights were changed once more in 2015 and it became known as “The Vitality Stadium”

In May 2016, Bournemouth made an announcement regarding the addition of new seats to its stadium in time for the season’s football. The decision to delay redevelopment was taken by the club following a meeting of its board. “Ongoing negotiations with the club’s Landlord” was to blame as to why no development was made.

In December 2016, the plan to find a new site due to ongoing ownership rights issues was announced. And in 2017, the club announced that it was looking to build a new stadium near the current site at King’s park.

Storm Eunice Damage

In February 2022, the stadium was damaged by an unusually intense storm, called Storm Eunice. This caused an EFL Championship game against Nottingham Forrest scheduled for 18th February to be postponed.

Other notable events that have taken place on the ground include;

  1. In 2013, England Ladies and U16 sides played games.
  2. It’s been used for music concerts including one in 206 which hosted the Legendary John Elton.

Are you a young footballer with an interest to play football for Bournemouth? Well, you can check out this article on How To Join Bournemouth FC Academy. Also pay special attention to Bournemouth FC Academy, Dean Court, History of Dean Court, and Bournemouth Youth Football Association.

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