Basketball Academies in Montana

Are you interested in playing for an Academy in the US? Check out this post on “Basketball Academies in Montana”. Also see where different academies are located as well as their schedule.

Rocky Mountain Elite Basketball Academy

Our goal is to Alter your Game.

We know how it feels to need to find a way to improve. With a variety of training options for players of all skill levels, athletes can receive the basketball instruction they require to realize their full potential.

About Rocky Mountain Elite

If you’re like the majority of parents, you’ve struggled to discover a non-parent method to coach your basketball player to be the greatest player he or she can be. You’ve pondered whether Missoula offers opportunities for high-caliber training.

Rocky Mountain Elite is aware of how critical it is to give basketball players of all skill levels access to training and team opportunities so they can realize their full potential. We think it’s unfair that any player would not have the opportunity to better. Since 2013, we’ve assisted numerous basketball players in excelling at. Our goal is to provide a structured curriculum for basketball competitors so that they may compete at the greatest level possible on the court and gain life skills from the game that will help them flourish off the court.

Coach Jason Icenhower has a strong commitment to his teams and has been with some for as long as 6 years in a row. Rocky Mountain Elite Basketball Academy, formerly Club Sports Academy, is the only non-parent coached AAU organization in Missoula and one of the largest independently run organizations in the state.

Basketball Skills & Academy by Crafted

As a D1 college athlete and collegiate coach, I am aware of what it takes to improve to a higher level. Nowadays, there are so many players whose games lack the fundamental skills and understanding.

People are unaware that some of the best players are where they are because they have strong fundamentals. The HOW, WHEN, & WHY of basketball will be explained. Crafted Basketball aspires to give players the materials and opportunities they need to accomplish their objectives. Let me draw on my years of expertise to assist you in creating a strategy to take your game to the next level.

Montana Skyhawks Sports

The top provider of youth sports programs in the country for ages 4 to 14 is Skyhawks Sports.

Our goal is to use sports to teach important life lessons.

Skyhawks had the idea that every youngster should enjoy and profit from sports 40 years ago.

Jeff Humbugger realized in 1979 kids with different levels of physical ability to master sports-specific talents with the same opportunity as serious players or elite athletes young sports people. Unfortunately, these kids did not have the best environments in which to learn sport-specific skills, have fun, stay safe, and take those lessons home and apply them to their daily lives. Many of these kids wanted to be better players. Every youngster should be able to enjoy and benefit from athletics, according to Jeff.

His mission and vision were clear, and the Skyhawks Sports Academy was established. Initially, Skyhawks Sports Academy was a local soccer league that served the Northwest. These soccer-oriented Important life values were stressed throughout Skyhawks camps. In addition to sportsmanship, collaboration, as well as winning and losing gracefully.

Skyhawks Sports Academy’s growth has been an amazing experience for everyone engaged, and we hope to keep changing the world, one child at a time.

Basketball Academies in Montana

Our Program

Today, we provide numerous opportunities for your child to develop through our 10+ sports camps and programs (Soccer, Basketball, Flag Football, Baseball, Multi-Sport, Tennis, Mini-Hawk, Lacrosse, Golf, Volleyball, Cheerleading, and Track & Field). Our programs and camps come in a variety of formats, such as the customary weeklong summer day sports leagues, camps, year-round after-school programs, and clinics. Our sequence of camps and programs, conducted by our qualified staff, are designed for young people who are interested in learning more about a sport or in honing and mastering their sport-specific talents.

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Since 1979, Skyhawks Sports Academy has established itself as a pioneer in juvenile sports. One feature that distinguishes Skyhawks. We go above and beyond to prioritize safety, and we have a long history of successfully implementing safety procedures to back it up. Safety highlights include:

  • Pioneering industry standards for safety and education since 1979
  • Putting the utmost priority on the health and safety of our campers
  • Obtaining ecstatic customer reviews

The best camp was this one! My kid was always fully occupied and entertained! The instructors exhibited a ton of energy and were well-prepared. I adored it!

Montana Youth Challenge Academy

The Montana Youth Challenge Academy (MYCA) was founded in 1999 by the Montana National Guard as an intervention program to reclaim the lives of Montana teenagers who had dropped out of high school or were not on track to graduate. It is located on the campus of the University of Montana Western. For our purposes, the term “at-risk” refers to the possibility of failing to complete high school. We are well aware of the detrimental life outcomes linked to this risk, including early death, jail, and poverty. The Department of Defense engaged in the Challenge model of adolescent development and community outreach because the stakes are so high.

The Academy combines educational and military paradigms to include the greatest principles in healthy youth development. To be successful, staff members rely on solid and dependable connections with program participants, their parents and legal guardians, and a large network of MYCA supporters. After they complete the residential component of the program, Challenge works with participants for another year to assist them with enrolling in college, trade school, starting a profession, or enlisting in the military.Basketball Academies in Montana


Our goal is to become the go-to alternative education facility in Montana for fostering the achievement of young people between the ages of 16 and 18. By continuing to show our dedication to the young people we work with and their families while mastering the quasi-military training paradigm, we will achieve this aim.

Basketball Academies in Montana

Programme Overview

A preventive program, Montana Youth Challenge Academy seeks to enhance participants’ quality of life.

Candidates must be willing, of the required age, have either left school or are not making satisfactory academic progress, be unemployed or underemployed, drug-free, and law-abiding. It is the only program of its kind that offers graduates a personal mentor to assist them adjust to adulthood for a year.

Participants—who we refer to as cadets—are empowered by challenge to embrace accountability, success, and admirable behavior. By providing work skill training, community service, and leadership chances, it encourages ambition, builds self-confidence, and expands career options.

Basketball Academies in Montana


Candidates are introduced to the Challenge program environment during the two-week Acclimation Period by giving them time to get used to the physical, mental, and social discipline needed to finish the program. The emphasis is on developing leadership and followership skills, teamwork, close quarters drill, a code of conduct, and a foundation for improved physical condition.


Motivated individuals are chosen to enroll in Challenge and become cadets at the completion of the acclimation period. The vast majority of the chosen cadets usually finish the Residential Phase satisfactorily.

Through the rigorous daily training routine, cadets also advance their social, emotional, and academic abilities. After completing the Residential Phase, Cadets are equipped with the knowledge and principles required for a smooth transfer and successful integration into adult society.


Midway during the Residential Phase, cadet-nominated mentors start building positive relationships with the cadets. The mentors assist the cadets in completing the Residential Phase and assist them in being ready to re-enter community life. Throughout the 12-month Post-Residential Phase, mentors continue to fulfill their duties.

Basketball Academies in Montana

Morehouse Basketball Collective

Morehouse Hoops Collective is dedicated to fostering an honest and open learning environment so that players can address their faults and talents on the court for basketball. We emphasize the need of developing essential abilities and Encourage participants to learn the game. These procedures directly lead to confidence. Coach Morehouse has over 25 years of coaching experience, 12 of which were at the collegiate level.

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He has held the positions of head coach, assistant coach, director of player development, and coordinator of recruiting. He has coached numerous high school boys’ and girls’ basketball all-state and all-conference players. Brett has coached or recruited more than 30 All-Conference players, 10 All-Americans, two Freshman of the Year, and three Defensive Players of the Year at the collegiate level.


Basketball coaching is something I am PASSIONATE about doing as a TEACHER. Building relationships with athletes, parents, and coworkers is a priority for me. The ability to communicate honestly and openly cannot exist without these connections. As a result, you won’t be able to teach and coach to the level necessary to unlock the full potential of your players until you have established a foundation of trust and open communication. This is something I have learned over the course of my years of coaching and teaching.

Players are more likely to be able to make the most of their inherent talents when taking part in game circumstances if you emphasize the value of mastering the fundamentals and treat them as students of the game.

Basketball Academies in Montana

Western Hoopfest Academy

One can visit a nearby school gym on any given day in Central Montana.

During the holidays and college breaks, you will see former students who have trained and played on these lined floors back home supporting the local boys and girls basketball teams. It is also very likely that you will find students and adults of all ages playing basketball. A group of dedicated people who love sports and children’s enthusiasm decided to bring the spirit of giving back to the nearby schools and communities and share it with you. As one walks by or visits with them, one can still see the twinkle in their eyes of how much they still want to be out on that floor.

Welcome to the family-friendly Wild West Hoopfest and Central Montana Shootout! We eagerly anticipate this annual competition and the advantages it will offer to advancing educational programs at the schools and in the communities.

Camp Bozeman Sports

What We Do

Throughout high school, college, and their early careers, Eric and BreAnna each worked at a number of kids’ camps. Eric specifically spent six summers working for the MSU Sports Camp on the Montana State University campus. At Manhattan Middle School, Eric is both the administrator and the director of athletics. He formerly taught health enhancement at Hawthorne Elementary in Bozeman for ten years.

The Camp

Kids entering grades K–6 can participate in an active summer sports camp at Bozeman Sports Camp. We offer entertaining and interesting activities, games, and training for all types of sports. Teachers from the Bozeman area and college students majoring in education are our lecturers. Our coaches offer youngsters an engaging environment in which to spend their summer while also giving exceptional education in sportsmanship, tactics, and skills. Kids can take part in a wide variety of games, sports, and activities at Bozeman Sports Camp while learning. They will get to engage in and learn skills from a variety of games, including tennis, frisbee, bowling, and many others, in addition to typical sports like soccer, basketball, baseball, football, and volleyball. Through movement skills like chasing, evading, avoiding, agility, flexibility, and balance, kids can also improve their physical condition.


The Bozeman Sports Camp is run by Eric Fisher. He will take charge of the camp’s daily activities and education. Eric taught health enhancement at Hawthorne Elementary from 2010 to 2019. He is now the principal and athletic director at Manhattan Middle School. After growing up in Billings, MT, Eric graduated with a Health Enhancement degree from MSU. Eric worked as an instructor for MSU Sports Camp for 6 years, and also worked for other Bozeman camps as well as kids camps in Billings. He coaches both high school and elementary sports and is the director for Bozeman Public Schools Intramural sports.

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Eric was one of six finalists for the national competition in 2017 and won the SHAPE Montana and SHAPE Northwest District Elementary PE Teacher of the Year awards. He enjoys working with kids and teaching them a variety of skills to support an active lifestyle.

Basketball Academies in Montana


The Bozeman Sports Camp’s business manager is BreAnna Fisher.

She manages a lot of the administrative and financial responsibilities for the program. When BreAnna isn’t managing Sports Camp business, she’s either keeping her and Eric’s three sons in line at home or working as Bozeman Orthodontics’ treatment coordinator. BreAnna went to college at Montana State University after growing up in Billings, Montana. She has experience working at numerous kids’ camps in Billings and Bozeman, and she is enthusiastic about the future of Bozeman Sports Camp.

Bentley, Wyatt, and Brooks are the three sons that Eric and BreAnna have. The Fisher family enjoys touring Bozeman and all of Montana with their children, as well as going hiking and playing golf.

Heisey Community Center

The Great Falls community is served by and is enriched by the Heisey Community Center at St. Ann’s Cathedral. Numerous young people have benefited from the Heisey’s sports and other community programs since it was founded in 1937. With supportive peer and adult encouragement, these programs offer kids a secure environment in which they may learn about and take advantage of all the advantages and difficulties that sports have to offer while also developing their physical, emotional, cerebral, and social skills.

The Heisey presently offers summer camps, basketball, volleyball, soccer, and wrestling as well as other youth sports to about 2,307 young people each year. The building also functions as St. Ann’s Cathedral’s parish center and is home to a weekly soup kitchen that provides more than 18,000 meals annually. Numerous neighborhood organizations use it as a meeting and practice space.

The Great Falls community is served by and is enriched by the Heisey Community Center at St. Ann’s Cathedral. As a result, there are programs for sports, the arts, education, and volunteer work that embrace everyone with grace and humility and encourage a spirit of possibility.

Gallatin Valley YMCA


In our community, the Gallatin Valley YMCA was established in 2000. Members observed a significant gap for families seeking childcare in the Gallatin Valley. Programs outside of school providing chances for young children that are cheap and healthful.

The Gallatin Valley Y started out modestly, serving about 150 local kids with a flag football league, summer camp, and sandlot baseball program. We have been able to grow since relocating into our new location in August 2017. Regardless of ability, age, cultural background, ethnicity, faith, gender, gender identity, ideology, income, national origin, race, or sexual orientation, Valley YMCA offers a wide range of programs to help kids, families, and adults achieve their full potential.

Basketball Academies in Montana


Over time, we’ve expanded our influence and network in the Gallatin Valley to provide a huge selection of reasonably priced, high-quality programs to more than 16,000 individuals in 2021 alone in a brand-new facility! The Gallatin Valley YMCA is a YMCA institution that is locally owned and operated. Also it is committed to carrying out the objective of helping everyone achieve a healthy spirit, mind, and body. Our strategic purpose is to make a difference in lives in:

  • Youth Development: Developing each child’s potential
  • Healthy Living: enhancing the health and wellbeing of the neighborhood
  • Social responsibility: Supporting and helping our neighbors

We are a place, a community, and more than just a gym; we are Where You Belong.

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Are you interested in playing for an Academy in the US? Check out this post on “Basketball Academies in Montana”. Also see where different academies are located as well as their schedule.

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